Coping: With My Election Day Movie Plot

While most Americans are focused on today’s election – and the corporate-owned media get us all whipped up into a frenzy of channel switching tonight – around here seems like every election headline tees-off another TV series or movie plot from the reaches of my creative source.

For example, word that US Attorney General Eric (is he gone, yet?) Holder is sending “election monitors into 18-states”  gives birth to a THEORETICAL plot like this:

The story opens with tonight’s big election coverage and word that the republicons have taken back the senate.

But, as the story evolves, tomorrow — after the election results are clear (or so we thought) — the attorney general files some kind of rarely-used writ with the US Supreme Court and has the election results held invalid in just enough states to ensure that the democraps hold onto the Senate for two more years.

Of course, it’s all fiction, but remember this:  Holder has already spoken out against the Supreme Court on a key elections case where Holder didn’t agree with the court.  He felt leaving election laws in the hands of local government on matters such as voter ID was restrictive,” “burdensome” and “out of step with history.”

As our entirely fictional plot for this TV movie works out, it is revealed that the democraps are discovered by an enterprising reporter to be part of a nationwide plot to have overwhelm the polls in states (like New Mexico where events are not so fictional )  without  voter ID laws.

While a hypothetical investigative reporter tries to sell a new network the inside story of how the election-theft was masterminded workws behind the scene, secret government forces (an illegal offshoot called Directorate 153 operating at the side of NSA) has planted incriminating government documents on the valiant reporter’s computer.

Of course, seeing as all this is fictional, any resemblance to Sharyl Attkisson’s new book –allowed to be released by the real corporate powers that be only after it would be useless for this election cycle, being released on election day morning (Stonewalled: My Fight for Truth Against the Forces of Obstruction, Intimidation, and Harassment in Obama’s Washington). is purely coincidental, I tell you.  Sometimes reality just feeds into these hypothetical cases in strange ways…

As the plot reveals itself, the stock market, taken aback by the election uncertainty, begins to collapse.  And, as the matter of alleged voting irregularities heads to the supreme court, the sitting president has undue influence as to its adjudication  thanks to “control files” on each Justice./ 

The ongoing collapse of the stock market is used as an excuse to consolidate event more federal powers into the Oval Office.

Angered that elections appear to have been rigged, people take to the streets in major state capitols – like Austin – where candlelight vigils are held in the weeks leading up to an exciting showdown before the Supreme Court.  The candlelight will represent the ever dimmer light of the enlightened Constitutional government.

And just so everything is lifelike, we’ll pack the court, while we’re at it, with a couple of right wingers, a left-winger, a couple of near communists, a lesbian and a gay two…..just too just to make sure our hypothetical movie covers all the politically correct interests.

As long as we’re putting correctness on trial, let’s put a Hispanic American, who really was wronged (being denied her vote) at the center of the plot.  But while the heroine, genuinely wronged by discrimination and is the “sales material” up front of the Court, in the background we see agents of evil busily hacking the voting machines to ensure the incumbent party doesn’t lose the Senate.

What is revealed is a denouement (conclusion of the story) much like the Al Gore loss in 2000.  In this fictional plot, the attorney general prevails and the Supreme Court declares there to be no clear winners in the 18-states and so elections must be held again.  Only this time, voter ID is made mandatory as part of a new National ID card that consolidates citizenship, diving, identification, Social Security, and a host of other “rights” into a single source.

An implantable RFID chip.  And the sitting president issues orders to make his term of office extend beyond its normal expiration date.

Corporate media support this “legal overthrow” of government because they stand to make a cool billion in additional political advertising.

As the movie ends, the sitting president is seen sitting in the oval office chatting with  the attorney general about details of plans to chip-plant every American.  A key line is “I told you the Ebola vaccine approach wouldn’t work..but it?  People will line up to chip and vote…then we’ll use the chips to ration food and energy…”

As the line is spoken, we notice the special effects genius as a small, but noticeable set of horns begin to emerge on the forehead of the sitting president…,

The chat dissolves to a soft focus as a biblical text about working all day for a measure of wheat and a measure of oil scrolls up in a semi-script text.  (fades out/FTB).

All of this, remember, is in the context of a purely theoretical made for TV movie.

Nothing like this could happen in the REAL America, now, could it?

Whew!  I gotta lighten up on the coffee.

Around the Ranch: Long Sleeve Shirt Weather

You know weather is changing and winter is near when we make the annual reset of the thermostat and I begin wearing long sleeved shirts around the place.

Another marker of the weather is my soup-making.

If you have a crock pot, (you already have a crack pot on screen) there’s really nothing to it.  You can toss in whatever meat is handy.  Everything from link sausage to stew to stir fry meat or even hamburger (92% lean…you don’t want much fat in soup).

A bag or two of carrots,  chopped up head of cabbage, a couple of chopped onions, and half a dozen sticks of celery.

If there is anything else in the fridge that is getting on past prime time, toss it in, too.  Got some fresh mushrooms that will go nicely in today’s soup.

For the broth, a can or two of organic canned chopped tomatoes and two cans of chicken broth works.  Half a cup of wine, if you like, since it will boil off but have enough residual flavor to blend everything together.  Sometimes I skip the wine.

Last but not least is a few shakes of whatever seasonings you like.  I’ve used them all…the last batch turned out to be allspice and garlic…and it was delicious.

Scaled to the right size, this will feed me for four or five days.  Elaine’s not keen on my soup.

Come to think of it, she’s also not keen on my butter-free fried cheese sandwiches, either.

You make two pieces of toast, slap the cheese on them, and then microwave 30-seconds, or so, until the cheese melts.  Not as good as a fried cheese in butter, but better for cholesterol and I’m studying up for another blood test next week.  Living so pure I may ascend at any instant.  So if the column stops unexpectedly in mid-sentence, I’ve simply higher-vibrationed myself to the next plane of existence.  I’ll send you a Lotto ticket if I can find it through the harp section.  If it’s scorched, there weren’t any harps.

Soups  – especially with a fried cheese sandwich – sans frying – are the ultimate 3-season comfort food.  Next time we get a good visit from climate change, try it.  You might like it. A blizzard outside and hot soup inside is hard to beat.  As long as the power is on. 

Cook on high 5-hours or 10 hours on low.  At least that’s what I’ve heard.  Us Type A people never cook anything on low.  The 10-hours on low is just a rumor.

We’re due to get a line of thunderstorms through the vicinity this evening.  Inch or two of rain with it.   If I plan the soup just right, it will be ready about 5 when the first power outage of the evening becomes likely.  If I can get enough shut-eye today, I might make the ham club meeting but likely not.

– – –

This week we finally got around to upgrading from our slow DSL to a higher speed Excede home satellite system.  At first, they wanted $200 and change for equipment, but now it’s down to $81 for old low-speed Wild Blue customers.  I’ve seen upwards of 8 MB down and 3 MB up, which would be faster than our DSL except for the satellite delay time.

Seems like years since we’ve had any real downtime.  The serious cloud hosting and multiple redundant ways to get there pay off in high reliability. We want to make sure your sensibilities are shaken regularly.

I will be trying this new high speed link out for the Tuesday conference calls today and there will be a report on my side when I get to it.

–  –  –  –

Speaking of writing (which this morning seems to be focused on) Peoplenomics tomorrow is a real treat.  I’ve invented a new shopping tool for Amazon customers that makes more sense that their star rankings.  The report is called “Mysteries of the Amazon.”

More coffee and some personal recycling and then off to the morning’s news.  Which will leave just enough time for a nap before the first conference call at 10:30.  By the depths of winter, it will be a dead heat between Zeus and me to see who scores most hours sleeping.

Elaine looks forward to it…that’s all the less mess I will make doing what bulls in china shops do.  Besides making a mess in the galley.

Don’t forget to vote.  We don’t want fiction springing to life, would we?

Write when you break-even…