Coping: Lunar Chinese Year & Directorate 153

There are some days I ought to be producing “made for TV” movies and this is one of them.  Why, if I were a writer of any repute at all, I’d already have this puppy in production.  Since I’m not, however, I will simply write a really short screenplay for you to read.

Opening Scene:  We see an ultra-modern minimalist office with a couple of gray dudes.  One (older and wearing a suit and obviously in charge) is sitting at a desk and is obviously “in charge” while a younger fellow (only wisps of gray) in a lab coat is handing him a document.

Geek:  Chief, we just got this latest data run out about China and their successful launch of the Chang’e-3 Lunar mission.  Not only is the story all over Xinhau this today (this part isn’t fiction) but you can see in this data run from those fools at the project that “moon madness” has overtaken the Chinese state media machine!

Zoom In:  We read a snip from a just completed word-frequency table which looks at Chinese (English language) sites only:

This part, like the launch in our story, is also not fictitious.  This is all very, very real.  The fiction begins here…

Director:  “No worry, Chambers, the situation is well in hand.  As you undoubtedly know, we have made many forecasts and we have arranged for their to be an absolutely terrible February which will begin our period of incredibly high tensions which will last from almost the beginning of the new year until July sometime…”

Geek:   “But why would we do that, sir?”

Director:  “Chambers, you’ve been with us, what, six years is it?”

Geek: “Yes sir!  And it will be seven years in September.”

Director:  “Well, I suppose your loyalty is beyond question – and you know you will be killed if you reveal anything discussed here, am I correct?”

Geek: “Yes sir….”

Director: “Alright then, I’m going to lay it out for you – and you might want to take notes – but those notes are only for your personal use while here at work, are we clear?”

Geek: “Yes sir…absolutely.”

Director:  “I’m gong to fill in a number of blanks for you and why we absolutely MUST have a period of extreme tension and uncertainty in the US.  For this to make sense, however, we need to begin at the very beginning.  Do you remember what happened on September 13th of 1959?”

Geek:  “Gosh, sir, all I know is that it was a Sunday…”

Director:  “It was also the date that the Soviet Luna 2 mission hit the moon.  And, as you know, bit less than 10 years later, on July 20th of 1969, the first US mission with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on Apollo 11 touched down.”

Geek: “I’m not following you, sir.  What does this have to do with a February from Hell here in the US this coming year?”

Director:  “Follow along.  You may be aware of some of the moon landing conspiracy theories.  Look that up in Wikipedia and they I’ll explain…”

Long shot of Geek grabbing an iPad and tapping on it…

Geek  “Well, it says here, sir, that…well, let me read it:

“The first book about the subject, Bill Kaysing‘s We Never Went to the Moon: America’s Thirty Billion Dollar Swindle,[8] was written in 1974,[9] two years after the Apollo Moon flights had ended, and self-published in 1976. The Flat Earth Society was one of the first organizations to accuse NASA of faking the landings, arguing that they were staged by Hollywood with Walt Disney sponsorship, based on a script by Arthur C. Clarke and directed by Stanley Kubrick.[Note 1][10] Folklorist Linda Dégh (de) suggests that writer-director Peter Hyams‘ 1978 film Capricorn One, which shows a hoaxed journey to Mars in a spacecraft that looks identical to the Apollo craft, may have given a boost to the hoax theory’s popularity in the post-Vietnam War era. She notes that this happened during the post-Watergate era, when American citizens were inclined to distrust official accounts. Dégh writes: “The mass media catapult these half-truths into a kind of twilight zone where people can make their guesses sound as truths. Mass media have a terrible impact on people who lack guidance.”[11] In A Man on the Moon,[12] first published in 1994, Andrew Chaikin mentions that at the time of Apollo 8‘s lunar-orbit mission in December 1968, similar conspiracy ideas were already in circulation”

“Gosh, you know thinking back on it, I can see how it could have been faked, I suppose, but I thought there was just too much…you know…evidence…

Director:  “Evidence?  Like what?  A good story told over and over, backed up by some bags of rocks and film with lighting issues that wouldn’t pass muster in today’s high-tech video world?  hardly!

No, Chambers, the US “moon landing” wasn’t exactly done the way presented and that’s why things must be bad – very, very bad, this coming spring.”

Chambers:  “I don’t follow…”

Director:  “The Chinese are going to the moon, you idiot!  They know they can do it and so do we.  And, as soon as they show up and find there are no footprints at the US landing site, they can blackmail the West into pretty much whatever they want… do you see it yet?”

Geek:  “But what about things left on the moon?”

Director:  “Nice try…but we sent up lots of junk and crashed it into the supposed landing site later.  We did that under the guise of “secret payloads” for intelligence agencies.  Well, that was US, Chambers.  US as in U.S.

Now you can seer the problem.  The “soft landing” of Chang-e 3 is not the issue.  It’s that when China goes to the moon, they will be able to overfly and take ultra-high resolution pictures.  And when the missing footprints and others technical issues aren’t resolved, the US government will be outed for having lied to the public for 45-years about this.”

Geek: “But the astronauts – they’re telling the truth, right?”

Director:  “Ever see any of them take a polygraph?  Of course not!  National heroes and all that.  And besides, all the details were piped into them under deep hypnosis helped along with some fairly recent-discovered “mind altering drugs” back when.  What that means is that the astronauts themselves deeply believe everything they report.  But as you know, we have amazing capabilities – far beyond what the general public can comprehend – in manufacturing artificial memories.”

Geek:  “So when the Chinese have men and equipment up there, and actually begin the colonization efforts, then the US will be made to be fools…yes, I see how that could happen.”

Director:  “Remember the Kennedy assassination?  It took how long for the documentary claiming it was an accident involving a US Secret Service agent’s rifle in the car behind Kennedy’s to appear?  Fifty years?  There are sometimes things better left unsaid, Chambers, in the interest of national security.”

Geek: “Understood, sir.  So we need to have a period of extreme destabilization so that people will think twice about disagreeing with government, especially openly and on the Internet, is that right?”

Director:  “Yes.  We need to ensure that our friends with search engines derate and just outright lose sites that get wind of this.  We also need to wait and see how diplomacy works out.  We’re talking back-channel with the Chinese to keep them from overflight and filming.  So we might muddle through this period.  They might even send out a team to install some footprints for us and then have an “accident” with a couple of astronauts, if you know what I mean…

But, if we don’t, there will be a kind of hell on Earth to keep people’s attention focused on other matters.  We will have crashing markets, budget impasse, Obamacare confusion, a spike in unemployment…and maybe we can get a couple of new war fronts open, too.  We may even have to play the “domestic terror” card, but we really need to hold that in reserve for use during the financial collapse, like we played it withy 9/11 to keep people from realizing in 2001 that the great stock market bubble in history had just blow up costing $5-trillion in middle class losses.”

Geek:  “So what do you want me to do about it, sir?”

Director:  “Keep a close eye on Chinese language and actions.  We think they have been playing their Sendaku airspace card loosely but when they announce that they are overflying the American lunar landing sites and release marginal pictures, then we’ll take that as a signal that they’re onto us.  And then we’ll have to move; quickly and firmly….

The real issue is whether our alien friends will give the Chinese permission to do more than a couple of landings, like the US negotiated before being told “Don’t come back…”  If the Chinese get more latitude then we will have lost a major strategic initiative.

So over the next couple of months, add the world UFO to your language search.  If my hunch is right, we should see an uptick in the number of UFO sightings when our alien friends realize that humans are coming back – and that our “advice” to the Chinese has been ignored….”

The mind reels with possibilities.  We could take the ending to this almost any direction we want:  It could be revealed as a joke, it might be real in an objective sense, or it could just be another one of the millions of misdirection’s found every day on the web; many posted by government agent provocateurs using multiple personality posting software.

I’d speculate along a certain line, but that wouldn’t be productive.  Besides, reality will reveal itself, and all in good time…

Oh, I did mention Directorate 153 is completely fictional, and not some secret roundtable of all the black budget security agencies who have really been running government since right after president Johnson’s days, didn’t I?

Dowsing Details

In case you missed Friday’s comments on Dowsing, we had a nice follow-up from a reader named Peter which has a few points of interest in it:

Hi George;
I remember working as a surveyor here in Canada in the 70’s and using coat hangers wires bent in an “L” shape to find existing underground utilities.
Radio detectors were just coming into service and were prohibitively expensive for the small organization I worked for.
There was no mystery or voodoo associated with it. It was just a practical technique passed onto me by one of the older employees.

Ah!  Someone else who can dowse.  I asked if there were any hints he could think of that I’d overlooked…

The only proviso I remember, was swinging them around a few time to “warm them up”.
The technique was to hold the wires forward and parallel, like holding a pair of pistols and when the utility was crossed, the wires would swing outwards away from each other and line up with the underground pipes.
It worked for electrical wires, metal, clay and concrete pipes. I don’t know if water had to be flowing at the time of detection though.
I never tried to find natural underground water with this method.
I downloaded a book you referred to a while back by Pam Grout E2. She also refers to the technique.

Good stuff to know, even though we live in a land of mostly plastic coat hangars, seems like lately.

Yes, Things Have Improved…

Reader Keith was a little perturbed and sent in email…


Just flashes up then I get

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All this is because we moved a few things on the server and, as a result, you may not find UrbanSurvival at the old address.  I sent Keith a note, but if you see discussion of “UrbanSurvival’s gone missing” on discussion boards, if you could post this, it may help some of the lost flock find their way back:

Go to some other site

Clear browser cache

Go to or  and everything should be fine.

We moved things around on the server and as a result, mobile phone users can now use the site and not end up in “scroll bar hell.”

Good question – thanks for asking

I’m guessing a lot of people were face-stuffing/stuffing-face when I posted the note about the changes on Thursday.  Some people get days off but Ures truly ain’t one of ‘em…  Gory details in “Happy Thanksgiving: Phone-Friendly.”

More tomorrow – write when you break even…


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