Coping: Trouble for Climate/Made-Up Industries

(Gig Harbor, WA)  Yes, we’re up in the Seattle area.

And (in what we can only take as a sure sign of climate change) it rained overnight.

In the hinterlands south of Seattle of all places.  (I speak in jest, of course.)

Not rained like in Phoenix where there were floods this week.

Or the rain in Las Vegas this morning….

Or rain like in Los Angeles which is doing its best to break the drought.

Or the flooding in India and Pakistan that has just claimed 400 lives.

Or in Montana where fall’s coming early…

As this website reports, “climate change/ global warming” has been on break now for 17-years and 11 months and the smart money is on 19-years of no climate change.

Another sure-fire indicator of climate/global warming would have to be forest fires.  You know, the kind of sulfur and brimstone stuff which envisioned great firestorms in the West and clouds of smoke that would turn Earth into a mini-Venus.

Just one problem:  No sign of them either.

We could see the climate-change-mongers were in trouble a couple of weeks back when the word of ice packs actually getting thicker started to leak out.

But maybe that’s to be expected:  After all, it’s a common problem while boiling the perfect 3-minute egg to have the pan sudden freeze-over, isn’t it?

Meantime, we wish smooth shoveling to chief programmer Grady who is really the cause of the Canada’s early snowfall this year:  He bought a motorcycle recently and everyone knows that two-wheelers are to snow what car washes are to rain.

There is a point to watching climate change, however, that most people miss.  I’m going to share a theory with you.

In this theory, imagine that we live in a world where we have just “run out of real work.”

Oh, sure, we still need farmers and such, but with textbooks now going electronic and with barriers to entry for all kinds of product falling, imagine a whole new generation of Minimalists coming along (buying small cars, renting rooms from friends, not buying McMansions, and all the rest of it.  What have you got?

Surely you can’t retool the economic system to the degree needed to redistribute and raise lifestyles because the banksters wouldn’t stand for it.  So you need something else…some new ways to make up work.

    • Climate Change
    • Immigration/.open borders
    • The LBGT movement
    • New religionists & jihadists
    • Terrorism
    • Environmental protection

    Under each of these headings I discern job creation.  Climatologists, guardians, new club owners and researchers, ISIS, DHS, EPAS/NOAA/N ASA et al.

    Let me ask you: 25-years ago, had anyone heard of a climate scientist?  Not I.

    This was all back closer to the pinnacle of America’s Finest Hours.  When we had a bright future, computers were tools not a lifestyle that whacked jobs, and clicks hadn’t beaten bricks, yet.

    Fine times those were, but that was before job-jacking and creating “movements” on Social Media. Before we starting building China’s middle class.

    Next time you see a big “movement” story break, ask yourself: “How much of this is just bored people with nothing “real” to do making up an industry?

    Wars are a traditional macroeconomic answer, but maybe things like Watts (or more recently Ferguson) are simply community-based urban economic uprisings to destroy the old infrastructure and thereby create jobs.  Odd way to look at things, but that’s what we do around here.

    The Internet is a good thing and bad…but watching the evolution of climate change has been instructive:

      • First it didn’t exist.
      • Then it did.
      • Then there was Copenhagen.
      • Then there was Gore
      • Then there were True Believers.
      • Now there’s new data.
      • And now True believers call the data the product of climate deniers.

      Dance without grace.  And through it all, the money flows build as the tension mounts.  EPA has a piece of climate.   So does NASA.  And that’s before we get  And the global carbon tax clowns and all the rest….

      Remember a week or so back when  I told you how Ukraine is terribly dangerous because both sides are near a threshold beyond which things begin to take on a “life of their own” and the influence of policy fades before the growing momentum of a socioeconomic movement?

      Climate change appears to be sliding into that same template.  Even if global “climate change” doesn’t happen, it has still turned into a huge employment engine.  But just like CERN – where unless the so-called God particle can actually make beer colder – we have to ask what’s the point?

      Climate change isn’t going to enrich the poor.  Neither is CERN.  The first beneficiaries of new technologies are always the rich.  And often enough, the victims over time are the poor.

      Don’t mean to wander all over the road on a philosophical jaunt this morning, but just like an excess of population in a confined space eventually turns to cannibalism, so too, we of Earth are blindly moving in that direction with only one question unanswered:

      Just how long can intellectual cannibalism exist as a Peak Everything phenomena?  A host of indicator issues lay before us offering hints. 

      Is the Cosmic Joke on Us All that the whole point of 1-million years of evolution peeking out from the daily headlines?

      Good-Bye, Dalai?

      We’ve been following the recent (and strange) predictions from Chris McCleary’s National Dream Center site in general and in particulars the recurring DreamBot runs which have been pointing toward a big religious announcement.

      Does the discussion of disbanding Tibetan Buddhism leadership position when the 14th Dalai Lama passes on count as a marvelous “hit” for our predictive technologies?

      OK, off to analyzing news…I’m trying to sort out the different between high speed objects and stealthy fighter cannon fire now…

      See you Thursday when I promise a less rambling report which should follow more sleep…


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