Coping/WoWW: With Target Color Bandwidth

(Gig Harbor, WA)  It has been a while since I’ve had one of my “teaching dreams” that come along every so often and give me pointers or something to ponder that’s worth sharing with you.

But the dream early this morning was incredibly interesting because it seems to distill a lot of human behaviors down into some very useful concepts. 

By useful, I mean it’s a wonderful tool for working out complex problems of artificial intelligence, logical system design, and it explains much of what’s going on in the world today in terms that are easy to understand.

This is hard to put into words (this kind of dream usually is) but I thought I’d give it a whack so maybe you can make some sense out of it.

The dream opens with me and an entity (aspect female, but not in a sexual way, more as just an identifier label) is showing me a series of colored boxes and was running through an explanation:  The “boxes” were appearing over a flowing beige curtain of some kind – but were floating in front of them a foot, or so.

“I’m showing you this somewhat backwards…”

The “teaching figure was saying while pointing to a series of symbols, just like a traffic light:


“The important concept to grasp it what we call (on this side) “Target Color Bandwidth” and you need to share it.

When they refer to “this side” I should mention that the teaching figure was from another reality.  Since I know from extensive reading into electronic voice phenomena (EVPs) that the “other side of life” (Death) involves, for many, ascension of the spirit part of humans to a “color domain” where colors and emotions blend, that this was more than just some “upset stomach dream” I was having.

It’s the dimension where “the blues” get real.

What you see is how the Game is being played now. 

We “play” the Game of Life through living pieces like you –and actually everyone.  We manipulate the outcome of the game by this process of target color bandwidth.  In other words, we set up how Life works by changing the “color” of your perceptions – and those in turn – drive you to do one thing, instead of another.

But pay attention  because I’m going to show you a trick you can use to seize power and influence and anything else you want.  How to play the Game very well.

Study this:


OK, sure, that looks like a table that lays out all the ways the colors can be arranged in a 3-times-2-times-1 tabular form.

It is.

We used to play the Game of Life very simply.  We sent in various teachers – which you call prophets – and had them hand out simple black and white decisions.  Laws we got handed down on mountaintops and the like.


We really enjoyed playing the Game this way, but as the Earth Game progressed, it became harder and harder to keep everyone on the same black/white absolute lines. 

One of the “rules” of this Game is that we can’t interfere directly in what you humans do.  So we send in our proxies, but their learnings get misinterpreted all the time.  That’s why religions are fighting each other instead of cooperating.  We tried to give the same messages.

That’s why we added the complexity to the game.  As our “pieces” –individual people- evolved, we have added additional choices to accommodate the complexity.

I’m not following exactly… you mean Life back in biblical times (and times of other prophets) ran out of effectiveness because Life got too complicated?

Yes, that’s it, more or less.  That’s why the six combinations of color are so important to pass on.

They can always be simplified.

This isn’t making any sense…

Just look at the color chart as I reduce it to simple black and white and you’ll see you how the hidden “right answers” appear… Yellow becomes white and everything else is black…


Hold it!!!  This means there are duplicates…The may be a way to deal with complexity but black — the ‘wrong answer”   — looks like it became much more likely.  What do you say to that?

There is no right and wrong as you know it…only intent. 

What you call evil wants to screw up your Game of Life by adding complexity, but our side agreed, knowing that no matter how complex the game would be, there would continue to be good players who would still be able to discern the simple good or bad of situations.

Well, this doesn’t make any sense and besides:  When you color-reduce to black and white printing, yellow usually comes out black on paper…

Didn’t I mention that evil is winning? Yellow is a color of light – yet Evil got it to print black on many printers…

Why do you think we’re tossing in a few hints here and there?

Some people will see this discussion and immediately understand how it works and see how reducing a multispectral choice to elemental black and white can be an incredibly powerful software tool.

Others will look at it and figure you’ve flipped out…Those would be the people who are impaired in their thinking to the degree that they have turned off awareness.  They’re not of much interest to us.  Like pawns glues to the board – immovable and useless.

When you look around things will become clear:  People are forming up like schools of fish in the game now; the aware people are congregating and the unaware are going “couch” – refusing to think about much of anything.

Good intends to win but in unexpected ways. 

This is a tool then?

Yes.  Of discernment.

Whenever you speak to someone, or have interaction with them, just keep in mind they may often present in a multispectral way, but we leave all the answers in plain sight for those who See.

And you call this what?

Target Color Bandwidth.

With that, the dream was over.  It was 1:52 AM and I got up and wrote a few quick notes about the dream to pass on.  I’d never thought of myself as a “target” game piece in some Cosmic match, but that’s the feeling of it.

Maybe you can ascertain what it means, but in a strange way it was comforting to learn that there are still “right” answers out there hidden in plain sight. 

Perhaps I’m just a tiring Game piece, but the old black and white was sure a lot easier, but maybe the tip will help.  For me, was a thought-provoking dream worth sharing.

Crudest Intentions

A note recently from Oilman2 is worth passing along:

If you think back, I told you last year that a lot of this shale oil had a less-than-rosy future. Well, here is a guy who timelines oil based on reading and dissecting everything released by publicly traded companies….

Link to Bloomberg story

I told you I thought we had 7-8 years, but that it depended on oil price.

If we creep up to $150, then economies might survive. A shock, and it leaves no economic adaptation time. But either way, to sustain oil production expenses worldwide, oil prices MUST rise. If they do not, then there are less and less economics. This is why the majors have been buying their own stocks and drilling very little the last 6-7 years…


This is a terribly thorny investing problem:  The “perfect play” when we look at the results of person investing in 30-years (should I still be here at age 95, lol) may be have been to play the metals, bail out of gold and silver a year ago, gone to cash, and then went oil takes out $90 on the down side, load up prime oil stocks.

Not just any oils stocks, though:  Ones carefully screened for conventional reserves, not shale.

Elaine raised an interesting point, though:  Which would you rather have:  $5,000 when you’re 65 and can take a couple of cruises with it, or $50,000 when you’re 90-something if you make it?


Hmmm…the lady in the disco outfit may be onto something…