Coping: With Dreams on a Blood Moon


Astronomy delivered what was massively over-hyped as a “Blood Moon” last night.  Even the mainstream got into it with stories floating about Oooing and Ahhing.

I regret to inform you, however, that if you actually stayed up for the celestial sideshow, you may have missed an opportunity to work with some very interesting energies that come by during events like this.

Although I am mainly a “science guy” numerous personal encounters with “other than this world” energies and communication leave me in the awkward place of believing both in the here and now of hard science.  But also in the other-worldly with equal certainty.

Where many people get confused is the well-marketed idea that the two realms are mutually exclusive.  If you believe in an Almighty Ruler of All, you obviously can’t be a serious person of Science, goes the thinking.

Yet statistics and experience argue something else.  You can, actually, embrace both views because they are (and I’m not sure this is a word) “co-valid.”

We know that people think differently under full moons…so they are already something special.  Lunatics.

But in terms of scientifically interesting observations, the moon has been photographed countless times and staying up late to photograph a Blood Moon is not likely to show any new or heretofore unseen craters, or anything of that nature. With home equipment?  Virtually no chance.  Period.

On the other hand, going to bed in a proper mood to be receptive to whatever comes along in the way of dream content during this time is highly productive.

So that’s what I did.  And the results of the effort were marvelous.

I may have mentioned that when in the dream state, many humans can “tap-in” to resources that are not available in every day, ordinary, waking hours.

What we don’t know though, is how the process of dreaming works.  At least with a high enough degree of specificity that it has yet been recognized for the wealth of opportunity for scientific advancement that it holds.

My first Blood Moon dream involved “The Classroom.” 

No  one knows where or what is the source of its material.  One idea is that “spirit matter
really does communicate with Mortals in order to deliver information that the world needs.

The anti Bigger Intelligence Than Us crowd is drawn to something else:  That because we ask difficult questions in our waking state, these problems will be processed by the brain in background when  we are asleep. BoB – balance of brain is there are working all the time, after all.  It’s just those neurons are the Thoughts traveled less often.

Since the logical waking brain (of most people) doesn’t connect with the unconscious well in the waking state (people get labeled NUTS), there is a simple way for communications to take place – and that is to allow the unused part of the brain to communicate with the dumbed down (sleeping) conscious brain through “the dream channel.”

Wednesday afternoon, Chris McCleary and I are planning to sit down over a cold one (or three) to discuss this.  Chris, as you will remember, is the director of the National Dream Center and has a deep and abiding interest in dreams.  Besides being a retired Lt. Col. (Air Force) Chris modestly collects degrees:  He has three Masters degrees and is working on his PhD next.  My measly one Masters and a class or so on my PhD pales.

That’s why I am always promoting and mentioning the site – because this is a field waiting for just the right Edison to come along and blow the technology open.  It should be a marvelous discussion and opportunity to compare research ideas.

Back to The Classroom in last night’s dream, then:

So there I was, sleeping fitfully and wondering (as I have been lately) about the Nakash (watchers left behind at the terraforming of the planet (by Creator/Ruler of all and cast) and this terribly interesting question forms in my head:

“If the Creator and the Nakash are combatants when the End of the World gets here, isn’t there a way to Opt Out and just sidestep the messiness of it all?”

The Answer, at least in “the classroom” was that  “No, there’s no way around the showdown, but thanks for asking.”


Turns out that it is a matter of alliances. 

If you have three parties in conflict, it will always distill down to two.

A couple of examples of how this plays out in waking life were offered..

One is all of the warfare in the Middle East.  The U.S. gets into support of “factions” and fails to take into account that whenever there are more than two parties in conflict, things will always resolve into a simple duality because it’s the most effect way of fighting.

Thus, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” is more than just a concept – it’s more like a hard and fast rule. 

It also shows up in U.S. domestic politics.

Take the Tea Party, for example.  While it was initially something of an offshoot of the mainline GOP, and even established something of an independent identity for a while (fed by backroom power brokers and moneyed types) eventually, the “three resolve into two” when comes to the presidential campaign in 2016.

Not that this makes the process any more predictable, it’s just that all conflicts seem to collapse into as duality.  Pick any three dozen boys in puberty and absent adult leadership, you’ll have two gangs in no time.

When it happens, it’s like Crips and Bloods…and that’s how the challenging third party can come to power (MS-13 or the 18th Street gang, the Zetas or whoever) what happens are short term alliances that result in assimilation of new partisans or death of those who don’t buy in.

It’s also the reason some religions (Muslim) have used “kill or convert” – again, it keeps the warfare simple.  Same marketing techniques as S.A.’s use.

As the Classroom wound up, there was a discussion of the algebra of it all with  the symbol “   :  ” being used as the conflict sign.  The “conflict sign” doesn’t exist in present math, but seems important enough to mention as a new method of applying math to psycho-social decision modeling:

If A : B  and C is added the outcomes are:  (read as A is in conflict with B and new party C is added, outcomes are…)

(A + C) : B   or

A : (B + C)

In order to understand events then, what humans do (being from violent roots) is we intuitively judge the power of (A + C) and (B + C) as to their ability to carry out conflict.  Deciding that we then can either cast our lot with the likely winning side.

There was some brief discussion of how I could use this “conflict symbol” and model artificial intelligence in a spreadsheet – something I have been working on for a long time in background.

The core of the last part of the lesson was that the out come of the duality conflicts is always decided at random, but not entirely. 

Since the outcomes  (A + C) > B  and A < (B + C) are the two possible states after (aftermath of conflict), we can’t just “count bodies”, but we can use the “body counts” to bound a random number.  And that would simply and gracefully solve the “necessary noise” of intelligence. 

If 85% of the time 10 warriors will over power 5 warriors,  then  setting a randomness yielding 85% expected outcomes would work in the A.I. setting.  This “learning process” is what “education” is all about in the more general case.

You could then use a simple lookup table to weight the outcomes differently.  If it turns out to be 27 warriors again 5, then the outcome might be 98% in favor of the larger group.

Substitute stock or options trades, or any other choice conflict (  :  ) and we now have a path to solving those problems.  I like how it can apply to investment decision-making.  

That leaves (in the A.I. world) only the assignment of percent of randomness to the lookup tables.  In a perfect conflict it would be 50-50 for an outcome – a simple one to model with a single random.

But the randomness becomes bounded as size and power disparities grow between the single and combined group sizes. Watch the Netflix movie Narcos for an illustration of how ‘alliances to gain power’ worked out in drug land.

Will the real life outcomes be best weighted Gaussian?  That’s the concept to bring to another dream Classroom. I suspect human intelligence operates similar to this – which means the whole education process is likely learning to fill in the randomness bounding correctly.

If you can ‘t (or won’t) “think like others – assessing conflict and randomness weights – congratulations, you get ostracized by society…

And like it or not, that seems to be how the Conflict at the End of Time will work out, too. 

Have fun with the math but remember that those who have terraformed 18,200 planets before this one shouldn’t have much trouble with left-over Nakash who so have haven’t gotten further than the moon and even that remains a subject for dark conspiracy talk.

Class was then dismissed. 

The second dream to come along had something to do with an electrical switch in a bathroom that kept blowing a breaker due to a fault.

This one I decided to journal because I have no “day resident” is what Chris calls it – leftover unresolved issues from waking state – that involve any kind of electrical issue.  It was just damn strange.

A longish discussion, but I wanted to share enough details so you could appreciate my value judgment on this Blood Moon stuff.

The real action-adventure is once again on the inside, not on the outside.  Which is fine with me, since when we all go to The Big Sleep, the inside adventures (and the memories of them) is what we get to take with us.  Not a bankcard or anything so physical.

The Novel

My novel, DreamOver, should be released on Amazon about November 1.  

I will give away the first chapter free here, so stay tuned.

Debating whether I should release it as electronic only, or whether a hardbound version in paperback is a tough one.. comments are welcome.

Brain Candy

I don’t know if you play with Lumosity much, but it’s a brain fitness center over at  We have the family membership since 15-minutes a day on brain health seems like a pretty good investment for everyone around here…

So, how is George’s brain wired?


Huh.  Not sure what all that means, but the games to develop brainpower are fun.  And as we age (remember, I am 66 now) the saying “use it or lose it” means more than ever.  Apparently I’ve lost a good bit of mine.

Weird Question

You ever wonder what happens with a tattoo artist misspells something?

Our Final Words on Jade Helm – PC Breathalyzers Needed

We are blessed with a number of readers who are inside government and various positions – and I really value input and comment from those who are current or recent .mil types who have much greater access to intel and decision-making that we (the public) have.

From the start, of Jade Helm I advised you that it really was just a training exercise, although it might have much future application when comes to a showdown with Mexico over the border.

The one we used to have.

The matter of when to deploy troops at home – for training or beyond – is a terrible difficult topic.  And on point, I think this from dangerous dave is pretty good:


Ever since the Posse Commitatus law (1878) went into effect following the Civil War/War of the Rebellion, deployment of Army forces for law enforcement purposes was not permitted… except when it was sanctioned (e.g. San Francisco quake, Pershing expedition which crossed into Mexico – a hybrid of sorts).

Other “deployments” for large unit training were quite common, and some covered many states at a time (e.g. pre-Pearl Harbor 1941 , Tennessee, Louisiana, Texas, and Carolina maneuvers) or in sequence – gotta keep the cost down.

While certain units are more prone to running command post exercises and simulations, others run integrated field and command post exercises to improve the human capability along with the electronic.  This is especially common when trying to see if procedures written in garrison, by somewhat ignorant but well meaning people trying to do things logically, actually work under field conditions.  (e.g. Zulu Wars – Supply sergeant limited the amount of ammunition given to a soldier sent from the firing line by his company for a case resupply to only 100 rounds.  20,000 Zulu attacking the front just couldn’t overcome the bureaucracy of ammunition supply on the day. Yes, the Sergeant died with most of his ammunition wagon intact.)

It is also common in current times to exercise large units and areas when trying to integrate multiple service practices and supporting organizations, and sometimes coalition forces and practices as well.

This is not to say that the lessons learned cannot be used against any civilian population.  Indeed, reports of US trained foreign troops using their knowledge against their own nationals years after returning from training are not unknown, although given the number of personnel we have trained, they are a rogue minority.   The same might be said of any number of US enforcement agencies, local to federal level.  Check your local newspaper for the blazing headlines.

But we no longer have the free hand to use large overseas areas for the type training we used to conduct, which went ranging over multiple countries in Europe  (e.g Germany for the Reforger exercise series in the Cold War days).  So we use our own geography, call it by an alias, and maneuver and/or simulate our own forces and a nominal enemy to meet training objectives.  I see the current US multi-state Jade Helm exercise as the latter.

As for the possibility of a successful turning of the US government against its own citizens, you might want to consider our success in the Middle East over the last ten years and consider the proportionality of the matter.   We’ve trained and returned to US soil well over a million people who now know how to conduct insurgent warfare, and know how to use US equipment.  And we had a similar sized force trained in jungle  warfare in the previous generation.  

Would you expect a force of that size to roll over to what they would see as the unjust demands of a smaller active duty force attempting to enforce martial law nationwide, or even in Chicago?  Even with local reserves and law enforcement or foreign troop reinforcement?   “Run the numbers”, and consider how many would actually participate.

Let them get on with their training and war games ….and don’t let idiots go down range.”

While we cover some mighty strange stuff on this site, the main focus is the daily application of comment sense in order to being sucked into frenzied emotional states, beyond which there is no independence of thought.

Herds are dangerous.  We presently live in the Outback of East Texas specifically to avoid herd thinking.  We  commend independence of thought as the only way to live.

For those who join up with the herd are more than likely on their way to the social, political,  and financial slaughterhouse.

Any website which monetized or built audience off alarmism over Jade Helm should come off your reading list.

The facts, when inspected at first light, look different that they might have in alcohol-fueled late moments of mental acuity breakdown breakdown while browsing.

Which is why you might want to consider adding a breathalyzer to the list of biometric devices that could be usefully installed on computers.

Shouldn’t all business computers and government systems be equipped with Breathalyzers?

Write when you break-even,


7 thoughts on “Coping: With Dreams on a Blood Moon”

  1. Not all warriors are equal. Time and time again raw numbers do not tell the whole story. Intangibles are still important. You may enjoy “Numbers, Predictions and War” if it’s still in print.

  2. Last summer the Russian and Chinese military participated in joint military exercises. As you may note, not very unusual. Now we can observe what was behind the exercises:

    Meanwhile, an Israeli military news website, DEBKAfile, has cited military sources as saying that a Chinese aircraft carrier, the Liaoning-CV-16, has already been spotted at the Syrian port of Tartus on the Mediterranean coast. It was said to be accompanied by a guided missile cruiser.

    By the way the vessels were reported passing thru the Suez on (9/23) As this occurred the Chinese leader was visiting Washington. I find this to be extremely interesting as the US news outlets ignored the story entirely. But then again the Russian ,Chinese, Iranian, Syrian alliance ain’t news. This is why 19 Russian techs were busy constructing tent housing for 100 happy campers, not Additional Russian troops ( at this time). By the way Chinese boots have been on the ground in Syria since very early Sept. Folks may want to listen to what Vladimir (the great) is saying. This could be very well the thing to sets it off, not the trigger pull, that happened some time ago. No this is more like the firing pin striking the primer. ( or not )

    • This is stupid, ( to reply to one’s self ) but rather than a reply, it’s more like an update. Just finished listening to Putin’s address. Found it “chilling” That dude is good, no, I mean really good. Cool, composed, quick, accurate, articulate, intelligent, and totally believable. ( feel free to add more attributes ). A US news source likened the Putin/Obama speeches to a poker game. I think not, it’s more of a chess game, and Vladimir ” the great ” owns the board.

  3. If you get this guy’s understanding of consciousness as a quantum event, then the dream state issues make sense:

    As for checking out from the “End” the Tibetans have a fine goal transitioning to a pure energy state….. out of body. When you deconstruct most of the world’s religions, they are essentially say the same thing: lets get out of this loop into a pure energy state and continue to evolve there rather than on a physical plane. Good stuff! The rest is control mechanism…..

  4. Just a weird datapoint about dreams. I never remember my dreams, or if I have any. A current bout with a kidney stone got me loaded with Percocet… Oxycodone… for several days. I had to stop them as I was having your “Irwin Allen” apocalyptic nightmares when I would try to sleep, exhausted from the jangling pains. Even an afternoon nap would bring on the horrors. Dream content was widely varied and completely disconnected from any waking content or unresolved day issues. Last night during the Blood Moon I was on Ibuprofen alone, with mild discomfort and fitful, occasional sleep. No dreams. My woo-woo receptors must be burned out.

  5. Eleven minutes that will change your life

    Now integrate this from someone who has the technical skills and the terminology awareness to understand how the government describes JADE. The most important comments she made was that (in preliminary tests)USA military commanders, as currently trained, are not able to either understand or utilize the information and the decisions made by the JADE system. And that one alternative being considered is to CONNECT JADE DIRECTLY INTO WEAPONS SYSTEMS. So once given a mission, JADE not only determines the optional path to the objective, but would also direct the resources to be used, not only physical weapons but also the digital resources to achieve the goal. This could be as simple as identifying all participants in a protest, having their financial accounts frozen and then sending each of them a message on their cell phones informing them of that fact before inactivating their devices.

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