Coping: Screaming at the Milliseconds

In case you didn’t drop by the website during the day Thursday, there were a bunch of experimental changes going on in order to keep UrbanSurvival at the “head of class” in a numbers of areas.

There is – if no one has ever talked to your before – a huge battlefield for your mind that’s based on such subtle things as how fast a web page loads.

For example, if you want the fastest experience with UrbanSurvival, you should use the address.  That’s because if you put in the address (the www address) it is slower by a small fraction of a second.

When I got up this morning (3:30 AM) and was standing in the shower (negative ion junkie), I thought you might be interested in how some of this stuff works behind the scene.

I won’t go into the whole “battle plan” of how to move UrbanSurvival’s rankings up, but one on-page thing you may notice in the upper right-hand corner is that I now have a simple, easy-to-use link to our Facebook, Google Plus, and LinkedIn social media pages.

I’m no fan of social media, but it’s there because as things have evolved the major search engines are now penalizing sites without social media.  It’s like a bad idea has just gotten institutionalized.

So we play along with the game – reluctantly.

For a brief time yesterday, I have a fancy link to the Google+ page up, but after the head-clearing shower this morning it went away:  It was eating up too many milliseconds of page loading time.

Now to the point of my explaining all this:  In the grand Battle For Your Mind, there are some very subtle factors in your behavior that you’re likely not even conscious of.  So let’s take three of the top news websites at random and see how their page-loading time works.

For the purposes of this discussion, let’s agree to use which offers a dandy – first class – web analytics suite.

I ran three page load speeds and here’s the fastest page load times for each of our samples:

  • CNN:  13.32 seconds
  • Fox News:  5.90 seconds
  • NY Times:  8.47 seconds
  • UrbanSurvival:  1.30 seconds

There are a million technical details that will change your performance.  For example, all of these tests were without the www.prefix.  Why anyone would type the www. anymore is just a damn mystery to me.

Then there’s the matter of where you are located and what kind of home or work internet speeds you have.  A 50 MB connection will have a different view of the world from a dial-up user.  While the NY Times shows 8.47 in the test above, I rank it on some other speed test sites and it was down in the 5-second category.

There’s a general lesson here, if you look:

Humans are creatures of convenience – they will oftentimes take the “easy” or “fast” solutions tin life.  And that is a very big deal because most people don’t consciously think-through their decisions when it comes to media inputs.

Next time you hit the web and notice a “breaking news” story, pay attention to your “choicing” of which website to focus on.  Thjen ask yourself:  “Am I on this website because of the quality of information?”  Or “Am I using it because it loads fast?”

This human bent toward impatience is why people in sales are always trying to start clocks on you, too:  “Hurry!  Offer Ends Tomorrow!”  “Order now, supplies are limited!”

That’s why the Goolge+ poster has been replaced with simple text links: 530 milliseconds of added page load time was in the “Are you kidding me?” category.

What it all comes down to his this:  There usually is no clock on most decisions in Life although if you’re a serious Type A,  be assured that I got up early this morning to do a little “Screaming at the milliseconds” for you, on your behalf.

You aren’t just what you think, but when you think, as well…

Who Do You Work For?

Since this is Friday (for most people) I’d remind you that what you do between quitting time Friday and “getting up time” Monday is what hugely defines the quality of your life.

Peoplenomics this weekend looks at work hours…a topic of great interest.  If it isn’t today, wait until Monday…

Digging Out, Day 2

I got through bills and banks and voicemails yesterday…though a couple of voicemails were dropped, so if I owe you a call, please call again today.

Today’s project list includes processing Peoplenomics subscriptions (both, lol) and then writing Peoplenomics.  After that it’s on to monitor repairs… *(gee what fun, huh?)

Waiting for me was a note from chief programmer Grady:

Folks are beginning to be impressed by the bullseyes we’ve been getting with Nostra.  Reader comments are increasing. But Alexa still says we’re. # 9,942,987 (up 4,694,905)

While you were in GIG Harbour I was in Sidney on Vancouver Island – A short 102 miles away. I went down to the beach and shouted a ‘hello’ to the south but no one answered.  ;-)

Must have been that south wind.

Several friends in the Seattle area called or left hate-mail because on the way out of town last Thursday I told the Tacoma Narrows Bridge toll-taker that we were taking the Sun hostage and we would be holding it for ransom until next summer.

Serious rains and storms up there ever since…But I did warn on this, right?

Cat Heaven

I raised the intriguing question yesterday when I asked about whether there could be a “Cat Heaven”” because that would be a “Mouse Hell.”

Long-time reader Bill is  Johnny-on-the-Spot with the answer, although Johnny would like his clothes back:

Since you seem so genuinely perplexed about the subject here is what the Saints (real spiritual Masters who are Godmen of which there are only 1, 2 or maybe 3 at any time) say about it:
Animals do not go to heavens or hells.  They are immediately reborn in a new body the next step up the evolutionary ladder.  They are not held responsible like humans for their actions, those are pre-programmed in each life.
So now you know, take it or leave it.  I heard it first hand from the current Godman.
Glad you are back home.  The ranch needs your looking after.

I’m not sure just who the “current Godman” is, since no name was given, but I’d love to tip a few with him…got some questions..

The War Against “The People?”

Speaking of interesting reads, Atom was wondering about this development:

“My coin dealer stated he has had to hire an attorney to attempt to get back $100,000 the government took from his bank account because they did not like his deposit pattern. He said they sued and so far have received the redacted sealed indictment that shows he has been under surveillance. Wanting to close down coin/bullion dealers?”

This may be related to Operation Choke Point which has been around for a while, but it also gets us to an interesting philosophical question that I don’t hear the gold bugs answering.

And that is the problem faced by someone like me.  Let’s say that in 2003 I bought one gold coin.  And still have it today.  When I sell it, I’d get maybe $1,200 for it.  And I’d of course report the gain and pay the tax due.

But what about the guy who has 80-100 coins and wants to space out the sale over 5-10 years.  Would that be viewed (under Chokepoint) as “structuring?”  There’s so much “dirty money” out there that there is a risk of falling under suspicion…..and that’s a darn difficult one to answer…

One of these days, I will ask around about this.  But for now my thinking runs to a single large transaction, paying tax due….or making it someone else’s problem by using the gold or silver as a portion of a larger purchase, such as a new home.

Ideas welcome on this one…because it does matter greatly to honest collectors and inflation-hedgers in an environment where civil asset forfeitures have gone absolutely bonkers.

OK..till Monday then (or, better, be a Peoplenomics subscriber and we’ll take it up tomorrow morning…)

Write when you break-even…