COVID19: Worse than ALL U.S. Wars?

We begin with a sobering statistical Reality:

  • IN WW II: 418,500 for both U.S. civilians and .mil deaths in WW II.
  • In WW I: 116,516 Americans were killed – same metrics
  • In Korea: 36,574 Americans were killed.
  • In Vietnam:58,314 Yanks were killed.
  • In U.S Civil War, 820,000 -1,200,000 (generally rounded to 1-million) were killed.
  • War of 1812:  1,877
  • American Revolution:  25,000
  • In the Sandbox 382 Americans died in the Gulf War
  • Iraq War an estimated 100,000 Americans died.
  • In Afghanistan 20,083.

We can quibble about these numbers. But big-picture with me:  1.98-million.

Now the cold reality.  Here’s our GLOBAL forecast of how bad things could get – beginning with cases:

And since, with the data this morning our mortality rate is around 4%, this translated globally in our look-ahead as:

While the Global Death toll might, in this admittedly  simplistic linear projection reach well over 100-million, how do we figure what the US death toll might be?

Well, since there are 7.6 billion in the world – and since only .330 billion are Americans, it stands to reason 1/23rd of the deaths MIGHT come here.  Such that IF the COVID Death toll were to hit 150-million, the American body count would be about 6-million dead.

Or, coming at it from the other way, if 1.98-million people have died in all previous American wars …rounding to 2-million to make this easy, then when the Death Toll globally hits 46-million, then our losses could be in the 2-million area.

Around June 22 in our grimmest outlook.

The good news – suc h as it is?

Well, we are watching the daily cases and deaths report like a hawk.  And we may take to an afternoon update because these morning numbers begin low, but with the noon’ish data skew badly.  In the “dawn’s early light” this looks pretty good, though:

Based on the past week, or so, the morning readings are updated and have snuffed-out most glimmers of improvement.

But, Say, How ‘Bout Them Markets?

Not to be in the “told you so” camp, but the dawn of the Second Depression is here, too, as a result of the virus.

My consigliere notes that this work does not line up the numbers perfectly because of minor difference in calendars.  Saturday trading on September 14th of 1929, for example.  My sense is that we will likely bottom-out around the same ultimate price levels.

The horror-story (and global die-off prospects) grow if it’s all based on calendar days.  Because if it is, global markets might lose 90 percent of their value.  And, kiss off liquidity.

Which rolls us around to the pre-open and it looks like this

Still, taken as a whole, there is cause for a sizeable rally to show up, and you don’t want to be short – especially if there’s some really positive breaking news.  Like over the weekend, for example.  Now, whether you take that as “hint” or “hope” is entirely at reader discretion.

Data Lags, But Still Useful

Philly Fed outlook, for example:

The diffusion index for current activity declined markedly from a three-year high reading of 36.7 in February to -12.7 this month, its lowest reading since July 2012 (see Chart 1). The percentage of firms reporting decreases (30 percent) this month exceeded the percentage reporting increases (18 percent). The index for new orders also turned negative, falling from 33.6 to -15.5. The current shipments index fell 25 points but remained slightly positive, although its current reading near zero suggests overall shipments were unchanged from February. Both the unfilled orders and delivery times indexes moved into negative territory this month, falling 15 points and 12 points, respectively.

And check the virus-related drop in the chart:

And then we have the Current Accounts data:

“The U.S. current account deficit, which reflects the combined balances on trade in goods and services and income flows between U.S. residents and residents of other countries, narrowed by $15.6 billion, or 12.4 percent, to $109.8 billion in the fourth quarter of 2019, according to statistics from the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA). The revised third quarter deficit was $125.4 billion.

The fourth quarter deficit was 2.0 percent of current dollar gross domestic product (GDP), down from 2.3 percent in the third quarter.

The $15.6 billion narrowing of the current account deficit in the fourth quarter mainly reflected a reduced deficit on goods that was partly offset by an expanded deficit on secondary income.”

All, in all, not particularly encouraging, eh?  Well, then your  reallywon’t like to read how Jobless Claims Explode Higher As Virus-Impact Begins To Hit Main Street over on ZeroHedge…

Headlines Worthy of Considering

We think this is so low as to almost be in the “happy talk” file: Investor Ray Dalio estimates the corporate losses in the US from coronavirus will top $4 trillion.

And start jotting down IP numerical addresses now.  The Internet is nearing limits as seen by the report Netflix urged to slow down streaming to stop the internet from breaking.  You will want direct IP addresses on hand for your critical links.

Into the breach, anyone?

Write when you get rich,

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147 thoughts on “COVID19: Worse than ALL U.S. Wars?”

  1. Tell us, again, how to locate numerical IP addresses.??
    I know you explained this years ago, but I’m internet dysfunctional. Thanks.

    • Open a console window (on Windows that is the Command window) and try pinging the website’s URL. As an example if you type “ping” the responses should come back with the IP (one of many most likely) for Google. If you save this IP later on when the DNS servers are not available you can enter that IP into the URL section of your browser and it will take you (hopefully) to Google’s site.

    • Yikes, George, did we really lose 100k people in the Iraq War? 20k+ in the land where empires go to die? Isn’t that a huge portion of our military? That is well over double Vietnam! How was a draft not implemented?
      Not a quibble, just shock.
      I hope life in the Palestine ‘burbs is not much changed for y’all. GGG area is a bit nutty and I will be checking out Galveston County soon. Have been hearing people have been acting like a CAT 5 is offshore with the store runs and the hospitals have declared most of their people essential personnel and resorting them to patient screening and intake!

    • To determine a website’s IP address:
      – bring up a command prompt (win-R cmd
      – type the command: ping (as an example)
      – note the numeric IP address displayed ( )

  2. COVID is cover for the economic collapse.

    This round of bailout,

    Boeing is getting $60,000,000,000.

    Boeing employees total to 153,027 (01/19).

    That’s over $392,087.66 each. How nice is that? And the employees will still get the 2K bailout we get.

    In 2009 Boeing was bailed out. The result of the bailout, Boeing built the 737 Max.

    • There should be 0 foreign workers on bailed out or government funded companies.

      foreign diploma mills print impressive paperwork, but many of the grads write garbage code.

      Any kind of vehicle needs highly refined simple codes that can be processed efficiently.

      Going by my phone, and older computers modern software uses 1000x more bytes than necessary, and is more slow & glitchy as a result.

      • “many of the grads write garbage code. ”

        Pish — so do Americans. “Coding” today means lining up the blocks in VB or VC, then dumping to code.

        There is no one under 50 who can code Assembler, any flavor of C, or anything else that’s both useful and efficient, unless they self-learned or landed in a specialized curriculum (like PLCs), so there’s no way for most programmers to avoid the 98,000 lines of bloat Microsoft products generate for every salient line of code…

        Stick with your original premise, which is completely valid: Non-Citizen techs should NOT get a single cent of American largess. They are working here because on this side of the Pacific they’re making, physically, 10x-30x what they’d be making in their homeland.

      • Many year ago I noted:

        The faster the hardware, the slower the software…
        And the software is winning.

        Nothing has changed since.

  3. “Ohh Baby, baby
    baby, baby, ooh baby baby, push it good, push it real good” – salt&peppa

    ..Global – Trauma Based Mind Control Op. – Next Up ?

    – LOCK STEP – rockafeller foundations planned Global Police State.. can U say Marshal Law?

    —-Chloroquine – the anti malaria – anti viral – it works.. viva French Researcher

    Now about that wicked, diabolical crime coin BTC..its up 11% from yesterday AM – how about them apples? Can U hear the crypto chorus sign..”Store of Value” at least until the Chi-Coms turn the lights out.hahaha –

    We be in a BEAR Market – no matta the splatta – a percentage drop of 20% from recent highs.

    With that in mind coot is looking to go BULLISH soonly – Oil ain’t going anywhere – enormous amounts $$ will be sloshing around – FED is going into Equities soonly – Stocks are on a Sequential 9
    – GoPro is a 2$ stock this AM – intellectual property is worth more than 2 bucks – Starbucks 60 % down, Exxon +60% down – Damm Mr Narrator – its like shopping in the Bargain Basement!

    • BTC bounce?

      One of my sister companies held a crypto ‘investment’ sales event/promotion last night… on a Gulfstream V.

      They had ~570k registered for the event.

      They’re knocking on 3,000 new paid subscribers ($2,500/each) since 9pm EST. Each of those subscribers received actionable ‘research’ (*No individualized investment advice) by 11pm last night.

      Better believe they were in a frenzy… Just saying.

      It’s insane considering George’s “How to Live on 10k a Year” brought me here.

      After years and years… my first post… play nice :)

  4. Corporate looses may exceed $4 trillion oh how my heart ache for the greedy bastards that caused all of this with their stock buy backs,I hope they all go bankrupt and the heads all took and hung from the nearest branch on that big ole oak tree.I see Boeing is already crying bail out after spending billions to buy back their stock to push up the price,they even used their credit line to borrow a few more billion and part of that went the same way.The airlines,cruise line’s and every other neofascist corporation are at the free market money window crying don’t forget us, after all we bought and paid for your elections and now its time for the pay-off and don’t worry they will get trillions like the last bail out.!!!

  5. George, I am curious as to the source you used for American causulties in Iraq and Afghanistan. Your numbers look to be at least an order of magnitude, and closer to a factor of 20 to 30 too high.

  6. Good morning George and had a good cuppa of coffee while reading your excellent post.

    Taking your projection of 2 million USA deaths a step further how many per 100 persons?

    In Costa Rica we are experiencing the expected increase and have our first mortality.

    My perspective is it will be much worse that most people will expect! And they are not prepared for it. This will lead to rioting in the streets with more deaths and extend any possible recovery time.

    Off to buy some liquid medicine, 20 year old rum, on possibly my last run to the store for fresh veggies. My mini garden is doing well.


  7. Here’s a goodie.

    T-mobile just texted me. They indicated all their stores are closed, yet still expect me to pay the bill and are telling me about their payment options. They don’t understand what happened yet.

    T-mobile needs to dig into their savings and float me, because I’m not digging into my savings to float them.

    Only pay shutoff notices you guys. Put the bill money in a shoe box just in case we have to pay, but we won’t have to.

    We’ve heard of the “Waffle House index”. I invented the “Grow Shop indicators” and they are indicating their growers should expect a four month glitch in supplies.

    George is right. We are going to have a hard landing.

    • yup the mobile brain will screech to a halt to.. if 137 million are not able to pay the regular expenses.. it will all screech to a halt.. reminds me of the red cross and the salvation army.. there was a really bad tornado .. they were looking for help.. the red cross asked everyone to chip in if they could.. I made sandwhiches and bagged up potato chips to hand out… I gave a bunch to the red cross and a bunch to the salvation army..
      a few miles away from the devistation.. the red cross.. offering the sandwhiches and a cup of coffee for a buck..
      in the middle of the devistation going from one place to another.. here do you need a cup of coffee and sandwhich .. the cost free.. LOL LOL basically what they are proposing is to charge everyone for that damned sandwhich.. while the country crumbles.. and from my perspective.. it will.. you cannot leave the whole country without dumping water on the table to keep the noodle moving.. the noodle will crumble.. a little bit here then the dollar will crumble.. it was in huge trouble before.. the grocery store dropped off my regular month general order.. they didn’t get any trucks in at all to fill the shelves.. the ware house is out..
      the good news for me at least is.. the delivery person has a dairy farm.. they were told to expect the milk bottling companies to stop bottling milk in the very near future..
      dam that means dump the milk in the fields.. I will get milk from them.. or trade it for home made cheese.. They said they can’t get any chicken in.. I noticed that at the very first.. the brand of chicken I got was pacaged in china.. and sold in the USA.. it vanished off of the shelves quick.. now.. the grocery store chain can’t get in chicken.. all they had was five packages of wings left…. anyway that is the view from the bottom today..

      • For now, this is by design. We may turn on numerical access when stuff gets bad but right now, too many mean code freaks scanning all ports on a numerical DNC. I’m just beginning the listing process, just in case.

  8. Out of work Steve said on March 18, 2020 at 19:35
    “The stores are starting to close. The channels are de-compressing/unstuffing.
    We are to the point, if you don’t have it by this weekend, you won’t have it for possibly years.”

    Eerily quiet around here as well.. the mall closed.. the mall of america closed. along with malls all over the country. small shops closing.. I order groceries the bulk once a month.. my months bulk order went in.. they said I don’t know how much of that we can fill this month.
    the warehouses are all empty and we can only get in partial loads…
    besides the deaths with the only companies still staying afloat are the grocery and the medical industry.. banks are closing their lobbies.. small mom and pop their doors.. and the gift of a thousand dollars is suppose to help this..
    I am sure they got that brilliant idea from Reagan administration and Bush Sr. when the economy was tanking.. but back then people still went out to work.. they put a coin or two in the peoples pockets then the cheese and the ( best everyone hated it but me.. no body realized it had the oil reduced for longer shelf life LOL.) Peanut butter.
    the extra five hundred..(thirty years ago that was a lot.. I made two dollars an hour) was enough to spur the economy and then taking and using social security funds to do major bailouts other than toss everyone under the bus.. stopped the correction..

    Now thirty plus years later.. well we will give a thousand dollars.. OK… what will that do.. the country is screeching to a halt.. the social worker visited and said that they had determined that the new guidelines are this and that that we needed to add them.. I said excuse me have you been down town.. LOL…we volunteer our home and support homeless out of our generosity.. we don’t get paid for it.. everything will come to a halt..we keep what we have now.. but when it ends.. you can’t pay employees if you don’t have money coming in.. but when that ends or gets to a point.. I pull the plug on everything.. no need to pay the was five hundred a month on car insurance.. can’t pay the bank.. can’t buy that new watchamacolit at the store.. no need for home insurance live by the seat of your pants.. can’t have cable..

    So realistically since the stock market is all dependent on those of us on the work force to spend money.. what happens to it.. what happens to the industries that totally depend on that velocity of cash..
    does the business district then begin to look like detroit…
    IN the words of an old scientist that I use to visit with daily….
    its all about the velocity of that damned number.. so does a few thousand points really say much.. NOPE.. Not YET…. there are still some people spending..
    that thousand dollars.. hell if it keeps up by the time they send it it will only be used as toilet paper and they should make sure it is double ply and soft.. LOL..
    Or do like the newspaper.. print an extra sheet of paper a day.. just for the daily paper work..Gold.. silver.. I think silver still may maintain some value.. because you can make collidal silver solution.. but gold.. my cup of coffee or an ounce of gold… if there isn’t any grounds available… the coffee holds way more importance unless I am trying to impress some sweet lady to get laid.. then the gold might hold value as a necklace or ring.. or bracelet..

    I had been thinking about making up a big batch of hand sanitizer and giving it to the store to hand out.. I just don’t have the bottles though..

  9. George, good piece today.
    But really, how can the Administration’s two month delay on the testing not be the top story. All those deaths and plus the economy at least twice as bad. And up until two days ago the Administration’s talking point that the situation was a Libtard and Fake News hoax surely sent a message to the rest of the Administration to kickback. And you, of all people, are such a discipline the team guy. Best, Mike.

    • Trump didn’t make that call and it’s traitorous to infer that.
      You have 24-hours to cite a source that it was the administration (as opposed to CDC…)
      Otherwise, you’re getting banned from posting.
      It’s OK to be a rabid lefty (they bring the bess shit to the smoke sesh) but we are America now, not a bunch of partisan assholes. Except for…(insert mirror check until you doc that it was WH that delayed the tests…)

      • George,
        Why haven’t you banned Mark for saying the same things umpteen times? Also for his rabidly vitriolic responses to NC after yesterday’s article? He not only crossed the line, he destroyed the line.

      • Once again Mike spins the Russian Roulette revolver. Trolls don’t post citations for their spew. Perhaps he finds a live round in the chamber this time.

    • CDC inbeds from Obummer Admin have already been ID’d as having traitorously delayed/obfuscated/redirected early efforts – U R not paying attention..dangerous that.

      • Tumbleweed,
        How many responses do you see in the comments section? That’s your answer as to why I am not banned. That, and I am not wrong.

        If you don’t like my approach and my tone, then you must hate Trump too…I am using his tactics right back at you. Sucks doesn’t it?

      • George, are you paying the UrbanSurvival stoning committee? I appreciate Mark’s comments though they are 180-degrees counter to the MAGA-conservative views prevalent in this forum. It helps provide balance. Further, he has not stooped to lobbing insults at other posters. On the other hand, “Sucks to be Mark”‘s insult serves no other purpose and taints your work. Why did you allow it to be posted?

        Again, I recommend we get back to non-partisan economics and away from the politics.

      • Joe M, because it sucks to be mark, and everyone on here, NOT all conservatives, can’t stand the repetitive drivel, and hatred. He likes to pretend Trump started it, but HE started it on this blog and he came after Jon. Are you the foil for Mark? This constant negative polarizing slamming drivel is destructive, that’s why he should be banned. IF you want all that wonderful ‘other side’ which I might add is CONSTANTLY available on MSNBC/CBS/ABC/PBS/CNN/BBC, etc., and MULTIPLE other news and websites, go there! We are sick of pretending that mark offers some perspective that we can’t provide in our own minds. He’s sick in the head and we don’t need to be beat in the brain to see it.

      • Joe M.: “Further, he has not stooped to lobbing insults at other posters.”

        Put your glasses on! Two days ago Mark lobbed one insult after the other at a regular poster. But the good news is that he’s an equal opportunity insulter. He regularly insults EVERYONE who has an OPINION different from his OPINION, and this includes George. He thinks he’s a major guru on this blog and the rest of us are ignoramuses. In my OPINION, he’s an arrogant blowhard.

      • Joe, Mark HAS thrown a few stones.

        That said, I appreciate his non-political posts, on the rare occasion he makes one, because they are informative. I appreciate his political posts, except for the Trump-bashing (because it’s boorish and redundant), because he IS a Coastie, but not as rabid as most other Coasties. Therefore he’s a barometer for the degree of communistic or anarchistic (or anywhere in-between) sentiment of the socialist-programmed techies who dominate some facets of everyone’s lives…

        Mark can be infuriating, because he clings to his beliefs even when faced with proven contradictions to those beliefs, but understand, as Liberal as he is, he really IS “conservative” when compared to his local business and social peers. Try to imagine how “loony leftie” THEY are, and folks will realize Mark’s value to George’s gallery…

  10. Your defense will be an electronic spark gap generator, sold on the black market. .hence a modified version of the spark transmitter

    • Thanks Bryce. I will have a look after I organize my stuff and down load the rail maps and the old rail maps for the country.


      I dont wanna be out on the Hwys in 2 to 3 months. It may be faster until there is a road block or traffic jam from hell. Nobody will be walking the old number 9 line.

      I also speak fluent FTRA. That in itself is a whole nother language.

  11. Tomorrow is the quarterly Triple/Quad “Witching” – index & futures expiration.
    Wouldn’t this be a perfect time for the “big boys” to instigate a barn-burner short covering rally to lock-in their theft and “do us again” from a higher level?

    • ‘Its Deja -Vu All Over Again” -Yogi B.

      Presactly like 9-11 – brought to us by the same Exact folks who gave us 9-11!

      ZioNazi’s bought mass amount of Puts on Airline Stocks ect – never investigated ??

    • That’s what’s going on right now. Lol.

      The Fed a group of banks run by bankers who have personal trading accounts are going all in.


  12. Well sh!t. I have had pictures of Bali on my phone for 5 months and we just 6.2 there. And the quakes in Utah which is by yellow stone are getting bigger. We had a 5.7 there. That usually indicates foreshocks.

    Hmmmm. I slept so hard last night my shoulder was messed up this morning. I’m getting old. Lol

    • Had them Bali pics since october 27,2019. I send ya a screen shot, G. It’s a Villa I was looking at in Bali.

      • Andy,
        Please double check your atlas for the distance between Salt Lake and Yellowstone. Last I knew it was a days drive of around 325 miles depending on route. The oquirrh mtns have a history of like quakes. The fact that Maroni lost his trumpet is the real news

    • This is interesting, my son in Seattle runs the meat dept for a chain and they can’t get any chicken. Down here in the deep southeast there are no eggs to be found. Hmmm

  13. In fond remembrance of Laurel & Hardy, “this is another fine mess we’ve gotten ourselves into.“ Subscribing to the philosophy that no opportunity should be wasted, we might do well to watch for insidious elements in and above government levels which might attempt to take this pandemic and use it for social ‘shaping.’ Simply put, they would mold social thought and action toward a desired focus or goal. Many freedoms, including the right of public assembly, have already been revoked or restricted due to the coronavirus national emergency. Amazingly, there’s been little public protest. Do you honestly think greedy politicians and business tycoons are not paying attention to this tame compliance? Nefarious actors could conceivably move to exploit our voluntary mass confinement. As humans, we want to do the socially right thing. We also want to keep ourselves and our families safe. But consider how much easier it would be during this time for powerful players to put controls and key monitoring elements into place to track social movements or conversations and maybe even shape/control them. This goes way beyond tracking the sick with their cell phones, but that starts to chip at the issue. One month of societal disruption? Four months? Six? A year? Keep Ure antenna up and the receiver on. A bad actor at any level of human society will never let an opportunity go by where they might exploit and personally benefit.

    • This is an interesting take Warhammer. Compliance…Hmmm. Makes sense. But who concocted this? Who are the nefarious actors? Is it the present administration? Are corporations to blame? A foreign power?

      • I don’t think there are any “concoctors,” and I don’t believe that’s what WH’s post indicates.

        He’s warning: “Someone may take advantage of this existing situation we find ourselves in, to usurp authority or power…”

        …Not warning us against any particular person or entity.

        Watch everyone, be aware of everything, raise hell only if it’s needed.

    • WH,

      I’m with you. I’m of the mind that something along these lines is well underway. My internal alarm bells have been ringing off the hook for the last two weeks. I’ve got that ‘take cover’ feeling when there may be a sniper in the area.

    • Absolutely! This entire thing is a big setup and the implications go way beyond a virus that will definitely not kill the super healthy. You can easily see the broad outlines here – ie, ‘give up your freedom of movement because the ‘government’ has deemed it in your self-interest.’ Sounds pretty Orwellian to me. Far better to tell people to improve their health in a myriad of simple and inexpensive way. But, is it in the governments interest for you to become super healthy?

    • @ warhammer

      and those that do this need to be ‘exposed’ for what they are doing..and be dealt with by the ‘maddening mob’…as in days of old

    • James Corbett was all over this take of things in his latest interview. As an affirmed anarchist he trust no one but always comes up with some interesting things that, at least seem, well thought-out. I do not think any one administration has the wherewithal to enact a complete usurpation of our Constitution without the approval and assistance of the Deep State. FDR certainly tried it and subsequent administrations have worked toward it but we still seem to have enough rights left in place to take it back if we have to.

    • ” A bad actor at any level of human society will never let an opportunity go by where they might exploit and personally benefit.”

      Be vigilant, be aware…

  14. George, many sites have no accessibility via direct IP due to Cloudflare and other DDOS mitigation systems. Yes, for those sites that do, it’s great, and much quicker too. Definitely a good idea where possible.

    I’m surprised that the entire infrastructure – internet, power, local utilities, banking, distribution, etc., is working as well as it is. It’s a bit more difficult to pay bills these days since office doors are locked and you must actually pay via mail, phone, or drop box using a check! I’m only used to writing two checks a year and this will require actual work, as well as a trip to the bank.

    • We’re all forgetting that at the other end of that URL connection is a person or persons. The other day I called my credit card customer service and after several hours of trying to reach a person, I gave up and sent a secure message. Two days later, I received a canned response. At some point, everything will be on life support… “When everyone else is home, why shouldn’t I be, as well?”

      • Hmmmmm maybe we should get some cups and string.

        I will have a cup at my house and string it to Ures and you string yours to Ures.

      • Make sure the strings tight. Hey! It works for tampons. Dont knock it till ya try it.


  15. Back during the reagan recession..the five hundred tax rebate was basically a months wages..

  16. Here is a thought for you George, this gets bad enough that ALL nations forgive ALL International Debt! what better way to kill a whole bunch of birds with one stone

  17. Mark’s guru Elon Musk tweeted: “My guess is that the panic will cause more harm than the virus, if that hasn’t happened already,” he tweeted Wednesday night, with the latest tally from Johns Hopkins University showing there are now 5,702 people who have tested positive in the U.S. with at least 94 deaths.

    Also, Earlier this week, Elon Musk said the “coronavirus panic is dumb” and “if we over-allocate medical resources to corona, it will come at expense of treating other illnesses.”

    And Mark is slamming Trump for being dumb about the virus.

    • “My guess is that the panic will cause more harm than the virus, if that hasn’t happened already,”

      And he’s exactly right — except for those who die, and those who love, respect, or admire them.

      I can pretty much guarandamtee you, if Mom dies from a coronavirus-induced cytokine storm, her kids’ preference in personal vehicular transportation is not going to include Tesla…

    • This is not about me or Elon Musk or anything else NC. This is about saving lives…which is all that matters and how too avoid such mistakes in the future. To avoid mistakes in the future, we have to scan the past transgressions and tweak them to be better. America made a lot of stupid mistakes. We have to own them. Again, you are an idiot.

      • Mark, when you demise the lines, the only person you think has to own his stupid mistakes is Trump.

  18. I find that most of the websites I want to access don’t allow direct IP access and return an error.

    Is there a way to get around this?

  19. Please correct March 18 beginning data. 7,868 dead and 195,957 cases. You used March 16 data for March 17 and March 18 beginning data.

  20. George,
    Funnelling through lots on misc. data on the regular flu, one fact that seems to be consistent and confirmable. That is the due to a variety of factors twice as many people die in the USA every year from the flu than any other reporting countries. When looking at your projections have you included or contemplated the possibility that we may experience a doubling of deaths due to the same variables that cause increased deaths from the annual flu….. ??

  21. Been reading some conspiracy pages that are calling this a deliberate easing into a global order. I don’t see how we can avoid it if they plan to keep everyone out of work for months on end. When do the food trucks arrive? When do the mass evictions start? When do companies like mine lay everyone off because there’s no point in developing software for a world that cannot consume it for 1.5 more years?

    At some point we are all jobless, helpless, and hopeless. At this rate, it will be before summer ends. According to the new boss, (same as the..) this will go on for a year. Are they planning to rule over a mad max planet? None of this adds up.

    • It is then the new ruling class of billionaires steps in and provides $10K/yr. to the unwashed, saving our lives and ending our freedoms.

  22. Of course the victims of war are young healthy people.

    Based off of Italian data the victims of covid19 are old people with very poor health.

    Stay hydrated & eat right & exercise and you are more likely to be healthy.

    Except they shut down the gym, and many americans don’t know how to cook, so they going to be weak

    • Got a delicious roast in the crock pot right now.

      On another note, Toilet Paper: So, Saturday, shockingly, we really ran out of TP. So, in our small town, went to the local HEB, no TP (no paper towels, and almost the whole store stripped). Went to Dollar General, no TP. Same with Dollar Tree. Same with the local gas station. Nowhere in the small town was TP to be had. Husband had to go to Ace Hardware, so I said, check for TP, oh, no he says, they don’t sell TP there, I said, well just go ahead and ask. So, out he comes with ONE roll of TP that someone left hanging around. last TP roll in the place. Okay, being a person of faith, that didn’t surprise me, but what happened next did. About 6 hours later, we head back to HEB for some items for grilling out burgers and veggies, and as we were in the oil department, I noticed a young lady moving around a 4 tiered rack on wheels with items in it. So, to my astonishment, laying on its side, was a SIX PACK OF TP!!! So, I asked if it was spoken for, and she said no as she was just restocking the shelves with items people had put in the wrong places. Ah HAHAHA….I grabbed that six pack TRIUMPHANTLY, and of course, mentioned to my husband that God Answers Even the Smallest of Prayers/Concerns!!!! For some reason the ONLY TP left in that small town was the six-pack that I found!!! AND I didn’t even have to go look for it.

    • TRIAGE will eliminate the seniors who are in poor health. Sounds like a Democratic Plan to reduce government health care expenses.

      • “TRIAGE will eliminate the seniors who are in poor health.”
        Whose to say that these people won’t be Democrats?
        Maybe Pres DJT has figured our a way to reverse your speculation and blow-back on them?

  23. FLY YOUR USA FLAGS – Our country has had very difficult times in the past but we also have strong people that live here.

    My neighborhood now has 4 American flags in a row on our street. It is very beautiful sight plus comforting to see them.

  24. Prepare for early summer make sure your air conditioner is up to par or if you need to get one better do it now

  25. To all who support Trump…
    I posted a timeline that detailed Trumps responses and denials to the Corona virus yesterday. Some of you said it was fake and that it was taken out of context. It wasn’t. Those were his real words. I even went back and viewed the interviews, I read the tweets…He politicized this whole mess often (dozens of times) and early (January) by blaming Democrats on trying to ruin his Presidency. He blamed the media for spreading fake news. He blamed Chuck Schumer for saying that Trump wasn’t doing enough. He said this was all under control. This happened for two months…up until March 10 to be exact. I fact checked it all. It’s 100% factual. I actually heard him say much if this stuff in real time the first time. He had the hubris to say that Democrats were politicizing this, when that is exactly what he was doing…He put his political self preservation ahead of the health and well being of the American people. This is text book Gaslighting. HE IGNORED THE FACTS. His narcissistic ways, if people can wake up and see what’s in front of them will be the end of his presidency. The exact timeline can be read here. Please read it. It’s factual, despite what you were told …wrongly…about the NY Times.

    Then on March 11, he changes course and does the opposite all within 24 hours. Why? I am hearing through friends of my New York colleagues that he was threatened by the 25th Amendment…by his own party. Of course, I can’t confirm that…and if it was true, it would all over the news…but it makes you wonder why he would go from fake to real in just 24 hours and just off of a rally where he made his most damning statements about the “fake” news and how he has everything under control with the virus.

    Interesting that we have heard nothing but crickets from Mitch McConnell up until a few days ago…Then all of a sudden Mitch is giving pressers. That and members of the GOP are testing positive. Ted Cruz is self quarantined as are some of the WH staff and cabinet. Anthony Fauci has disputed many of the things Trumps has said on the podium minutes after Trump talked. The expressions on doctors and administrators in the health field have had very painful looks on their faces in the background every time Trump talked. On the WH Rose garden…look at Mike Pence’s facial expression when after a question from a reporter asked if Trump would take responsibility for the lag in testing for the virus, Trump said it was a “nasty question” (it was not). Then Trump said “And when you say me, I didn’t do it” ( I guess the buck doesn’t stop at Trump…ever). When the reporter reminded him it was HIS administration. He tried to pin it on Anthony Fauci.”I could perhaps-my administration-but I could ask Tony about that because I don’t know anything about it”. That’s when Pence’s face got that WTF look.

    Here is the deal folks. Because Trumps has demonized CNN and evangelized FOX, and you Numbnuts bought into it, we wasted two months of response time on this virus…and possibly trillions of dollars in the meantime. Had we nipped this in the bud in January…a time when consumerism is down anyway and businesses are still counting their money from the holidays, we may be over this by now…Now its March and we are just getting started to fight this and March is arguably one of the historically robust times of the year financially for travel (spring Break) , DYI projects, (Spring Cleaning) and hiring (Outdoor cafes, zoos, parks and more open for warmer weather ahead and hiring is usually up.)

    Fox is a big part of the blame because people like Hannity and FOX and Friends were either setting the agenda for Trump (as is usually the case) or mirroring his rally words of CNN fake news. Hannity on many occasions cried that the liberals were concocting a plot to destroy the economy. They were not. The so called fake news media was trying to help. They tried to rally a nation to take this virus serious. Even I, way back in early January thought the virus was fake until a very smart George Ure set me straight right on this site. I admitted my mistake…Why won’t any of you when the facts are right in front of your faces?

    Now, we have a trillion dollar bail-out when it could have been a third of that. DO you know how long it takes to pay back a trillion? If we pay back at a pace of $1 billion a day, it will take nearly 3 years. But wait, we are already a over a trillion in debt…so…make that 6 years…But can we sustain a pay back of billion dollars a day? Doubtful. But that’s Georges core competency, not mine. Get the charts ready George.

    Because Trump was more concerned about his poll numbers today rather than the health and well being of the nation in the future, we lost valuable time, money and resources. He didn’t listen to the medical experts…or maybe he did and didn’t act because again, he is more concerned about him than us. Sad. If more people die because we didn’t act like South Korea did…the model of efficiency when it comes to this virus, then this deaths are on his watch.

    • Mark, after this post of yours, you have your nerve calling me the IDIOT. Your narcissistic ways remind me of Bernie Sanders. Did you see him have a hissy fit during an interview asking him if he is withdrawing? Like a little cry baby.

    • Points are generally valid and well stated, Mark. But I doth protest singling out The Donald during this fiasco. Trump is finally officially behaving like a politician. But one should not ignore the politicization that seasoned politicians such as Schumer, Pelosi and others have injected into the equation from the left. Partisanship abounds. I guess it wii take 20% of the population dying or becoming incapacitated and the economy collapsing before both sides of the isle will suck it up and work together in the best interest of “we the people.” When will they realize that we are all stronger together?
      ~ “Ants, fighting together, will vanquish the lion.” Saadi

      • if this whole thing goes for any length of time.. it will be a changer for the country.. so far no one is looking at the bigger broader picture here.. the world revolves on the movement of paper or numbers.. this will change the face of the world.. my world is already a hundred percent different than two weeks ago.. two weeks from now I shudder at what we could be looking at..

      • I totally agree with everything you said. You are a true patriot and I admire your Opinion, even when we disagree Warhammer. Except when it comes to Trump. Yes, The left and Trump are like out of control brothers and sisters. The thing is, neither knows when to stop. As POTUS though, he needs to quit acting so butt-hurt when people have a different opinion. It’s called politics. It’s also called checks and balances. He is not a dictator. Calling people names has never solved a damn thing. Not on a 3rd grade playground and definitely not On Capital Hill.

      • Mark: “Calling people names has never solved a damn thing. Not on a 3rd grade playground and definitely not On Capital Hill.”

        This is the pot calling the kettle black! You’d need a calculator to count the number of times you’ve called the posters on this blog names.

    • You gotta hand it to your interns, mark, they do dandy research all day when they ain’t helping you sell over priced houses; wonder when you are gonna figure it out. Needless to say; just a scrollin…..ah, George, the old left hand scratching the right armpit around here.

    • @marx

      when this country goes into a ‘depression’….YOU will have to look over your shoulder for all the people you sold real estate to…overpriced housing with high mortgages, (that the banksters will foreclose on)…….they will come for you…since you are the last thing they remember….BUT you can still blame trump……

    • Will you EVER give it a rest? Seriously, my pet ferrets, for all their tenacity and determination, can be taught to stop behaving badly, whilst I note you just go on, and on, and on…

      We get it: You don’t like the sitting president. If things do not change and you don’t get the president you want, then you have the choice to leave and find a country with a president you do like. Meanwhile, please drop the rhetoric? You’ve gotten stale and boring with this sos.

  26. A caveat:

    I’m not at all sure Dynamic Name Servers are a weak link in Internet usage and communication.

    A DNS is typically a ballsy server on your ISP, running a redundant raid array and a database server. Most ISPs run at least two DNS machines. The DNS will periodically poll registrars (like Icann) for updates, changes, and new registrations, but maintain their database locally, so until (and unless) a domain changes, your ISPs DNS should always be able to “find it.”

    The real weak link in the Internet lies in its routers and switches. This is why it is a BIG DEAL when some kiddie hacks a router, and why State players from Russia, China, Ukraine, Siberia, Iran, etc. constantly “test” routers and switches for vulnerabilities. Hacking a router gives a script kiddie instant cred within “the community” — perhaps even more than hacking the FBI.

    The second-weakest link is the “pipeline” itself. Streaming a movie requires an amount of bandwidth which was inconceivable to net-techs, 25 years ago. Whaddya suppose simultaneously streaming 40 million videos from Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and a dozen other streaming services eats, in bandwidth? Whaddya suppose would happen if one of those ginormous switches on the Xfinity backbone in Chicago were to sh!t itself? (Hint: when a Comcast switch in Chicago died some years back, a third of CONUS lost its Internet for most of two days. If you were living in KC and banking with Chase, your $$$ was frozen until that switch got replaced…)

  27. Oh lordy B – Tio Jorge –

    The rabbit holes are proliferating at a remarkable pace..

    1) Leading Chinese, Taiwanese & Japanese Virologists/Investigators & Intelligence Agencies have been unable, so far, to locate Patient Zero..

    2)Fact: 5 known Corona Virus haplotypes in the world – only one country in the world has all 5 haplotypes. Almost Every other country in the world has one – including China.

    3)A Single Strain Corona Virus can NOT come from the Utterly ridiculous Big Bang Theory (there was NOTHING – then It Blew Up)hahaha

    4) Iran and Italy have declared that their haplotype is different from China’s and from each others.

    5) Iran’s is the most deadly 25% fatality range, Italy is Second most deadly, China 3rd

    * things that this deplorable go “hmmmmm”

    • thank you for those outstanding updates, makes my visit to this site most rewarding.

      thank you george for providing your ‘live online text radio show’’ve got a contentious audience to referee…and nearly the whole world sitting at home with nothin to do….

      That updated info is so prescient, could you please attach link in the future…

  28. Ok, let’s take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Let’s use the 3rd largest economy in the world. Japan. As was stated many times in the last 6 years.

    Japan goes first. Here are the stats for the Nikkie 225

    38,957 high 12/1989

    16,552.83 last close.

    Loss of: 22,404.17

    Now for over 10 years Japan ran less 1% interest then went to negative interest rates the last 4 years. Is it any coincidence that Bitcoin was designed and made in Japan?? Clearly the Japanese Yen has is being manipulated because it should have already gone into Hyperinflation a decade ago.

    Dont mean to “burst your bubble.” But we are accelerating at a higher rate of speed in a downward direction than at any other time in history due primarily to the higher rate of processing speed of quantum computing.

    When we look to the example
    of Japan we can better understand and ascertain the future of the US. Just like the 1929 results lasting until 1950 the Japanese model shows the same conclusion as George’s work. It’s a mirror accross the Pacific ocean we are looking into.

    Have a good day. I got to go have a “Think” about things.

  29. Another nitwit…Devin Nunes says”there’s no reason to be in a panic.” Maybe he would feel differently if his job was suspended indefinitely and he wasn’t receiving a paycheck. If he paid a pricey monthly health insurance premium out of his own pocket. Maybe if he weren’t rich and well connected…well, you get the rest.

    There are people that are affected. I and others I work with are putting together a GoFund
    Me page for Local service workers. They HAVE lost their jobs. Rather than spout vitriol and blame the liberals, maybe Nunes would like to contribute his fat bank account and help the little guy who is paying the price for the real tragedy before us…not the fake one he went on record and promoted the last month or so.

    • You mean the little people that support the fat cats that buy your properties? Yeah, you’re probably right there Mark-o. Little people around the World are always the ones that take it in the ear in times like this. I doubt you’ll be one even though the US$ is toast. You’ve made it once so you have the chops to make it again if you live long enough. But, in the mean time, it’s pretty safe to say you’re probably goin’ down, dooby-do-down-down…

      Whaddaya say? Six months before they’re poopin’ on your doorstep? … Sooner?

      • Don’t worry about me. I am blessed to have listened to George and prepared myself For the future very well. I could retire today if I wanted to. I work because I enjoy the hunt. …and I get bored easily.

        Although George and I have never met, I consider him a friend and a mentor. I couldn’t have done this without reading his column everyday!

        • Read the bit on think tanks on PN today.

          Mark has data we need. Not politics we need. The art of effective listening is to tune-out the politics and remain in hot data seek mode at all times…human factor noise doesn’t matter.

    • “Maybe he would feel differently if his job was suspended indefinitely and he wasn’t receiving a paycheck. If he paid a pricey monthly health insurance premium out of his own pocket. Maybe if he weren’t rich and well connected…well, you get the rest.”


      the people I know are freaking out..
      it is the main conversation in the coffee clutch..the vast majority of us live paycheck to paycheck.. there isn’t any extra.. some don’t even make it pay check to paycheck.. and daycares schools closing.. a total nightmare scenario..

      I hope the SH’s get back in from playing on recess on the swingset and sandbox soon..
      But I doubt that.. why work when you can go play on someone elses dime..

    • Devin Nunes –

      Rank: 229th in the House with an estimated net worth of $158,001 in 2016.

      Courtesy of Open Secrets…

      You call this rich?

      I suggest you rethink your information sources, and quit trying to emulate the HuffPost stuffed-shirts. THEY are not very good at it, and they’re the originals…

  30. Geo…I know you love to keep Mark around for the contention and drama….not to mention clicks on your web…..but he has spewed more treasonous living feces than Mike…time to put him on a space-x launch…..

    • Look who’s back from a time-out.
      Remember when you wrote of me and got banned for a vicious post that began:
      “Comments from a guy in double wide dead square in the middle of BFnowhere who primarily [ Redacted – G]”
      Or, when you made fun of my cash position when you wrote:
      “100,000 plus in checking??……nutter……..”
      Not sure you’re up to being nice, yet. Never got an apology and digital memories are hard to mend.

  31. I tell yah this megadose of vitamin c works.. George said 55mg per kg bodyweight .. im 117kg so I take about 6000 mg a day .. everything George says I do .. no shorts now long and yellow stuff as we search for the answer.. money always finds the best home .. always cash .. but now the other 2 .. peace and survival to all

    • Many years ago, the Pentagon reorganized everything. It downsized the active duty support units and streamlined the combat units. It then put the support units in the Reserves and the second string combat units in the National Guard. Now when we deploy the active duty combat units, the Reserve units get called up to active duty to support them.

      National Guards are state assets and answer to the Governors. When the Federal government needs them, they get “Federalized” and become active Pentagon assets. Things have to be pretty bad at that point and you’ll start reading about suspending posse comitatus (ban on use of the military to support civilian law enforcement). We’re not there yet.


  32. G,

    I know bringing up the past isn’t always a good thing, but I wanted to ask you a small question. Do you remember when Clif High had posted a write up regarding a “sun disease,” which couldn’t really be pinpointed as to what it would mean, only that it would be a world wide issue? I was just thinking that the data mining really did nail this with Coronavirus. Sad that the predictive stuff isn’t being done anymore.

    • You’d have to direct that to Clif on his site. But do see why predictive linguistics has lost some of its effectiveness due to social media manipulations and auto retweets and all that.

      • Yes, I know why it had to stop; Just thought the whole thing made for fascinating reading material. As for Clif, I don’t see much coming from him lately. I have been listening to Scot Adams some. He’s an interesting character for these fun times. Perhaps you should give him a listen sometime? His pov on the Trump taking the presidency is an eye opener(Win Bigly) . Thanks for the CV updates, btw.

  33. The first protests have begun. With Millions of Brazilians beating pots outside their windows. I saw one news article that said “get out of the water now!” A jaws reference and it had absolutely nothing to do with the actual article. So bizzare.

    Beating pots. Hmmmm.

  34. Recall ?July 26, 1953. All the stores closed there. How long before it normalized?

    Target, Walmart and Walgreen will be America’s commissaries.




      • I have concerns about the quality of advice Trump has gotten from the CDC, and whether the FDA is capable of providing support in a crisis. I agree it’s not about the Donald, but it is about the Federal bureaucracy. The Feds are responsible for border defense, and the State Department and others appear to have let their humanitarian impulses screw all of us. The lives of a few were put ahead of the lives of 325+ million.

      • George,
        It’s about how Trump trivialized this and said it was a hoax for two months before he acted. Had you been President, wouldn’t you have nipped this in the bud in January? I know you would have. Sensible people do that. You are sensible except for your curious defense of Trump.

      • “n___”, I believe you are on the right track… Every administration has cut funding and programs. After a few dozen years, there’s nothing left to cut. All that budget money is for inflation and contractor costs. I suspect most government agencies, to include DoD, really are on life support. Getting Congress to fund a special Act and hiring contractors to do the heavy lifting is the new play book.

  35. OTFLMAO….

    Well they just announced how they propose to help out those displaced by the layoffs.. LOL…
    They are going to add it to the unemployment insurance.. anyone.. and I mean anyone that has ever had to apply for unemployment.. knows that those unemployed unless they are seasonal workers does not ever see any unemployment compensation. and it doesn’t make a difference how long or why you are released..
    in other words maybe five percent will see a dime .. and the limit is about one fourth to one third of what the normal minimum wage job would be paying out LOL LOL LOL

    I remember when my niece was in one of those major storms.. wiped out their homes and everything.. FEMA came in saying don’t worry be happy.. FEMA is here to help.. LOL..

    The aid that she got was… twenty bucks and a good luck LOL LOL
    the same thing with my deep see engineer.. Katrina wiped him out.. then a big fire and explosion on a deep sea well drilling rig.. and he to was told.
    We are here for you.. LOL LOL LOL LOL
    ended up living in my spare bedroom.. all that education.. didn’t mean a thing…

    • I, and others I know, have in the past received unemployment compensation, and we were not seasonal workers. In my case, I hadn’t even been laid off, but quit because I was working in an environmentally unhealthy building that had caused illnesses in many of us. I had to work a bit harder to get the unemployment compensation, but I did get it.

  36. Investigative reporter, Ben Swan, takes a hard look at the reported cases and fatality numbers and demonstrates how they are skewed and being misrepresented to the public. Something to consider. And I concur with comments of several others, that economic collapse, and more fascist controls over the population will kill more people than the virus. And this is global, and Trump is just following orders like the rest, possibly explaining his initial reticence to take specific actions. People in Paris have to now “show their papers” if on the street.

    • Notice how the press keeps telling us the global figures and what is happening in Italy, etc., but nothing about what is going on within the U.S. or the States except in broad terms? I know that 25 of the 75 cases in Maryland are in my county yet I don’t know a thing about who they are or how they contracted the disease, other than the original 3 who went on cruises.

  37. The geometric progression numbers look like they are accelerating, not tailing off. NY, NY is in a mathematical runaway. The spring break crews should be going back this weekend, returning the gift that gives to sender.

    Is 2**4 nationwide next? NY is looking like 2**7 this week. All this from a single point breach of containment, a half a world away, less than six months ago. Think about it. I look for big changes next week.

    Walking the rail lines is rough, Andy. Get a really good pair of hiking boots, and break them in now. For sock liners, buy three pairs of these:

    The sock liners are more important than the boots or the socks.

    This is the water filter you want to look at:

    Very pricey. A little heavy.

    Water bags:

    When I walk or jog off pavement on private land, I like to carry one of these:

    It would probably get you locked up in CA, if there is anyone left to do any locking. It’s a lot more useful than a stick.

    For clothes and insulation, look at Jerry’s stuff:

    It’s not ultralight, but it is extremely durable.

    I wouldn’t dare recommend socks, boots or a backpack, ’cause all of them hurt, and will cause you to think more ill of me than you already do. I figure you already know most of this, Andy, but this is a good excuse to give the old timers some new-fangled old things to look at.

    The window of opportunity for buying stuff is fast closing. Figure out what you really need and overnight. The situation appears to be deteriorating, not stabilizing. I keep waiting for that “and the miracle occurs here” box to show up on my monitor, and it doesn’t. Maybe the malaria drug will save us, but the numbers look more like all alone and no one’s coming to help (once again). Thank you G____, and see you on the other side.

  38. Hey everyone! I just talked to my friend who will remain nameless. This person is doing the blood testing for the Virus. All they could tell me because I asked about the RH factor, I hadnt talked to them in a long time. They said they were unsure about the RH type but they did say this:

    Type A is most susceptible to get the Virus and Type O is the very least. I can’t tell ya who this person is. George knows, I know people all over the world and eveyone from ruthless drug lords, to walmart employees to the Dutches of Spain and a real royal blood Lituanian Princess.

    They said they will let me know if they find out the RH pos or neg thing.

  39. Wow. The First World is slip-sliding away before our eyes; I’m seeing co-workers lose their s#*& and tapping out with pure stress.

    I wish that I could tell you that the multi-billionaire co-owner of the local tax-subsidized hockey team and Canada’s third richest man was leading the 1% in efforts to position their titanic wealth to shield lesser classes from the tsunami of change. Belay that Commie thought!

    Pending legislation will see going on past $85 billion in spending measures to keep the wolf from the door for a paycheque to paycheque middle class. The same peons can pay it back in the years to come. The payday moneylender has gone mainstream. That’s a yoke, but no one is laughing.

    I think the most ironic thing I’ve seen in the last couple of days is how this virus panic has kicked the truly destitute in the head. Last night the temperature was down towards -20 celcius with the windchill. The homeless shelters are always oversubscribed. Anyhow the well-fed career administrators opted to act with a commendable overabundance of caution and practiced “social distancing” by doubling bed spacing which halved capacity. Displaced clients were turned away. Doesn’t that just frost you?

    I’d best close this comment before the sun sets beyond the Golden Gate. Wouldn’t want the lemmings to break lockdown curfew. Stifle that peep!

    • “Canada’s third richest man was leading the 1% in efforts to position their titanic wealth to shield lesser classes from the tsunami of change. Belay that Commie thought!”

      Jester… that wasn’t a commie thought.. For the third richest man.. to see his wealth spin down to the value of a couple rolls of toilet paper is tearing him apart.. If he realizes it yet.. that is what has Made DJT such a good president.. He has that wealth and seen it coming.. he did everything he could to get industry back and tried to work with the members of the puppeteers party club to work with him.. get industry pride back for the our borders, share the financial responsibility of the country amoung all sectors of society and stop the useless wars.
      He has faced so much opposition it amazes me he was able to even stick it out this long.. and keep working at what he said he was going to do.. besides the constant attacks he was faced with a dramatic approximately every three months trying to get him to commit us into another useless war so that some others might gain from it..
      NO don’t feel that it was a commie thought.. if the one percent at the very top had had any smarts at all they would have realized that its the velocity of money.. be on top but make sure that the base holding you on top is secure and strong. the whole thing could have been done easily enough..unfortunately Greed set in.. why just be on the top let me be the only one on the top and make the gap look like I am the only one..
      Now as our whole economic system begins to crumble over the absolute weight of this.. the numbers become just that.. a damned number.. with the loss of the velocity.. comes realization that that didn’t make any difference at all.. if it erodes to the limits.. then I think we will find ourselves faced with a whole new world in a very short time..
      who was it.. I keep thinking it was plato but I have my doubts .. I will have to reread some of the books.. anyway a philiosopher was asked.. what destroys a civilization..the answer was when those that rule become corrupted with greed.. and those that they rule become acquiesce to their actions…
      It has to be horrible to have it.. and then see this unfolding as we move along and realize.. my god.. what did I do.. how many times in history has this happened.. Now the big question is..

      WILL THEY HOLD OUT HOPING TO STAY ON THE HIGH TOWER and possibly see another Adolph get in power that will march them off as what has happened so many times through past civilizations…. Or… WILL THEY ACT FAST TO STOP THE HOUSE OF CARDS FROM FALLING OVER.. We know what MITT wants to do.. toss the loosers a few crumbs.. LOL LOL it looks good.. but.. your and I and everyone here knows that won’t work..
      forget I am at the bottom of this house of cards for a minute.. my life will change but then I have always had a tough life.. its is same day just different Shizt to deal with for me..

  40. TJX, parent company of, just announced this evening that it was closing retail outlets AND online businesses for an unspecified period.

  41. HAWAII CASE COUNT NOW 26… UP 10 TODAY. Two new on Maui, the rest in Honolulu Oahu, with 18 now.  Two cruise ships planning to dock were told that no passengers could get off the ships.  So I guess we cannot ban the ships without federal approval, but we CAN ban the people getting off.   Good for all.  Still only one case on my Big Island.

    Spent exhausting day doing yard work out here in the jungle… far from anyone else.  I could be quarantine happy here, but I spend several days a week doing house-sitting and elder care in Hilo, so I gotta take care of myself… and others.

  42. Hawaii Lt. Gov. Josh Green, M.D., implementing 14-day quarantine for ALL people coming in to Hawaii. Returning residents quarantine at home, Tourists at a hotel. Any symptoms appear, testing and isolation at medical facility. Trying to stay ahead of the hockey stick curve. Hawaiian Airlines slashing overseas flights to mainland now, too.

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