Coping: With the Most Important 15-Minutes of the Day

Sharing early-morning thoughts with you is always an honor. So this morning there are two worthy tittles that came up in my “Most Important 15-Minutes of the Day.”

These occur while taking the first (grand) sips of coffee, the cat having been fed, the mouthful of vitamins downed, and awaiting the body’s catching up to where brain has already started going.

It’s a three-step process.  Unlike those would-be Eastern mystics, this practice of mine instead based on breathing; it’s based on caffeine uptake.

Sip #1

The agenda question:  “So how would you rank your performance yesterday and what you got done?”

I have to say yesterday was OK.   I wrote a couple of passable columns.  Finished going through most all the “paper hang-over” from our vacation and did the accounting on that.  (Don’t ask.)

A few straggler bills were blindfolded with stamps and marched out to the mailbox.

And I got a LOT of programming time in.  I’m  still vexed with my network bridge problem…it’s the kind of thing that is easily resolved on a hosted system but much more difficult on a self-hosting web server (if you’re an idiot – moi – and don’t have any experience with bridges and Squid).

And we watched an amusing new series (2 episodes) of  Scorpion – which is about a small group of ultra bright people who go around saving the country from this and that.  Not exactly powerful brain food, but an amusing distraction.  Elaine says that’s what we watch television for, mostly:  To be “transported” (her word choice is excellent!) our of our present circumstances and into something else.

Oh, and Elaine’s researching the intricacies of Medicare Open Enrollment.since our prescription coverage (Part D) has gone up 42% for 2015.  Remind me again, if you’re a liberal, how exactly is this Obamacare stuff saving us money?

Several additional “sub-sips” were consumed during this phase of waking up.  It always begins with this “What am I doing on this planet amongst these aliens and what did I do to further my escape yesterday?” mindset.

Oh, and one curious thing:  You remember that “Hint from Universe” about whether I’m being pushed into the secret project rather than the studio work?  Well….

Two things out of the hard work yesterday:  The first is figuring out that I may want to run the big Project on a virtual machine (testing today should answer this). 

AND (I guess as my “reward”) for “getting it” the price of the audio console I’ve been trying to find a “deal” on materialized in the inbox.  Instead of a full-price unit, a manufacturers refurb (like new condition with full warranty) became available for 20% off and I dickered that down another 6%.

Could it be that Universe is just trying to save me a bunch of money?  Or, is this all a coincidence?

Sip #2

This isn’t exactly the second sip since Sip #1 is really a cluster of gulps.  Sip #2 is the second cluster and involves Critical Inputs.

There are only a couple that get touched on most mornings, since they are the major tangible variables that impact our lives:

  • Weather:  Since we spend a fair bit of time on outdoor projects when programming or consulting is around, whether it rains or fogs or is a UV 10+ day does matter.  Our thunderstorms through the area left us a bit more than 2-inches of rain Monday morning.  So there are weather-related things I can do this morning in my “activity” section.  Burn trash and vacuum my office.
  • Ebola:  Although a reader insists that there’s another case (in Houston, no less) there’s been no confirmation of anything from officialdom (alt-spelt officialdumb) but then again, the lady going back to work after exposure when it hasn’t been 22-days is surprising, too.  For today’s planning purposes, there’s no hint of martial law, other than…
  • Care and Feeding of Our Sources:  James Risen of the NY Times is telling it like it is as he’s on the verge of serious prison time for refusing to rat out his sources.  We have a standing policy around here that says the same thing.

Several additional gulps go into this, of course.  But the idea is to figure out which influencers and variables that could operate on today are stacking up, as we move on to…

Sip #3

This is where we pull all the available information together (yesterday’s results and bounding information from overnight) and ask “What is my brilliant game plan for today?”

There’s none of the subtle art of Japanese Tea Ceremony in any of this.  I tend to do look for less than half a dozen key activities that will move life forward.

1.  Write a passable couple of columns (jury is out on this).

2.  Burn the trash and vacuum.

3.  10:30 conference call.

4.  11: 00  Programming  (or George the idiot does linux squid command line learning)

5.  17:30  Dinner  ( ^esc )

A few gulps of coffee as I visualize my approach to each of these key activities and by then either the coffee is gone or Zeus the cat is at the door anxious to get over to the office so he can get on to his nap.  Which means (in linuxese) it’s time to…

sudo apt-get install Your_Life

Meantime, Back in Space

There’s a subtle point to the Linux “sudo” command that bears on our discussion yesterday of Bayesian probability as a spiritual learning too:

sudo means (vastly simplified) that you can run a program with Super User privileges – and that’s what we each can do.  But many people don’t practice the art of “Grabbing It” every day at a conscious level.

So the translation of wry GeorgeSpeak is that we all get to install and run our own copy of Life. 

But wait!  We don’t get the “full executable!”  Only a 24-hour patch! 

Yeah, that sure doesn’t see fair, does it?

And all the backup documentation seems to be corrupted, if you follow.

Reader John understood the Bayesian bo7unding problem outlined in Monday’s column:

Ever read Vonnegut. Sirens of Titan??

All of history from start to finish engineered to deliver a part to a crashed alien ship on Titan, a moon of Uranus (I think).

Who can say not?

Well, Reader Wayne, for one:

It has been my experience that the “Universe” or promptings from wherever you think it may come, becomes far more fine tuned the more you recognize it and then act. So for me, the exciting concept is that the game is not so much moving us to complete something nebulous but it is us moving to accomplish something I believe special or significant with our lives.

I think the Universe could care less about firewire and Linux. But I do think the Universe cares if we hear, or feel the prompting, then we then chose to act.

Makes you wonder what the Universe is trying to tell you George!

What I do know is this:  As a result of “listening” a little more and asking in my “Most important 15-minutes of the day” to what Universe was pushing me toward, that I found an answer (which will be tested today) to the Big Project problem.  And the other thing is that Universe wanted to save be 26% on a piece of equipment. 

Oh, and as a bonus prize:  Universe threw in a time warp.  This morning’s column emerged from the computer 45-minutes earlier than usual.  So ask the questions, get a bargain, and Universe will throw in a bonus.

I think I’ll go spend it on breakfast before continuing…

Picture This

Looking for some nice arty pictures?  Chris up at The Chronicle Project in Canada (the folks who are retranslating the earliest Bible texts using the error-correcting scheme in Hebrew, sent along some really good pictures of the land of milk and hockey:

If you want to see some very nice photos from around my country (some we took), go to this Facebook page.


Then sign in

imageThis is the SGI calendar contest for the 2015 calendar.  We entered some of ours (see attached).

If you think they are great, please give them a like on the site through Facebook. 

I loved a lot of these as they give you a real sense of our country through the eyes of non professional photographers.

Yes, this is a request you go vote for some of Chris’ work.  He’s a very gifted graphics fellow. (Where do you think our site design came from, huh?  I sure can’t think that clearly…)

More Thursday unless you’re a Peoplenomics subscriber, in which case we’ll be back in prepping, ruralizing, and revenue optimizing at our regular time tomorrow…

Write when you break even, or something truly strange happens.  We still collect woo-woo reports, you know…