Coping: Past-Life Learning – A Bad Idea?

After being a microphone-slinging journalist for 15-years in a major market, and another xx years of writing/journalism, you get a pretty good idea who’s writing you the straight skinny and who’s pulling your chain.


so yesterday morning I was all hot on the idea of using past life regressions to “pull through” information and skills from previous lifetimes (if real) and I received a couple of really good emails on topic.  But the capper of them all was this one from a fellow we’ll call Bob because it has a serious warning and “ring of truth” to it that causes me to step back from going forward with my usual full-tilt boogie into a new adventure:


“If the memories have not already returned ( usually around late 40s ) then you are probably not ready.


Regret, is the first to come back, fear of running for you life and horror of battle fields soon follow.


Regret will tear you to pieces if you let it.


Hellish dreams appear. 


Language, is a product of years of training the speaking muscles and brain responses. It takes about 10 years ( not fun ) to train a body to survive in its environment. Seeing your loved ones dying around you is the worst horror of all.


When my memories returned, my first thought was “Bullshit”. Then I took a trip to a place from long ago and there I found the graves. I lost a dear son in WW1. To see the graves of your loved ones is a terrible experience.


There is no exit from the Wheel until you understand. Suicide is not an option and comes with a very high price ( learned the hard-way ).  Make sure your son understands that. 


The last life was wonderful, my soul-mate and I lived 72 years of incredibly happy years. When I think of her my eyes fill with tears. I would go back in an instant if I could, but you can only go forward.


Regret rips the fabric of your soul so it is best not to remember while you still can.    Don’t open hidden doors when you are not ready. Once open, the doors cannot be closed. Consider yourself lucky and forget while you still can.


Forcing memories to return is madness.  Your sanity is at stake.  There is enough Horror ahead of us, no need to call up more.


There is an old saying, “When you smell the camels, then you know you are there.”


Whew!  Serious things to be weighed here. But not everyone gets so close to their past lives…some just get snips and bits, not the whole life replay level that would be horrific, indeed.  Take reader Jillian, for example:


“Hi George, I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Gregg Unterberger for 4 or 5 sessions of past life regression.  His mother was one of my spiritual teacher, so I knew that he was trustworthy.  I was able to get into looking at some lives starting in my first session.  I did find out though that I had many very ordinary lives, no Joan of Arc here. 


It was still immensely helpful and I wasn’t looking for particular skills necessarily, but I did find out more about patterns and why things turned out the way they have in this life.   


Good luck.  I found this to be a particularly helpful endeavor.  I’ve been able to point to many things in my life since then (I did this about 12 years ago) that are explained by what i discovered. “


So that about sums it up – we can only do so many things in the column, but keep sending comments on this and if we get enough, we’ ll revisit it.


But in the meantime, it does keep circling back to the “squishiness” of how the world really operates and evidenced by…


Friday at the WuJo

Been a long spell of few reports of high strangements about, but maybe that’s because people who have them on a regular basis are coping with them better and don’t feel like sharing, or, maybe the who area is drying up because people have been snapped back into other emotional area (like the Zimmerman tr8ial,; royal baby diapers and all those kinds of baser human emotions which seem to mask the really odd stuff going on around us when we look hard enough.




“Hi George,   I read Urban Survival every day, but unless I missed something I’ve noticed you haven’t had any “WuJo” stories in quite awhile. 


Have you decided to drop those stories?  [NO! – G]


Honestly my story is long, but I’ll give you as quick an overview as I can.


My husband and my friend, who has been a family friend for 30 some years, seem to have a really good psychic connection, both psychic to some extent. 


I can’t tell you how many times I will talk to her on the phone and my husband will say, is there a bowl with a key in it close to her? Answer, yes. 


Just the other day, “I smell coffee around her, is she making coffee?” No, but she was just dumping out the old coffee and grounds and cleaning the pot.


He will pick up on unusual names from their family in Ireland etc.  The other day interesting enough, the day after my son’s wedding, a time when I think about my passed on loved ones and hope that they are with us, we had what I’d call a crazy episode that gave me shivers.


I would like to know if this has happened to other readers and it was a weird normal episode, or something paranormal.


We got a call, a wrong number, no biggie, at 8:57pm. Then while the hubby was in the garage, the phone rang again, no name on the tv, but a number, which at a glance, I thought was the same number, it wasn’t, similar beginning.


I said Hello, answer hello, I said, Hello, answer hello. Then silence on that end and I freaked out, within about a slow 5 seconds of silence I realized it sounded just like my passed on father-in-law who died about 12 yrs ago. 


He had a distinctive way of saying hello and this was very similar.  I got so scared, I shut the phone off and ran with the phone out to the garage, yelling that this weird call that only said hello twice sounded just like his dad!


Goosebumps all over my arms I thought why would I have even thought that? I got so scared I hung up, but the other person hadn’t said anything else in all that silence..time 8:58pm.


While standing there with the phone in my hand, shaking, it rang again, I yelled, “Oh my god its ringing again and its the same number!”  I thrust it towards my husband and said, “You answer it!” 


He said, Hello, kind of harshly, hit the button and looked at me and said, “They hung up.” Now I’m still shaking and so I go to call my friend and tell her about it, her name is Pat, and the phone rings and its Pat calling me! 


I answer, was going to tell her about my weird phone call and she started talking a mile a minute saying I’m getting these weird phone calls. I butt in and said, “OMG, I just got a weird phone call, and it sounded like my husbands DAD!”


She says WHAT?  My last phone call sounded like YOUR DAD!”


She says I’ve had 3 phone calls in the last few minutes and no name or number and by the time I go to answer it the voice mail kicks in and there’s nobody there. The last that was calling HER, message on the voice mail says, “Hello….they hung up.” Time 8:58pm.  


She had 3 separate calls, first two hang ups, within 2 min of each other and the last with a person calling her, but sounding like someone hung up on them.


I told her about mine, we were both getting these weird phone calls at the same time. She called my dad, who she’s friends with to verify that he hadn’t left her a weird message because it sounded like him to her. Nope, not him. 


The part that really gave me a sleepless night, was I decided to call back the number that called me, and had hung up on my husband, same number because caller ID only recorded it once. Called it back, twice, checked the number on caller ID twice. When I called it, the recorded message said, “You’ve reached a number that is no longer in service” 


Is this some kind of snafu that happens periodically or did we get a call from the great beyond? 


Even more strangely, I stopped over to listen to her voice-mail the next day of the voice saying, Hello…they hung up, and was dumbfounded to realize it sounded just like my husband.  All of a sudden I remembered him saying hello that last time and handing me the phone saying “they hung up.” exactly the words on her voice-mail by the voice that sounds just like my husband! 


He said “That’s not possible, I had already hung up when I said that, and I would have to have been calling her.” 


I said none of it makes sense, her getting 2 hang up calls and a strange voice mail of someone calling somebody.


Us getting 2 phone calls from a phone number that doesn’t exist and both of us getting all this between 8:57 and 8:59, what are the odds? How can you get a phone call from a nonexistent phone number and someone say Hello? 


My son said you can get an app and send a message, like a text or email from an nonexistent phone number, but a phone call that connects?


Plus it all happened at the same time it was happening to my friend, and why would someone call her house but say, “hello…they hung up, on her voice mail like they were calling someone else?


It was the exact words my husband said and sounded like him.  Its the craziest thing that’s every happened to me…ever.                       


Thanks,  Sheri “


Wow!  Remember our discussion of intensity of regret?  Well, this sort of fits right into it.  In any event, you want the defining book on this (might be $30 used if you can find it): Phone Calls From the Dead.


You might want to get Annabela Cardoso’s book “Electronic Voices: Contact with Another Dimension? which talks about setting up and conducting EVP experiments.  Well worth the time to read, even if you don’t buy the descriptions of the “broadcast stations” from the other side in between lives…but there may be something to it…but you have to be “clean” when you get there and not live a life which you’ll regret because that’s the hard stuff apparently that hell is made of. 


Whew!  Some mailbag this morning, huh?  Remind me Monday to tell you the story of my encounter with an LDE – a long delayed echo…another weird class of phenomena (* and no, I wasn’t kidding about the crater on the moon and the artifact in serious papers…)


Ure’s Abbreviated Constitution v. 1.0

A reader from what seems to be Europe by the email header info, asked a fine question which deserves a thoughtful answer:


Not being American I really don’t fully understand the constitution of the USA. (From what I can tell, neither does a lot of Americans! Sadly)


Like the old TV Show used to say “You Asked for It!” 


Since the Constitution is a serious document, it may be difficult to understand so maybe my summary could help explain things:p>


Preamble:  We declare this (and us’ns) to be the United States of America.


Article 1:  The Senate and House make law.  They do this miserably of late, not being good readers…and in fact they don’t read much of which they vote on which some would call misfeasance.  Others call it Congress.


For additional details read Jack Abramoff’s book: Capitol Punishment: The Hard Truth About Washington Corruption From America’s Most Notorious Lobbyist.


Article 2:  Creates the President and his qualifications.  According to some, we ignore this part, too. 


Like Congress, agencies make stuff up on the fly and this is called “administrative law” which seems to fly in the face of Article 1, but it’s all a wink-wink nudge-nudge we’ll just pretend and regulate and if anyone is seriously wronged (but has enough money) they can appeal to a real court.  Conspiracy fans call this (administrative law stuff) part of shadow government.  Can’t make that call due to conflicting data.


Article 3:  This sets up the Supreme Court but significantly, the pricing of law is not addressed which is a damn shame because law costs money and anyone who thinks otherwise has never paid for face-time with an attorney.


Article 4: Outlines how the state and federal governments are to play nicey nice.  Competing mobs.


Article 5: Sets out how amendments can be passed but doesn’t include tracking so conspiracy wonks claim (for example)the income tax was never ratified under this one.  I figure it’s all protection money, and you can’t argue with the army or navy. Largest caliber wins.  See Nevada test site.


Article 6: Says everyone will play by the Constitution in money and in office.  Except now we just make up money and whatever else works at the time.


Article 7: Outlines the process by which the whole thing is adopted by the original states.


See how simple this is?


Next we have the Bill of Rights – Amendments:


First Amendment: We’re free to speak, write, and assemble.  Except in North Carolina and most other states if it’s contentious.  The cone of suppression comes down.  Ask the WTO protesters and Occupy Houston.


Second Amendment: Right to bear arms.  We know that one’s toast, without constant vigilance. Even so:  Now that the ammo’s gone, it doesn’t this one is toast.


Third Amendment: No military takeover of homes.  But what were all those police searches in Boston without warrants about, then?


Fourth Amendment:  Says we’re free in our person, houses, and effects (which I take to include email and Skype though not specifically mentioned) against unreasonable search and seizure.  Both political parties lie through their teeth about supporting this – which is a crock of sh*t.  Remember the army, navy, and Nevada test site?


Fifth Amendment:  You don’t have to testify against yourself.  But in modern America, there’s usually a line around the block to testify against anyone over anything, so the effect is to scrap this one, too.  And if you support that, there’s always Gitmo which Fearless can’t figure out how to close (or he’s lying on this, too, yah think?) because he and the .mils ignore this next one…


Sixth Amendment:  The right to a speedy and public trial The right to trial by an impartial jury The right to be informed of criminal charges The right to confront witnesses The right to compel witnesses to appear in court The right to assistance of counsel.  The Constitution does not exempt Gitmo that I’ve been able to find.


Seventh Amendment:  Any suit for $20-bucks or more can demand jury trial.  Judges can’t overturn findings of fact by a jury but sometimes try anyway. Constitution does not exempt Gitmo.


Eighth Amendment: Bars excessive bail and fines.  But that won’t stop the cops from playing highwaymen in Tennessee or in seizing any amount of cash over a few thousand dollars because you must be a crook…forget that pap about presumption of innocence.  Fairytale stuff of the pre-police state…oh, sorry war on terror which includes anyone who doesn’t give hallelujahs to the banker class…Henry said so.


Ninth Amendment: Just because something is not guaranteed in the Constitution, doesn’t mean government can just have at it.  That clause has not stopped them, however.


Tenth Amendment: Powers not delegated by the Constitution  nor prohibited to the states are reserve to the states or the people. This is why federal program money comes with so many strings attached to keep people in line at the state level.


I realize this short summary is not complete, but it’s a starting point.  Some liberals I know just really dislike the Koch brothers, but Koch Industries has provided a great public service by helping to fund the Bill of rights Institute.  Except at Gitmo, of course.


Oh, and see the army, navy and Nevada Test Site if you have questions..,



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