Coping: A New Years Quake?

For those who missed my FB/G+ post this weekend, I need to post it here so you can follow the latest developments.  (If you read the G+/FB note, skip past this first indented part:)

A reader sent in an interesting reason why this might be the case: Hi George: I hope you have time to look into this one – Today you say What if 2012 was a year off?  Well it could be if the allowances for our calendar were not correct.  I have noted this for many years – where is our year 0 ie zero?  Between BC and AD – or whatever the PC crowd call it now – there is no zero.  Would that not screw up the counting of the big round rock? See: Historians have never included a year zero. This means that between, for example, January 1, 500 BC and January 1, AD 500, there are 999 years: 500 years BC, and 499 years AD preceding 500. In common usage anno Domini 1 is preceded by the year 1 BC, without an intervening year zero. So astronomers and archeologists/historians count it differently… Best regards, B. So with this in mind, I asked 2012 researcher Patrick Geryl about it and his intriguing answer is this: Hi George, I am aware of this possibility… However there is something more. When the Spaniards invaded South America, they destroyed almost all the books. Also they lost the conversion from the Mayan calendar to ours. So nobody is really sure when the Mayan calendar ends. A researcher from the 1930’s stated that it was of by more then a year… Lost the link… The French writer Albert Slosman translated from the hieroglyphs that it would happen before the end of Pisces. In ancient Egypt Pisces ended in 2016. Furthermore he stated that the previous cataclysm happened in 9792 BC. A retrograde movement from Venus is an indication for the next cataclysm. In 9792BC Jupiter, Venus and Pluto where ligned up during the retrograde movement from Venus. The same will happen now! The retrograde movement starts on December 21, 2013… Exactly 1 year after the famous 2012 date… And big line ups with Jupiter and Venus will start in January! So the possibility that this is the right date is very high, because I missed these last year… Remember that the bible states nobody will know the right date… So maybe the priests fooled us, and they knew the right date… But made some adjustments, in which case we wouldn’t find it. Also according to a prophecy, this is the last pope… My question: the catholic priests destroyed the evidence… But maybe they knew it indeed? Patrick As I said this morning, this is a small possibility, but if we get a 7.5 kind of quake around the first of the year, then the odds will move up.  And then if we get major Sun disruptions appearing in late January and into February, well then, we may get to find out if 2014 is THE year for all this…

OK, so then comes a Sunday note from Patrick Geryl who has been looking into astronomical lineups and here’s a bit of important background which may be significant: He has been focusing on influences on quakes not only of planets, but also of smaller objects.

One of these is 4 Vesta while the other is Ceres.  The crib notes from Wikipedia include:

Vesta, minor-planet designation 4 Vesta, is one of the largest asteroids in the Solar System, with a mean diameter of 525 kilometres (326 mi).[7] It was discovered by Heinrich Wilhelm Olbers on 29 March 1807,[5] and is named after Vesta, the virgin goddess of home and hearth from Roman mythology.

Ceres, minor-planet designation 1 Ceres, is the largest asteroid and the only dwarf planet in the inner Solar System.[19][20][21] It is a rock–ice body 950 km (590 mi) in diameter and the smallest identified dwarf planet. It contains about one-third of the mass of the asteroid belt.[22][23] Discovered on 1 January 1801 by Giuseppe Piazzi,[24] it was the first asteroid to be identified, though it was classified as a planet at the time.[25] It is named after Ceres, the Roman goddess of growing plants, the harvest, and motherly love.


Now, you need to have this quick refresher in astronomy because its central to Patrick’s subject line that ties in to that NY Post story about radiation sickness on the USS Ronald Reagan.  It’s ominously titled “A New Fukushima?”  Subtitled:  Vesta (planetoid) and Big Earthquakes…”

Hi George,

In researching the big earthquakes… I found a startling relationship between line ups with Vesta and 9 + quakes… Herewith I list the most known one:

Triple Line Up Pluto – Venus – Vesta ends March 11, 2011:

February 5 – March 11, 2011: Triple Line Up Pluto – Venus – Vesta

March 11, 2011: 05:46 UTC Earthquake of 9.0 Fukushima (On March 9: Earthquake of 7.2)

Tsunami and meltdown of nuclear reactors at Fukushima, Japan!

January 20 – March 24, 2011: Long Opposition Saturn – Jupiter across the Sun

February 5 – March 11, 2011: Triple Line Up Pluto – Venus – Vesta

February 14 – March 5 , 2011: Triple Line Up Mercury – Pallas – Pluto

March 1 – 18, 2011: Triple line Up Ceres – Juno – Chiron

March 2, 2011: Conjunction Uranus – Mercury

March 2 – 11, 2011 : Triple Line Up: Saturn – Mercury – Jupiter

March 4, 2011 : Conjunction Mercury – Jupiter and the Sun

March 4, 2011 : Opposition Saturn – Mercury across the Sun

March 5 – 9, 2011: Triple Line Up: Uranus – Mars – Venus

March 8 – 10, 2011 : Triple Line Up Uranus – Mercury – Earth

March 9 – April 11, 2011: Triple Line Up Venus – Ceres – Chiron

March 11 – 30, 2011: Triple Line Up Vesta – Ceres – Uranus


March 9: Triple with Uranus – Mars – Venus ends: Earthquake 7.2. Uranus in the 2 Triples!

March 11: Triple Line Up Pluto – Venus – Vesta ends March 11:

Activates Triple Line Up Vesta – Ceres – Uranus. This activates Triple Line Up Uranus – Mercury – Earth…..

Line Ups with Moon:

11.03.2011 6:25:43 29°57’16”:Sextile Uranus

11.03.2011 12:55:16 3°17’12”: Sextile Mercury

This looks a bit similar to the situation on January 1 , 2014…

On January 1, this Triple ends….

December 22, 2013– January 1, 2014: Triple Line Up Uranus – Venus – Vesta

Uranus is excited by this Line Up:

December 21 – 29, 2013: Triple Line Up Uranus – Earth –Mars

And Venus was in several other line ups:

December 9 – 28, 2013: Triple Line Up Neptune – Venus – Pallas

December 11 – 20, 2013: Triple Line Up Uranus – Venus – Ceres

This brings a lot of energy to the Triple with Vesta:

December 22, 2013– January 1, 2014: Triple Line Up Uranus – Venus – Vesta

Other Line Ups before January 1 that are important:

December 23, 2013 – January 2, 2014: Triple Line Up Chiron – Juno – Mars

December 24, 2013 – January 5, 2014 : Triple Line Up Neptune – Juno – Pallas

December 25, 2013– January 3, 2014: Opposition Mars – Neptune across the Sun

December 28 – January 5, 2013: Triple Line Up Juno – Venus – Neptune

December 28 – 29, 2013: Opposition Mercury – Earth across the Sun

December 29, 2013 – January 4, 2014: Triple line Up Mercury – Chiron – Vesta

December 30, 2013– January 3, 2014: Opposition Pluto – Earth across the Sun

December 30, 2013: Conjunction Mercury – Pluto across the Sun

December 30, 2013 – January 1, 2014: Triple line Up Mercury – Earth – Pluto

December 31 – January 1, 2013: Opposition Mercury – Jupiter across the Sun

On the same moment the Triple Uranus – Venus – Vesta ends, Venus is connected with Pluto and Mercury! So this brings a lot of energy to Pluto and Mercury, which are in a line up with the Earth…

January 1 – 2, 2014: Triple Line Up Mercury – Pluto – Venus starts when the Triple with Vesta ends…

So the energy from Venus goes to: Triple line Up Mercury – Earth – Pluto

On January 1… we have 4 major Line Ups with the Moon, and 2 lesser ones…. 1.01.2014 8:40:09 8°40’51″Cap Square Uranus 1.01.2014 12:14:09 10°57’25″Cap Conjunction Sun 1.01.2014 12:43:57 11°16’26″Cap Conjunction Pluto 1.01.2014 13:40:43 11°52’42″Cap Square Mars 1.01.2014 15:31:48 13°03’39″Cap Conjunction Mercury 1.01.2014 20:08:40 16°00’37″Cap Opposition Jupiter

A new Fukushima?

So we are quite intrigued by watching (as covered in this morning’s news section) how it is that these lineups occurred proximate to the March 2011 Fukushima event and how similar line-ups are just nine days off.

If we get a Big One, just remember where you read it first (and tell your friends).

The Attack on Vitamins

A story in the NY Times Saturday links “dietary supplements” to liver disease.

This report comes on the heels of a major attack on Vitamin/supplements last week.  What’s amazing to us is how major media can’t seem to do a worthy job of dot connecting.  How is it that sitting out here in the Outback of East Texas, we can be aware of a billion dollar short in the supplement industry and the major papers (hard on the attack upon supplements) can’t seem to find the line or two it would take to explain how money is short supplements?

Reader Kevin tipped us to this:

You know what my first thought was? Herbal life and the 500 million dollar short bet hedge fund manager Bill Ackman has on it. Could it be that money from Bill was somehow connected to the survey? And even to spread to some of the media outlets that promoted the results?

Yep.  Business Insider had the headline “In the last year, Bill Ackman has lost hundreds of millions as Herbalife share skyrocketed.”

No shit, Sherlock:  HLF Closed yesterday at 80.61 a share despite the attack on vitamins.  As long as they keep up with a return on assets of 22% and above, and they pay1.5%, where’s the motivation to short?

Ackman will be right at some point, of course.  But if you apply Elliott to the 5-year chart, and assume a 1.5 to 1.6x Wave 3 up, compared to 1,  you could make a case for a blow-off top case for $124.  So, sure, somewhere over 90 it does get interesting.

But our old mantra when it comes to options is “bail if something drops 10% regardless of any other factors!”  Why?  The market has proven time and time again that it can remain irrational longer than I can remain solvent.  I’m a slow learner, though, and that one cost me dearly to learn.  I keep relearning it at least several times a year, even now.  But the point of this is what?

Seems to me that some disclosure might be in order in the MSM, but that’s just me suffering SCOMD again.  Which is?

Seasonal  Cranky Old Man Disease

Vitamin D Note

Lots of reaction to the vitamin attacks from readers like this one:

I know you were tracking this. By the way, about ten thousand units of that “useless” vitamin D, will give you superior resistance to the flu than getting a mercury filled flu shot. We want you to stay well so you can keep us up on everything we’ve missed. merry Christmas, have a HEALTHY, wealthy and happy new year, best, e.

The Texas State Health Services folks sent this out last week:

Dear Colleague: Statewide influenza-like illness (ILI) activity continues to increase and is above baseline levels. ILI intensity is high in Texas, and influenza is now widespread. All Texas regions have reported laboratory confirmed influenza. Over 90% of positive influenza tests reported from Texas laboratories have been typed as influenza A. Of those influenza A viruses that have been subtyped, 90% have been the 2009 pandemic H1N1 subtype. This subtype of influenza is included in this season’s influenza vaccine. No novel influenza cases have been reported in Texas. No antiviral resistant influenza strains have been reported in Texas. Encourage patients to get vaccinated for influenza. Clinicians should consider antivirals even if the Rapid Influenza Diagnostic Test is negative.

So I am continuing on with modest supplementation (and it includes some D3) and I won’t put the NY Times article under my pillow.  Power of suggestion and all that?

Enlightenment – Newcandescent

Sick of those damn new-fangled compact fluorescent lights that release poisons into landfills?  Don’t buy in to that arc-light harsh look of LED lights?  Especially since they seem to “loose their poop over time” as LED output declines?

Well, the good news is that shipping is about to start on Newcandescent, PACK of 12 Incandescent 100-Watt Rough Service Frost A19 Light Bulb. 10,000 Hours Life 1094 Lumen. Made in the USA and 75-watt versions are here. USA.  Mind you, these are the 100 watt lights and the 60 watt version is here while.

Now, let’s talk disclosure, shall we?  Yes, it’s true that an incandescent light puts out heat.  But here at this time of the year, I always figured that it was almost a trade-off (and almost directly so) if you had electric heat.

So in the summertime, I can see the LEDs making a little more sense (less cooling load) but by that time of year,; I don’t need any lights at all:  I hit the rack about sundown in summertime.

And even so, there’s enough of those damn LED power on indicators around the house that we don’t even tax our night vision.  Seems there’s a light on the TV, three computers, satellite receiver, Blu-ray, phone charger,  Roomba charging station, Dust Buster, and then in the bathroom, the Sonicare light, my electric razor….hell, who needs lights to get around at night?

Toss in the recent full moon and you can use one of these. The earplugs are for when the raccoons are out playing with cats, or the computers are bleeping their hard drives out when rebooting from the latest update sandwich…

Ham Radio & TechnoPrepper Note

If you picked up a couple of those BaoFeng UV-5Rradios we mentioned a while back this note from reader Steve is good:


I bought one of the above and its does seem to be an excellent 2m+ transceiver. It even has a small flashlight on the top of the unit.

What it does not have is an adequate users’ manual. I am in process of trying to decode the use of its keys and such.

And later:

I found a more detailed users manual for the above at The (Chinese) Radio Project website. They have an excellent free manual for download. You might want to share this with your readers who have purchased this ham radio.

The (Chinese) Radio Documentation Project –

The link to the print version of the manual is here and more download options are coming from the page over here.

Our hearty respect for Lennart Lidberg for putting together such a fine manual.  Now it’s not only a good radio, but with a great manual.  RFO.

OK, off to…uh…pizza for breakfast!  Major mission today?  Getting the turkey out to defrost.

Ya’ll come by tomorrow…


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