Coping: Those Aliens from Our Future?

Two things caught my eye on returning from my regular 6-month doctor’s visit.

First was a delightful subscriber renewal to  But what made it extra-special was the book enclosed, “E.T. 101.”

The other thing that flipped out of a high-speed scan was some news about how the naked mole rat can live without oxygen for long periods of time.

After the ad, let me tie up a few loose ends about all this UFO stuff for you…

First, the dear reader in Austin’s book could not have come at a better time.  As her note explained “The alien dream consciousness experience was real.  You were “pulled” at a young age.  IN our lifetimes we will know more of the “Truth.”

Here book E.T. 101 has gone to the top of my reading list.

Right after the NPR story which revealed “Researchers Find Yet Another Reason Why Naked Mole-Rats Are Just Weird

How does one connect such diversified dots and make any sense out of it?

There has been a theory floating around in science fiction since the 1950’s that U.F.O.’s and those aliens often sighted in their vicinity (on the ground but occasionally through windows) may be from our distant future.

Lots of sci-fi movies have been done based on the idea of a “time tunnel” of “time ship” that comes back from the future.

But there’s more to it:  Suppose that time travel could be done, but like the DeLorean in “Back to the Future” had to hit a velocity in a straight line.  Faster than 88 MPH, of course.

In this case, where is the nearest place you could go lots of miles in straight lines?

Space.  Upper atmosphere, anyway.

So we set that aside.

Then we go to the anecdotal reports of what aliens look like.

Grey (or oddly colored) skin. And in some reports, they appeared to be asexual.

Hmmm…more data points.

Last scan through the headlines we were fast on our way to removing gender as a random event.  And besides, the knife-happies are in the wings should a change be desired.

Then we pull up the naked mole rat report on NPR and find out how the little rodents can live on a quarter of the air humans do.

You see, humans “run” on sugars like glycose.  That that’s oxygen to convert to energy.

But in the mole rat, after a while, like 10 minutes or so, they do a chemistry-shift.  They begin to run on fructose (fruit sugar).

Pretty spiffy trick.  And if a chemical could be isolated that “does the flip” then who knows, maybe we could develop artificial gills and all for WaterWorld.  Sans the sailboats, of course.

Two seemingly small coincidences of the desk Thursday, but worth mentioning.

Because in a very real way, UFO’s may not want to interact with humans for fear of screwing up the future – their present.

A  Wikipedia reference read on the “Geological History of Oxygen” is a good starting point.

 With humans polluting themselves to death in the oceans (Fukushima has been pushing deadly nuclear waste in for six years now) it may be only a matter of time until a super algae eats the world’s oceans.

And then oxygen (except plants and tress) exits and suddenly we might see the naked mole rat as one of the side lectures to the E.T. 101 class.

George On Drugs

After demanding (*for five years) statistical evidence that statins would increase my longevity, my trip the doc’s place Thursday involved a joint numbers crunching session.

Phone vs. phone showdown.

Finally, I came to the conclusion that with my numbers, at age 68, I have about a 32.3% chance of a CVD (cardiovascular disease) event in the next 10 years.  (That’s make me 78.)

On the other hand, by taking the generic of Lipitor I can reduce that to the mid 20’s to lower 20’s.

“90% of your lipid profile is parents…we can only push around 10% or so…but even that may be changing…”

What followed was an enlightening discussion of the PSK9 LDL inhibitors that was discussed a couple of years ago in the New England Journal of Medicine (cite).

It’s expensive, but the results seem to be dramatic.  Using a series of injections, LDL can be placed just about anywhere.

Spendy?  You bet.  Extreme lifespans won’t be for the poor.  But all it will take will be a breakthrough that turns PSK9 inhibitors in a cheap oral route, and suddenly CVD drops a lot in terms of mortality risk.

That would then leave cancer, but again, going back to the naked mole rat, cancers don’t do well in hyper-oxygenated environments.  We shall see.

One other old man health note (*this is about me and is not to be taken as medical advice because the best I would ever be would be a “duck” (quack!!!)) but BOTH my doctor and I are now taking NAD+,  and pterostilbene, too.

Tese latter two are really good (in studies) on slowing brain againg.

And on that – you see this morning where even a SINGLE can of diet pop a day can triple the risk of stroke?

Toss in a bunch of other goodies in my morning “stack” and change out of coffee to green tea…yeah, might make life a much longer journey…through next week, anyways…

I trust you’ll be here, too?

Write when you get rich,

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22 thoughts on “Coping: Those Aliens from Our Future?”

  1. “…concerned about what Aliens, USA, Russia, China, NK, will do.”

    When I read statements like above I often wonder who is Russia? Who is China? etc.

    • Hypothetically, UFOs manned by future humans does offer some plausible explanations regarding the controlled nature of UFO activity. Consider that U.S. Presidents Kennedy, Carter and Reagan were all denied access to existing, extremely classified UFO files. How and why might this be so? IF the beings were from ‘one of’ Earth’s futures, i.e. one of number of ‘alternate futures,’ any info they convey could influence key policy decisions and impact ‘our own future’ and violate the natural order of things. Theoretical astrophysicist Max Tegmark, in his book ‘Our Mathematical Universe,’ states that due to the ‘grandfather time travel paradox,’ in which future visitors cannot be from our future and also directly impact our future (Essentially, they visit, abduct or kill a human, who turns out to be one of their ancient ancestors, thereby making it impossible for the future visitor to be born in the first place and travel back in time). So if these folks are a future ‘us,’ existing in an ‘alternate future’ area of space/time. They can impact our future thru their visitation, but their actions have no impact on their own future (which split from ours the moment they arrived). Makes one’s head spin.

  2. Use AGE Aged Garlic Extract, if in doubt read UCLA Medical Study on AGE, on line, double benefit Mossy’s wont like you!

  3. Evidence is steadily mounting for NAD+ (an oxidized, reduced version of Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide), pterostilbene (antioxidant found in Blueberries) and PQQ (Pyrroloquinoline quinone) – which has been shown to protect mitochondria from oxidative stress and promote the spontaneous generation of new mitochondria within aging cells – as the current ‘holy trinity’ for over-the-counter cellular protection, repair and regeneration. These offer an affordable prescription combined with daily intakes of fresh, organic foods (especially fruits and veggies) and occasionally, moderately enjoying red wine and/or pomegranate juice. Bon Appetit!

  4. Hi, George,

    Thanks for your interesting and insightful writings. Regarding your health issues, I would recommend that you investigate Bio-T. My husband and I are receiving regular Bio-T pellet injections and find them quite worthwhile. I receive pellets of testosterone and anastrozole every three to four months. The Bio-T process begins with blood withdrawal to ascertain what you are deficient in and how you would benefit by having certain things added. The pellets are injected in your hip area and are released over time. Testosterone helps keep your bones and muscles in good health, and it also helps with brain function. Another benefit for me is that testosterone is a breast cancer treatment. I had breast cancer two years ago, caught early by a 3D scan. I am 66 years old,and Bio-T has helped my body to be stronger. I am also cancer free. Thanks for all you do. Regards also to Elaine.


  5. Since I remember past lives, extending this one is not a high priority for me, especially considering the body I am driving. Long life’s only benefit IMO is carrying the personal growth momentum forward to maximize the benefit.

  6. If its the same book I’ve read dozens of times [and given away too many times to count] you ought to enjoy ET 101. My subtitle is “A Cosmic Instruction Manual….An Emergency Remedial Earth Edition,” and it is addressed to everyone who ignored reading the original Instruction Manual before leaving their galaxy to come down to Earth. The whole book — assuming it is the same — is laugh out loud funny on every page, from the opening “Intergalactic New Collegiate Dictionary” to the closing “Official Extraterrestrial Census Form.” Yet, its teachings have great depth if really absorbed. Think I’m going to pull out my copy and give it another go. I could use a good laugh!

    • It is a honor to here from you!!!! OUr staff astrologer needs to tell us about this summer…

  7. George, my advise (I’m not a doctor but play one on teevee) is stay far away from those damn statins the docs like to dispense. My “former” doc tried that on me and after one dose my body told me “no!”.
    On the alien front, you might want to get a copy of Dr. David M. Jacobs (emeritus, Temple U) book “Walking among us: The Alien plan to control Humanity”. This is NOT a joke. He has interviewed/hypnotically regressed about 1,500 “experiencers” and he, like Budd Hopkins who came before, have quite a bit of detail not only on how Humans have been used as a breeding program for “Hubrids”, but now has enough data that points to a master plan culminating in “The Change”. I think Kushner might be one of them, but who the hell knows because “Hubrids” look just like us.
    In any case, a discussion of Aliens w/o examining this factor is missing the forest for the trees.

    • I was put on statins about 3 years ago. Was on them for 3 months before I stopped taking them on my own because of the side effects, mainly the extreme thirst and urination. My A1c went from 6.5 to over 11. As soon as I stopped taking them the thirst and associated urination went back to normal, but my A1c stayed elevated. The doctor swears that statins won’t cause diabetes but there’s law suits all over the internet that says differently. I went on a diet called Virta, its a diabetes reversal program and I got my A1c back to pre-diabetes levels in 6 months through a high fat, low carb food program.. lost 22 pounds too.

  8. Have you had your doctor do a comparison between your LDL and your HDL? If your overall cholesterol numbers are high because your HDL is high, do you really want to be taking something that’s going to change that?

  9. research statin fraud – pure poison.
    High cholesterol is also fraudulent, which came hand in hand with the drug invention.
    …to stay in business they invent drugs for made up ailments. I thought everyone knew about poisonous statins by now…
    When people cut back on non food items, for example the processed white family – white sugar, flour, pasta breads, alcohol etc, the body doesn’t get plugged up.

    • Thank you Joanie, for sharing this truth with the readers of this site. You are absolutely correct. The billions in sales of statins is just more evidence of what the American culture foists on its citizens.

  10. Hello, George,
    I really do hope that in the case we have ‘temporal tourists’, that they eventually learn to ‘pop in’ or ‘pop out’ of ‘interspace’ OUTSIDE OF THE ATMOSPHERE! Ever notice sudden extreme high atmospheric pressure that in no way fits the weather forecast? EVERYTHING in actual physical existence displaces air.


  11. I’ve often wondered about the “sexless” attribute of the little Grays and others. It makes me wonder if they aren’t avatars in reality which would make them more or less disposable bodies. Various accounts of the “captured” ones whose videos appear on YouTube and other places can go either way with this theory, especially the notion one supposedly asserted when “it” said “the body is a container”.

  12. Just curious, who else feels dumber after listening to a live and unscripted Donald Trump speech?

  13. My tips: Get your Vit D level checked; if low, take supplements, can take up to 8,000 mg a day without negative effects (start slow, work your way up). Vit D is a cancer preventive, energy enhancer, and overall/all around important and good supplement. Get the D3.

    Secondly, Green Tea has the highest level of natural fluoride than any tea. IF one combines that with tap water, enhanced with chlorine and fluoride, one is apt to knock out one’s thyroid. This happened to me. WHICH caused weight gain and completely slowed down my metabolism. I do NOT recommend Green Tea; it is just the latest health money making gimmick. IF you want to lose some weight OR at least hydrate without killing yourselves (diet sodas worse than sugared sodas, but no sugared sodas mostly high fructose corn syrup sugared – sugar is bad for anyone and DOES cause heart disease – but I digress), squeeze a fresh lemon in cold or hot or warm water every morning, and then go walk a 1/4 or 1/2 mile. I tell ya, Edgar Cayce sure was a fountain of knowledge, research his diet and health recommendations – scientists today are still PROVING him correct.

    And for those of you that just cannot stomach religion, read what Edgar Cayce had to say about Jesus. Once you go there, you will have a profound respect for who Jesus was and what he came here to do. It will bring him alive in your life.

  14. Your health issues are not due to a deficiency in pharmaceuticals, George. Thank goodness most of your readers posting here are trying to point that out to you.

  15. Cholesterol is an energy-carrier, most of which is produced in the liver. Your muscles burn it and need it. The medical ‘cholesterol numbers’ game is fraudulent. The problem is not that your ‘number is too high’, the problem is “What makes it stick the artery walls??” That is a stress hormone called homocysteine. This is what calls cholesterol to stick to areas of the artery that are damaged, like a band-aid.

    So first you want to have healthy arteries. Vitamin C (Linus Pauling) and vitamin K are good for that tissue. Then you want to minimize the homocysteine with supplements like TriMethylGlycine (TMG).

    If you insist on taking statins, know that they will weaken muscles, especially the heart. The ejection fraction of the heart goes significantly down with statin usage, and can lead to heart failure in the elderly. One needs CoQ10 supplements to keep the heart muscle strong if you take statins.

    Yeah, I’m not a doctor. But I do my research to protect me from the medical establishment. I don’t take statins, nor blood pressure meds, even though my doctors tell me I am borderline high on both numbers. Tried each pharmaceutical for experience and dropped them. They made me feel lousy and too many side-effects.

    Genetically, I’m lucky. No heart disease in my family, no cancers. And I’ve been taking vitamins and supplements, especially C, most of my life. There’s longevity in my ancestors if we take care of ourselves. I expect to beat the actuarial tables.

  16. “(Fukushima has been pushing deadly nuclear waste in for six years now) it may be only a matter of time until a super algae eats the world’s oceans.”

    The Elephant in the room that no one is talking about..

    I read one report that basically said the levels were so high in Washington state and Oregon that they were curious how long it would take before an increase in Lung cancer to start showing up.

    Ok.. this isn’t something I am saying a person should do. but it is interesting.. years ago I use to make cleaning chemicals and one local hospital had a really bad fungal problem in the grout in their surgery.. the way to kill it was with hydrogen peroxide.. my boss and I went to buy a barrel.. unfortunately there wasn’t any to be found. but they knew a guy that had bought everything they had .. we went there.. beautiful farm really healthy cattle etc.. my curiosity got the better of me.. I asked him what in the world do you need so much of it for.. his response was that he was diagnosed with an incurable cancer and was given three weeks to three months to live. but they had this trial..
    that they had done a study of the miracle water at lourdes france and found that it was high in natural forming hydrogen peroxide so they wanted to do a study to see how effective it was treating incurable cancers..

    Then I asked him.. so hows it working for you.
    His response.. well that was twenty years ago.. he would put a quarter cup in the water trough for the cattle..
    the other thing was baking soda.. since the body is basically slightly acid..
    now does it work.. I don’t know in November an old friend of mine had wanted to see me and sent a family member to get me.. they had given a three day to three week .. I remembered this and also told her about the chinese herbalistic treatment of taking sweet wormwood. all of which is at the health food store..
    The way I seen it is if I was given the your gonna die diagnosis it doesn’t make any difference what you do.. whats it going to do Kill me.. anyway that was in november..
    She is still kicking today and seems to be doing a lot better..
    Only time will tell..

    of course then there is the canabinoids.. the miracle plant that the tobacco and alcohol industry doesn’t want to have legalized and lets face it.. it won’t be if you are spending millions and millions of dollars to influence the legislators to not let it be legalized it won’t.. I probably would do the same thing.. go have a cup of coffee and you will be rewarded..

    who knows its interesting to say the least and there are hundreds of people that will testify the results they have had.. they aren’t making a dime just telling what happened to them.. take it all with a grain of salt..
    Oh wait salt is an acid.. LOL

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