Coping: With a Dose of Dowse

Dowsing, which we talked about earlier, has really brought out the comments.  And some of them are pretty darned interesting.  Here’s one from the Wiz, for example:

My maternal grandfather was a dowser… Dowsed a well for my Dad back in ’60?  ’61? when he was building a new house.  That one never went dry.   Grandpa never used metal rods… he was the classic forked-stick-palms-up style dowser…but he said fruitwood worked best.
Mom couldn’t dowse, but said it skips a generation…  When I tried it, the stick dipped straight down every t time I crossed the water main that passes through my driveway & back yard. So I guess maybe it does skip.

Haven’t had the opportunity to look for something I didn’t know was there, but no opportunities have presented themselves.
Best Regards

There’s more, too…like this from WF…

Hello George,
it was interesting to see what you had to say about DOWSING! My  life brought me all over the world – from Europe to South America and the US. In 1980 I caught Gold Fever in California and worked my own claim for a while. I found good gold, especially with home-made dowsing rods (coat hangers) and NO experience. There is not much to it, except a totally unbiased mind. No voodoo, no magic, no tricks. The proof is in the pudding. Please  view a couple of  fun videos I put on my YouTube Cat channel “Funnyaccent1” (mainly catering to my spoiled  “Cat Ivan” and don’t forget to read the description. EVEN this year I went out a few times finding gold with my coat hanger dowsing rods and I put to shame ANY guy with a $4,000 Minelab GPX-5000…
Dowsing for Gold:  (15,300 views worldwide): most successful video:
Dowsing for gold II & $3,000 Gold Nugget:   (3,370 views worldwide)

I’d never thought about dowsing (in lieu of a metal detector) for buried treasure hunting, but now I’m kinda curious…and may have to give it a try.  Now if one of our generous readers would just come out and bury some treasure on the back 16 somewhere…A pile of gold coins might make a fun target.

Here’s more from reader Walt…


I’ve a few family members who’ve used dowsing over time. One fellow used to be called on by people in his rural community before drilling for water. And a local town also asked his help to find “lost” water pipes. He could tell how deep and how much flow. He used wire rods (supposedly copper works better (conductive, you know)) and willow branches. I watched once as the user’s grip was so tight that as the willow turned downward, the bark stripped off the sticks.

For others, there’s the pendulum thing, which I use some myself. And I’ve been working on a mental form of it too. Still in progress and experimentation.

About here, you might be thinking “Alright, Ure, interesting stuff, but where’s the beef?  Why go learn something as arcane as dowsing when I have running water and the city where I live can find lost pipes electronically…”

Obviously a good prepping skill.  And yes, that’s all find and good, but how about $25,000?  That was enough “Loose change” to get reader Alan to send in this:


The following link provide plans for making dowsing rods.

The site owner, Carl Moreland also offers a $25,000 reward for proving that dowsing works. Carl is the engineering manager for White’s Electronics a metal detector manufacturer in Sweet Home, OR.

I don’t know about you, but $25-large is sure as hell plenty of incentive to go  make a few practice rounds about the yard and go looking at the fine price of “proving” this stuff.

America’s Blowing Up!

Robots Coming for Your Job!

Run from Street!

I keep telling anyone who will listen that the US is off on one of the most absurd, wrong-headed directions EVER with this whole “Tear down the walls” immigration push.

The idiocracy in Washington has managed to really put the nation under a pickle barrel on this one.  How?  It’s cute:

If we DON’T throw open the doors for immigration, we won’t have enough low-end working people to pay for the Social Security Ponzi Scheme in a few years.  There’s no “trust” fund, just a pile of intergovernmental IOU’s.

But, if we DO throw open the doors, there already aren’t enough jobs so as a result, the prevailing wages paid to ‘Merican workers will fall.  While taxes will have to rise.  Which sucks.

There just ain’t no happy ending to this one, my friend.

But that’s only one-half of what’s under the pickle barrel.  The other half that I’m constantly whining about is workforce automation.  And this morning’s epistles from Madison Avenue Mike included this one:

A California company’s mobile robot is intended to serve as a security tool, but some see it as an entry point to a post-privacy world and a threat to take over some low-paying jobs.

No doubt about it, another class of jobs is about to get whacked.

Look,; I’m not the brightest MBA in the bunch, but I can still fumble through an old-fashioned paper tape adding machine.  And let me outline the hard reality of the US situation this way:

Current unemployed US population nose count

PLUS:  Massive (idiotic) immigration

SUBTOTAL:  How many more unemployed

LESS:  Planned job growth   (there isn’t any, I’m being kind)

LESS:  Workforce automation which is  coming toward us full-tilt boogie (Robotics)

LESS:  Manufacturing impacts of  3D printing

LESS:  Continuing outflow of jobs to China, India, et alia

SUBTOTAL:  America’s employment and jobs picture will experience ever-higher levels of suckification, if I invent a descriptor for it.

So we rip that tape off the old machine and start another tape:

Current Public Debt to the Penny  ($17,217,151,645,105.86 on 11/29/2013)

PLUS:  Coming Taxpayer cost of immigration (welfare,housing subsidies, food stamps,  medical, yada ya

PLUS:  Taxpayer cost of immigration administration

PLUS:  Taxpayer cost of infinite quantitative fleecing

PLUS:  Continued budget deficit growth

PLUS:  Effects of higher interest rates (ergo higher borrowing cost

What the assembled multitude of 568 seem unable to wrap their feebles around is how math works.  It’s really quite simple.  You look at the collapse of jobs (tape #1) and then you look at costs (tape #2).

The difference between the tapes is going to be paid by whom?  Yowza, yowza…you and me!

I looked at this morning’s Public Debt number and where we were exactly one year ago:  The public debt is up 5.47% in just the past year.  And it was up 8.4% the year before that (2012 compared with 2011) and so forth.

Ah…Obama is winning the budget battle!” the True Believers sing.

Well, no, not entirely.  He’s reaping sizeable benefit of falling interest rates.

This morning, the population of this (formerly) Great Nation owes $54,282.41 for every man, woman and child present.  But as if that’s not bad enough, realize that when comes right down to it, the only people who really pay for things are the working people. That’d be the six dozen of us who still have jobs which have not been exported, immigrated, automated, or legislated into the toilet of history.

So, if you are one of the anointed few remaining gig-grippers, your portion of the federal debt this morning is $119,923.32.  (I generously didn’t back out government workers who don’t produce anything.  Well,  except the .mil types who do produce something; they’re in the business of producing dead people. And the post office which delivers bills….)

I realize that my anti-immigration thoughts might be characterized by some as “racist” but surprise, surprise, they are not.  I just have this sincere/dumb question about how it is that more lower-paid workers who will bring with them a higher social costs, is going to improve the debt load per person number for us workers? 

Is it not the job of the Assembled Multitude in Washington to fix such things?  To look ahead?  To be visionaries?  (Yeah, dream on…)  Is it a job requirement to run for office to be illiterate in math?

Answer me THAT and I’ll be pleased to reconsider my position.  But unless the dollars add up to something that makes sense and cents, I’ll continue to suggest we simply enforce laws that are already on the books.

Letting Mexico export its social ills to the US isn’t going to solve anything for them (per “Fix Your Own Shit/Not My Problem theory – FYOS/NMP) and it will create more problems for us…not the least of which is that  it looks to me like you’re gonna get stuck with the tab – along with your kids and ours.  Never mind California going Quebec on language which is a key element of “melting pot.”

Issues like immigration get people all wrapped around the axle because they are emotionally hot.  But every now and then I sit back with a calculator and a cup of coffee and ask “Does what we’re doing make sense numerically?

Not so far, as I score it.  Would someone please found the American Math Party?  I might as well be training cats.  Which gets me to…

Around the Ranch: Training Cats

I often assert that much of what happens in people’s lives happens mostly because they declare it will be so.  You know, you can assess someone by the fruits of their labors, kind of thing.

What occurred to me a while back is that we (pet owners) often “make” the personality of our pets.  So, I wondered, is it possible to train a cat to act like a dog.

Yesterday, Panama’s friend from church was over and we got to talking and I told her “Watch this…”

I gave a couple of whistles – just like you’d whistle for a dog and call it’s name – and straight away, along came Zeus the cat right on command.

imagePanama’s friend said she’d never seen anything like that in her life – a cat that comes like a dog when called – and then I showed off how Zeus is now drinking from a faucet, just like a well-socialized animal should be expected to.

Anyone can train a dog, the way I figure it.  Sit up, lay down, roll over, that kind of thing.  But training cats?  It does take a bit of doing, but it’s also very rewarding – not to mention surprising to people – when you make a little progress on it.

I’m not sure what the limit of cat training is…cats tend to want to lead rather than heal when walking, for example – and often as not, they will run off into the brush to hang out and investigate.  But, come to think of it, so will dogs. 

I’ve heard of cats that have even been trained to potty on a regular human commode and then flush when done.  But Z is an outside cat, and I don’t have the patience for that much training.

Still, if I figure if I can get the cat trained, I might work up to something a little harder.

I fancy the idea of training politicians to respond as well as my cat, when called. So far, they don’t.

Peoplenomics tomorrow (with our Trading Model Report Card) and then ya’ll come back here Thursday for more free fun and adventure around here… In the meantime, write when you break even…