Currency-Driven Monday – Invest in Insanity?

What We Said About Currency

Early Futures on a ‘do-nothing’ Monday gave us an ideal example of how to discern whether Forex (foreign exchange/currency trading) was in the ‘drivers seat’ or whethere  value mattered any more.

The answer is not particularly encouraging.

We noted on the Euro to Dollar chart from Kitco that the dollar earlier would buy as much as .854 Euro.  However, as the futures readied to open the Dollar’s overseas purchasing power had dropped to  .840 Euro.

Too early for math?  We have you covered.

The purchasing power of the dollar was  down this morning:  (.840/.8540=) .9836.  Sliding the decimal (to change into percent) says the dollar only had 98.36% of its purchasing power when we looked earlier.

Hold that thought.

Now we look up the closing S&P Friday:  3,483.81.

Finally, we divide the S&P by the dollar drop in purchasing power and we find the “new dollarized S&P price” ought to be around 3,541.89.

As soon as I worked out these numbers, the exchange rate moved around a bit more and it pointed (usuing this logic string) toward an S&P open around 3,500.

With the exception of an appearance by Jerome Powell (Fed Boss, right?) the world is still here.  Though the Insanity continues.

It’s a good week to take off.  Maybe come back and eye the markets in 13 trading days when the Election madness breaks…

Left-Field Event Watch

We continue to expect the Election will reveal itself in a few months to have been a “Buy the Rumor, Sell the News” event.  Of epic proportions.

The only thing to prevent democrats from seizing control of all three branches of government (White House, Congress, and Court – which will be stacked) would be a massive Left Field event.  Grand Jury indicting Joe Biden’s son, or actual results from the Grand Jury investigating national corruption.

Dems have steadfastly ignored the Hunter Biden computer story.  And the left-controlled media coreography this morning repeats the same shrill heard in “New York Post published Hunter Biden report amid newsroom doubts”  and in “Hunter Biden: The anatomy of the New York Post’s dubious story.”

Yet, at the same time, across the aisle (a term we expect to rise to prominence shortly), the juxtaposition is clear in the Post’s report today “Trump says info found on Hunter Biden’s laptop is the ‘real deal’.

While republicans press the FBI “Sen. Ron Johnson presses Wray on validity of Hunter Biden laptop claim’– we are more interested in the potential for a Tech Industry Coup as a route to Global Government.  We expect either Teflon Tech (where the hearing late this week on social media election influencing will be probed), or a major Left Field Event (something like massive terrorism) to shock and awe the public while cauterizing the LeftTechCoup.

Almost sounds like fiction, and not particularly good at that.  But in the clear light of Monday, the rolling insanity on all sides is clearly in focus.

Keyword Directed Life

After 16-hours working on this-here website Sunday, Ure is in no mood to put up with the usual flow of “interesting but ultimately useless” that is pawned off as news.  The number of “news stories” revealing the mechanisms of Life (like the influence of currency trading on domestic stock pricing) are few and far between.

Instead, today’s media gruel consists of?

  • Anti-5G saboteurs raise alarm across Europe We will cover the actual dangers (vs. imagined) in an upcoming Peoplenomics report. It’s a situation with aspects of radio energy ‘kryptonite’ on the one hand with anti-progress Luddites on the other.
  • The hopium in the dopium continues despite our warning there would be “no additional money in the bank” from any stimulus until after you pulled the levers.  Sure enough Deadline looms for stimulus deal before Election Day with key differences unresolved.  At least try to act surprised, would you?
  • And, as we have shown in several charts, this may not-yet be Wave 2 of CV-19.  Despite stories claiming “As global infections pass 40 million, the COVID-19 fight goes local” and this gives me a chance to offer a free lecture called?

Covid Data School

This will – conveniently – fit into a data chapter in the latest book I’m writing (Peoplenomics: the Book).  I think you’ll find it useful. 

Let’s take this morning’s  Johns Hopkins data view of how Covid has been developing.  Notice how wide the data is?

Now let’s squeeze-in the X-axis in order to make the ‘break points’ of the waves become more clear.  (Helps to have  CorelDraw or a high-end home to commercial graphics program for these kinds of things.)  You can do some of this in FrontPage – it’s just not as much fun…

Then we highlight the  “steps” to the wave as become more evident.  Then toss in some arrows and lines to help you see things like we do:

We could have a long (and OK,  boring) discussion about data display minutia based on this.  But in the end, I don’t think it matters.   Spanish Flu was a couple of  years long and we’re just barely 10-months into this sucker.

We also haven’t had our “historical rhyme to aspirin deaths.”

History Rhyming?

I know…”Say what, Ure?

Yeah…we don’t know how many of the Spanish Flu deaths were due to the flu and how much was from newly-developed an off-patent aspirin.  Matters because aspirin not only reduces temps (so the body can’t ‘burn out’ the disease) but it’s also a potent blood thinner.  Take enough and cerebral bleeding and lots of other uglies show up.

The Infectious Disease Society of America article here doesn’t give a specific number of deaths, but anecdotes such as this are fascinating:

“Likewise, the unusual mortality rate among young adults remains unexplained. Salicylate has been suggested [3, 11, 12], and increased mortality rates have been found in ferrets exposed to influenza, aspirin, and an arginine-deficient diet, compared with each alone or in 2 combinations [13], yet mechanistic and epidemiologic evidence has not been fully explored…”

This is not to propose that arginine deficiency might be something to explore with CV-19.  I’m sure someone’s done that…(maybe???).

Rather, it’s to look at history and the mortality rates coincident to the mass marketing of a new pharmaceutical and wonder how much of a “Modern Rhyme” we’re being set-up to sing?

If 50-million deaths (worldwide), turns out to account for the Wave 1, then a 1.6 times that Wave 2 of 80-million deaths would not be out of the question for 2021.  And the analog to ‘deaths from aspirin’?  I’d put a $3 bet on a vaccine coming out that reveals over time to have negative outcomes.  Like aspirin did (when used in excess).

This is not a forecast, of course.  Just a simple “We wouldn’t be surprised IF…

‘Cuz history rhymes for those with i’s2c.

Proactive News

16-hour work days all weekend didn’t leave me in much of a mood to read the usual hog swill media (HSM).  Instead, days like this I run pro-actively to search engines. NOMT:  news on MY terms.

Anything going on of importance in Palestine, Texas?  Nothing since more than 2-weeks back when “City of Palestine to contract with private hunters to curb feral hog pop.”  Ever wonder why I don’t go out on the property without my trusty Glock in my  Kenai center-of-chest holster?  You see, out here, armed is not paranoid.  It’s  prevention.

How about East Texas in general, then?  Nope.

On the Stimulus?  As time runs out “Second stimulus check: Pelosi sets 48 hours for pre-election deal, Senate prepares to vote on scaled-down bill.”  Both (corporate-owned) parties know we’re sinking into territory where neither party will have time to scream “We got it for you!” before voting.

The public is oh-so Jerry Maguire about such things. [Trivia school:  Cuba Gooding, Jr.’s best-ever line. Wasn’t Cruise’s. Gooding played Rod Tidwell opposite Cruise playing Maguire.]

Food Supplies

As we roll through the Seven Major Systems of Life, first one is water and chow.  Nothing too big here, but Kid Korea’s ‘effed up: Storms, Covid Raise Fear of Worst North Korea Famine Since 1990s.

And drought continues out west (fires) and up in the Northeast. ”
Drought threatens some of Maine farmer’s best fall and winter events.”  If maple syrup dries up, we’ll maybe rethink weather change…


Since you already (presumably) are under a roof now, next data will be Housing Starts tomorrow.


Besides Jack Dorsey on censoring the  NY Post before a senate panel Friday, growth outlooks are useful: Global Smart Grid Communications Market | Rise in Installation of Smart Energy Meters to Boost Market Growth | Technavio.

Color us skeptical.  World’s going to change with  Iridium’s  LEO cloud and Musk’s LEO plans.  This is all so much like all those “set top box” outfits that had grandiose plans 10-20 years back.  Along came fiber and they were all pretty-much hosed.  WIFI will do that….


There is a marvelous “example” of UrbanSurvival clear-headed thinking in USA Today‘s report.  It’s another “Fact check: Electric vehicles emit fewer emissions and are better for the environment.”  Notice the label ‘fact check’ aye?

That in itself is not notable.  But the part summarizing the story as (and this is important stuff):

“A viral claim that driving an electric car won’t save the planet because of the pollution from the production of batteries is missing context.”

See it?  This is how the Digital Mob Rule online is extending its province.  By trying to “OWN CONTEXT.”

Something is either a FACT or a LIE.  Don’t get hyper-contextualized into useless corporate monetizing bullshit in your thinking.

Run your own numbers:  Take something like a Toyota and run out your own 10-year total cost of ownership against a Tesla.  Then study up on costs of electricity.  And what you’re at it, notice how “biomass” is crook for “clear-cutting and raping the woodlands” too.


Which part of “currency drives today” were you not following?  90 minutes to the open STILL tracking to trade through 3,500 on the S&P today.  Momentary euphoria and depression seen as Earnings season is highlighting the uneven playing field in the year of the pandemic.

The Insanity – Generally?

When I see a story like “Woman horrified after discovering boyfriend refuses to use toilet paper” I wonder to myself:  “Is everyone stupid – trying to be a freakin  VICTIM in this world, or what?”

I’m hoping there IS an “Or what” but no…Digital Mob Rule is here and about to vote-jack the US into Techno Feudalism.

Ankle check.

Two Items of Interest

Don’t know if you ever watch Missing 4-1-1.  But a 38-year old woman has been found after being missing in a National Park for 12-days.

Interesting part of the story here is that the woman was recovered showing a lot of weight loss and also had bruises all over her body.  We have to wonder exactly what happened to her.  We will set a tickler to follow up on this – because so many people do go missing in National Parks.

Maybe her reappearance can shed some light on other cases?

Skinwalker Ranch Series

On Amazon Video and pretty damn interesting are the goings-on last year at the renown Skinwalker Ranch in Utah.   Lots of science and though repetitious (as such serialized docs tend to be) it’s still damn interesting if you’ve followed the progression of science through the land out there.

500-acres of ranch land under a dimensional rip?  Check out the videos and let us know your thoughts.

Comments:  I made the text color black on comments – several people didn’t like Ure’s version of arty.  (Say, there’s a life-long pattern!).

Let me know if the site seems to load any faster…that’s been the whole point of this computer extravaganza….

Und Zo?  It’s Monday a and since you’ve got bills… I was up late doing site work, so leftovers for breakfast and another short non-destructive pillow test seems in order.

Write when you make something besides money,  (hint: progress?)

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    • Just one gripe form me, George: the color of hyperlinked text is nearly the same as the black text of the article itself. This makes it really hard to see where you have embedded links. Otherwise, the ‘face lift’ is pretty nice.

  1. Did you see the Breitbart article
    Hunter convicted business partner in a federal pen has released 26,000 E-mails to Breitbart and Hunters other business partner,Archer has been found guilty by a jury–a federal judge overturns the jury conviction,, appellate court then reinstalls the jury finding-awaiting sentening. The overturning judge is married to a Mueller team lawyer that was part of the attempt to frame President Trump, and the judges brother
    pass the popcorn ,,don’t forget,,the conspiracies are just theories ,,its SHOW TIME

    • I know Darrell.. doesn’t all the corruption just make you sick to your stomach.. then the audacity to judge others.. and they don’t even hide it anymore.. even go out and brag about it..
      Yet election after election we vote in the same people.. time after time.. Now that is what is sheer stupidity.. to vote in someone that is so crappy that can’t get anything done because we are use to them and afraid that we could have worse in office..
      It is like an abused woman.. she stays in the abusive relationship because she knows what she has.. and the fear that if she made a change she or he could be in a worse relationship..

      • We have a strong two party system, therefore we are given choices of who to vote for. They are not “my” choices.

        Trump is the most outside of the box or outside the good old boy network now in place. My vote will be for Biden if I vote 3rd party. Bottom line, I live in a Washington State which will vote for Biden regardless of the popular vote. (Or my vote)

        I get the “we” keep voting them in, but I don’t believe it to be true anymore.

      • “I get the “we” keep voting them in, but I don’t believe it to be true anymore.”

        I think you are right on the money Debb I have the exact same opinion…
        in the book double crossed there is a chapter that tells how they seized an election.. if you read that chapter and look at todays newspapers you will see that chapter being played out page by page.. the same with the second book of Adolph Hitler
        another example of what is going on in society today.
        the corruption is so deep and so vast I truly believe as you do that our vote doesn’t even matter anymore.,votes%20that%20actually%20count%20in%20a%20presidential%20election..
        I firmly believe that they will be putting in who they want..
        With Our next president Joe Biden we will follow along because we have to.. and see where it leads us.
        I like the vast majority of the citizens am dependent and will not balk at who they put in and will be a good obedient citizen accepting what I am allowed to accept…
        with the projected what seventeen percent tax increase in california .

        what is funny is that even if they did increase the taxes.. I personally think that the taxes are not going to take care of the deficit or the interest on the deficit. we needed jobs that was opposed and tariffs instead we had the push to allow illegals enter without going through proper channels.. Seriously it doesn’t take a math major to see what is coming…. just someone that looks at budgets or lives within the parameters of one.. the changes that they would have needed to make in my humble opinion was actually before or during the carter administration when I was still a young man. It would have been tough a real hard time and it was anyway but it would have been hard on everyone not just those of us at the bottom… He tried to make the changes and the millionaire tax releif bill of 78 was passed by congress.. Jimmy took the blame and took it like a man as congress tossed the middle class under the bus.. then when the last bill was passed they couldn’t toss the middle class under the bus they are already there and with deregulation of essential services everyone is dependent already.. instead that bill in my opinion from what I have read tossed those above under the bus and opened the gateway for the upper one percent to blast off into outer space….
        Anyway at this point .. it truly doesn’t make a difference what any of us think.. we should just accept what they are giving us.. the time for change was decades ago.. it would have been painful.. instead what I see is we went option 2 and the promotion of greed leaving the vast majority of the wage earners needing assistance…

  2. Skinwalker video on Amazon?! Great to hear it. Thanks George.

    The site is much cleaner and loads very quickly on my laptop. Don’t use my old 4S for Internet at all.

  3. I like the new web site. Uncluttered, easy to read and loads super fast. Great job, George. Just a little too much white space in the comments section for my eyes.

  4. “Grand Jury indicting Joe Biden’s son, or actual results from the Grand Jury investigating national corruption.”

    It will never happen.. just watch how fast this all vanishes.. just like epstein or the fake news story about a pedo ring in the NE that was performing satanic worship a misdirection campaign will come up and it will all vanish.. and once the new president JB gets in office.. heck they may even make a statue to him.. and he can continue on being a pedophile and torturing young kids and doing multi million dollar corrupt negotiations.. all on the american laborers dime..
    the higher it goes the deeper it goes the darker it is.. gets a whitewash by those sworn to protect us..
    investigators can’t go after their bosses.. and if their paychecks are involved.. well go right ahead.. heck it wouldn’t surprise me if they made a statue of the guy.. his crack pipe and doing horrific things to little kids..
    what will interest me is how will the misdirection campaign go.. how will they make it look like it was all DJT’s fault.. who will take the blame and the focus.. will it be some salesman making a deal with a woman to keep her from being evicted because they left the velocity of cash moving.. or maybe they can make it look like DJT wasn’t on the ball and didn’t work hard enough to keep america safe.. or maybe an economic thing.. let the economy slide enough so eveyrone is scared to death about their own survival that they don’t give two hoots about someone’s child in another country.. that is how Adolph did it.. worked for him why wouldn’t it work again.. in the end everyone just wants to be able to survive and live a fairly normal life.. all interesting and all coming our way in a news article near you..

    • Welcome to politics in America which has not changed in more years then you are old,it will make little to no difference who occupies the seat in the oval office, for they both are deep state and follow orders, and will only serve those who make up the 1% for after all those are the ones who finance their campaigns,which makes them bought with no way out.

      There’s a growing unrest in the country with some 56% of those surveyed saying this country and its institutions no long works for them, and that figure will only grow in the coming times.Fascism which they tried to get in before is making steady headway, for they won’t nor will they permit anyone in the oval office from getting in their way for they are the torch carriers.That’s what America has become, get use to it for when they have things just as they want which is total control you will become a citizen of the world.!!!

      • “Welcome to politics in America which has not changed in more years then you are old”

        and all with the same idiots still in office…
        we change evangelists faster than we do politicians LOL

    • It was on 60 minutes last night, that there are BILLIONS of dollars helping make illegals legal, and giving DACA OUR citizenship and representing EVERYONE else’s interests BUT/EXCEPT FOR THE UNITED STATES CITIZEN, THE MIDDLE CLASS AND LOWER CLASS LABORER. NOT ONE GROUP/LOBBYIST/PAC FORCE/NON PROFIT, NADA FOR US, THE AMERICAN CITIZEN.

      Now Biden and Sons have sold us out to CHINA for the last 30 PLUS YEARS; and now we know why nothing is ever done about CHINA.

      George Soros meets with Joe Biden and SONS in the white house under Obama, and now you know why NOTHING IS EVER DONE ABOUT GEORGE SOROS.


      Oh, and 1986 under Reagan where he ended up giving AMNESTY, which opened up the floodgates under the Demoncraps.

      • the epitaph … the Late Great United States of America…
        at this point.. there is absolutely nothing anyone can do about any of it except vote.. vote anyone that is in out.. get new and fresh.. do that every election for three elections and they will get the answer.. work for the people.. even if we did that.. we cannot fix our deficit.. they may be bought off with dollars but the dollar is just an illusion of wealth.. the dollar isn’t backed by anything at all but a promise of value.. just like bitcoin.. its all the emperors new clothes..
        All of us.. especially myself is dependent on their lies.. Many of us that respond have our whole lives dependent on a dollar bill.. the way that we were encouraged to believe in.. our wealth our homes our way of life..all dependent on the illusion that was given to us..

  5. I don’t know what happened but at exactly 358am I woke up hysterically laughing, look at the clock and jumped out of bed like 6 year old child on Christmas Morning and screamed at the top of my lungs, “Fk Yeeeaaaaaahhhhh!” And started dancing until I realized It was 358am and I was in my bedroom in the dark by myself. I woke up the entire house. Every had really bizzare dreams. The Oracle of Delphi in the room next to mine woke up laughing too. Not as loud as me. But he were she uhh it, said he had tears steering out his eyes from laughing from hearing me in the other room.

    I don’t remember my dreams. Only have remembered, 3 dreams in the last 12 years. The one where I went to the center of the universe where there is a convenient store/gas station and they sell cigarettes with names like Hope, “nothing smokes like Hope” had a picture of Obama on the advertisement. And I knew Obama would win the election back then. And 2 other dreams. One I was talking to Enoch while he was writing his book on the steps in a City which looked alot like Thebes. I think it was Alexandria? Never did figure that one out.

    I have no idea what my dream was about. I don’t ever remember them this was a first for me I have honestly never not once until this morning at exactly 3:58am woke up hysterically laughing and leaped out of bed like a 6 year old on Christmas morning and screamed at the top of my lungs “Fk Yeeeaaaaaahhhhh!” And started dancing in my underwear and I had no idea that I was doing it until I realised I was awake and I stopped came to my senses and thought ohh shit I probably just woke the whole house up. Hahahhahhahaha

    Then my gifted tribe I live with all had a good laugh about it to because they all had weird dreams but it’s not my place to tell their dreams. They remember theirs. I have no idea what I was dreaming or thinking. My subconscious was extremely happy.

    It was the craziest thing, George.

    I guess I will find out when I find out.

      • Aye it was like high intensity “Joy” way on the high end of the spectrum of serenity, just rushing through me like a river of light. The last thought I had before I fell asleep was, everyone says “$Good Vibes” these days. But what are those “Good Vibes” saying? High vibrations are statement of
        oberservation not translation of communication.

        I since have switched my browser preference from “night mode” to “day mode$”. It has been on $night mode” for 5 years. Where the screen is black and the words and letters are white. Now the screen is white and the letters are black. Actually I didn’t switch it to be honest. It just switched on its own. I switched it the other way 5 years ago and it’s been that way on every phone and every computer I used. The yang. It seems to me, according to the “Explanation of the Diagram of the Supreme Ultimate”, i am now in the yang.

        Which the whole yinyang always just reminds me of a wankle rotory motor. The iching a side view of the pistons. Ya ya ya,
        das ist gut!

        What a truly magnificently beautiful day!

      • I use to have a link to a great I-Ching website.. but no longer have it saved.. you wouldn’t happen to have one do you..

      • LOB, who needs an I-Ching website???when we have George and Urban Survival!

        This place is like a Million Dollar program shoved up your ass a nickle at a time. Sometimes ya get a dime. At the end of the day it’s always a million dollars worth.

        You guys know why I keep coming back to this place? Crooked teeth and Camel Toes.

        No I gotta get. Knowing my fortune, I will be back in Cali in week or so. Thy Will, be done.

    • George, George George…you posted…”juxtaposition is clear in the Post’s report today “Trump says info found on Hunter Biden’s laptop is the ‘real deal’.” Hmmm. Of course, 20,000 verified lies later…whatever Trump says is always the truth right? Ugggh!

      Then you said…” Take something like a Toyota and run out your own 10-year total cost of ownership against a Tesla.”
      I don’t know where you are going with that, but it’s not even close. I have had my Tesla 26 months now. My total out of pocket costs have been $280 to date. That’s less than $11 a month. I Mostly charge at home and it adds only an average of $8 a month to my electric bill. I program it to charge after 11:00pm when the PGE rates are at their lowest. Also, most Tesla owners get one year free supercharging at one of their hundreds of super chargers in the area. When I do need a Supercharger now, it costs under $10 to Supercharge. I don’t need oil, gas or maintenance. I will eventually need tires like any other vehicle and An occasional fill up of windshield wiper fluid.

      Up, until recently, when I bought her the new Tesla Model Y, my wife Mercedes cost her $250 a month in gas, $200 a year in oil changes (Mercedes needs a special blend of synthetic oil.) yearly tune-ups that run about $300+ a year… In year 4 of that car, stuff started to break and after our last maintenance bill of $1,500 for a catalytic converter, ignition coil and faulty fuel sensor, we opted for the Model Y.

      Her total out of pocket costs for that Mercedes was well over $5,000. Mine is $280 to date. Before that she owned a Toyota RAV4 and her maintenance costs were about the same over a 5 year period. We traded that in for the Mercedes when her entire infotainment and dashboard system when dark. Of course, that was not covered by warranty And it would have cost $1,600 to replace. Mercedes took it as is with the trade in.

      Tesla has a warranty for everything…for pretty much the life of the car. Plus, I get regular software updates automatically downloaded for free. Most of the updates are mind blowing, some are just routine just like a Mac.

      As far as mining for minerals for batteries, that causes no more harm or pollution to the earth than the combination of drilling and fracking. It’s far less harmful, when you add Oil tanker spills, BP Horizon disasters, Contaminated water from fracking, or earth tremor damage caused by fracking. After the mineral is mined that’s where the pollution ends. The gigafactory in Nevada is 100% reliant on solar, wind and power storage. Oil and gas have a on going after production pollution emissions called auto exhaust.

      • “My total out of pocket costs have been $280 to date. That’s less than $11 a month. I Mostly charge at home and it adds only an average of $8 a month to my electric bill. ”

        that is interesting.. we have had our toyota prime for about the same length in time.. our total out of pocket expense for fuel etc.. has been about thirty dollars now.. and our monthly charge costs are at zero.. ( solar keeps ours topped off)
        I would love to own a tesla.. the grocery stores have free charging stations .. I keep waiting for them to make a conversion cord so you can charge them from the tesla fast charger..

      • Mark:

        Alterior universe (yeah) that’s where you live.

        I drive a car, that cost $2,500. It costs me gas every month, and an O&F change every 3k miles, and that’s it. AND IT DID NOT COST ME $40 – $80K – $120PLUSK LIKE A TESLA.

        And yes, your batteries and your electric generation are ALL dependent on fossil fuels.

        My car will NEVER lock me out because of a computer glitch!

        And I will never need a NEW ELECTRIC BATTERY! On a 11 year old Hybrid, cost my family member $3k!!! And it was a rebuilt one, not new from the dealer or factory, cause the warranty is the same: ONE YEAR!

        My Interstate Battery gives me a better warranty.

      • Au contraire – Enviro Virtue Signal much ? and just like the ever so efficient and clean solar panels – my eye! U guys pile more bullshit in one day..

        When Ure batteries/panels start breaking down and leaking toxic heavy metals into ground > ground water>Aquafers.
        Waitress: Can get you anything to drink to start you off with?
        ECD: “Yeah – can I get glass of Cadmium with that water?”

        More like the most TOXIC Pollutants known to Humankind – and U 2 R running around proclaiming to the whole world Ure shit dont stink – Well I gotz newz 4 ya..

      • Al, you can’t compare a $2,500 car to anything in the road today. Especially and electric. Face it folks…the world is going to electric cars someday. It won’t replace gas powered…but as a comparison , it will be like any other paradigm shift we have had in America. Did cell phones totally replace land lines? No…land lines are used in business, but cell phones dominate. I haven’t had a land line for over 12 years. Even my 84 year old mother only uses her cell phone. Same with DVD’s vs streaming. Are DVD’s totally obsolete? No. But streaming is ubiquitous. There are literally thousand of similar examples just like these. It’s called progress. Or economic/planned obsolescence. The great part of all of this his, each shift creates more jobs than the technology it replaced. Why? Ramping up the infrastructure needs more jobs in the initial phases of the life cycle. The electrics will need new conveyors, new engineers, computer tech, software tech, GPS and AI tech, and yes eventually new robotics. With combustion autos, the infrastructure has been in place, and the system has been running itself for a long while to the point where the job market for that industry has flatlined …and in many cases, robotics have taken over.

        Therefore, rather than trash electrics because you don’t have one…you all should be hailing the continued adoption of them. Because, they will soon be responsible for far more jobs than their combustion Engine counterparts, just due to ramping up. In 10 years, it will flatline as well, at least until the next gen of tech comes along to save us.

    • Point being LOB, I did something with the point around here. Ohhhh yes! Here it is.

      There is a book called “Think and grow Rich”. In it there is a story about a fella named Darby. Darby was out mining gold made some money but he ended up lossin the vein. (Camel toes) so he sold his Drill (crooked teeth) and the mine to a junk man. The Junk Fella went hitched his wagon with a smart fella to think for him about gold. They went back to that mine which used to be that Darby fellas mine, fired up the drill and mind Gold 3 feet from where this Darby fella stopped nevermined. Infact it was Mour gold than which ever was found in greater state of California. A golden ore to row row row the boat gently down the stream. Because my friend, Life is but a dream. So to speak.

      Crooked teeth and Camel toes. Yes sir Ebob. That is why I keep coming back to this here mine.

      See ya in the stream.

  6. “The Insanity – Generally?
    When I see a story like “Woman horrified after discovering boyfriend refuses to use toilet paper” I wonder to myself: “Is everyone stupid”

    in answer to your question.. YUPPP….
    Now a sound from the Haloed halls of Congress… visualize this.. sit back relax and imagine this as happening.. well maybe it has..
    Its a quiet day congress is in session and they are all out doing important things except for one the designated capital sitter to let people know they are working hard on the floor of congress…. a janitor walks by with his cart.. its quiet.. in the building.. the one designated congressman left to let the public know that they are in session.. is busy doing his work.. when it comes time to sign the IMPORTANT PAPERWORK
    there is a visitor in the grand gallery is looking up at the beautiful art.. when the signing is about to continue.. all of a sudden there is an echo a voice sings out…….. I’M DONE……… get the royal butt wipper in to make sure of the signing of congressional papers official LOL LOL LOL… the rest of the unimportant crap is auto signed at three am.. LOL LOL LOL….
    every toilet in our home has tp of course a bidet and wet wipes.. LOL LOL LOL no reason to be dirty..or have skid marks.. we may not have fancy clothes but we are clean LOL LOL LOL

  7. “Food Supplies”

    the people i know tell me.. if you need it and see it.. you had better buy it if you will need it even in the future..
    I know they say there is a can shortage.. but I was able to just do a normal order and get a couple of cases of sixteen ounce aluminum can’s.. I am still searching for someone to make can flanger to reuse can’s.. then get one to fit the half pound and pound can’s.. you would wash and clean them just like dishes.. then reflange and reseal.. just like jars.. I am guessing you could get a couple of reuses out of each can.. what is funny is I haven’t ever put home made beer in an aluminum can.. LOL LOL I use it to can water LOL LOL LOL toss a couple in the cooler and a cold glass of water.. I like lemon in mine so in goes lemon..

  8. Sure makes it easier to read. I use black background and white letters and helps tired old eyes. Thanks for the change.

      • Dont know my computer literate son did it.

        Bring down your windows, so youre looking at your blank desktop. its the screen you start from. Right click anywhere on that page, then go to display settings.
        Search for background, and it is in there.

  9. Stimulus.. I can only hope they keep opposed views to give out more tax payer money and never pass anything. No where in the constitution does it grant federal power to take from one citizen and give to another in hard times. Best case, is the States own any programs for their citizens. In most cases the states are a wreck because governors and state representatives chose that path. Why should feds steal from well run states to pay poorly run states? All federal stimulus payments, loans etc should stop. If companies need to raise money, sell stock. Need loans, go to private banks or individuals. It is insane we have completely moved to Uncle Sam as the first choice for every problem. And pay off your student loans, you as an adult agreed to the arrangement. Grow up and live with your life decisions. Stop trying to take from those that made different decisions in their life.

  10. * Reader Suggestion Section:

    1) Hey Mr Editor/G – calling for a rewrite of that Headline this AM.
    were we up late last night getting “roasted”?

    Suggested new Headline –

    BITCOIN – Driven Monday, Invest in Stability.

    Why U Haters alwayz gotta be hating so much

    Dont U ever get tired of all the hate ..and bile, clenched butthole, tight shoulders, grinding teeth?

    Relax – we got this – it is called BITCOIN – THE Solution All Ure Problems.

    Stop Ure Procrastination and get some soonly – the cost of OWNING a Piece of the Future just went up again($11,700.) and U all R still acting all Cleopatra like..

    Coffee is burnt, coffee pot caught fire, and formica countertop it was sitting on, just went up in a Whoosh – kinda like the sound of the November to Remember Asteroid will make as it buzzes our Great Green Planet just prior to election..Maybe thats why I cant “invision” an Election this year..strange that .

    Anyway – no matta how the cookie crumbles there is still

    NO BTC $ U !

  11. If congress can’t get a stimulus bill passed when they need to get reelected, why do people believe it will get done afterward when they won’t give a damn what people think for another 2 to 4 years?

    (btw, links look the same as text)

  12. Andy, even the Beach Boys are having ‘Good Vibrations’ torn apart (2 members of original band playing at a Trump rally)

    LOOB, the Swift Boaters have brainwashed you,

    Bevan Cooney, ‘he will cop to anything’

    Bannon (was a founder/editor) of Breitbartfacing fraud charges:

    So when Cooney and Archer were sentenced, why not Biden (Hint: maybe Biden wasn’t involved in the fraud!!, and it won’t take 26k emails to reestablish a fallacy!!)

    Anything linked to Giulini is suspect of Russian disinformation:

  13. Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe rejected claims that a Russian disinformation campaign is behind investigation into Hunter Biden’s laptop…

    …This is not part of some Russian disinformation campaign, the intelligence community has not been involved with Hunter Biden’s laptop. Hunter Biden is a U.S. person and he would be subjected to any investigation regarding fraud or investigation would rightfully be within the jurisdiction of the FBI.

    Ratcliffe added, “the only intelligence Adam Schiff gets is the intelligence we give him and we have given him no such intelligence.”

  14. George I was going to say the site is much better, but then I saw Mark’s post…I thought you were going to include a rat trap in the new version.
    Seriously, it loaded quickly here on the left coast and it’s easier to read. Good Job!

  15. looking good,
    can read it without having to scrape todays 100 miles of road grime off the the glasses…….


  16. Isn’t it time for some good news now?

    Everyone has his/her preferences as to where to live. I happen to live in Manhattan and I love it since day one. I’m well over 90 by now. The other day I had a visit with my cardiologist, (in one of our excellent hospitals) who recommended a blood test. Since it was too crowded then (> 200 people waiting for it) I choose to be there today at 7:30 AM when already > 50 where waiting for a blood test. I don’t know why it’s so popular?!

    What surprised me was that in the early afternoon I could see my results already on my laptop before my cardiologist had the time to call me with these excellent results that items where all within parameters. No trace of COVID, either.

    I know that people have problems, and I feel blessed to be well taken care of since I know (all things being equal) an ambulance crew is within my apartment in 50 years marriage had died 6 years ago of cancer, and I can testify that “royalty” could not have received a better treatment than what she received in several Manhattan’s hospitals. It needs to be said, because who knows about our future?

  17. The website is a test for societal collapse, change. We’ll have to get used to the change.

    The conversation lines should be more distinct.

  18. G,

    Please tell us how search works. Two examples.

    A while back, maybe a year or two, you indicated aisles in the big boxes were widening for some reason. Then came COVID. I can’t find your original comment about widening aisles.

    Over the pat few weeks you posted an article about monitor settings being at 40Hz (sic). I thought over the last two years or so you wrote a complete post about monitors and video cards and refresh rates, etc…. but I cant find that either.

    Help a brother out, please.

  19. its only a website who cares.. what a padded nothing dialogue today .. oh and George stumbled into currency like I said the other day .. ban shorting the real slime yen .. USSA swamp monster gurus say god bless the YEN ..euro invented by a sith lord Ernst somewankername for elite governance .. tell more yellow dog stories on currency differential on dog prices George .. mightn’t like that ether zone .. short everything

  20. Comrades,

    European msm whispers of a parallel society in the French Republic following the despicable act of violence posted to Twitter at 4:57 p.m. Paris time last Friday.

    The Russian muslim (forced lower case) refugee perp coincidentally may have blended a Twitter handle from a Chechen call to fight with Order #270 of his ethnic Arch-enemy, Stalin. According to “The Arab One”, someone submitted a screenshot to them of a 13/9 Twitter post from the 16/10 alleged perp. The post was disrespectful to The House of Saud, so the media group claim they recreated the thread as best they could to how it originally read.

  21. and I Quote from
    “Biden’s former Ukraine adviser who vouched for him on Burisma now works for Facebook which chose to censor the Hunter story. She also has a title at Soros-funded Atlantic Council, where censorship-happy Reddit policy director came from. It’s A Big Club!” end of Quote

    don’t worry folks, the conspiracy is just a theory from a cult, started by RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA,

  22. “This is not to propose that arginine deficiency might be something to explore with CV-19. I’m sure someone’s done that…(maybe???).”

    Interesting. Arginine and ornithine are synergistic amino acids (meaning each works better when the two are taken together.) Ornithine was one of the things (along with HCQ) first noticed by the Chinese as having a possible mitigating effect on CV-19 — even before the doctors noticed zinc (and before Xi slammed the door on relevant information regarding the virus.)

    Some holistic practitioners recommend ornithine as a relaxation/sleep aid, as they do the amino acid tryptophan and the hormone melatonin. Ornithine is a metabolic stabilizer, and works with arginine to support the urea cycle, but if it DOES have a relaxing effect, well, since melatonin has a slight mitigating effect, perhaps an investigation of arginine/ornithine would be warranted…?

    BTW, zinc and selenium are also synergistic. I’ve added 200mcg of selenium to my night stack, which already contained 30mg of zinc.

  23. Carnage . Hell . Get used to it president Biden for 3 months. Then president Harris. sark manure USSA

  24. Hello again, George. Just dropped by to see what condition your condition was in, and Wow! great site updates, lots of commenters, and of course You, expounding on important things. I missed your thoughts and in these trying times, have come back to the UrbSurv fold to see how best to navigate the next few Timewave Zero milestones as we approach the End of Novelty.

    In the electric car discussion, Mark compares paradigm shifts like losing copper landlines for digital wireless phones, or streaming for DVDs, etc. The reason I’m commenting now is because this Rent Your Life paradigm totally sucks. It is harder and harder to Do Work on your own stuff because of this RYL world; can’t work on your car, can’t just pick up a landline if your wifi/cell is down, can’t stream digital content, can’t access your ‘cloud’ accounts, whether banking, photos, contacts, etc. Progress today is actually Capture, and it’s getting harder and harder to live outside the fish farm.

    Also, what is the difference between ‘democracy’ (as referenced just about anytime says ‘our democracy is in danger!’) and a collective? I’m seeing big blurry lines…

    Finally, repeal the 17th Amendment, and get senators out of the public-pandering business.

    Okay, keep your sheets flowing, and tiller tight.

  25. “Also, what is the difference between ‘democracy’ (as referenced just about anytime says ‘our democracy is in danger!’) and a collective?”

    The degree of vitriol in the speaker’s delivery…

  26. Hey George,
    A whole lot easier to read now, have not looked at the speed of load.
    Thanks from My tired eyes.

  27. electric or combustion engine? that’s not the impending future. the impending future is self driving vehicles and how that will change our world. in less than ten years self driving vehicles will predominate the market.

    as a result everything is going to change. airlines are going to take a hit, parking lots won’t be needed as much, interstate motels/hotels and the sundry restaurants, anyone who drives for a living. the changes we are facing will be huge.

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