Coping: UrbanSurvival’s 2018 Book List (Part 1)

Today, I wanted to go through some of the books that I have read this year or which are still on my reading list.  People ask “What do you read?

My thinking  has always been that if you are going to be an interesting writer, you need to read extensively across a broad number of fields.  In what follows I give you the basics about the books this year with a few notes that may help guide you deciding which ones to put on your own reading list.

I have noticed that a lot of people do not have reading list and I think this is really a mistake.  I like to go through my Amazon purchase history at the end of each year, and judge what I have gotten from my money against how my thinking seems to be going.

I’m not going to put in links to buy all these on Amazon.  With Christmas coming, its too damn easy to over-buy.  I don’t want to be charged with link-baiting to make a buck…

Everything You Need to Ace Math in O Workman Publishing November 26.

This is a basic math book.  I am not a great mathematician; in fact a rather dismal one.  Getting through business school was not a problem when it came to the thinking in abstract terms.  But it was problematic on some of the heavier-duty math.  As a result, on my reading list, you will see a number of math books and these are mainly to keep me remembering things that I will probably never need again in this lifetime.

Sous Vide Cookbook: The Complete S Michelle Dorrance November 25.

Remember that article recently about this new French cooking style that has become the rave?  Well, when I write an article.  I generally walk the talk.  Or eat it,  And so this cookbook is part of my research that will continue on into 2019 at our dinner table.

Atlantis Found (A Dirk Pitt Novel) (Dirk Clive Cussler) November 19

Clive Cussler is an amazing novelist.  Not only is he prolific, but his Dirk Pitt series is exceptionally well structured.  He has defined an entire genre.  In fact, if you have read my novel, DreamOver, you will remember that there is a tribute to Clive Cussler as one of the best adventure writers you can spend time with.

What To Say When You Talk To Your Self Shad Helmstetter November 11

Shad Helmsteller’s book is very good for people like me who are too hard on themselves.  There is a little voice in your head that we all listen to, to one-degree or another.  But if that little voice gets to be unkind or excessively harsh learning to say the right things in your self talk is very valuable.

Calling Things That Are Not Charles Capps November 11 space.

Metaphysics?  You bet!  One of my studies this year has been into the secret science of how to manifest things in your life.  Not that I am unhappy; hardly so.  I have an incredibly rich life, loving wife, and all of the other accoutrements that most people would judge as success.  That said, however, there is always room for improvement.  This is one of those books that deals with why some prayers work while other prayers, do not  Mind you, my readings in this field have not been from the standpoint of one particular religion.  Instead, what I have been reading for our insights into the templates.  That is, the nature of how such petitions to the central forces of the Universe should be structured.

The Great Depression: A Captivating Captivating History November 7.

This was a street-level book about the actual lives people lived during the Great Depression.  While I have read extensively on the topic, a lot of what I read has to do with the economic underpinnings.  In other words, what went wrong and what went right from the dollars and cents, or from a rates and returns point of view.  There is this a whole other dimension and you can get into it by looking at the day-to-day lifestyle experiences that real people, like you and me, went through back during the hardest times in America’s history.

Scottish Fairy and Folk Tales George Douglas November 1.

Quirky.  That is a good description for this book and there is an interesting tale behind.  One afternoon, Elaine and I were out walking around and we happen to go through our old goat barn.  It is really nothing more than a four post lean to building about 12’ x 12’.  But in the middle of this we saw a rather remarkable circular growth of vegetation.  I recall reading someplace in my ancient past that this might be a fairy circle.  In one, when a fairy circle shows up, there are certain rituals you are supposed to do.  One of which is leaving a shot of a pretty good alcoholic beverage around the base of the nearest tree  which ferries are believed to inhabit.  But wait!  That sounds a little bit crazy.  So let us read up a bit on the history and see if there is any reason to be buying off the wood nymphs with high-priced booze….I mean, why share the good stuff, right?

Shop Class as Soulcraft: An Inquiry int Matthew B. Crawford October 19

I share with you a terrible personal loss that America has become a second rate power because we have lost our previous abilities to actually make things.  This book documents the decline not just of industrial arts where kids used to learn woodworking, metalworking, even cookery, as part of their routine K-12 education.  This is more about the hands-on.  How picking up a hand tool can connect at a very visceral down in the soul level and you will feel much better for the experience.  To have a soul is to make

The Premonition Code: The Science of Theresa Cheung October 15.

This book is about seeing the future.  Since the book came from scientists at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, I thought it would be a delightful addition to Dean Radin’s work.  Sorry to say, while it is interesting and loaded with statistics, I did not get too much in the way of help advancing my own personal sensitivities.  If you are looking for a workbook that you can go through and actually hone your psychic ability skills, there are some ideas in here, but not enough to necessarily make it worth pushing to the top of your reading list.  On the other hand, if you are skeptical about this other realm of psychic abilities some of us enjoy, shove the book up to the top of the list because there are enough statistics in here to drown even the most powerful psi skeptic.

The Miracle Club: How Thoughts Beco Mitch Horowitz October 15.

Even though I am on the final stretch to 70 years old, self-improvement continues to be a major infatuation of mine.  I am always interested in stories about how people confront obstacles in their lives, work out solutions, and successfully move on to new heights of personal achievement.  It is good stuff.

The Cyber Risk Handbook: Creating a Domenic Antonucci October 10.

I may have mentioned – in fact, I am sure I have on a number of occasions – that I do get involved in occasional consulting projects.  One of those  I am presently involved in, has to do with a specialized type of insurance related to cyber risk.  This is rather technical book, not something you would bother reading unless you really want to be at the top of your game in terms of either insuring for business risk or managing exposure as an IT director.  It also ain’t cheap at just under 50 bucks.

Ten Metaphysical Secrets of Manifestin Goi Jr. October 9.

As before, we keep looking for different formulas and secrets in order to make our lives better.  There are certain practices that can help and this is an interesting list to work on.

Predictable Revenue: Turn Your Busin Aaron Ross October 3

Back to consulting.  As subscribers know, I wrote a book some years back called the Best Book Ever about Sales.  In it, I go through the traditional prospect, qualify, demonstrate, overcome objections, close… your typical sales funnel.   In my consulting gig, I  got interested in a videoconference at the end of September when this book came up in a marketing discussion.  Essentially, it is about a multistage approach to the sales funnel.  E.G., it does not use a single salesperson running all clients through the sales funnel all by themselves.  Instead, the approach is to use specialists at different stages of the funnel as well as different media and presentation styles to arrive at a better closing rate.  It sounds complicated when you try to write it, but when comes down to practice, its just adding the obvious dimensions to the already well-described sales funnel.

Receiving Antennas for the Radio Ama P. Nichols (KL7AJ) September 27.

As part of our “Project Big Ears” I Did A Lot Of Extensive Reading, Including review of the American Radio Relay League’s Antenna Handbook and this gem by an Alaskan ham who, like us, has plenty of real estate to try out some great ideas.  If you live in a condominium or condo-Nazis inhabit your HOA, so sorry!  People so constrained may not enjoy reading this as much as if you have 30 or 40 acres and many miles of fence wire to play with.

Your Quantum Breakthrough Code Sandra Anne Taylor September 3

More metaphysical research.  Useful?  So so.  I am a bit of a literalist, so when someone says Your Quantum Breakthrough Code to me,  I expect something that is like a coupon code you check out with at Harbor Freight.  Something I can just plug and play.  Not so much.

The Big Book of Stock Trading Strategies Matthew R. Kratter August 30

Most of these I already knew, but it never hurts to go through the data, looking for new approaches and see what other people are getting from their study of still other people.

Windows 10: 2018 User Manual to Lea Alexa Winter August 30

Always Looking for New Ways to Use the Computer More Effectively.  Putting a computer book or two on your list to go through and ask “did I know that?” on a regular basis is a useful investment of time.

Hoover: An Extraordinary Life in Extrao Kenneth Whyte August 28.

Tracking modern parallels to the 1929.,  I have been fascinated to figure in-advance who will be left holding the bag when the whole financial system falls apart. Which explains being fascinated with Pres. Herbert Hoover.

In many ways Hoover had the same personality traits as Donald Trump.  Not only that, but Hoover was diddling around with trade and tariffs during his early time in office.  As conditions in America began to deteriorate and the social pendulum began to swing, Hooverville’s came up in many areas, including in Washington DC.  The homeless encampments around America and the vociferous anti-Trump bashing that we see, not only in the streets but also in these sympathetic press, remind us that the times are not that different now, in terms of the social mood, than they were back then.

The New DXer’s Handbook – Second E Bryce K. Anderson August 27.

DX is the fine pursuit of faraway distant ham radio contact.  Herein are lots of secrets on how to do this well and efficiently.  Other than getting up in the middle of the night.  There are new tools that did not exist when I was cutting my teeth on DX back in the 1960s.  How to effectively use a DX cluster on the Interne, for example. I’m a pre-chipper, huh?  Proudly!

Another thing that has changed is how difficult it is to get certain countries to confirm their contact with American stations.  In order to get prestigious awards like the DX Century Club – DXCC – award, it helps to study the field a bit and figure out all the shortcuts to make your pursuit of the award as efficient as possible.

Hybrid Woodworking: Blending Power Marc Spagnuolo August 22

I love hand woodworking tools.  Unfortunately, they are ridiculously slow when compared with faster machines like planers or table saws and routers.  This is a book that gets into the Zen of mixing the hand tool part and the machine part in a way that enables a person to express craftsmanship and lots of hands-on contact with the project.  Yet, at the same time, it does not get rid of the machine tools which can make a lot of otherwise boring or long-duration processes very efficient.  Damn good book.

Woodworking Collection: Wood Pallets Nathan Bass August 22

Every once in a while you pick up a book and you do not have a lot of time for reading between the through a couple of ideas in your head that you can maybe pull out sometime down the road.  Math books are one of the categories where this is true. Another, strangely enough, is woodworking.  There is always another way to cut something with a chisel, or to file or reduce material thickness or new ways to fasten things to the bench.  When you go through a book like it’s not so much ready as fishing for technique that you can steal to employ on your own projects with great success.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A …Manson  August 16

If you find yourself taking life to seriously put this one at the top of your list.  It is one of the finest attitudinal adjustments you can get short of going to a mental chiropractor to get something from the dispensary.  Or, save the money and buy some sativa.  Wait!  I meant stevia, lol…

The Signal and the Noise: Why So Ma Nate Silver August 11.

I was hoping this would be a more general book than it turned out to be.  When I got it and started going through it I found it was too narrow in scope and did not follow our philosophy of extensibility into all fields to the degree that I had hoped.  Yes, you can read it.  However, no, it is not exciting.

The Simple Secrets of Mental Training: Raza Imam July 28.

This was a quick read and there were some interesting parts to it.  Unfortunately, I found myself still under skilled and undisciplined at the end of it.

The Personal MBA: Master the Art of B Josh Kaufman July 26.

Another book in keeping with our “Once you get a degree, keep studying the field” philosophy of life-long education.  Since I got my Masters in the late 1990s, the world has changed a bit.  I miss my fax machine.  I remember having a secretary….  Oh sure the game is still all about making money, but nowadays, you don’t need as many of those inconvenient people units.  Yes sir, thanks to modern efficiency, we can now fire an entire division with one click.

God, ain’t this progress, or what?

Part 2 of this debacle will appear Wednesday….

Write when you get time…

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25 thoughts on “Coping: UrbanSurvival’s 2018 Book List (Part 1)”

  1. “remember having a secretary”

    G, I’ll bet taking dicktation just ain’t the same with a machine, versus a real, live person!

    or how about this oldie…”I work on Tuesday….she’s my secretary!

    ohh I can already hear the groans!

    • No groans, just wishful longing. People need to market happiness, not things. Things, such as tools, can help with accomplishment, but that’s different from true happiness.

      Sex and drugs are demonized, but handled properly, they’re the keys to the kingdom of joy. Once you get there, you’ll be able to appreciate a whole new dimension of God-consciousness and awe.

    • George,

      As the editor of the comments I have two questions for you:

      How does this sexual innuendo post add to the conversation?

      Can you take a moment to realize that these comments equate female secretarial work with prostitution, and that some of your readers might find this highly offensive?

      • a name…

        Just sit back and think about it for a few moments….

        “equate female secretarial work with prostitution”

        Each and every single one of us whether it be a secretary.. a welder.. a mechanic.. a policeman… pick any subject any career .. we sell ourselves for money or goods.. the same goes for slavery.. the more money you are paid by an employer the crapier they will treat you longer hours mandatory work sessions etc etc… the reason.. they know you are not going to go out and leap into another career with those benefits anytime soon..
        that is how Congress is bought and sold controlled and pimped out.. they sell themselves for incomes… oh gifts… way more than any high roller prostitute..I of course have absolutely no confidence in our legislators.. at all..

        child labor.. I had my first job at twelve.. and that wasn’t farm or yard work.. if you take that into perspective i was a lot younger.

        I think that is one reason why young ladies are willing to trade quality part time in exchange for a few books.. or maybe enough to pay their rent or food.. or part of their tuition.. a couple thousand in books will save them twenty or more thousand later on in their career.. and really .. get a hamburger and a cold drink for the same thing ..or compromise your principles and get school books or college assistance.. colleges should be publicly funded in my opinion..

        after the last great depression industrialists decided that having someone like Adolph was not a good thing.. and since there was the huge battle over Social Security..

        good lord they sure cried over that because it took the thumb off of the backs of the common laborer and their children that were suppose to be the ones they leaned on in old age..( digressing when I first started as an orderly part time it was a position that was not paid for.. you donated your time and energy.. you worked besides the daughters and sons of the patients.The pastor would get up on sunday and say so and so’s mom or dad is at.. and they sure could use some help there..even in 1990 you only made three dollars or a few cents less an hour and they still were getting donated help from the prisons and mental hospitals..just in case you were curious.)
        and made it so that greedy industrialists would have to contribute to a partial retirement fund.. but the good industrialists seen that by taking smaller profits and treating the employees like their crazy uncle harry or aunt sister sue etc.. that the employees wouldn’t feel like they were slaves to them..( DJT comes under this heading loved by his employees that feel he is accessible to them on anything.. I would have been proud to work for him..).. my fathers employer..( the colonel heck if I know his real name huge guy in multi national business..knew each of my siblings by name.. would stop visit even help.. my father was a delivery man and he had thousands and thousands of employees)

        if you are working for an employer.. then you are basically selling yourself for money.. the more money he pays you.. the more he will demand from you.. I would tell you about the govt. employer that required a BJ from the women if they wanted to advance .. but that would take another sheet of paper..and me quitting that position was probably one of the worst mistakes I ever did.. but then.. I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to work and wear the hats of so many different positions through the years..

      • Ha! Well, sex is part of life. Might as well accept that Physical attraction is how life continues. God made it enjoyable so we would do it. Lol

        Also, all comments are data. Every word posted by everyone , even George and this one as well by me is Data.

        As we see an up tick in comments that are based in slang or innuendos in the category of “sex” or “physical pleasure” in “activity” we note that there is also a subconscious leak occuring… which can enable us to view the current trajectory of the world.

        Its not like eye didnt see it coming. Just a few days ago we were discussing the earth shake that the world is currently going through. And the big quake in Anchorage. Which i saw but didnt post. (I dont post every thing EYE SEE). All of which cross references to that bible verse “the beginning of birth pains.” Now ya cant have birth pains without…. thats right! Sex!

        A few days later, we note an uptick in further language that is hot, in sexual innuendos. Juxtaposed to “birth pains”

        Earthquake and shake are seemingly unrelated to sexual talk, however they are curtently juxtaposed.

        It is no secret that many here on georges site/sight are gifted empaths and intuitively sensitive.

        So, do we cast out the data because it doesnt agree with us on a moral level, or take a moment to step back, give thought to what the underlining message from the universe is??? Collectively we are moving up and down,
        In and out (ebbs and flows) at the macro level of this (scociety) of urban survival. Seemingly just havinga conversation or many conversations.. however, within those words holds the key!!!! That points to the future. I know that sounds absolutely like Bull crap! But im telling ya the truth!

        As was stated a few days ago in my comment. The languge context of George and that of the commenters has shifted, noticeably! I see it as plane/plain as the day is long.

        Please take a moment for yourself. What is this really telling me? More earth quakes to continue? A scandle in the news is about to unfold/apear? Are these pre echos to an event that has yet to unfold? Or is this residual echos of an event that has already unfolded. Remember in a cave if you yell hello. Its heard eventually at the both ends of the cave simultaneously in the form of echos. No matter what point you are currently located in the cave. If you are in the center, there will be echos at the mouth or opening and echos at the end of the cave. Now you as the yeller of ‘hello” are the EVENT. Same rule applys when seeing the future. Capiche?

        I think its pre-echos. Closer to the mouth. And Because it is in the form of slang, verses technical or scientific language data, i FEEL it is an emotionally charged sexual scandal involving children or rape that is about to be brought to light in the near future. However it is juxtoposed to earth movments and in that there is some scientific language. Hmmm…

        See if i can explane this in as simple of terms as possible. You see or hear the word Ace like 20 times in a week. Neighor guy calls his son ace, you see a show about the flying aces on TV later that day and in rhe morning you read a news story about a police dog named Ace trapped a criminal etc. Etc
        You notice “Ace” but what does it mean? Is it the Death card in tarot? Which means transformation? Or something else? Then a week goes by no ace. You shrugg it off as nothing. Then out of the blue friend invites you to a night out at the casino. You decide to go, you are playing cards and all the sudden it hits you as you and one other person are left at the table playing texas hold em. There is a pair of queens showing and you have a queen and an a ace down. There is one card left to turn. The other player goes all in and calls you. I mean this guy pushes several large stacks of chips in and has a look of certainty on his face! You think Ace! And go all in and call him.The card is turned and guess what its an Ace!!!!!!! You have a “full boat” ladies and aces winning a $1000 pot!

        Make sense? Data is just data. It is hard to not take it personally when its emotionally charged hot words! Know that from my own experience. But as was stated in my comment. Its not all about me. And its not all about you.

        So, take it FWIW. OR just read the comments and get only 1 maybe 2 layers of whats really being said. Fold and loose a $1000 pot. ;) or step back and say to yourself whats up with the noticible shift in language on Urban Survival? Where the gifted minds there are Collectively shifting in language topic and context. From hard language to malable slang. What is this telling me?

      • the comment was also off the cuff and of poor judgement.. but a common one made daily.. Heck I say things that I regret all the time..

  2. George

    ” I am not a great mathematician”, neither am I but I know why.

    I never was great at math in high school, just average. When I went to collage after my military years I started to do better. I found that the teacher really made the difference. If a grad student was teaching I got A’s and B’s and understood a lot more of the material. If a Phd was the instructor I got C’s and a pile of useless info. The Phd’s seemed to be their to impress everybody with their brilliance. Phd = pile it higher and deeper! Finding the right teacher for any subject is the key. Those rare people who can break down the subject into understandable bits and pieces are worth their weight in gold!

    George you are one of those people !!!

    • Rocket Mike, TOTALLY Agree!!!! “Teachers who can break down subject into understandable bits and pieces are their weight in gold.” My high school years did not produce stellar grades. Teachers were bored, tired, or worn out, not sure which, but force fed material just to get through the curriculum. When a question was asked requiring some depth to explain, was told,

      1) Did you read Chapter X in the book? You are in grade 12, you should know this material by now!

      2) It should be intuitively obvious to you.

      3) We are not here to teach you material you should have learned in grade 9.

      All BS to avoid the fact they didn’t know or understand the subject themselves!

      Grade 12 physics was challenging, but it became a stellar subject for me. We got a new teacher, who had a degree in Physical Education. (A jock). His first opening line was, “I have a degree in physical education and I really don’t know much about physics! What we will do, we will learn together what this is all about. If there is something we don’t understand or can’t explain, I know a physics professor at university who I will consult with.”

      It worked! On some problems we stayed a couple hours after school to puzzle through what
      the heck was going on. Problems we could not solve as a group, he did see the university prof and found out what was going on. He had to understand it, so he could explain it to us in understandable bits. I passed with an A.

      I was fortunate enough to attend a brand new junior college where professors were young, energetic, and enjoyed what they were doing. They knew their “stuff” and knew how to deliver it. Got a 3.2 GPA (it wasn’t in basket weaving either). Credits transferred to a major university where I succeeded in obtaining a degree.

      Luck was on my side again, because most profs at university in addition to teaching, were also consultants for some major companies/institutions. (they were in their late forties and seasoned professionals) Most notable being a prof that was part of a team designing Mariner 4 com system, first ever close up pictures taken of planet MARS.

      Data transmitted to earth at a power level of 8 watts. To improve signal/noise ratio where transmission could be received, data was sent over a VERY narrow bandwidth, hence the slow bit rate. The prof detailed the mathematics behind all of this. It was remarkable!
      Back to teaching, when Bush brought in “No Child left Behind.”

      I was quite skeptical about this. I saw it as a political photo-op to gain some media attention on a serious problem the nation had. From my experience, there are two types of teachers, those that learn by “rote” and those that take the effort to understand what is going on.

      Not that rote learning is useless, it does have its place, but students being exposed to a new area of study should be taught by teachers that know what is going on. They are familiar with the learning process required to gain understanding how things work and are best to teach others how to get there. After all, they had the same struggles new students will have to go through, to gain the understanding required in the subject. Because the program “No Child Left behind” was a political photo-op, it did not go far enough in program delivery to address details that would make the program a success. It was left to languish on the alter of political expediency.

      As quoted by Aristotle, “Fate of Empires depends on the Education of Youth.”

      To that end we have failed!

    • Amen to the teacher/teaching method making a difference.

      Long time ago I was trying to go to night school at a university I won’t mention. Came out of beginning calculus with a C-. Had no real idea what I was doing.

      A few months later decided to audit essentially the same course at night at a technical college. The prof was a PhD in physics who had himself had difficulty with math.

      I learned more in that first night at the tech college than in an entire quarter at the university. I went in to see the administrators the next day to try to change from audit to credit. They would not let me. A shame — I made a A.

    • “FEAR” is an attempt by Woodward to resurect his career with the truth as he sees & manufactures it. What does that mean…FAKE NEWS. Woodard is an author in the vien that Jamal Khashoggi is a Washington Post journalist when, in effect, Woodard & Khashoggi are just terrorists.

      Question: When is a book of innuendos & lies considered the truth.
      Answer: When it is about President Trump.

      If the left could get on board, PT could bring this country to even greater heights. Unfortunately, the left would rather destroy this country, & keep the inbred in charge.

      • The entire book by a great Pulitzer Prize winner is anything but fake. He would not allow integrity will not be tarnished like that, so he recorded each and every conversation he had and those words appear in this book.

        You are scaring me ECS…I don’t know Whether you are serious or not…Calling Khashoggi a terrorist is horrible beyond words, but a national treasure like Bob Woodward?

        Tell me you are just joking?

  3. Regarding your selection of the ‘street-level’ book about the Great Depression – the best author I found who does this kind of book was Studs Terkel (hope I spelled that right). He wrote books like ‘ Working’, and ‘American Dreams Lost, American Dreams Found’. Gone on now, but he was so good collecting stories from people.

  4. Regarding your booklist selection about the street-level view of the Great Depression – one of the best authors for this kind of book was Studs Terkel, who wrote such books as ‘Working’ and ‘American Dreams Lost, American Dreams Found’.

  5. Good stuff dude. Food for thought. I may even check out a few.

    I just got the absolutely best phone call i have gotten in a loong looooong time.

    A guy i worked with 6 years ago called me (i have had the same cell number for over 20 years) and told me that we won! I said excuse me???? He said rememeber when we worked together fot XYZ Company??? I said yeah. He said all that work we did for the city of seattle? I said yeah… vaguely… working 6 days a week 12 hour days if i rememeber right? He said yep! Thats the one. We worked it for 6 months.

    Well remember how much the company was paying us? I said nope. He said well the company was paying us $28 and the job was a prevailing wage job. $55.60 an hour, plus all our ovetime was paid at a base rate of $28. Well L&I won the dispute and the company has to pay us all the wage discrepancies and overtime difference and $10,000 in damages to each and and every employee on top of that!!!!!!
    He said im calling ya so the attorney has a current address to mail your check to you! You should get it within 5-10 buisness days!!!!!!

    Hahahhahahahahahahahahah! I said are you F-ing kidding me????!! He said nope! Honest to Gods truth!!!!

    Hell yeah! Good Karma strikes again! Made my whole month!

    Hahhahahahahaha! Today is a damn good day!

  6. Last night on Art Bell replay, Art had as his guest Ted Wright, who lived thru the London bombings by Germany. He was promoting his below new book that could only be bought by calling an 800 number (no Amazon ). I bought a copy offered on Amazon, since it is no longer 1993. I was interested in digging out the side of a hill to build a survival shelter.

    “Wright’s Complete Disaster Survival Manual: How to Prepare for Earthquakes, Floods, Tornadoes, & Other Natural Disasters Paperback – July 1, 1993 by Ted Wright  (Author)”

  7. Ernest Holmes, the founder of Religious Science or Science of Mind has at least one book related directly to effective prayer structure .

    The theme of proper phrasing and structure is central to his belief that thoughts are things and the basis of all creation.

    I think some find this work more New Age than biblical but Holmes does use many bible references to base his teachings on.

  8. Alien interview deluxe/ Deluxe Study Edition

    Edited by Lawrence R Spencer author of The Oz factors

    Based on documents provided by:

    Matilda O’Donnell MacElroy

    The essential companion for the study of the letters and notes of Matilda O’Donnell MacElroy and the top secret official transcripts of the US Army Air Force published in this book, ” alien interview

    Printed in the United States of America first edition printing 2009 ISBN colon +978-055-713-0740

    It’s a great f****** book

    It’s mind-blowing.

    And it changed everything.

    Filling in the glaring holes and present cosmology.

    One of the most important pieces of EXO political evidence. It will hit you on an almost visceral level.

    It will put so much understanding into your life.

    Perhaps the most important material ever to emerge into view in the entire history of planet Earth.

    We asked as fools who know not our own spirit

    Where are the hidden traces left by the Gods

    What greater brutality can be inflicted on anyone then to erase or deny the spiritual awareness identity ability and memory that is the essence of oneself.

    Vested interest:

    A survival or non survival plan or agenda which has been close to make it seem like something other than what it actually is.

    Any person group or entity which prevents or controls communication to serve their own purposes, (plans or agenda).


    An enigma or problem involving Paradox or apparent contradiction.

    Profound, inexplicable, or secretive quality or character


    The mystery of UFOs and extraterrestrials

    Matilda O’Donnell MacElroy biographical information

    This book has 342 pages and it’s written like my big Bible .
    with all the footnotes.

    May all beings be lovingly fulfilled financially fulfilled and readily fulfilled so be it

  9. You still holding that short in what might be a B wave rally up George ?? Trading an EW 4th wave can be a humbling experience.

  10. reading list.. Unfortunately I’m a grab and go..except the three I’m reading right now or at any one point in time ..
    I do love philosophy and read a lot of the ancient texts..I believe they should be a mandatory read every year for everyone ..then reflect on them..seems I pick up new thoughts every time I read them. Journals studies and reports I don’t count them.
    Average is fifteen to twenty books a month..

  11. “The Miracle Club: How Thoughts Become Reality” is already on my ‘to buy’ list. A related book I recently added to the ‘buy’ list is: High Magick: A Guide to the Spiritual Practices That Saved My Life on Death Row”, by Damien Echols.

    The book cover was a huge turn-off for me. His arms are shown completely covered in tattoos of esoteric symbols. However, his use of the term ‘Spiritual Practices’ intrigued me, so I looked around the Internet for his story and watched a couple of his videos on YouTube. I came away with a real desire to hear more of what this fellow has to say.

  12. Hi, George,

    I would like to add several books to your fine list.

    The Making of the Atomic Bomb by Richard Rhodes
    To Dare/To Conquer by Derek Leebaert
    The Worst Hard Times by Timothy Egan
    The Great Influenza by John M. Barry
    U.S.S Seawolf by Patrich Robinson
    The Prize by Daniel Yergin
    Dark Alliance by Gary Webb
    Command and Control by Eric Schlosser
    Relentless Strike by Sean Naylor
    the four book volume of How Things Work
    as well as the many books on spies, history, wars, submarines, gemstones, and geology that are too numerous to mention. Thanks.

  13. Replying to the sexual comments posts at the bottom because I can no longer post to that thread……..

    I developed leather ears, and did my best to ignore and shrug off the daily sexual comments directed at, or voiced around me, during the course of decades of work, in mostly office settings.

    Allow me to create a story for men that somewhat parallels my experience with the denigrating, emotionally eroding pressures of sexual jokes in the workplace.

    Let’s say John just got his first good job after college. John has a fine physique and is good-looking. He is also quite competent at what he has been hired to do.

    Things go well for a few weeks. Then, a mid-level manager begins to make odd little sarcastic comments. John is not sure at first what the manager is trying to do, but it puts John off balance, and wary of the manager. After a few days of sporadic comments it becomes clear that the mid-level manager is trying to ‘take him down a notch’ by making the other workers think that John has a small penis. Now nothing could be further from the truth, but the joke has taken on a life of its own and is eroding John’s effectiveness in meetings and with other workers. They make subtle hand gestures near their groin when he is speaking.

    Exasperated, John decides to be more demonstrative of his appendage at the urinal to show he definitely does not have a small penis. The reaction of the manager is to begin to use the word ‘extension’, with emphasis, whenever John is around.

    John begins to realize he can’t win and starts to look for another job. He readily finds another job and leaves his present one in disgust, glad to be rid of it, even though the actual work was a good fit for his abilities and future plans.

    Things go well on this new job for a few weeks, when out of the blue a senior employee who has management’s ear, begins to make digs about John’s sexual orientation, intimating that he is gay. Once again, nothing could be further from the truth. Since the owners are a religiously conservative family these digs are pure poison to John’s hope of advancement.

    John is beginning to lose his youthful confidence and become more withdrawn and suspicious. He is considering psychotherapy to understand what is happening to him. What is happening is that people in power positions are making sure John does not gain enough power of his own on the job to usurp them.

    So… for you guys who can’t “put yourself in someone else’s shoes” even if your life depended on it, here are some situations that happen to women on the job every single day.

    Sofia is a beautiful young woman with large breasts. She can code with the best, fix your computer, and goes rock climbing on weekends. However, men have the perception that large breasts mean a dumb mind in a body good only for ‘horizontal action’. She has great difficulty being taken seriously on the job. She is strongly considering breast reduction surgery just to further her career.

    Emma is an attractive new hire recently out of college. She is trying to focus on the job. All the guys think she is hot. Over beers after work they fantasize about her sexploits. Joe, her manager, gets wind of her “loose morals” and decides to hit her up for a little action in the storage room. She resists. He persists. She gets pregnant. Or in another scenario, he gets a black eye and she gets fired. She loses big time due to ‘beer talk’.

    Sharon puts in extra time and effort at her new job. She has no obvious sexual harassment problems. However, she begins to realize there is a toxic anti-woman culture brewing because she catches chunks of conversations around a particular boss who appears to think all “women are sluts” and “good only for f__king and squeezing out rug rats”. Sharon pulls back on the extra effort and begins to look for another job. Sharon and the company both lose because of an idiot misogynistic manager.

    Sex talk on the job is almost never “no harm – no victim”. Workplaces are places where some people have considerable power over others. Sexual slander is a difficult thing to fight, and a powerful tool of manipulation.

    I did not want to write this post, but I did not want to let it go when two of you essentially told me that what I thought I saw was not what was really there, and a third excused the offensive post as a common one made daily.

    Hiding the sausage indeed……..

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