Coping: Mercury Retrograde is No Joke!

This has not been a peachy week for the Ure household. Not!  I have been going through one of the worst Mercury Retrogrades ever.  I could almost feel this one coming two weeks back, thinking through things.

A word about Mercury in Retrograde:  Like other planets, the apparent motion of Mercury is usually “normal” but a few times a year (four this year) the position of the planet in the night sky seems to move backwards.  This is “retrograde.”

Thousands of years ago, people began to notice that there’s a strange connection between ill-fated events and the movement of Mercury backwards in the sky. December 3rd to December 23rd.  But here’s the catch:  Everyone “lives” several weeks (one way or the other) from the center dates.  I’ll explain it as we go…

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Thanks to the brilliant work of our “consulting astrologer” (whose name we don’t use as her request, but her clients are big names!) I have been watching closely to see when my “lucky streaks” and “unlucky streaks” seem to run.

The idea was that I could line up when to do certain things by remaining mindful of Mercury.  More importantly, there were times NOT to do things.  Our C.A. (consulting astrologer) has advised plenty of clients on points like “Don’t sign anything this week!

Turns out, this cycle has been a dandy for me.

Last Tuesday, my battery supplier brought out eight fresh deep-cycle batteries for the office power system.  We like back-ups.  All good.  The old batteries had, oh, 10-years on them, so no problem with life cycles.

I dutifully put on fresh 1/0 jumpers, sprayed it all down (with BOESHIELD T-9 Rust & Corrosion Protection/Inhibitor and Waterproof Lubrication, 12 oz.) and wired it all up to the solar and grid-tied inverter/charger.

Then I “threw the switch….”


Smoke poured out of the inverter.  (“Sh*t fire & save matches” doesn’t even come close to the cloud of blue language that followed. This was truck-driver grad school.)  I noted the date: November 21st.

Outback Power will have a box here this week to send the inverter off for repairs. I could have replaced the FET board, but they can do a more thorough job because that’s what they do at their new service center in Phoenix.

Source of the trouble?   I traced it back to the delivery fellow who didn’t put the batteries on the rack the same way they came off.  We were talking and although all the inter-battery connections were perfect, when you mix up the plus and minus by not inspecting them…well, it’s a $600 smoke release.  They were exactly backwards.

As Elaine says (too often) “You know what assume means?”    “Makes an ASS of U and ME…”\

Shazbat, as Robin Williams famously Mork’ed.

Mercury goes retrograde on December 3 and goes proper again on December 23rd.

I know…I know….one mishap does not a retrograde make.

Key data point?  November 21 to December 3 is 12 days.  Which wasn’t surprising since in past retrogrades, I’d noticed that I was about two weeks ahead of the planet going retro when things started hitting the fan.

The next day, a ballast went out in of the fluorescent lights in the kitchen.  Great.  Electronic ballast replacement time.

The next day was Thanksgiving and all went well…

But then Friday, I had several hours of trouble downloading software for this website’s new presentation framework.  I’m planning some changes in organization and coding – so might as well get everything up and running to current standards.

OH NO: THAT turned into a multi-hour sinkhole.  Finally got it working (and found the errors of my ways) so uninstall and reinstall was put on the checklist.

By Saturday, I figured things were bound to get better.

They didn’t.

I went to work on the IBM Selectric II I’ve been working on.  It was running perfectly until – being ever-so-neat – I took out the rotting 50-year old foam quieting pads and followed with a high-pressure air hosing before moving it back to the desk in the guest quarters.

Bad move:  Now, when the carriage-return is hit, the carriage goes back and forth, just dancing back and forth…although the EXP key (express return, no line feed) works fine.  I’m thinking since one blast of air screwed it up, maybe another it might fix…but due to time constraints I set that aside for a while because by now I was becoming aware that “things” in Ure’s world were not as they should be.

Saturday, by 4 PM it was time for pizza which was followed at 10:30 by the most terrible over-acid stomach on the planet.  Hence, the pseudo-vegetarian drift.

Nose back on the grindstone Sunday morning: Carefully, oh so carefully Sunday I uninstalled XAMPP (that software lets me do development work on the website offline).  It installs Apache Server, PHP 7, and a bunch of other stuff – and I laid WordPress on top of it) and all was hunky-dory.

From there I went on to work incorporating all the changes that reader Mike sent over on the new book.  Which was fine until the updated manuscript would not load to Amazon…so I figured it may have been all the additional software just installed….

EXCEPT that when I went to remove XAMPP, it ate the registry in Win-10.  The Win-10 sign-on and sign-off screens were OK, but the screen went black in the normal mode.  Safe-mode was OK, except the video drivers weren’t working as expected, Office 365 had stopped working, the only browser that worked was Firefox and the screen resolution was down to ugly from UHD outstanding….

Surely, there had to be a “secret code” to fix this?

Oh-oh…  I was up until 11 PM Sunday night trying to make it work and finally tossed in the towel.

Monday after the column (done on the studio computer)  I blew away the Win7/10 OS and did a clean install of 10 – which I worked on Monday (and may be through next week).  The good news is that I have all the software and since the BIGBOX server has been running on the Win-7 to Win-10 upgrade, I suppose I’m lucky it ran this long.

Maybe there was a lesson in here:  Lot’s more room on the SSD, the machine runs faster than ever, and 3-older versions of Office (2007, 2010, and 2013) have been removed.  Was it all a cosmic “Do Your Damn Updates, Georgie!”  A note would have been fine.

I’m not one to complain, but this is crazy.  Went to the eye doc Monday afternoon and I was almost afraid to drive with my luck going the way it has been. Luckily, no issues there and Elaine drove home.

There were several other – lesser – disasters in the last week.  Now that I am pretty clear when my “Door of Hell open” time is around retrograde, I’ll be better prepared.

Sure, go ahead and laugh.  “Aw, that old fool in de woods – he knows nuttin’…

Perhaps, but the data says that on April 18th, 2016 when my intraocular lens failed, it was when?  April 28 – May 22, 2016  was at the front-edge of my personal offset from the retrograde we were headed into at the time.

July of last year, when the operative eye wasn’t healing right? Retrograde when? August 30 – September 22, 2016.

Looking at March 22 to April 15 next year gives me some ideas.

Since I’ve got a pretty well-established two or three week offset, so next year I will either get my taxes in by the end of February or blow it all off until right up near the deadline.  Don’t need that blowing up.

Not sure what to make of astrology, over all.  But the personal pile of data about Mercury is growing.  One thing I won’t make of “retrograde” talk in the future?


Reader Note:  Although she is low-key, our C.A. does share a LOT publicly.  Like how to achieve a bountiful like.  See her site here:

Also – and put this in the weird pile – I wrote up moist of this morning’s column on Monday morning before going to the eye doc’s.  Call it 11 AM Central.

While writing it, I put out a “vibe” that I hoped our C.A. was doing OK.  Like anyone our age, she had some health challenges a while back.

What have I told you about our “I-Ching Inbox“?  There’s a post from her in the comment section this morning.

Simply amazing how some people you “connect” with on a spiritual level will call you back almost on command when summoned through the “switchboard of intention.”.

Nope: no idea how it works; just that it does work.

Eye Doc Visit

My self-cobbled health routine to bring my left/operative eye back from 20/50 land has paid off.

Instead of just doing prednisone drops and something called ProLenza which is an opthmologic NSAID, I also cut our allopurinol (see search) and used a regimen including lots of Vit C and Serrapeptase.


Operative eye is now 20/30 and doing 20/25 about half the time.

Doc is skeptical of the impacts of my added treatments, but in fairness said “We’ll take the placebo effect wherever we can get it…”  But was it placebo or intention?  My vote is for the latter.

The remaining problem is that this is only when wearing a hard contact, but with the UHD monitors and super-graphics cards that drive full 4K resolution (GT-730’s) I am back to working my usual 12-hours per day now…

Security of This Website

My buddy Gaye over at has been sharing a fair bit on website security here lately.  I’m pleased to report that on Google Page Speed, the is getting high marks.  Without the https, though, not so good.  So work continues on that.

And, over at, we get an “A” for security headers on the plain Urban site, but not with the HTTPS.

Remember the part where I mentioned 12-hour work-days a second ago?  This is part of where those go.

OK, off to see if the damn top is in yet, and laugh about digital tulips…

Write when it’s in the 7th house and Mercury is back on station….

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26 thoughts on “Coping: Mercury Retrograde is No Joke!”

  1. I dont know about all this crazy planet crap. I do know i feel stuck in rest mode… and i have been im isolation mode. Keeping quiet, to myself, and sleeping a lot. Like sleeping a lot.

    Yesterday, i knew i should get fuel, but i ran another load thinking i could make it and for the first time ever, i ran out of fuel. Had a good laugh at myself. The mechanic wasn’t too far away and he came and rescued me and got me back on the road.

    Also been havin issues with phone chargers not charging my damn cell phone. Not sure why, just a thing lately.

    Maybe there is something to this depletion thing. Lol

    Like I said, i dont know about that planet crap. The wise men did in the bible.. i do know everytime someone has done my chart.. they dont tell me what’s in it and shortly afterwards we stop talking. Lmao

    What i do know is i hate debt with a passion. Been working my ass off for the last 2 years to pay it off and its just not happening fast enough for likes of me! Been researching how to do an online buisness.. i keep running into women from my past lately.. ran into a Swedish girl i knew from years ago, always had a crush on her but it never became a thing.. she does really well with her ebay buisness. So i may give that a go after the first of the year.

    Well, i best get busy.

    Off to grab 18 gears.

    • Leave Prosperity behind.
      And just ride the wave.
      You can find one.
      Strike out with your mind thoughts have wings and it’ll manifest right before your eyes.
      When you wake up the next morning do universe will have slipped and changed according to you.
      There is a swivel mechanism like a chain link that binds us but gives us the freedom to move from one side to the other.
      You will surpass or eclipse what you’re already doing that’ll bring you the freedom of mind to explore without restriction.
      You have people surrounding you together it will happen thoughts have wings.
      Don’t let one thing get you down go around.
      May all beings be lovingly fulfilled ,so be it including you.

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  2. George,
    Your tale reminded me of a Paul Harvey quote. “Ain’t no use to worry cause nothing is going to work out all right.”

  3. Lol!
    My hell portal must be close to Ures! NOTHING I have ordered off Amazon OR elsewhere, for a week now ,has made it to me despite being listed as DELIVERED. OMG have I been the Tasmanian Devilette. I was once told by a numerologist that retrograde is O.K. for the RE-do’s so I am anxious for the RE-delivery of my Christmas orders!!!!In it with you sir.

  4. Don’ know nutthin’ ’bout no retro-thingy…
    Just yesterday, I poked a long tool handle through one of the naked fluorescent tubes in the dual four-foot fixture over the workbench.
    after I picked all the phosphor-glass out of my hair, I popped over to the electrician supply house, and got two LED drop-in replacement tubes. These things come in two types: one where you need to remove the ballast, and one you just pop in with no changes to the fixture.
    These things are kinda expensive, but not too bad — considering they will take a blow the old ones wouldn’t (didn’t), and keep illuminating. They also don’t flash and blink erratically when the shop is cold.

    ..and 85% of the man-made RFI noise level in my HF ham radio was instantly gone. (Happy day!)

    I previously tested the old fixture for RFI emanations, but the breaker test indicated it wasn’t them. But I guess it was.

    A lot of Bad News is really Good News, given some time. (…like all those times I got fired or quit–only to fall into a much better deal within days.

    C’mon Mercury! Spin retro for me!!

    73 from The Radio Ranch in NC.

  5. Two old “ism’s” come to mind.
    “Speak of the Devil, and he’ll appear”.
    “If you think you’ll have bad luck, you will”.

  6. “OK, off to see if the damn top is in yet, and laugh about digital tulips”. Looks like you are still short. DOW 50,000 – real value will always win out over tulips.

  7. So nice to know you have a ‘CA’. And it is nice to see a non astrologer taking note of Mercury retrograde. I’ve been a ‘CA’, a few decades ago, although no longer counseling, I am always aware of the transits, especially Mercury retrograde. When a person has it in their birth chart, it tends to work in the opposite way. I am one of those and when the retrograde happens, I am able to accomplish so much more than when it’s not. So, that being said, I have 3 to 4 action packed times per year when things move really fast for me. Sometimes it is a bit overwhelming since I am a fast task handler anyway… I always make sure to do my back ups in that 2 week window prior and have been doing that for over 40 years. Being aware of Mercury as a practicing astrologer, when I would tell people that communication devices, travel and anything associated with Mercury is always going to create delays, people would laugh and tell me that their computer just went down or another Mercury ruled incident happened and Mercury wasn’t retrograde. My answer is, yes that does happen, but that sort of thing ALWAYS happens during Mercury retrograde, pretty much guaranteed! So backups are important, if signing contracts, read, read, read and make sure you see ALL the details before any signing, otherwise a re-do will have to be. Don’t book any airline trips during this time, or you will be likely to experience delays when the trip actually happens. Mercury retrograde is easy to navigate if you know what to do…it’s all in the details. Important to not miss any during this time. Best advice I can give is to be prepared for any set backs and take a deep breath if they happen. I think this is a message from the universe to make us slow down and notice everything a bit more. With the earth vibrating at a faster pace now, it goes by quickly anyway! Jmho.
    Grateful for your posts. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience.

    • Thanks for the affirmation. I also have a natal Mercury retrograde and have noticed effects similar to yours. I have to keep a close watch on the spousal unit though. Sometimes forethought is able to mitigate circumstance.

  8. Mercury is only in its shadow period.Things may get worse.It won’t emerge from the shadow until Jan.11.When I had my two cataract surgeries,I made sure that there would be no problem by having them scheduled far away from those times.

  9. Tulips are so 1635. We need a new model for recent bubbles other than beating on the Dutch of almost 400 years ago.

      • Housing bubble story:
        in the bay area, Alameda: 1800 sf house, hand built in 1925.
        Sold in ’95 for $205K.
        Sold again in ’00 for $450K.
        Sold again in ’05 for $750K. Luckily, I was the one who sold it last…

        Currently valued at over a million. Crazy times, for the little island off the coast of Oakland. After the Naval base shut down, all the working class families who kept their homes are now ‘millionaires’. Not that that’s a lot of money here in the 21st C.

        Sold that house and moved out of that state, a dream come true, though of course I miss sailing the bay.

  10. On the Dr. being skeptical of your treatments…doctors have no knowledge of anything other than “if this occurs, prescribe this pharmaceutical”. Of course he is not going to give any credit on a) something he didn’t prescribe or b) something he is ignorant of. Good for you, George, on your self-healing!

  11. I replace fluorescents with led tape. It’s about $12 for a 16′ roll unless you prefer the double density 90+ cri which is about $50 per roll. A dimmer runs about $6 and a 12v transformer runs about $12. Downside is having to run a 12volt circuit. Upside with the high cri is less eye strain and better color. The double density has about the same or better output as the fluor tube.

    • I converted to led when the ballast in our kitchen fluorescent light went out. The bulbs back then was 75.00 plus shipping now you can buy the whole unit for twenty.

      I just got some great led fluorescent lights at Costco..northern tools has them on sale to.

      A few years ago when my ballast went out I decided to switch to led.. It didn’t take ling two do away with the ballast since led needs straight electric. The bulbs back then were seventy five a piece today you can buy the whole unit for twenty to forty.
      My goal is to switch over the garage to led Costco Sam’s and northern tool have them all on sale to.

  12. “Aw, that old fool in de woods – he knows nuttin’…”

    However, I think “that old fool” is on to something. I surely enjoy his opinions!

  13. It won’t be too much longer before we will be able to feel smell and even taste when we go on YouTube to a place. What’s the reset happens and everyone has a robot working for them personally people be able to do things I’ve never done before the world will open up not only your inner world but you’re out of world technologies will be released to be able to go to any place in the universe as far as you want to go you’ll be able to create new worlds with your imagination.
    If you are looking for love you’ll find more love than you’ve ever found in your life you’ll be overwhelmed with emotion.
    If you’re looking to hurt things people or other beings you won’t be able to.
    What you will find is bliss happiness, the door will only open one way, you can walk through it and the whole world will change but you will not be able to walk back through it the doors only open one way that world conception universe exists.
    Try it make things happen that you want to happen and watch it happen but if you what you want is negative in this new realm it won’t.
    That’s because we are entering into an age some say it’s the Aquarian age some say it’s the information age but it’s the age of where may all beings be lovingly fulfilled so be it. not just a few.

  14. upgrade your backup batteries.
    brings to mind I have to get a new car battery. what I have been wondering is making one out of super capacitors .. then the thought is.. why can’t a person make a power wall out of them. the tesla power wall is made up of small computer batteries similar to a double a.. now I wonder just how much power would one made out of super caps be.. would it need to be fused like the tesla or would it be safer.

    • Sorry, I’m a bit boggled at the idea of a DIY bank of car batteries – it would be a ‘shame’ if you ended up ‘fried’ because the thing was set up wrong. One hell of a jolt!! Caps can be tricky even though they are ‘old school’ . . .

  15. Two things. We are experiencing a dollar bubble. Sit down and contemplate this and much of this economic situation will become crystal clear. This fact is never stated because everyone understands a bubble, so not calling it that keeps the sheeple confused with a complexity that is mostly BS.

    Secondly, as my fraternity buddy used to remind us, things always get darkest just before they turn pitch black.

    Bitcoin is no different than stocks or bonds or playing margins where you do not take physical delivery of anything. It’s all just electrons and perception. People tell me I can’t eat gold or silver, I tell them they can’t eat electrons.

    Block chain currencies will never achieve wide usage because of their fluctuations. No businessman can take $30k in bitcoin for a sale when the risk of it going down 20% the next day exists. And it is not useable for small transactions because if even one percent of USA retail were done in bitcoin, the calculations for the block chain of those transfers would consume the entire electricity production of the world. Latest I saw was that the energy consumed by bitcoin in its present state is greater than the electrical production level of (not combined) 161 countries.

    Keep this in mind. You might make $100k in bitcoin, only to redeem it for $100k of Zimbabwe dollars.

  16. Consulting astrologer here. Beadart, I could have written your posting above, as I also was born under Rx Mercury (my shorthand). Agree with you 100%.

    George, it’s clear you are sensitive to the period of Mercury going into its “shadow” which means while still traveling forward, it is covering the ground it will revisit during its retrograde motion. I describe it like setting out for the grocery store only to realize you left your checkbook, credit cards, shopping list and coupons at home, so turning around and retracing your route in order to back to get them.

    During Mercury in its shadow, there is no end to things we can mess up…I agree totally that it not a time to make travel arrangements, unless the entire trip begins and ends while the Rx is on going. If circumstances require a trip anyway, triple check ALL arrangements, take extra precautions, and, when things get harried, remember Kurt Vonagut’s saying, “Unexpected travel plans are dancing lessons from God.”

    O, when old relationships show up, it generally is when Jupiter is in a person’s 5th House (happens twice during Jupiter’s 12 year cycle — once when it’s in your Sun sign 5th, the other when it’s in your Ascendant sign’s 5th.) Doesn’t cause problems, more like mild nostalgia and a final letting go.

    Use the upcoming Rx Mercury to do anything beginning with “re” like research, repair, redecorate, rearrange (straighten up). Lots of people will be returning gifts or unwanted purchases from this weekend when Mercury turns direct and even during the post retrograde second “shadow” period. (Going over the same space for the third time, now in direct motion again.) Godspeed, everyone!

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