CV19 and Jobs, Mission Distractions

Is the Master of Disaster in the House? First thing out of the hopper today is the employment data from the Department of Labor.  Here’s what their news release lays out.  (Short version?  Sucks)

Total nonfarm payroll employment fell by 701,000 in March, and the unemployment rate rose to 4.4 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today.
The changes in these measures reflect the effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19)  and efforts to contain it. Employment in leisure and hospitality fell by 459,000,  mainly in food services and drinking places. Notable declines also occurred in health care and social assistance, professional and business services, retail trade, and construction.

This news release presents statistics from two monthly surveys. The household  survey measures labor force status, including unemployment, by demographic characteristics. The establishment survey measures nonfarm employment, hours, and earnings by industry. Note that the March survey reference periods for both   surveys predated many coronavirus-related business and school closures that occurred in the second half of the month. For more information about the concepts and statistical methodology used in these two surveys, see the Technical Note.

Technical note?  Sure, let’s do that:  And the useful part of this is:

It is important to keep in mind | that the March survey reference periods for both surveys predated many coronavirus-related business and school closures in the second half of the month.”

Now we get into the more problematic portions of this.  Not the least of which is the “numbers don’t line up.”

Let’s follow the logic-chain, shall we?

Last month, the total number of people working was what?

158,759,000 says over here (or it did until this morning’s updated data).  And the number of people actually working in today’s report is? 155,772,000.

Here’s some “big MBA math” for you:  “158.559-million minus 155.772-million is 2.987-million fewer people working.  Which doesn’t make sense unless your name isn’t Alice and you never visit “wonderland.”

We know that last week, we were hearing about 3-million new unemployment filers and then Thursday, 6.6-million new filers were mentioned.  I know it’s early, and all, but to me looks like 10-million new filers in the past couple of weeks.  Yet only 3-million fewer working?

The Magic of Estimation!

For the hell of it, let’s see how many jobs were estimated into existence this weekend using the CES Birth/Death Model, shall we?

(Envelope, please?)  Only 26,000 jobs.

With the report this morning:    Employed down 3-million unemployment filing up 9-million, I’m left scratching my head.  Except, like the technical note said, between the lines, “Wait ’til next month.”

Yeah….you betcha.

Big Picture?

OK, the jobs report is a disaster, the petty political bullshit playing the blame game is fillng up the empty heads, we have 1.1 million cases globally and 55,000 dead on tap for this afternoon’s dining and dancing pleasure.  But, besides that Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?

In a nutshell, we’re in a three-way horse race for your beliefs.  The contender ideas are:

  • Economic Collapse is playing out:  The idea that the debt has compounded to the point where globalism is spazzing out.  Corona hides the bankster folly collapse.
  • Global Supply Chain Failure is occurring.  Which means that when normal “resupply” of things like toilet paper and essentional parts from Asia fail, JIT is telling us going to the “Colorado River Paradigm” from the older “Mississippi River Paradigm” is failing.  Which came first, the banksters or the crash?
  • Some Grand Conspiracy is in play.  Problem is we don’t know which “theory” is real.  Is the U.S. in a bio-war with China?  Is this so everyone shelters when a comet goes by?  Is this the last-gasp run at a NWO?  Is it a plan to devalue the dollar by 50%, or more?  Is Q just a psy-op?  Pass the dutchy and thrown a dart.

The problem with conspiracies is they are only proveable in the historical rearview.  If there were gangs of pedo’s sacrificing children, for example, they would have been taken down long ago.  So with Esptein out of the picture, do you believe there is a bigger and worse?  Not saying there isn’t, but the odds…this is all aboout odds and judgement.  And from there, it’s about answering the tough question “What is my personal course of action?”

And there are many more possibilities, but from the Occam’s Razor standpoint, the simplest is likely “Accidental release in China resulted in a large-enough drop in production and outputs as to shake-up global economic stability and, as the wild oscillations from this ripple, we have lit the fuse of a long-delayed economic collapse which will be shaping life going forward indefinitely.”

Through the “Eyes of Zh?ngguó

Zh?ngguó means “Middle State (or Kingdom).”  That is, China – with an incredibly rich history of more than ten-times the short-lived American experience, views itself as being a kind of “middle kingdom” sandwiched historically between ancestral greatness (the Dynasty’s such as Ming, etc.) and the “Chinese Century” to come.  And at the extremes, the militant Chinese are racists who would just as soon all white and inconvenient “others” on the planet were toast.

Since you may not have the January 9, 1930 issue of China Heritage Quarterly at hand, let me point you over here to become more learned.  As you will read, it’s a kind of yin and yang flipping between inferiority on the one hand to a Korean-like stew on the other (more on this in a second).

Great wars, dissent, and competition spring from great historical wrongs.  While the U.S. paid the price for the wrongness of slavery in the U.S. Civil War to set things closer to right (still have pockets of resistance), China’s version of racial discord stemmed from the arrival of imperialistic whites.  And things like the Boxer Rebellion are still recent historical events when you’re history goes back 3-thosuand years.  For now,. let’s only go back to 1901 and the Boxer Rebellion:

The Eight-Nation Alliance (imperialist white  G), after being initially turned back, brought 20,000 armed troops to China, defeated the Imperial Army, and arrived at Peking on August 14, relieving the siege of the Legations. Uncontrolled plunder of the capital and the surrounding countryside ensued, along with summary execution of those suspected of being Boxers. The Boxer Protocol of 7 September 1901 provided for the execution of government officials who had supported the Boxers, provisions for foreign troops to be stationed in Beijing, and 450 million taels of silver—approximately $10 billion at 2018 silver prices and more than the government’s annual tax revenue—to be paid as indemnity over the course of the next 39 years to the eight nations involved.”

If you don’t think this was packaged by Mao, et al, as “We’re going to get back at those white devils” you’d be wrong.  We have never set this one right and China’s memory is long.

The psycho-topology of Asia is complex, like this.  A well-placed source who sharpens the tip of “America’s spear” explained to me.  Memories are long, and race & face matters in Asia much more so than in the gentlified West.  Let me paraphase, though I will botch this, I’m sure…

“Most people don’t realize that even though North and South Korea have a contentious border, down at some level, the people of the Korean peninsula hold themselves to “all be one” down at some level.  This goes back to the three-kingdoms period of Korea, as the Tang Dynasty moved to take the area.  Koreans are all Daehan.”

The decoder ring for this Wikis out as:

“Beginning in the 7th century, the name “Samhan” became synonymous with the Three Kingdoms of Korea. The “Han” in the names of the Korean Empire, Daehan Jeguk, and the Republic of Korea (South Korea), Daehan Minguk or Hanguk, are named in reference to the Three Kingdoms of Korea, not the ancient confederacies in the southern Korean Peninsula.

Which we mention, why?

Even the notion of accidental release, though well-supported by the available data, is not conclusive.

For example, we know there are factions within the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) are not happy with president Xi, cutting deals with Trump, and seeing him as not “pure enough” and not working fast-enough to their Chinese Century agenda to be the sole dominant power in the world.  Middle Kingdom power lust, anyone?  OK, maybe it was deliberate.  And maybe there’s a rift between the PLA on the one hand, and the Xi-dominated Central Committee, on the other.

Not sure it gets us closer to the “blocking and tackling” of day-to-day toilet paper search, but it’s at least useful to understand the history and that all the “shallow” conspiracy theories are likely bullshit.  These are real big countries and they act in their own best historical interests, and small (assorted) groups of politico’s and ultra-rich, are subservient to the larger historical contexts.  These are what matters.

China’s still pissed and an honest umpire would ask “Can you blame ’em?”

Still Hell Month?

Inquiring minds want to know:  “Are we really replaying 1929?”  Beats me…see for yourself.  The green circle is where things were prior to the jobs report:

A post-mortem tomorrow for subscribers.  It will be amusing to see how many people carry long positions over the weekend, though.

Spousal unit Elaine raised an interesting question, though:  “OK, so we make all this money on collapse and then we can’t spend it on anything useful?”

Yeah…lot of that kind of thing going around….

Things Aren’t All Bad, Though

Two interesting developments here at the ranch in the past 24-hours:

The first is that issue I was having with the lumber has been resolved with a fresh delivery for replacement at no charge.  My faith in the lumberyard in Palestine, Texas, that starts with an “M” is restored.  With rain coming, my focus here will be finishing the shop-updates.

This will involve putting voice-control on the swamp cooler, using some luan to better duct the cool air into the shop.  And that will also include running power so I don’t have to step over an extension cord, but hey, that worked for a year, just fine.

The second thing here is a very interesting set of “personal woo-woo” experiments and I will write that up for Peoplenomics tomorrow.  The reason is that I’ve been softly tracking some of my “red light” experiments and there’s a possible correlation between how your eyes react and how your outside world appears.

While earlier this week was “frentetic” (frantic, frenzied) the reading from that sapce this morning is “soft waves.”  Anyway, more on that over on the subscrtiber site.

OK, time to saddle up.  Lots of charts on the Peoplenomics side tomorrow, as always.

Write when you get rich, and ya’ll come back, y’hear?

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95 thoughts on “CV19 and Jobs, Mission Distractions”

  1. Right now, we don’t know the full extent of COVID-19’s impact on the U.S. economy — or any other economy for that matter. In the face of 6.6 million jobless claims and the prospect of 10% unemployment, Wall Street can’t be happy since this points to a recession. So any rally should be a dead cat bounce & we should see a few more of these as more FACTS ( Not fake panic news) comes out. Be ready to make a few scheckels. This is not day trading, but bounce trading (remember the trade war bounces) with individual stocks. Just my preference. Options go to $0.

    Truth be told, if all the facts were known, this would be the time to buy; but no one, including Wall Street, has a clue of the final virus count & its effect on the USA & the World Economy.

    • Now why would you think that this time is a good time to buy,the fat lady is still waiting to sing and she’s not even warmed up yet.Now we are in a hell of a jam and no wall street is the last place to be, and we are very short on any leadership of any kind,as you noticed when congress crawled back in their hole when Russia’s heavy transport came roaring into town, all the Russia bashing dis-appeared.

      Putin made a statement some time ago that they were taking this country down, and they preferred to take it down with a soft landing rather than a hard landing, for he said that it didn’t benefit the world or Russia either for us to have a hard landing,and if you even think for a second that they don’t know the financial shape this country is then playing on wall street is the last place you should be.

      This virus and how the government handled it will have its consequence’s as far as other countries see us, as we flopped around like a fish out of the water lacking any leadership at all or any leadership in the world.Meanwhile Russia and China are helping some 84 countries in the fight against the virus,now when this is over those countries will be looking elsewhere for some leadership,as we’re left to stew in our own juices and the world will have an entirely different make up,and a better one one hope.!!!

      • DOG: Khrushchev said the same thing & where did it get him… without a wall & bankrupt. Putin is a multi billionaire & is looking to protect his wealth & his freedom so he can enjoy old age. It is not safe to be an ex Russian Politition, like here in the USA, where the perks of your sellout are bestowed upon you in retirement. As an old KGB agent, Putin would like to pay the US back for the Soviet bankruptcy, but Russia isn’t strong enough financially to accomplish that. They are an oil economy not a financial powerhouse like China, Japan, South Korea, etc. They let that opportunity slip away due to the fact they are led by thugs & not visionaries.

      • Did you see President’s Trump Coronavirus Task Force Press Conference yesterday, did you watch the WHOLE thing? I can’t believe that you are belly aching like CNN/MSNBC/CBS/ABC/BBC/PBS, (PMS…just put that in there to see if you were paying attention!) and mark. You don’t even have any idea of the forces aligned against the USA, do you? For shame.

        I am a small business owner, I filed my application this a.m.; I am looking forward, for once, in my life, to getting some help for us, American citizens, so that we can continue our livelihood in helping others as we help ourselves. What this President and his administration is doing is awesome, and the logistics are MIND BOGGLING, considering that the STATES have been so ILL PREPARED and the CROOKS/MAFIA/INFILTRATORS are selling all needed medical equipment/supplies not only to the highest bidder, but shipping our products OVERSEAS with their STOCKPILES. Did you hear of the warehouse in NY CITY that was stockpiling needed masks that was found by our government? (There have been several high profile confiscations going on; our government pays them, but takes the inventory for our citizens.) Disgusting behavior during our time of need. President Trump did NOT stop the needed aid to Italy or Spain. This is the time that all good men and women need to come together for the sake of our great nation; you all want to make it better, but you can’t even start within your own home, your own spirit, your own temple.

      • Lol now just where did you hear that Putin was a millionaire ,for as a rule they say he’s a billionaire and now of course your simply repeating propaganda,if you have any proof run her by so we can take a look at it, for even the C.I.A. would be interested as they have been looking for his stash for years and maybe you can make a few bucks by showing them the way.And remember the last part of what he told them “we don’t have to destroy you for you’ll destroy yourselves chasing the profit”.Seem’s to me we are well on the way and it don’t look good.And oh by the way Putin was not KGB (intelligence yes but not KGB) if you doubt it look it up.And no Putin has no wish for any paybacks if he did he would flood the oil market as the Saudi’s are tanking our financial system,the payback is for the looting of Russia when the USSR de-solved, with the loot (billions upon billions going thru the city of London and the bankers on wall street in New York which caused thousands of deaths in Russia and the poverty there during the 90’s

      • Bluedogg, you are simply not paying attention. After watching the daily briefings, one cannot help but consider how much the Administration is doing. Just this week…

        Directing companies in a war-time footing, e.g. manufacturing and distributing ventilators
        Established programs for small-business loans
        Routing hospital ships
        Establishing alternate care facilities,
        Explaining virus modeling
        Reduced regulations to keep truckers trucking
        Create media spots on hygiene and social distancing

        Meanwhile Pelosi spent the week setting up a committee to investigate Trump for the upteenth time.

      • The U.S. just jacked a plane of medical supplies paid for and destined for Germany. Echoes of the Lusitania, anyone? If substantiated, this could be an act of war against the European Union. Expect it to get ugly.

      • You are right N___. It has begun. If we dont adhere to spiritually being balanced we will all be grabbing at throats soon. Its happening all around us already.

        Working the Level is more important now than ever.

        Subtle movements. subtle movements.

  2. Looks pretty much like a 1929 replay to me. Lots of factors at play here. Of course, communications are orders of magnitude faster than they were in 1929. That could mean a faster collapse, but a much faster rebuild. As the Chinese would say, we live in ‘interesting’ times. Nothing boring about this age.

  3. Things for the gov’t to accomplish during this down time:
    Penny converted to dime size.
    Nickel converted to penny size.
    Dime converted to nickel size.
    This will bring order to our currency.

  4. “….so we make all this money on collapse and we can’t spend it on anything useful?”

    Hang on to that lady George. Attractive and smart!

  5. G – U know its much bigger and much worser. POTUS said what ever word is closest to DEATH – that would describe what was happening to that young Girl in Honduras..

    -Presidential Proclamations for month of April:

    >Declares National Emergency on the Southern Border/human traffic
    >National Child Abuse Prevention Month
    >National Sexual Assault Awareness & Prevention Month
    >National Donate a Life Month
    >National Second Chance Month

    Gangs have been rounded up – earlier in March nationwide crack down on MS-13/Traffickers.

    “Coyotes” are in the Crosshairs this Month – see General Flynn page.

    No gangs sacrificing kids – although a childs blood is “special energetic” which “darkness” likes to feed on – like Voldemort- no connection to Source – need the “juice”.

    They Farm the kids -LITERALLY Farm them (breeding&milking)- check the leaked vids of Victims being dropped off at Comfort – They r hooked up to “fatpacks”/Liquid Nutrition- Lg. bags – no Antibiotics/Ventalators. Those strange earthquakes lately -Tunnels/ DUMBS

    When the populous wakes up to the HORROR of the “Elites” and what they have been doing to our Children – When the shock/disgust and abject horror gets cooking – should be a good time for the Durham Report to roll out..Hang em High!

    If they are not soiling their collective pants yet-they will be soon enough – as their One on One meetings with The Creator are currently being arranged.

    Times are Changing – Humans are taking back OUR World – We are/have CHANGING/CHANGED the Script.

    Or not – just the rantings of a hermit in woods of Pennsyltucky.

  6. Good article George. One minor point to bring up and then I’ll give it a rest. The “Accidental Release” theory about the Corona Virus doesn’t connect all or even most of the dots. For example, nothing on why the Chinese so aggressively refused any American help when their citizens were experience almost total carnage & destruction. Likewise, no relationship to connect with Dr Charles Lieber or the late Dr Frank Plummer, and zero connection with the 5G mini-wars and eviction of several Chinese PhDs from American and Canadian BSL-4 biolabs. In all those events, timing is very synchronous. IMHO, the simplest explanation is the one that smoothly connects ALL the evidence, with no inconsistencies or gaps.

    By the way, on the Analysis, Intelligence, Rumors, Fantasies (etc) of a kinetic war ramping up and going Hot with China/Iran/etc soon, there is particular emphasis on April 4th. Since we don’t have an official Directorate 153 Intelligence Officer on duty this morning, perhaps Andy can give us some hints about what tomorrow might bring?

    THC smokes and edibles are on the house if he comes up with anything interesting. A new GF doesn’t count – it has to be “intelligence” related!

    • Again, never let a good crisis go to waste – especially if it means war profits – but Dr. Michael Osterholm didn’t seem to think Man had the talent, yet, to create a virus with this many negative traits that wouldn’t burn itself out or mutate into a non-dangerous organism before it infected the entire World. He was of the opinion that this was purely from Ma Nature’s own kitchen.

  7. Down in the Farm (s) – we Breed em and we Milk em for all they are worth – then they are disposed of like..

    National Round up of Cartel Members(human traffickers) earlier this month. Then POTUS Declared National Emergency on Southern Border.

    April Proclamations:

    >National Child Abuse Prevention Month
    >National Sexual Assault Awareness and Prevention Month
    >National Donate A Life Month
    and National Second Chance Month.

    The Victims being dropped off at Comfort last night were in horrific shape – every one was hooked up to “Fatpacks” Lg. liquid nutrition IV bags, no intubation/ventilators, no antibiotics – Liquid Nutrition – these Kids have been Starved and Abused – Dark to Light – theybrinnging em out of the Tunnels&DUMBS.

    Coyotes R in the Crosshairs as I type..

    When the world wakes up to the HORROR , and the dark&dirties perpetrating all this foul business – will be a good time to release the Durham Report..

    Shuffle -uffle off to Gitmo?


    Hang Em High and Watch em Die! – F-ing Traitors.

    or not – just more rantings from madman in woods of Pennsyltucky.

    • Well said, patriot. WWG1WGA. The 2 weeks of pain Trump spoke of is when the masses comprehend what has been done to these children.

  8. “If there were gangs of pedo’s sacrificing children, for example, they would have been taken down long ago.  So with Esptein out of the picture, do you believe there is a bigger and worse?”

    In a short answer… YES

    how many thousands are there that run and manage our govt.

    Yet thousands of studies,investigations,research,and hundreds of thousands of hours investigating these instances…vanishes in the matter of a few weeks. Never to be heard of again.
    People getting ready to testify or about th o be questioned end up deceased in a variety of questions asked.. all while misdirected news and investigating focuses in totally different question is just Who has that kind of power. To control whole nations to do their will over the needs of billions of people to gain the things they desire.

    • The “bigger and worse” were hinted at when temporary replicas of the Arch of Baal were erected in New York City, DC, London, and Dubai. Baal was the god to whom children were sacrificed. Out of all the ancient monuments that have been destroyed, why was this one chosen to be duplicated in major cities? Could it be they were trying to soften us up for things they hope to come, things already here but not brazenly made public yet?

  9. Yo G,

    Its a Bird, its a its BITCOIN! faster than a rolling gold Eagle, stronger than a US dollar Dadada!

    Think phys Gold and or Silver is scarce – ridiculous.

    Scarcity will be when the crypto exchanges are shutdown – and you cant buy hypothecated BTC anymore.

    Just like Gold&Silver – if U dont have PHYSICAL possession of your Metals – U dont have SQUATTA!

    – just imagine if USA had spent 50% of our countries WAR Expenditures on We The People – instead of the ZIOnazis and their eternal resource Wars – how many TRILLIONS would we have for Health Care, Education, Roads/Bridges/Mass Trans ??

    No Bitcoin 4 U!

    ps – how is it Texas banned Church gatherings but is okay with performing Abortions during shelter in place orders. Weird value set down there hombre..guess that explains the old saying ..Texas were the men r men and the Sheep r scared – now I know what those rubber farm boots r really for..

    • Maybe because performing an abortion is not likely to spread the virus, but gathering a bunch of people together will ? Is that so difficult for you to process? I don’t understand how is it this point is so difficult for people to understand. The government is not locking worshipers up, only limiting the ability for all people (all regions, races and sexes) to gather. Read and study your bible and skype/zoom with your your minsters and leaders and worship 24 hours per day. Just don’t gather so you increase the rate of community spread.

      • @ Joe

        In Our CONSTITUTION…Ain’t NO EMERGENCY…LOCK DOWN …SHELTER IN PLACE…mentioned in the BILL OF RIGHTS…nor is the word IGNORE any where to be found…BUT other grouped words are VERY CLEAR…and GUARANTEED BY THE GOVERNMENT are some of them….NO EDICT from ANY politician or appointed minion can REVOKE……OUR CONSTITUTION…..and soon many will start to learn the true meaning of the 10 amendments…beginning with Number…1…2…4….and the remaining 6…….some of us still relish and cherish…the ‘old relic’…even with its flaws….IT has given many in this country an Opportunity to live free and prosperous….a IT was intended to do….Corrupt and evil people have taken hold of it and have twisted it to allow them the means to invoke their will and agenda….that will end very soon as this VIRUS…IS the ‘Fat lady singing’….and many of us hear her and will purge evil from this land…imo…Semper Fi

      • Then have the balls to do as the good book says “an eye for an eye’.No they are not going to tell you that in church for they don’t want to loose their tax exemption,What you’ll hear is dig deep brother and sister after all its better to give then receive, and we need it worst then the homeless,tell those begger’s, those millions we have are for those who bring you your daily message,now go to the bottom of the screen and call those numbers,operators are standing by to take all you will give us.Thank You

    • “Its a Bird, its a its”……..


      (The scene.. a big city backstreet an oversized car and a mysterious man wearing a long trenchcoat hat pulled down low shading his eyes.. as he approaches a young man…)

      Wanna see something amazing…
      (The mystery man takes out a small tablet and shows the young man…)

      That’s a bitcoin…


      Want one…

      (The young man reaches deep into his jacket pocket …and pulls out a roll of charmin ultra soft…)

      No but for the laptop… I’ll trade you half a roll….
      …make sure to wipe off your laptop screen when your done..

      No TP for you

    • LOL, and so you find it, what I linked to this morning. The quaint “Teutonic-ness” of China these days.

      It is Taidetenland or Sudentenwan?

      • Lol lol I know right.. I hadn’t read that one before. What An interesting article..

  10. In the movie, “Patton,” played brilliantly by George C. Scott; at one point The General is surveying a battlefield after the fighting is over. He says (words to the effect), “May God forgive me, I do love it so.”

    I take it (me: just me) that he felt he was a True Warrior, in all the Sun-Tsu sense of it, and that his personal Mission was one of conducting Fierce Battle, that it may be ended all the faster, and actually save lives. In this interpretation, savagery is actually a kindness.

    At another point he bristles at being ordered to “hold” a position. He rages, “We are not holding! We are constantly advancing!!” Again, the purpose is to end it as quickly as possible.

    I find the Current Situation curiously exciting. My senses and brayne are tingling and energized. The focus is intense. I am fully involved in managing my household’s situation. (Retired now, I’ve worked as a trained volunteer in emergency services all my adult life, several decades; so a certain level of prepping is second nature to me.)

    Nobody sane wishes for, or enjoys misery or Trouble like this; and I don’t. (…and you don’t.)

    Even so…

    “May God forgive me, I do love it so.”

  11. I am angry and irritated because I’m confused and suspicious. I want to trust government, but know better. Other sources have conflicting opinions about the disease and what to do about it. My thinking is that people, including me, will only cooperate with the shutdown for a while longer. They better not try to extend it beyond May because I will not comply.

    • Curiously, that would be the next move of the “third rail” press – to foment disobedience, which would simply move along the American clear-cutting of technically able people.
      We’re in for whatever duration here. There will be rope and lampposts later, if required, but must be present to exact justice. Err on the side of life.

      • “I read the news today, oh boy….”

        Step right up for a sip of today’s province of B.C. covid-19 stats delivered to media.

        1227 total cases active and recovered

        498 currently active cases

        146 currently hospitalized and of those 64 in ICU

        B.C. population 5.071 million people

    • Being retired, it hasn’t changed my schedule much, except gym closed & no sit down restaurants.

      One thing that is going to need to be ramped up is the internet. It was not designed for this much traffic. Currently, it is a 2 lane road in a 6 lane world. As our way of learning & doing business changes to home based, trillions of dollars will be spent on getting the NEW INTERNET infastructure up to snuff. This type of innovation and spending will bring back our economy. The stock market realized this in 1987 when they couldn’t handle 10/19 volume & crashed. They adjusted & everything is fine today, but it takes money, innovation, spending all of which is good for business & the market.

      • Cancel the above, I just walked out in the living room & my wife is home schooling 3 grandkids, M – F, 8 -5. I forgot, so Okie, I am with you.

    • @ Okie

      make your ‘short list of receivers’…and stand bye….the Administration of Justice….will present itself to all….THEN it will be ‘short list’ time….imo…Semper Fi

    • When you HAVE to trust the Government, you trust the Government. When you don’t have to, be very, very mistrusting. The difficult part is learning the meaning of “HAVE.”

    • The Federal Government is doing a horrible job unifying its message because it doesn’t have anybody in a leadership position who knows how. Before the people revolt, expect the governors to step out first. I imagine things were like this in the mid-1800’s when States rights were all the rage and look where that went. I wouldn’t be surprised if the House tries to pass “token” legislation soon targeting red states just to send a message. Practice comes this week when the Kennedy Center gets its bailout money revoked.

  12. If China is like Germany, then Japan is like Britain. And SE Asia is like Europe. When do the tanks roll and the blitz begin?

    PS: That makes N. Korea a little like Italy. (more of a limp sock than a boot shape)

    Russia is still Russia and We are still US. Or is that flipped too? Then an awful number of Americans will die throwing off this coming invasion.

  13. Look up. No chem-trails in the sky west of Detroit. No contrails either.

    What’s your report?

    • I’m in the Verde Valley in AZ. Chemtrails will disappear for days and once for even weeks, and then they reappear. So I won’t think we’re lucky enough to be rid of them until they’ve been gone for at least 3 months.

  14. Your “If there were gangs of pedo’s sacrificing children, for example, they would have been taken down long ago.” is a little short-sited of the pervasiveness and extent of what is being and has been done to children for a very long time. And in order to bring the most responsible to justice requires a military action. I am not a Bible thumper, but this definitely fits in the satanic and demonic section. Many years ago I rejected the possibility that this could be happening. Just like I rejected the idea that our own country was responsible for bringing down the World Trade Center Bldgs, until I realized the Official Story is there just to protect the officials. The 2 weeks of pain that Trump spoke of, I think, will be when the story of the rescued children goes mainstream.

    • IKR … nancy years ago a news caster that I knew locally was doing a story on the satanic cult in our area of the country… we were talking she had a twelve segment story for the television.. anyway we were talking about it over coffee and she was terrified.. she said she didn’t know just how deep it went.. and to what length of society it was at.. she had had death threats and was so scared she thought she might have to move..

      well the story never did get aired all the way through and I thought that she had moved until the last big up roar over the subject that supposedly involved very promenent people of our society world wide.. and I was discussing this woman news caster and her story.. I said I thought she moved.. that is when I was told.. NO didn’t you know she was killed in a freak car accident..

  15. Jeez George, now all of a sudden since it’s your team obviously screwing things up, you don’t like the blame game? Now that your head coach sucks, you don’t want to talk about the direction of the team??

    Really, what happened to all that ra ra cheerleading stuff about socialism, how the [Redacted for a leftwing rant on Trumps, R’s yada yada. Doesn’t get people masks, doesn’t help quarantines… – G\

    Why not pick your leaders based on skill and competence, as if he/she were your surgeon? Best, Mike.

    • We do…they tend to be billionaires (except Obama, Clinton, Bush…)

      And the current one was a wiser shopper than, oh, Bloomberg who we await nomination as the president of American Samoa, is it?

      Off the politics. We got problems to solve and this all bullshit-blame-game doesn’t move the ball and it doesn’t calm nerves… Goes for the useless DC press on death estimates and such as well. All orgasmatrons all over their presses, but in the end, I’ll guarantee that a link to cardboard use in gardens will save more lives than 100-years of DC beltway bullshit.
      If you don’t have a garden in, STFU until you can find a positive action-step to take by those of use who plan and work at survival. Thanks.

  16. everything is so serious, lets have some fun and gossip about Gov Cuomo’s nipples,, got me laughing my butt off

    yup, this is the guy that has been being a real (deleted by me,) on national TV

    and ya, Qanon is a psyop, that just means that it is a tool used to direct the sheeple,,like any other tool/gun/government,,it is all about who is controlling that tool. good vs evil. intent and use
    it is not the question, do you trust the government,, but rather do you trust the people piloting this machine. There are some on here are anti this current leader,, but he is the best along with the sacrificed one,,, RIP JFK,,Trump has picked up your torch
    George, you are doing a bang up job , managing all the blind people describing this situation(me included), Thank you

  17. All I know is that and I am pretty sure that there are going to be a bunch of people with yachts named “Covid-19”.

    • Yup..its not everyday that you get another fifty million dollar bonus that you can invest in a tax free offshore account all at the taxpayers expense..

  18. great news brother George !!! cots listened !! covering .. not religious but the easter bunny may be the new beginning .. some dude rising up ..!!! yep im in love with gold and AUD .. shorts are boring and 2 late !!!

  19. May all beings be lovingly fulfilled:
    Everyone is staying home they’re being around their loved ones whether it’s the wife, the kids or there shelter-in-place grandparents who aren’t in nursing home facilities.

    May all beings be financially fulfilled:
    Everyone will receive ,even the homeless

    May all beings be readily fulfilled:
    You will still be able to find the things you need, food because you live on this island food is being produced 24/7 but it may not be the exact food that you’re used to :in fact it may be healthier.

    We are dealing with the master of deception.



    Internal evidence
    System broke
    Who changes what you see, the Editorial Advisory Board,


    Corporations : most importantly changing the charter of Corporations is necessary 2 reduce

    Chinese to a bear and not a bull

    • Excuse me someone’s got to run the show whether it’s mr. Trump or your nurse at the hospital or the person that’s checking your goods out at the store, could be Amazon delivering you Goods without you actually coming in contact Tama. This is something new it will change how we do everything including crematories.

      And the rural areas especially farmers who are now aware of what’s Happening will keep their distance because they realize the responsibility they have has just stepped up 10-fold, every individual that has access to a garden has the same feeling,

      I’d rather feed 10 extra people than to have to deny 10 extra people who want to come back and take my stash.

      Every person that comes to you for help for food resources is a resource themselves to you because they can multiply your output, from one gear producen to a higher gear producing.

      Be the rooster or get a rooster.
      But don’t kill the rooster

      • “someone’s got to run the show whether it’s mr. Trump or your nurse”

        Our whole paradigm has shifted.
        In all the years I worked the floors I thought I knew and understood what my patients were feeling. What their outlook was.
        Then I got sick. My world turned upside down in seconds..the pain unimaginable even now.
        I didn’t have a clue. What I thought was important held no importance at is only a number or a piece of paper you’d give it all for five minutes pain free..
        You dont care whose running the show.. if your gasping for breath your thoughts are the next breath..
        DJT is being very presidential and he’s trying to maintain our way of life the whole economy keep our economic structure as it is..the decisions he has to make are scary..he knows what hes facing..the life he worked so hard to build could be worth a mere truck load of toilet paper..
        Dollars mere numbers.. if he goes the other way hes facing having an army that cant climb a flight of stairs..our industrial corporations all in shambles.. they shipped our jobs and industry to other countries to gain numbers.. now we are seeing the fruits of that as our infrastructure crumbles beneath us.
        As for myself I am glad I am not the one that has to make those decisions. His shoes are way to big for my feet..
        May our father in heaven be with us all.. I think it’s going to get interesting.
        I hope everyone here stays healthy through this

    • Nice thoughts, but for some of us, the position of S.O. is still unfulfilled. Kids are gone to the various winds and so is their mother. It’s not lonely as much as it seems that time is being used up and can’t be replaced. Stuff can be acquired, made, or grown, but a compatible soulmate is a gift from God alone.

      Chop wood, carry water, but to what end?

      • Ditto. One kid in Laguna Beach and the other in MInneapolis. I love where I am, in the wide open spaces of AZ, but as you say, what’s the point? Watching the crazy show is entertaining and I ordered 3 more bags of popcorn, but what good will my prepping do when the SHTF if I’m still alone because my unprepared kids may at that point be unable to join me. Talking to rocks and plants is looking better all the time.

      • “Kids are gone to the various winds and so is their mother. ”

        You are speaking with a double edged sword in the above statement.

        mother nature and 4 cornered winds comes to the mind. I see you do this alot. Time and erosion. Gave me a big mental imprint and picture of the Grand Canyon. As well as a compass and sailing.

      • I’m with NM Mike & Tumbleweed & I don’t even have kids! It’s like a bad country song. Except I have a narcissistic & medically sick elderly father. yaaaay

  20. No chem trails here for a week, Florida first time this year, no more fluffy clouds they make, Guess they are too busy to spray us

  21. Looking at government statistics is like sitting in a rocking chair. Gives you something to do (write sbout) but doesn’t get you very far.

    Funny how intelligent Americans can’t quite get the fact that as a pathological (lying) entity, the USA government simply cannot tell the truth under any circumstances.

    And don’t forget that when interest rates go negative, the economic system simply ceases to exist and economic laws like supply and demand technical analysis using fundamentals no longer exist.

    Happy worldwide depression everybody.

  22. Dude! I’m standing in line with 80 + people to cash a check at Wells Fargo outside. Only 10 inside at a time in the whole building including banking staff. The Atms are out of money. I went Walmart and they road barricades and staring tomorrow they are only allowing 50 people in the store at one time. Walmarts money services are down now. “They are not turning them back on until the Corona virus situation is resolved.” Per the employees. The Bank of America accross the street has a bigger line. Atms empty there too.

    We just kicked it up a notch here. I would be interested to hear if this is going on in anyone else’s area.

    • They have road barricades and only one way in and one way out. That’s it. The employee said.

      This is the truth. not doom porn.

    • That means nobody will be Western unioning money home. And alot of Hispanics do that every week.

      They are stopping the exporting of cash and controling who and how anyone goes in for food.

      Staged and ready to keep looters at bay.

    • You don’t need paper money. Apple Pay, PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, stripe, square, Braintree, Amazon Pay are all ways to either pay digitally or use your debit card without having to use cash. I carry money, but go months without ever using it. I just don’t ever see the need for it. Even parking lot attendants accept Apple Pay. That’s the lowest on the pay chain and they are digital.

      • One word: EMP! Single point of failure for the whole economic paradigm. At least cash gives some breathing room. We’ve had a fairly good record of keeping systems together and the internet functional, but even a system originally designed to automatically reroute in case of nuclear war can’t necessarily deal with the loads we’re putting on it today. The internet routing system is nothing like Arpanet. Milnet may still have that capability – though I really don’t know. The modern internet is designed for commerce in peacetime.

      • Thats great Mark. Good for you!. I appreciate your comments so please dont take this the wrong way.

        ** most people in this world dont live like you. Not everyone can afford an iPhone and alot of people cash their paychecks at Walmart because they dont have bank accounts. You know. Poor people. Those who can barely make it paycheck to paycheck. they go to Walmart to buy $9 New fancy dress shirts and $11 new fancy jeans. that’s why they shop at Walmart, good will and Vallue Village.

    • You may still be able to get cash at a grocery store with a debit card purchase. I got cash yesterday at Fry’s Groceries in AZ, although they now have a 50-cent charge.

      • Andy,
        You’re probably only joking, but if not, and if you happen to blow past Camp Verde, lunch at a picnic table by the Verde River might be possible. It’s big enough to sit 6 ft. apart. I’ll try to remember to check this thread now and then.

        • The 17’s a nice drive this time of year – side trip through Sedona, too, just to see the place. Just north of town and up through the canyon is breathtaking, though overprices to stay…

      • I’m not joking. I just left the Hopi Indian reservation. I’m not the only one who showed up there. A few people who also had multiple NDE’s did. All within 20 minutes of each other and from completely differnt far away states. Ohhh it got weirder. I have to head home for the week. I almost stayed with a Shaman from Minnesota in his camp trailer. I told him I would be back in a week.

  23. It has been the banksters’ wet dream to have a cashless society, and it seems right on cue. I was watching the Fox Business channel, and low and behold, the big glaring header: PAPER MONEY KILLER.

    The guest, can’t remember his name, but he apparently is the CEO of Paypal, and the host were discussing getting rid of paper money, which is covered with germs and very dangerous to society, etc., and both were touting the necessity to get rid of it. Be interesting to see how this gets rolled out but I suspect this topic will soon become part of the current news cycle in all MSM. And, likely before long, businesses (that are still open) will stop accepting paper currency. Time will tell. . .

  24. 34 NEW CASES IN HAWAII, ONE NEW DEATH. Stats from HDOH today:

    Total cases: 319 (34 new)
    Hawai’i County: 20 (2)
    Honolulu County: 237 (31)
    Kaua’i County: 13 (1)
    Maui County: 36 (9)
    Pending: 11 (-)
    Residents diagnosed outside of Hawai‘i: 2 (0)
    Required Hospitalization: 18 (3)
    Hawaii deaths: 3 (1)
    Released from Isolation: 78 (6)

    “Stay at home” orders in effect. Mandatory 14 day quarantine for all air travelers, including interisland.

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