Coping: The Art of Futuring, Next Week’s Tornadoes?

(Springdale, AR)  I am up in the middle of the frigging night in order to jot down a few notes about our most interesting sit-down with Chris McCleary of the project.

Long-time readers will remember that site was founded by Ures truly some years back (try 2008) but I simply didn’t have time to do the site justice and Chris acquired it.

He’s really moved the ball forward, too.

Not to steal “future thunder” from his work, but he is chasing down a very interesting concept.  Namely that the best dreamers – in terms of having dreams with predictive content – may be those people who have trauma (and or) substance abuse in their backgrounds. 

The sample isn’t large enough yet, but the data (still small) has a damn interesting “bump” there.

OK:  Obvious question is whether trauma is caused by a person having predictive capabilities.

No,  at least in the small sample size…a 4-5 year old child can not cause trauma in the family setting (for example), at least in any way we can readily understand.

The role of substance abuse in making predictions was also an interesting train of thought.

It is fairly well-reported that Michael Nostracodeus did many of his visions while staring into a pot of dark oil.  And then there’s the matter of the Oracle at Delphi, who did the work in a case which by some accounts has a leaking hydrocarbon gases issue.

Follow this along with me:  Is there something about oxygen deprivation that drives people into a mental state where the persona withdraws into a quieter place?  And might the “place” be more accessible when DMT is beginning to be released as the “near death” appears?

How then does substance abuse figure into the picture? 

Well, isn’t it really part of that continuum?  I mean moving the consciousness around so as to go to other places where it can “connect” with other forces?

We know full well that alcohol didn’t get the classification “distilled spirits  without cause.

Substance abuse gets us along the same path, as well.

By the end of the evening, I was pretty amped (unable to sleep well) since this opens up so many vistas for further research. 

While Chris is working on the “triangulation problem” – I find myself working (in background) on mapping all the ways the future announces what is coming.

While some of Chris’ clients are (as a group) reporting dreams of “tornadoes” – which has me thinking that when the weather turns to fall tornado season early this coming week, we can expect to experience one (or more) major tornadoes with headline-grabbing damage, dreams are not the only channel available.

Grady over at our  website has really been refining the use of “indicator words” that can tell the future because there are certain phrases  that all by themselves hint at future developments.

One such phrase that we “go fishing” for is “talks broke”

This is the kind of predictive phrases that might mean that “talks broke off” in the case of a labor dispute that could lead to a strike.  Or, more worrisome, it could be used in politics as the “talks broke down” framework, in which case war chances thus increase.

As war chances increase, other indicators  (like “reserves called up”) would then further increase the odds of an unhappy ending.

Since we know that “indicator words” and “dreams” are how the future announces itself, are there more?

Why yes!

Wed know the future appears in works of literary fiction as well. 

Perhaps the two best current examples would be George Orwell’s 1984  and the many science “fiction” (now largely fact) of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.  What he missed was that saw-like appendage on the submarine sail, used in the old movie version of the tale turned out to be wholly unnecessary as long as you had a 26” torpedo tube and a cruise missile to shove in and fire.

In all cases, however, there’s the future leaks into the present, although being fragile – or incompletely comprehended – it may be damaged a bit.

While Chris continues his research into which substances and which histories of abuse seem to offer karmic benefits in terms of being able to see future, we will keep looking at the collection of on-ramps and distortions that keep us from having a more precise handle on what our deeper selves are trying to warn us of.

Why would people in Arkansas or Missouri dream of tornadoes is the hanging question?

Is it Hurricane Joaquin which is already being mentioned as a possible Super Storm Sandy (and possible an Andrew as we read it) the object of the dreams?

If so, the lead time on the dreams is 3-5 days. 

But if when the high over the central U.S. breaks up next week, do we really get the more localized tornadic winds that people in this area who are sensitive would be dreaming about already?

We’re pretty sure that there is a declining curve (log of exponential, not sure from the data yet) that precedes event.

Winds next week in this part of the Midwest will be from almost every point of the compass…so it should become clear whether dreams are localized, and if so how northern Arkansas and Missouri fare will be a fascinating data dart to track.

Only In America

I really don’t know how to classify this one. 

But for the first time in memory not only have I had to spam-list Hillary (and that Emily’s list) damnocrat fund raising email, but this morning I got this for a former U.S. president:


I was going to send a note right back.

Well, Billy,

I guess you’d be the expert on passionate women in the White House, wouldn’t you, now?

No on the pandering.. 

Please remove me from this list and cease all future sleazemail.

Ures truly,

But instead of hitting send, I got to thinking that there might be some law on the books somewhere that would make it an offense to send such a note to a former whatchacallit.

He has, however, managed to earn a Spam designation in Outlook…joining what’s her name and the whozzits list.

The stranger part?  Haven’t gotten a money-raising email from the repugnicans, yet.

In an odd way, though, it helps me believe in ‘Merica again:  Where else can a person feel free to block emails from presidential office holders and arguably the worst secretary of state ever?

Flying Notes

Since we are off adventuring:

Longhorn restaurants are growing like a weed.  We sampled one of their early ones in Georgia a couple of years back (Ellijay, in the foothills north of Atlanta) and it was great.  So was the one in Fort Smith which is just two traffic lights from TACair, which provided a free courtesy car for the lunch run.

About 25- miles north of Mt. Pleasant, TX we called in in several large bird flocks (geese, 2,300 feet) heading wherever they go this time of year. 

Always wondered if there was a correlation between how far south bird flocks move, or if they work on some kind of “average cultural memory” or if they have better weather forecasting that average?

Sunday’s return trip from us here should be a shade over six hours, seven with a fuel stop – predominating northeast winds should hold up through the weekend.  Gelana, Illinois out west of Chicago is having a fall festival and the weather should be perfect for that.

Write when you break-even,


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13 thoughts on “Coping: The Art of Futuring, Next Week’s Tornadoes?”

  1. Jules Verne wrote ‘20,000 Leagues Under The Sea’ as well as some other fine predictive science fiction . . . Orwell’s book is chilling, and a third book I’d consider reading is Huxley’s ‘Brave New World’ or maybe H. G. Wells ‘War Of The Worlds”, which of course was the basis for a spectacular social experiment (the radio broadcast) . . .

  2. we are spirit (There is only one) that preprogram our life before we come here. We have preprogrammed a soul that resides in a body. So how we fit in that body particularly after trauma would suggest that loose ends allow “physic” to happen – as programmed of course. Where this movie all plays is another question. There is no “out there”, out there. And there is no future or past except on a personal basis. So trying to see the future except on a personal basis is futile. Typically one can get a vision of such things as one’s children/order/ages/spouse, but other elements may be sketchy. Just some preprogrammed observations.

    • Actually, many people see the future and it is not just on a personal basis. This is a documented fact.

  3. regarding dreams and trauma….. Carlos Castenada called it “cracking your perception of the world” which is think is an apt expression of what happens when you experience something to such an extreme degree it becomes a mind altering event. About the third book, Don Juan tells Carlos all the shamanic drugs were unnecessary except to crack his perception of the world.

  4. What a useless piece of drivel this site has turned into. More than a few misspelled words (IT’S CALLED PROOFREADING) and ridiculous topics that mean little to the average reading public (DREAMS, WAVES, HAM RADIO AND FLYING ACROSS THE COUNTRY).
    I really need to stop coming here to this web address.

    • little tj:

      Actually, the average reading public that visits and signs up for this site, is VERY interested in Dreams, Waves, Ham Radio, Flying Across The Country AND many OTHER interesting topics too numerous to list. You obviously have stumbled across the wrong site for you…as they like to say in show business: “Please Exit Stage Right and Don’t Come Back Now, Ya Hear?”

  5. Thanks ok the tornado saying that you have listed there. Since has busted that I mean no one can predict when a tornado is going to hit you know well use it within an hour but he’s done it within days two three four days I need it to my place you know it within 2 days and two days I was going to be a tornado near your area and it was and it happened and it was because he saw the formations on the radar screens that had been manipulated or made by the weather controllers HARP program and he found that out and its in and told about that now the next thing that he has discovered is the earthquake fun ottoman he proved that it works in reversal instead of from east to west of Westies I can’t remember they said it works this way and he said it works this way and then in it does what he said and plus he proved that it works upon fracking wherever this fracking at there are earthquakes and every time is the earthquake he shows you on Google Earth zooms down in there and there is a fracking operation at or near the earthquake

    • Bryce, I am having trouble following your wording, get my drift? Where do your thoughts stop and start, and are you missing something?

      I sure am, cause I cannot read between the lines. Can you try again, please?

    • hello yeah has been able to predict tornadoes and I have personally felt his predictions in my area eastern Tennessee and he has also now experimenting or I should say researching earthquakes and has shown that wherever there is fracking there are earthquakes and he’s also shown that the plate movement of the United States has moved or does move the opposite of what modern science says it moves so he has the ability to also predict large earthquakes

  6. As to the dream hypothesis: Trauma can lead to precognition because Trauma causes Suffering and Suffering leads to God which leads to abilities. Secondly, high fevers can cause a brain to switch on precognitive abilities, so can falls which lead to trauma to the head or other kind of physical shock to the body (a different kind of trauma). Thirdly: It can be an inherited ability. Fourthly: It can be a response to spiritual development, a natural by product of that process. Fifthly: Similar to #4, it can be developed with effort. And lastly, it can come from LOVE, and caring for others, the desire to help, can be responded to by dream content.

    That is my feedback on people’s abilities.

  7. George, you mean you don’t like people who complain about the flavor of the free beer they’ve been drinking?

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