Coping: You Is What You Eats

A couple of people ask wondered “How come you’re not ranting and raving about the Monsanto case which is about to go to the US Supreme Court?”

Oh…you mean stories like this one, over here?

Gosh, I have a whole notebook full of excuses, none of which you’d care about.  But the main reason is that…

a) The odds of the US Supremes doing anything other than rubber-stamping GMO-pimping industry filings is pretty much near zero. Their lawyers make more than the public’s lawyers. And…

b) There’s an old saying “God grant me the wisdom to change the things I can change, see those things I can’t change, and the wisdom to know the difference between the two…”

In other words, this decision is already around the corner and up your street – past the realm where mere mortal (victims) and the childish sales job on “right action” or demonstrations is meaningful.  We’re in pay to play country on this.

I figure it’s just a matter of time until it’s all a GMO world and a done deal,  since the SipCops subset of fools on the hill seems to be building precedent (a form of legalese for irrationality but beyond the Kafkaesque challenge level) as life is patented by the the biff chemcos and and the Frankenfirms which assert rights specious rights to pervert and then patent life forms.  No long-term environmental impact statements needed for when their evil spawn goes wild and displaces au natural heritage seeds, either.  Just roll with the flow, and pass out the dough.  Been that way for years.

Not to worry, we’ve got a provisional patent application in the works which means even less sense.  Essentially, my PPO says that because I have changed the water levels of the Pacific Ocean this week, by sticking my left foot into Puget Sound, my solitary act of displacement means that I now lay claim to every conveyance upon ALL oceans and use of tides and water for transport, since I personally corrupted the existing order of things.  GMO meaning, in my filing George Modified Oceans.

I own it.  I can hardly wait to send out my infringement notices to all the world’s fishermen, too.  Use of my ocean…screw ‘em!

Of course, since I don’t have a political slush fund worth billions (not saying the gmo-daddies do either, but it’s fair to say they control at least 18-cents more campaign dough than I do) there’s no way the SupCos will find for Ure Tides LLc.  My plans for GMOs will be laughed out, but the structural resonances are there.

Now, if I could bundle, buy some consensus on the hill, well, that would be a different deal.  Besides, inside of all the chemmiecos, there is open talk at yes, indeed, GMOs is all about selling pesticides, fertilizers, and seeds. 

About the only point where it actually comes down to really trying to feed more people, at lower costs, is when marketing (or major court whining’s/pleadings) is involved. 

Here’s the RFT (raw frigging truth):  If the Frankenfood people were really ALL about helping peeps live longer, stronger and healthier, wouldn’t they all be not-for-profits so they could toss more dough into their efforts and skip the tax load.  But they don’t, do they?  None of the GMO’s has announced (when I checked this morning) any plan to “go free” and recyle 100% of their revenues into helping the lil peeps.  That’s how this rolls, Bo.

Shit, Georgie…I never thought about it THAT way….

Well, WTFU (wake the something up) and smell the Fair Trade coffee, boze.

You see, besides being up here on family business in the PNW, I also met this weekend with a client in the natural food space who was up here for meetings and without letting on who, where, of what this source is keeping me up on the leading edge of organic foodies…

We were talking about standards and how the Organic standards are getting watered down and replaced by focus on Non-GMO and gluten-free, etc. It’s interesting how big food continues to overtake the clean food agenda to protect the fertilizer/herbicide cartel. Really big business there.

Yes sir, big business it is.

So this morning we kick off a pretty neat group-think project.

Suppose for a minute you could rank the food you eat.  1 (low) to 9 (high).

What would be the most important elements you could think of?

Would the food be fresh? 

Would it be local?

Would it be free of additives (like pink slime comes to mind)?

Would it disclose all the GMO contents?

What would your ideal formula for scoring be?  Can you explain the math?

And, again, if government was really working on the people’s behalf, instead of in response to industry lobbying pressures, how come we don’t have a “Best in World food quality scoring system already in place?”

The answer is simple:”  GMO is a business model.  Court appointments are a business model, too.  Congress…we’ll, thanks to Jack Abramoff’s book, we see how that one rolls.

So in the end, the simple answer to “How come you’re not working the bigger issues like GMOs?” My focus is in working with clients that can actually change the world, not just scalp a few more financial souls for profit.

If you’d like to have a hand in changing the world, think up a food scoring system and send it along.  I’ll toss it in with my work in the area for the client and yes, this is how we change the world:

Score it

Buy it based on social value, not corporate earnings and purchased opinion.

Say, I guess than makes me a radical, huh? But hey!  Them awfulbet agencies and  Fuzzee folks gotta have something to track.  Might as well be nonviolent change we can all benefit from.


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