Coping: The V-1-1 Idea

Over the past week I’ve been working out a new concept called V-1-1 – which aims to use smart phone video to fight crime.

Please go over to the website and have a look at the idea.  And, if you like it, pass it along to folks in law enforcement, cell phone companies, and to app builders.

Most people who see the idea immediately grasp its importance.  A few have expresses concerned about more “security” but I’d much rather trust my peers /fellow humans to make the decisions on when to feed video to law enforcement, than to use the dragnet approach.

Safer than guns,  everyone with a smart phone is already potentially “armed” with the crime deterrent – and all it will take is a push from the public…

Thank you…

WoWW: Repeating Numbers

In the World of Woo-Woo this morning, we have another one of those oddities that has to be mentioned:  I woke up at 2:22 AM this morning.  Noted the triple number and carefully went back to sleep, taking care to smash any thoughts about working out the odds, so I actually could get back to sleep.

Wasn’t going to mention it, until this note from Michael K popped in:

Subject: (That damn number 8 again)  I know you don’t watch TV, bujt did you watch Jeopardy tonight?

The Final Jeopardy category was Magazines. The guy in the lead correctly questioned “What is Fortune Magazine”, and became the new champion.
With a bet of $8888.

So we must be in one of those areas of space-time where repeating numbers live.  And THAT, in turn, might make today an auspicious time to buy a lotto or PowerBall tick.  Don’t forget to send 10% as a tip if you win.  Tip the house…   Which then gets us to serious crack piping…

The Gambler’s Life

If you’ve ever wondered about how much money you’d actually take home when you win that PowerBall lotto, you can click over to this page spied by reader RBS who pulled our coat to it:

Happy New Year
I stumbled upon this while trying to check some old lotto tickets.  This is very interesting information. It gives tax penalties and annuity schedules for taking the full long-term payout or the upfront “cash me the hell out now before the system all goes to shit!” option.  You can navigate around on a state by state basis to determine how much they will steal from you and then find out much the Fed will rip you off.

About the only thing missing is an inflation projection chart estimating the overall long-term loss of buying power of your fortune if you don’t invest it correctly.  That is where your CPA and Investment Adviser come into play. 

IF, one of these mornings, Elaine and I suddenly report in from Georgetown, Grand Cayman, the odds would be high that we have a large lotto ticket in hand.  Because I have always wondered if I were living outside the country when I hit the Big One, whether the tax bite would be lessened?

I know, financial structuring laws and all that, so no.  Still on a $44.1 million dollar win, Texas residents like us would get to keep $33.075 mill after the 25% federal tax.

States where you get hosed?  Oh, New York will take a state tax of $3.889620 million, so for sure, you’d want to move to a better tax state before cashing it in.  Get the new driver’s license and such.  Somewhere like Texas or Florida.

Would that tick off the state?  Oh well… I’m not aware of any laws that say I can’t move to a new state, walk out on a rental and start living in a new state.  And for a nearly $4-million tax hit?

Better check with an attorney/CPA (in my case it would be my consigliere) before making a decision.

And yes, I know the lotto is a tax on people for not learning statistical analysis (tax on the poor) but WTF…I still might win…

Fringe Science:  The B-Field Investigations

A while back, I was reading through a paper  from the mid 1700’s by James Clerk Maxwell, one of the fathers of electromagnetic theory, and he makes a wild assertion about magnets that most people don’t realize. 

I’m sure you’ve seen the “normal” school deal where you saw the “magnetic lines of force” that run from one pole of a magnet to the other? 

While most of our modern electromagnetic theory has always remained focused on the obvious (namely that theses “lines of force” can do things like induce electricity,  Maxwell makes the astute observation that there is likely another kind of energy that pushed the lines of force away from the  middle of a bar magnet, for example.  (See my crude drawing).

imageThis is called the B-field and my buddy Vince and I have been pondering this rotating magnetic field, whether Ed Leedskalnin harnessed it to move monstrous rocks at his legendary Coral Castle, in south Florida, and whether all that talk about rotating magnets being used to magnetically power UFO’s is the real deal or not.

But its assumed around here that you know about the purported experiments of the Nazis during World War II and Die Glocke and all that work…

One other thing to be aware of:  Somewhere on YouTube there is an interview with a physicist (who was getting up in years) to forced two magnets (that we repelling each other) into close proximity.  He then dropped the “forced-opposition” magnets and a similar weight only down to the lobby of a building up in the Dallas area which had a 6-story high internal (atrium-like) open area.

Consistently, the forced opposition magnets hit the ground significantly slower than the similar weight. 

Welcome to our ponders on the B field, particularly rotating B fields, and now to the point of this morning’s data collection.

Behold this marvelous video on YouTube which shows Nobel prize winner Bill Phillips levitating a spinning magnet…

“So what are you going to do, Ure?”

Seems to me that some small high-speed DC motors being applied to magnets in opposition might be an interesting line of inquiry.  We’ll see.

Oh, and if Houston Traffic (air traffic control) gets a report of a 170-mile per hour Beechcraft, that means we will have gone for a ride…successfully.

I’d sure love to be the guy who lays this problem on the Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) since it would not be attached to the aircraft, except maybe for 12V power….  If there’s an effect, of course…

Winking smile 

Have a great weekend… and write when you break even…