Coping: Was “2012” a Year Off?

From the “What IF Department:  Remember what was going on a year ago this weekend?  The world was supposed to end when the Mayan calendar flipped over.

Yet, if your eyes are open, you’ll notice that things are still here.  (If not, I’d be interested in how you’re reading this…)

HOWEVER, whether things will still be “normal” come February, well, that becomes a matter for a bit of speculation.

Let me run through this for you since I received a fascinating email from 2012 research & writer Patrick Geryl.  This email was titled “Mayan Doomsday = Ragnarok = February 22, 2014

Hi George,

This will interest everyone… Finally somebody who was able to find the real Mayan Long Count formula! Sorry if it is quite long…

The Mayan Long Count formula decoded at last!

Read down through (and including) the part of the post that begins “The Mayan Long Count is at most a good approximation….”  Once you’ve nibbled on that, then let’s pick up with Patrick’s email of this morning…

There will be a grand cross alignment on January 1, 2014… Uranus and Mars will form a straight line perpendicular to the alignment made by Jupiter-Pluto-Venus-Mercury-Moon-Sun-Earth!

Let me add to the alignment on January 1, 2014. Earth will be “crucified” by planets at four corners:
Venus, Moon, Sun, Mercury, Pluto on one corner with Jupiter at the opposite corner.
Perpendicular to the straight line alignment above, Uranus and Mars will form a straight line, with Uranus at one corner and Mars at the opposite corner.

Doomsday Sunspot Formed on 360 day Calendar round!

January 1, 2014 + 3 days = 357 + 3 = 360 days

This day is January 4!

= day Mayan doomsday sunspot is formed! See my publication on Facebook. Go to December 4: Solar Superstorms and Plantar Alignments.

This sunspot will start to grow rapidly from these Triple Line Ups:

January 17 – February 19, 2014: Triple Line Up Jupiter – Earth – Pluto

January 19 – March 21, 2014: Triple line Up Venus – Jupiter – Pluto
January 22- February 4, 2014: Triple Line Up Venus – Earth – Jupiter

26 – February 9, 2014: Triple Line Up Pluto – Venus -Earth


1.Carrington event possible from end of January 2014

2. Pole Shift somewhere in February 2014…

Pole Shift Date:

Adding 3 days, starting from January 1 we find 357 + 3 = 360 = formation Mayan Doomsday Sunspot. The Mayans worked with calendars from 360 days. 360 x 52 = 18720

Count 52 days from January 1… and you find = February 22! Same date like the end of the world from the Vikings, who got it from the Mayan during their trips to there…

Quoting Darkastrology

“Venus station retrograde December 21, 2013

Venus station direct December 31, 2013

Venus into the underworld January 1 – 16

Venus as morning star Lucifer from January 17… The day from the start of the Doomsday alignments: January 17 – February 19, 2014: Triple Line Up Jupiter – Earth – Pluto”

Last question remaining: What will happen on January 1? Mega – earthquake? Or something on the Sun? Or warning for the things to come?

All of which would be merely interesting except for one terrible fly in the ointment.  And if you’re a disaster porn addict, you probably have figured this out:

Remember when the remote viewers started talking about the “solar kill shot” which would happen shortly after the International Space Station was abandoned?

Now, while he hasn’t connected the dots, as I am proposingd here, an email from reader Mike H, who has been watching the spacewalks planned and the technical issues of the ISS is what raised the possibility in my mind…

George, Sure it sounds simple, but remember it is often simple things like the O-ring in the Space Shuttle’s Challenger disaster that are the ones that cause deaths.  If “it” does happen, as has been suggested, it will be a hell of a way to start 2014.

See this ABC snip on YouTube

So what’s one possible way 2014 could start?  This is only speculative, of course.  But consider…

  • A major earthquake (or solar event) right about January 1
  • Markets continue to rise anyway
  • Then, something happens with the ISS cooling system forcing it to be abandoned in late January or February.
  • And then a pole shift comes along on February 22.

Again, this is all HIGHLY speculative, but the future arrives in strange ways and when sincere researchers like Patrick have been looking at their data and asking “What did we get wrong?” there are a couple of answers which come to mind.

One of which, unpleasant enough to consider, is that they got everything right except for the calendar.  But, if you’ve read enough Anatoly Fomenko (History: Fiction or Science? (Chronology, No. 1) ) you’ll realize that the calendar dates which we take to be well-established facts may be considerably “off”.

And, if that, indeed, is the case, and we see that there might be some merit to the celestial events outlined by Patrick, there would be plenty of reason to at least keep an open eye toward developments in early 2014.

And, oh yes, let’s not forget the possibility of a major ramp-up in earthquakes around year’s end…Good research is good research – and the scale of calendar manipulation is something open to debate.

Readers Writers: Charles de la Grinch

Sent us a note about car buying…incensed that GM is thinking about NOT repaying $10-billion of rescue costs…

You were never sold a car by general motors because they were not selling you cars, they were selling you debt! they sold you the idea that you would promise to them that in the future you would dedicate so many hours of your personal monthly energy expenditures to general motors in other words part of your job was working for GM. Now that people at the top got tired of waiting for your wages to trickle into their pockets (their level of pay) they decided to steal your efforts thus leaving no room for profits and why the economy tanked, the thieves stole the money before it could revitalized the costs that GM incurred.

All of this has been a legalized embezzlement, they hid their crimes behind legislation, now because they hollowed out GM, GM can no longer pay for jobs, but even if the jobs were there GM could not pay its suppliers because everything is going to the executives first then the investors second (stock dividends) leaving nothing else to run a business. These geniuses are slowly destroying the very companies for which they are supposed to manage and this is why they need to be removed by Law in criminal indictments and never again permitted to rise to positions of trust. It is also the reason for the massive spying, the money is so thin that they need the spying to find more money to steal.

I’m gonna have to send him some BP meds for Christmas…it’s all part of the Grand Circular Global Corruption business model.  And the Beast has a life of its own.  We’re just walking food pellets.  Now, go buy a car.

The Fine Art of Radio News

Following up to our News on Fire story from yesterday:


   I LOVE the stories from your radio days…I spent about 16 years in radio, doing everything from continuity to sales and management…even did a talk show for a while.. My specialty was off the wall commercials… Amazing what you can do with sound effects…

      We used to torment the morning news guy regularly too…It’s GREAT sport… One time we had one of the new sales reps who was bountifully endowed come into the production booth, from the cold outside… She was wearing a sweater and was clearly braless… Now this guy was very sanctimonious, but you could tell that he wanted every female he saw…you’d get preached to and groped at the same time…  So in she comes while he’s reading a 5 minute segment of local news… steps around behind him…picks up the sweater and drops it over his head while shimmying her boobs all over his head… good for about 2 min of totally dead air.. haha…  We used to set the news on fire too… One time the anchor tossed the burning AP paper over his shoulder into OUR laps… grabbed the mike and adlibbed…. “A Dog exploded on Central ave today… There was no property damage, but four thousand fifty seven fleas were left homeless” kind of thing… Next time we just went in there and did his hair in little pickaninny braids with pink rubber bands.. He wore the new “do” all day… After a good bit of harrassment the morning guys demanded the management to put a curtain over the viewing window… they put the curtain on the OUTSIDE… so every so often, various body parts would be poked thru said curtain…  Then the suits took over, the fun ended and I changed jobs.. ha… Well you get the drift….

    Anyway, thanks for bringing in some of of those good mememories.


Amen to the accounting types ending great live radio.  Still to be found on a few pirate and low power FMs around the country, but going, going…..

Terms of Service

To: Customers of the National Bank of Mom and Dad (NBMD)

Enclosed herewith is your annual patronage check.  Although this is sometimes referenced by some of you as “My Christmas check” the timing of this distribution is (more or less) coincidental.

As you may recall, your account was acquired by the merger that created the present NBMD a number of years ago.  We acquired the liabilities of earlier mergers of various branches of  Egg Bank and Sperm Bank with different ownerships.

Under terms of the Child Reinvestment Act, we are required to make a nominal annual patronage payments in perpetuity to Full Retirement Age of NBMD which will occur in February of 2015. 

At that time, existing customers of NBMD will be expected to take up their own 100% debt servicing obligations. We hope to avoid early disbursement of your Final Distribution for as long as possible.

This year’s distribution is slightly smaller than last years.  Although there is reported to have been an economic recovery, we have seen little evidence of it, to date.

With the official termination of our CRI obligation in sight, February 2015, we have made only minor adjustments to your terms of service:

1.  You are no longer expected to begin calling out of the blue 31-days before estimated distribution dates.  These calls have declines as distributions have stabilized.

2.  You are expected to invest your distribution in goods or services which will increase your net worth over time.

3.  In calendar year 2014, estimated patronage distributions will be made as follows:

Single:  1X  the 2014  distribution when declared

Married:  1.5X declared distribution

Married with 1 Child:  2X declared distribution

Married with 2+ Children:  To be announced by NBMD board

Please note that the reward for children is high and take note of this when making birth control decisions.  However, unmarried parenting will be paid at the Single rate, or at set by the Board.

4.  Endorsing and depositing your patronage check is agreement to these terms and conditions.

Our Customer Service center will be open Christmas eve and on Christmas Day for your convenience, as always.


? ? ? ? [Shèngdàn L?orén]


Post Note:  Yes, it’s still me: S. Claus.  We are simply now required to sign all documents as required by our underwriters, a Chinese holding company.  Our new underwriters were not able to find a suitable translation of Donner and Blitzen, nor was there an applicable HR Code in the People’s Investment Army, so our reindeer were replaced by small footprint robotics. 

Their bourguignon, however, was excellent: Similar to the elk bourguignon we enjoyed at a castle in Colorado in our adventures this year.

And Then?

I called our Orkin office to find out if our annual contract included hum bugs.

They quickly asked if it was “Mr. Coholic calling, again, or is it Ben Noggin?”

Just as quickly, I hung up.

Enjoy the weekend frenzy, and come on back Monday.  And no wandering around the mall with mistletoe hanging from your belt, ya hear?  That’s already been done.