Coping: With the “Number of the Beast” – and Me!

Very quietly, the nibbling away at the edges of the “old and familiar” is moving ahead at  serious speed this week in the odd intersection between physics, mathematics, and “urge to find truth” as 2014 spins up.

The view is based on a cluster of events in headlines and the appearance of two items in my personal life, one of which comes from the “I Ching Inbox. 

No, you can’t buy an I Ching inbox…they just sort of happen when you’re on the right path of a stupid initiate who seeks truth of all things.

Item #1:  In come the disclosures from Ed Snowden’s latest which is about how the NSA is building a quantum computer that’s designed to do a much faster job of breaking encryption keys than present-day technology.

Item #2:  Detroit’s Water Department.  This is a city agency – paid for by taxpayers – which can actually make money. Talks on its future will be coming next week, but the mathematics tie-in is obvious:  Compound interest overwhelms politicians, again, who we’ve always been a little suspect of, when it comes to “running the numbers right.”

Item #3:  Next comes the report in the University of Delaware’s UDaily that researchers at the school have developed a new curriculum approach called the “Number Sense Interventions” which, while designed for kids who might not be exposed to math at home.  That may be telling us something much more general about society, murmurs the I Ching inbox:  Maybe we’re all pretty stupid on math?  My buddy Howard is always pointing our numeracy issues, especially with the press, but maybe J-schoolers ended up pounding keys because they couldn’t hack the differential equations to be rocket scientists…

Item #4: A paper on reports on a search of the internet  looking for evidence of time travelers.

Time travel has captured the public imagination for much of the past century, but little has been done to actually search for time travelers. Here, three implementations of Internet searches for time travelers are described, all seeking a prescient mention of information not previously available.

So begins the very interesting paper that you can read over here.  Math, quantum mechanics and time travel evidence on the internet…all wrapped up in one paper.

Personal Item #1: Every pair of socks I have put on for the past week has developed a hole in them.  Now, if this was just two or three pairs of socks, that’d be one thing.  This is the sixth morning in a row, now, and I can’t help but intuit that the Universe is telling me something about runs of events. 

The rest of today will be spent deciphering the cosmic meaning of this:  Does it mean that I should run into town and buy a lottery ticket?  Or, are events telling me I should run into town and buy socks?  Vexes me no end.

The I-Ching Inbox Capper:  A reader email came in Thursday discussing numerology of all things!

In your column this morning you talked about predictive strategies and mentioned Astrology as the oldest. I believe that you are incorrect. The oldest predictive approach is numerology, however it does go hand-in-hand with Astrology.

I do not know what your full name or birthday are but if I did I could tell you more about your life and Elaine’s than you will ever get out of a web bot.

As an example your last name GEORGE (7+5+6+9+7+5=39, 3+9=12, 1+2=3) URE  (3+9+5=17, 1+7=8) (3+8=11) demonstrates that you’re enlightened. If I had you full birthdate i.e. month, day, year I could tell you your life path which is a slightly more powerful vibration than your full name.

All primary numbers (1-9) have a vibration. You and everyone around you is/are vibration, made up from numbers that you received at birth. Whether or not you believe – is not important to the numbers or the vibrations. However once you acknowledge their place in your world the whole fabric of time-space changes. Reality is in-coded. Some people know how to alter the code using numbers and vibrations.

So what changed on January 1st, 2014? The vibration. 2013 was a 6 the vibration of duty, responsibility, and love of family. 2014 is a 7. The vibration of the seven is inward focus, meditation, seeks truth, understanding, and perfection. It is going to be a great year!

My opinion is that many things that occur (world events) are messages that are directed at the subconscious mind, and that the conscious mind totally misses, specifically things like crop circles, which are probably messages sent to the subconscious mind sort of like a software update – in code.

Anyway you should explore Numerology, and the 5 core numbers. Once you understand that then you can look at world events through a new set of eyes.

The thoughtful reader, up in the wilds of Chelan, Washington, offered to do my complete name, as well as run the birth date, too:

First name George (3) Middle name Alex (1+3+5+6=15, 1+5=6) Last name Ure (8) So 3+6+8=17, 1+7=8 .  8 is the symbol and vibration of authority, power, money problem solver, expansion, and business.

An example of the power of 8? Stop signs are 8 sided. They command you to stop.

The most powerful vibrations? 11,22 and 33 because they’re doubled vibrations. Eleven is Illumination, 22 is co-creator, master builder, and 33 are the masters of matrix. No surprise that the highest level in Freemasonry is 33. They know how to encode or in-code reality.

Reality is encoded to deliver time, motion, and 3d space which don’t really exist. We are more like an organic holographic wave of life, color, sound and vibration. In my opinion World events actually encode reality or make it more believable to the conscious mind.

The alphabet and numbers operate like this

1 = AJS

2 = BKT

3 = CLU

4 = DMV

5 = ENW

6 = FOX

7 = GPY

8 = HQZ

9 = IR

You can apply numerology to anything. Just take the letters and reduce them to their prime number(s). Movie titles, book titles, flight numbers, Zeus the cat, everything has a vibration if you are willing to acknowledge it.

Once you start to see the world around you from this perspective it changes everything.

A few last items. Why do paradoxes exist, if THIS is the real world? Pythagoras gave us Euclidean Geometry but he also gave us several paradoxes. The arrow as it leaves the bow must travel half the distance to the target and then half again, and half again into infinity. By our laws it should never reach the target but it does. So how does it happen? The conscious mind informs you that the arrow struck.

My other theory is that at our very deepest level root vibration – we’re all one being. What makes us unique is those numbers that we get at birth which overlay the main vibration. My theory on crop circles (like many other odd otherwise unexplainable phenomenon) is that they are code meant for the subconscious mind telling the conscious mind how to experience reality and I think numerology demonstrates that.

So what does it all mean, besides at an investment level, running out the CUSIP number of everything I do going forward?  Does Apple reduce to 1+7+7+3+5 =23 = 5?  How the hell do I translate that into an options play?  Deeper thinking and more coffee, over here, please.

Well, it all begins to weave an interesting tale of how reality of all sort of weaves together in a Matrix kind of way.

Consider for a moment that (Snowden story) there really may be a means to crack the “encryption level” quickly.

Then, what are the implicates if everything in life is controlled by an encryption system, hidden around us yet in plain sight, except that we only catch glimpses of it now and them through things like divination and numerology.

What might eventually be found is that there really is a “number of God” but that number could turn out to be a very, very large encryption key.  And, who knows, maybe evil has an encryption key, too:  66666 would be poetic.

All of which leaves us only one thing to do:  Look for the right numbers and test the encryption keys.  But we may not need something as complicated as NSA mega millions computers.

How about a much more simplified approach?  Suppose the next time something really, really bad happens, we consider the “number of the evil” that might be found at the scene.  Maybe the license plate numbers of all the vehicle at the scene of a wreck share a common number with place name and date?  Are there “patches” of reality where the numbers key in to evil’s encryption key?

And what about moments of great happiness, joy, and celebration?  Would not a study of the numbers peeking out around the periphery of those events not logically point to the loving and joyful encryption key?

The mind reels.  Where are the theorems in math that lead to the master-encryption key in finance?  In physics?  In spiritual decisions? 

Once, as an overnight DJ, at KRKO in Everett, Washington on an early spring morning in 1969 (in my rock & roll DJ period, air name George Garrett), a number of listeners and I got a few half-racks of beer and went down to the Mukilteo ferry landing at the end of our overnight shifts, on the theory we’d been developing over the course of the overnight radio show (a mix of rock & roll and call-ins) that there may be a theory called “Sandology.”  I ware barely 21 at the time.

The key thing about “Sandology” was that depending on how many people were on the ferry boat coming over from Whidbey Island, we wondered if the waves hitting the shoreline would be ever so slightly changed.  This was before the term “butterfly effect” was top of consciousness.  But the idea was about…again, one of those regions in space-time?  One of those glancing blows from the transcendental object at the end of history?

Cruiser” and several other characters from the old Kraft mill in Everett, who were fans of Garrett’s Graveyard,  crammed into three cars at the end of the mill shift and we all had brews for breakfast (dinner really) and contemplated how the future is unalterably changed by our passing. Small wave change.  Bird sees fish because of it…and the ripples spread from there.

Until the park officials came by, naturally, to point out that brews and parks don’t mix at 7 AM on a work day for the RoW (rest of world).

But in the 44-years since, at a preconscious level, I’ve had this sense that if we watch the waves, ponder the numbers, we can eventually intuit correctly because it seems likely that at some quantum level, we can all plug-in to Source.  It’s just that stalking Source has been completely swamped by stalking money.

Or, in my case this coming weekend, stalking stockings..

All of which reveals one measure of a life well-played:  How many encryption keys have you tried?

And what is the I Ching inbox telling us at contributor Charles spied this:

2014: Let the year of solutions begin”?

Reader’s Writes

Our friend Tom up in (sub-zero, frozen to the frigging bone Illinois) likes our “Music of the Markets” article (here if you missed it):


   Very interesting segment re music of the markets. You are pretty creative, I would not have thought to do that. But to my musician’s ear, the 2006 snippet, though having a similar up and down structure, has some musical dissonance between the notes of the various instruments, especially between the piano and the harmonica, which is fairly what one would expect from a more naturally randomly-generated “piece”. However the recent one seems more “in tune” between all the various instruments, which indicates to me a more “orchestrated” or  “purpose-written” result. Just my personal opinion, but it seems to indicate more control of the markets from a “composer” to me. Must be my conspiracy-theory bent showing.

Happy New Year

The simple explanation may be that the previous (2006) version was the Dow, NASDAQ and the S&P.  The new one used a volatility index, since I was too lazy (distracted prepping for Noory interview) to dig out matching data.  I’d do more, but need to round up Peoplenomics subscribers and yada yah….

Hairy Thoughts

Then there was our discussion of of how hair length may impact dreams, tracking ability, just all kinds of things.  Which hit a chord with reader Bill (#281, we have more Bills than congress around here):

So IF you read Autobiography of a Yogi, by Paramahansa Yogananda, you will remember that the great Yogi referred to the hair as the “spiritual antenna” and said that the reason spiritual masters have long long hair is so that antenna is more effective, to paraphrase.
So especially for creative work and for work that borders on the spiritual it would seem to me that long hair would be a must.
It you are not familiar with Yogananda you can find a good piece on Wikipedia.

It’s on my list.  My sick, perverted, incredibly long list that I’ll never get to.  (Having a huge list of shit to do may keep me from dying prematurely, I’m hoping…). 

There’s another yogi book ahead of Yogananda, however: The Yogi Book: “I Really Didn’t Say Everything I Said” by Yogi Berra.  (If you’re under 40, the funny dude in the barber chair perplexing the duck in the AFLAC commercials, who is a rock-star of modern thinking – and baseball.)

The Great Yogi’s best (imho): “ You can observe a lot by watching.”

Good-bye WuJo, It’s now WoWW

Reader Michal was wondering about my recent use of the word “woo” in place of WuJo, which has I pointed out, has a definition that’s just a bit different that our use of the word to describe the incredibly strange.

Is your woo like the “Woo girls” on “How I met your Mother”? In other words, when shit happens, we all yell “WOO!!!”

Well, no.  It means woo-woo – UrbanDictionary definition here is close enough. 

But, since no one has heard of (despite us being around since 1996) the right thing to do is differentiate our site from the herds of ripper-offers.  (Go ahead, search UrbanSurvival and see how many people have ripped off our original name…sad commentary on the lack of creativity in the world…)

So thanks to warhammer, we are pleased with this idea (WoW – world of woo) but that’s a single-woo only.  So more formally, it should be the WoWW…,world of woo-woo – and besides, it further differentiates us for the pack of jackals on the net.

As I begin to use the term, do Google searches once in a while and let’s see how fast the ROW (Rip-Off World) starts trying to steal this.  Right now, WoWW is mainly bringing up the radio station with those call letters in  Memphis, and idiots who think WoWW is somehow an abbreviation for the World of War Craft.  The import of the Illuminati may be over-stated, but the influence of the Illiterati is just f*cking astounding.

But, then, what do I know?  I can’t even keep socks on.

More Monday – See you in the future, if not the pasture…

Oh, and write when you break-even.