Coping: With Government that Can’t Hear “No!”

There was a report in one of the polls I subscribe to recently that said “People in Ohio are sick of Hillary already…”

No shit, Roger that.

For the past week, I have been trying to unsubscribe from the “Friends of Hillary” email system which sends me email, sometimes several times per day.

Now, I’m sure that if I started sending you email several times a day and ignored your unsubscribe notes and clicks that you’d be pissed.

There is some logic to my thinking on this, so follow along.

Starting with GW and fine-tuned by BO, we see that presidential candidates and others such as congressoids, do a much better job on email than they seem to do in office.

Another example of unwanted emails?  I tried multiple times to unsub from Texas governor candidate Wendy Davis’ email list.  I kept getting emails from her right up to (and a one past) the bitter end.

I’m pretty sure Greg Abbott who will replace “fair-hair” Rick down here will do a pretty good job in office.


I received I think it was one email from him.

Here’s my new life hack:

Set up Outlook to sort all emails into office holders and seekers files.  Like president in 2016.

When it comes time to vote, since most politicians are pathological liars including the guy in the WH who will be on the boob tube tonight trying to convince you he was sincere in 22 previous statements against wholesale amnesty) that whoever sends the most email is likely going to do the worst job once in office.

I realize that this may sound a bit harsh, but I mean it to be so.

The usual political hooey is that this is “voter communication.”

No, it has the pungent odor of panhandling on the net.  Because panhandling is defined as “beg in the street.”  This is electronic Main Street.

Especially when it’s not REALLY Hillary who’s running.  Says so right here:


That’s close enough to panhandling for me. You?

Why would I send money to a group that seems to support a candidate who isn’t being honest about whether she’s running for office?  Of course she’s running.  You think this dough will go to Jeb or Ted?

I believe (being an East Texas nutjob who will make up answers to fit the facts) that the lying starts slowly with political hacks then builds overs time.  They get away with it because America cares more about Dancing with the Stars and Gomer Pyle than it does who’s in office.  It’s outrageous, but our national stupidity catches up with us ever two, four, and six years.

Giving money to political panhandlers just encourages ‘em. And if Hillary won’t be forthright about her fundraising proxies now, why would we put her in office? 

I’ve decided to run for office, but not which one.  so I’ve begun  an exploratory committee.

Oh, my new broad spectrum emotional radio ad:

“Consider my stand on healthcare:  Free for all  And look how it works:  I’m overweight, drink too much, and I sometimes forget to floss.  But friends, I can deliver that…plus if you vote for me I promise excess cholesterol at levels that would shock any doc.  But that’s who we are…fat, indolent, lazy and victims.  Trust me when I say Ure’s your man.  Transfats and all.

On immigration, I promise to vote against amnesty for everyone especially all Swedes in the US illegally.  And I’m calling for a full scale investigation of Lutfisk Bell. The administration has yet to reveal the horrible truth of Herring Walker.

Ask any resident of border states like Wisconsin or Montana and they’ll tell you the dangers of Swedes hiking in from Canada ruining their tree farms  These illegal lefse runners and Social Democrats can not be tolerated especially by peaceful citizens in places like Ferguson Missouri where lefse is no longer served, ear as we can tell. 

Do you see it?  This is how America falls apart, one lingonberry at a time.  And I will not allow entry to those hordes of children from Denmark, either.  Let these repressive regimes hear us loud and clear!  Borders AND Butter.

Honestly, I haven’t made a decision whether to run, or not.  But give me your money voluntarily now because I’ll be coming for it anyway, just  as soon I get into office.

Paid for by Ures Truly,  Not endorsed by Hillary Clinton.”

Like it?  America will never again elect an honest politician either because  1) there aren’t any, or 2) because the public can’t outbid the special interests.

I’m asking you to help me raise $63-million dollars so I too can buy one of those $150,000 a year jobs serving the public.  Sure, the numbers don’t wash…but they will in the end.  Yours.

Solving Some Woo-Woo

Our lady up near Trinidad wrote back to update us on where she lives and such, southwest of Trinidad, Colorado.

If you missed your Adderall this morning, this was the lady whose shop vac in the garage goes on sometimes in the middle of the night – by itself.

Helpful readers jump in:

Hi George,

Could a rodent have tripped the shop vac switch?

If not, I live perhaps 40 miles south of our largest Army base, Fort Hood. When I installed a buried gate opener, which responds to passing metal, I quickly had to disable it, when dialing down the gain didn’t work. Passing choppers and mil spec planes had a tendency to cause it to open. Not their metal, because other low flying planes didn’t affect it. But some emission of, I assume, RF. More rarely, they still even open it with code hacking radio signals. A common event South of here, in Austin, when fearless leader flies in on his incessant fundraiser/gridlock jaunts. Wish he would phone it in, but Austin has several thousand devoted Kool-Aid drinkers who will show up for ANY organizer or other bullchange artist if told it is “progressive” to do so. They seem to think that blocking traffic and making noise makes them a majority, using the same math challenged reasoning discussed elsewhere. If the change hits the fan much more, I will turn off the gate opener and go back to regular locks.

Another few vocabulary expanders: horse change, chicken change, dog change, holy change, and hopefully after every meal, we can all take a change.

As I have been saying for years, Obama can keep the change.

Another reader, James (#86) [which makes this more like a Blacklst episode] offers a different take…

I have seen devices start by themselves numerous times and every time it was a problem in the electrical panel. Your reader needs to shut things down, open up the box and pull each breaker and inspect it and the bus they connect to. When they start to go bad all sorts of poltergeist activity erupts.

Also if he is near a sensitive installation, in the past Van Eck collectors were stimulated to burst transmit their data by passing car or satellite signal. They were stuck in mortar joints outside near the EM sources and covered with putty to hide them. Perhaps he needs to go around and point the next nice day.

Last but not least, a cam in the garage watching the vac and an EMF meter.

Good ideas all around, but since the number of spirits flying around here are generally in the range of 80-100, I’d have to go with the circuit breaker check and make sure the wiring to the breakers is all tight.

Back in my troubled youth (the 50’s)  (when I spent all my time of wine, women, song, and sailing – the rest I wasted) I saw this all the time doing the odd bit of marine electronics work on my boat and neighbors.

Copper, you see, is annealed which means that it (like glass, another super-cooled liquid) will continue to flow over time.  If you haven’t touched house wiring in 10 years, a check of the breaker box will often yield an eighth or even a quarter turn on each of the screws.  You’d pull power first, or course, or I’ll be writing up reports of “Fried idiots”in tomorrow’s column.

So call a licensed electrician to do it.  Going through the whole house on 20-year intervals is not a bad idea, either…just sayin, loose wires causes fires.

Around the Ranch:  Home Handybastard’s Update

Elaine’s latest little bit of home remodeling was started and finished this week. 

imageShe decided to have me turn a little-used hall closet into a book alcove.  Honestly, it came out very nicely and used up a fair bit of wood that had been accumulated as scrap from past projects.

Although it doesn’t seem so in the picture, the books are set back into the alcove about 20-inches  to the front on the books.    To the right you can see part of a mural of SF Bay done by the late Rebecca Price, a local artist and one of the cartoonists on Scooby-Doo back when.  From the Marin side.

As I was getting the mail yesterday I was excited to see the headline “Classic Techniques for Working with Curved Parts.” 

I’m sure you can understand my disappointment when it was Woodsmith’s latest issue.  Not Playboy.  The closer I get to 66, the less disappointing such discoveries are, though….(I’ll pass on the untasteful “woodies” remark since this is breakfast time some places  and we strive for a PG-13 level of humor now and then.)

More tomorrow…send in those campaign contributions (or subscribe to Peoplenomics)  and write when you break-even.  Let us know how you did it, which bank, and so forth…