Coping: With a Conversation with Higher Self

You’re dumber than a stick, George…”

My Higher Self was explaining things after a particularly nice night of entertaining and genuinely fun dreams involving people I know in this life, along with a few who have “passed the Great Divide” and moved to whatever is next.

The overnight Panavision/IMAX-like dream involved tourism on a strange world, car racing with what were similar to Dodge Chargers like the one in the Steve McQueen movie Bullitt back in the day, and travel that involved a hotel small town in a mountain range, gorgeous bridges over headwaters, widing highways beside a lazy river and…well, it was just amazing and cool.  The restrooms in the hotel were in the train station next door, but that was just a minor inconvenience…remembered riding that train from previous dreams.  It runs down to the lowlands….

The point is, you are looking for meaning when it is right in front of your stupid face!”

The Higher Self was being particularly harsh on me.  “Like what?”

Well, you aren’t “getting” the tie-in- the Balance – between the LBGT Movements and Immigration, for one.

The part you miss is this:  We have too many of what in the world?”


Bingo!  And the way the LBGT movement works as a global Balance is simple:  It allows for expressions of love – and even sex – but without the messy leftovers of children that result – because high divorce rates result in subsequent abandonment of children when marriages break up. 

And on the other side of the equation, the young people coming in from South America?  Well, they give us a chance to actually care for another class of young people that are being unloved.  So you see, there is a Balance going on here…it’s just that most people (and sadly you) often don’t see because you get so damn wrapped up in the emotional hot button crap. 

I can assure you that the way the Ruler of All works is pretty simple:  There is always a Balance if you look for it.

Think of it as Gravy…”

“What the hell does GRAVY have to do with anything?”  Sometime my Higher Self speaks in riddles and metaphors which is why we don’t talk very often.

“There are some things that we have to keep Balanced…and the amount of Love flowing around is one of them. 

What do you do when a couple of guest show up unexpectedly for dinner and you’ve made pot roast and you don’t have enough gravy?  How do you handle that?

“Tell ‘em to get lost?”  We don’t have many friends so the Higher Self example was really obscure.

You get some water, flower, and a bit of salt and you thin down the gravy.  Everyone get’s gravy and the small reduction in flavor is more than made up for by the love flowing around the dinner  table among friends, you see?”

“Hmmm…got to think on that one.  Any other complaints about my thinking or the column?”

Now that you mention it, yes.  You’re not understanding the progressive dispensation model.”

My Higher Self has long known that what the Religionists call Prophets come along every so often with bits of Great Understanding to pass along.  But invariably, these get turned into collection plates, conversions, and wars, though in no particular order.  So I asked the obvious:

“What’s your complaint about me not getting Progressive Dispensation?”

You haven’t figured out that if it works for spiritual conduct and rules of behavior, especially Love which is the organizing principle, that it also works with technology.  Doesn’t it seem a bit odd to you that there haven’t been a lot of legit spiritual leaders coming along and yet we have a zillion and one breakthroughs in Engineering?  You see?”

No…but then you started the name-calling saying I’m dumb as a stick…remember?”

“Well, that’s because you are, you dumb-shit!  Don’t feel too bad, most humans are, too, so you’re hardly exceptional.

The Ruler of All can’t just go back into Noah’s time and start building catamarans, GPS units and iPhones very well, now, could he?  We need periodic disasters in order to set the table for the next dinner that’s coming spiritually.”

“Prove it.”

Last night, didn’t Elaine mention Robert Felix’ book and about how at the time of magnetic pole reversals new forms of animal and plant life appear?  That was all about the Balance.  Humans destroy and then Love conquers all and everyone adapts…and if Humans want to be part of the future, then fine.  If not, then that will be arranged, too…””

“OK, I can see how Engineering is a kind of spiritual path…been on it myself.  So I get that and I know “the zone.”  But how come we can’t have things like Clean Energy and Anti-Gravity right now?”

I heard peels of laughter…so loud that it shook the house.  Elaine stirred in her sleep.

You aren’t ready for it, you dummy!  What are you doing tomorrow?

“I’m doing my biennial flight review…thought I would get it done earlier than scheduled because I haven’t been flying much and it’s a great way to keep sharp…”

“And if there was Anti-Gravity, you don’t have the infrastructure or computer horsepower to deal with it.  Look, you haven’t even got self-driving cars figured out…so lay back a bit and stop being so impatient.  Besides, one of the show-stoppers for anti-gravity –  one I know Ruler of All was kicking around for a while – continues to be all those overhead power and phone lines.

You’re not going to be ready for anti-gravity or a lot of other cool stuff like Life Extension out to 200 years, until you learn how to Love without screwing your brains out and popping unwanted kids all over the place. 

Remember what I said about Balance?  Go watch any of the Back to the Future movies…and in any of them, did they ever address the overhead power line issue, except in #1 with the Clock Tower…at which point the overhead was necessary?”

“OK, how are we going to get rid of power lines everywhere?”

“Within a year or three you will start to see Wall St., coming out with big money behind local solar and wind power.  The idea is you will sign up when you buy a house for a side-deal that will be a mortgage on $50,000 worth of installed solar equipment.  You will pay a Wall St company a discounted power bill rate.  And in return for that, they will put the equipment up and will feed any excess back into the grid.

That additional power will be used to charge electric cars and the new kinds of fuel cells that will be coming.  More like super-efficient batteries, but without the lead and lithium which are industrially ugly. 

Of course, this scares the power companies, and that is why the big press in many states to impose fees on small scale solar forerunners, like yourself, who already have solar.  They will have some success, but only briefly and then federal laws will come along that will outlaw grid-tie feed charges.

Once the power problems are solved, the wiring can go underground and by then you should have mostly electric and self driving cars and then we will be ready to release anti-gravity.

We’re not going to release it until you get the hardware ready, if you can follow that concept?  It’s like written on the front page of the anti-gravity software manual:  Requires hardware blah, blah, no drones of overhead power lines…

Still,  the dreams are still out there…and that’s part of the reason the movie Interstellar is being released.  We mention something in there about the motivation to go worm-holing…and that is eating the planet bare.  Which you are doing a really first-rate job of, we notice.

And that gets us back to the need for childless unions that still have Love, doesn’t it?”

“I gotta think about this.”

Think all you’d like.  The main reason for Churches was teaching people to read and a getting them comfortable with a solid vision of the future.  Now we’ve got the 6 o-clock news and movies…so you’re not going to get away from the flow we’ve got going. 

It’s just going to be whether you see the Great Balance and flow with it, or not.  Not everyone has to get it…the flow will carry them along whether they like it or not.

Doesn’t make any difference to Us.

Time to get up, Ure.  Don’t you have a column to write?”

Yeah… seems like all I do it write, write, sleep, write, anymore.  Thanks.”

“Take a break, we’ll send you a woo-wood story or two and a chance to help some people.  Shouldn’t take more than 10-minutes to write.  Think of it as a thank-you for getting a column right, for a change.”

The WoWW Story

Reader Chris’s report:

George I had a definite wuju moment last week. I was in Los Angeles CA on a business trip last week and on Wed or Thur I had a discussion with one of my coworkers about the rocket that exploded that was heading up to the space station. Later that night I had a dream where I was having a conversation with the same coworker where we were talking about the Virgin Atlantic space vehicle that exploded. Except the fact that it didn’t happen yet! The conversation seemed so real that when I saw him the next day at our meeting I asked him did we talk about the Virgin Atlantic vehicle exploding and he was like “What the hell are you talking about? We didn’t talk about that and that has never happened. I was like hmm I must have dreamed it. The next day we all got on planes and went home and then I think On Friday the Virgin Atlantic thing happened and my coworker called me and was like WTF are you F-ing serious? And I was like I know I am seriously weirded out about this. The thought that has been crossing my mind is remember all the Major Ed Dames remote viewing stuff? Well wasn’t one of the markers a spacecraft falling form the sky is when Nuclear war with South Korea is near? Makes you think?? But ya Im still weirded out about my dream.

Chris has had other dreams that have come true…to one degree, or another.  And a few that haven’t because they involve flashes of nuclear-powered light.  But an interesting tale, to be sure.

WoWW Two

From reader Karin…

Got a dandy woo for you btw-

Hubby and I are in hotel in St. Louis, on a sat night about a month ago. Had a dream that night that woke me (so scary). Dreamed we walked into our room and two really bad guys were there with guns, looking for hubby’s cousin. He has more than one, but I immediately thought of “Pete”. The door opened and there was another guy, but I was able to slip out the door and started running down the hall, and that’s when I woke up. (We haven’t seen “Pete” in 15-20 years.).

Told hubby about the dream the next morning, and we shook it off, although Hubby said probably “Pete”. We returned home, and Monday morning father-in-law calls and says, you won’t believe what happened Saturday night. (F-I-L hasn’t heard from Pete in ten years) “Pete’s” son showed up at our door in a panic. “Pete” is terminally ill, dying of lung and brain cancer, is completely desolate, (years of really hard living). They go get him admitted to the hospital, and now he’s just hanging on. Woo-woo!

(I also had a woo experience about Big Tex going up in flames, but that’s another story :-/

Anywho, the cosmos talks to us sometimes, heh? “

Yes…and occasionally in unwanted ways.  Speaking of which…

Follow-Up Note to Higher Self

“Hey!  You!”


“Yeah, you.  You didn’t mention finding that WoWW stuff  would involve 20-minutes of screwing around with the Outlook repair tool…or did you forget to mention that little detail?

“You really needed to get that done.  Remember…Balance!”

#$%^&*(RTYHujI_)(*R%TY!!!!!     And you know no one  is going to understand your LBGT/Balance rap and I’m gonna be flooded with “Bad George” emails, right?”

“You know…it’s like I said:  That’s why Ruler of All  stopped sending Prophets and switched to engineers.  They last longer.  Them and poets.  Got harp lessons…later dude.  Tah-tah…”


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