Coping: Intending Your Way to Wealth

So, want to be rich, do you?

I get that from a lot of people.  But when I ask “What have you done about it?” very few people actually have a solid answer.  Mostly, I get a look like “What?”

To my way of thinking, though, the odds of anyone being rich is a very doable thing but it may take you a decade (or several) of hard work to get “there.”

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Let me start with some basic questions about “wealth.”

  1.  How many books and audio series – specifically about the science of getting rich – have you actually read or actively listened-to in the past five years?

I have some ideas:

Look on Amazon for a 6-CD series of lectures by Earl Nightengale called “Lead the Field.”  It’s a lot of the stuff about personal motivation, intent, offering service for value, and other concepts not effectively passed-on in today’s world.  (Don’t get the abridged version – the full series is worth it.)

Another (with some overlap of content) is The Direct Line which comes up on eBay now and then.

Think of this as your “foundation work.”

If Nightengale (whose works are also on .MP3s) isn’t your cup of tea, (*the late) Dr. Wayne Dyer’s lectures are great.  Something like The Power of Intention: Learning to Co-create Your World Your Way: Live Lecture is a good start.

For more “blocking and tackling”Awaken The Giant Within” which is OK.

The point here is simple:  Most people, upon getting out of school, stop dead in their tracks.  The  freeze-frame life at whatever it was at graduation and that’s what they walk around with in their heads.

Somehow, they managed to be surprised when nothing new happens to their trajectory.  After almost 70-years, I can tell you people are very “ballistic.”  Like a shell launched from a huge gun on a battleship, once they leave school, it’s like they are destined to fall at a pre-ordained spot.

There’s a simple way around this – which is the reading of motivational books, listening to motivation series in your car to-and-from work *(normally wasted time):  You can add some rocket fuel to whatever your present trajectory is by simply going out and finding it.

2.  The second part of wealth is working on what your own – very personal – vision of perfect life ought to be.

Mine (not yours, obviously) is to have a good piece of land, good health, a perfect wife, no bills at all, and feel like what you’re doing is somehow useful and could be counted as “positive” in some way.

Toss in plenty of ham radio equipment, and be able to explore the major aspects of that hobby, plus be able to build anything, research new ideas to your heart’s content, and have no externally imposed expectations of pressures.  In short, be able to afford to “watch the word” and enjoy yourself.

How does it get better?

Sure, four more zeros after the bank or trading balances would be fine but those things bring a workload and a strange kind of sense of change that’s not always good.

I’m sure you’ve seen the studies that say the happiest people in the world make somewhere between $100,000 and $600,000 per year?  There’s a reason for that:  There’s still plenty to do, you can mostly afford anything you put your mind to…

Anyway, first point is you become the ideas you put in and if all you do is hang out on FB with unfiltered social nonsense, you won’t be able to think clearly.

Turn it all OFF and re-center on yourself.

3. Research the topics that might benefit you most.

One of my dearest friends don’t think supplements are worth taking.  Input from a cardiologist of some renown.  But wrong.

When you find yourself ready to agree with someone’s view, please take the time to consider our favorite “star to steer by” – namely that Everything is a Business Model.

Could it be that many doctors don’t like supplementation because there’s no money in it?  To be sure, there have been some studies suggesting a simple multi-vit is not the answer.

On the other hand, I’ve been through 10-years of my own “My Body: The Chemistry Set” in an effort to find and take that which makes me stronger smarter, and results in better doctor visits.

Once you stop reading about useless mainstream media crap (Awards, anyone?) you can get onto living a “Person of Science” life.  You have a body and mind you can fuel any way you want.

Why wouldn’t an intelligent person begin a decade-long quest to find their absolute BEST state of being?

4. Have you really studied LUCK?

Here are just a few books I’ve read on point, but each is worth considering.

One, just added to my listening list, is Brian Tracy’s The Luck Factor. At $78-bucks, you might want to start with something less spendy.

Try Max Gunther’s “The Luck Factor: Why Some People Are Luckier Than Others and How You Can Become One of Them” which is under $8-bucks for Kindle.

Peter Hollins’ The Science of Being Lucky: How to Engineer Good Fortune, Consistently Catch Lucky Breaks, and Live a Charmed Life got a nod from Zeus the Cat for putting a black cat on the cover.

And, for gosh sakes, don’t leave out Joe Gallenberger’s INNER VEGAS: Creating Miracles, Abundance, and Health.

6.  The “Soft Science” need a look, too:  You have ceremonial and ritual magick to consider.  There’s is a huge tradition among advanced people* involved here.  Aspects of this include astrology, feng shui, and TCM (traditional Chinese medicine) plus remnants of the Celtic magics such as runes and little people and all that.


*Advanced Peoples, I should explain, are members of a special branch of humans (homo sapiens) that can trace its lineage back to before the past several planetary catastrophes.  We know that Earth regularly has killer run-ins with long-period comets and such, which one colleague tells me was between 12,750 years go and 13,900 years ago (we’re getting “due”).  But from EACH of these cataclysms has arisen an “order” that seems to have passed-down the stories of our past.  These are packaged in the form of lore and religions and values, mythologies, superstitions and such.  Being  powerful and able to dominate the less capable Neanderthals and the like, as we now see from the research into how old humans really are (starting point to read is here), we can quickly see that the so-called Illuminati are not necessarily denizens of any one Church.  Instead, what we call Church is likely rather more like a successor organization that hands down specialized knowledge and tools as the “reset” mechanism between planetary die-offs.  Slowly breeding in to select Neanders to pump up the survival population yet not watering down the Sapiens essence of the gene pool too much. Cherry stuff, no?

It was my observation that when cultural artifacts reoccur over time (bright headdress and crowns, for example, led to my “Light Crown” work) that we see the “Sapiens essence” in  play.  In short, humans are much, much older and long-lived survivors so it makes sense that a core of some kind comprises an “order” that’s mission is to survive the species at all costs.

It’s worth the study, trust me.

6. Last, but not least, our consulting astrologer’s free gift to the world:  The Miracle Money Technique.  Which you can study – free – over here.

Now, does it work?

Well, a reader testimonial came in this week about the Technique that you may find very interesting!

“Dear George,

Since the post/s you have done previously on the Miracle Money technique, I have applied it conscientiously and experienced many, many examples of it in my life. Remembering what you once said about acknowledging everything of a financial benefit I have made a conscious effort to do so even if it was only finding a penny, which I now do with great frequency. I have received many manifestations of money and/or other things which would have cost money to acquire/do. Two examples are: 1) a Bluetooth keyboard to use with my iPad; a gift from a friend. 2) an invitation to a concert I wanted to attend but was already sold out; a gift from another friend.

The actual money manifestations have been even more amazing. I have been combining the MM technique with some of the “Abraham – Hicks” affirmations from The Secret. Mostly, I have been using ones about being open to and accepting with joy and gratitude all the abundance which Universe has for me. Having a poverty mindset and a view of myself as undeserving of all the abundance available is something I am now consciously working to correct.

Now to the main point of this note. In your post this morning you mentioned a trip next week to a casino.  Since learning the MM technique and applying some affirmations like mentioned above, most of my casino trips (Tunica, MS, for us) have gotten amazingly better. For example, our next to last trip (over the Presidents’ Day weekend) went like this. We arrived Sunday evening and I started with a stake of $300. By bedtime I had only $77. ? Monday morning we went to a different casino and we decided to play before eating breakfast. On the first and only machine I played before eating, I hit for $200, then for $1,250 and, again, for another $150. Then we ate and headed back to the machines. After playing three or four other machines, I tried a Wheel of Fortune machine on which I hit for $200 and then for $400. When I cashed out and we headed home, I had not only recovered my $300 stake, I was also $1,600+ to the good. ?

That being said I wanted to mention that our last trip was a total bust. Which I think might have been because I was trying to ‘force’ the results.

As to what I was doing:

1) As mentioned, I am working on my poverty mindset with the A-H affirmations.

2) I am using a slightly modified version of the MM technique at the machines. When I hit for any amount, I say/think: This is a miracle having to do with money. I will experience another miracle having to do with money. And, then I spin the reels again. I leave off the time qualifier ‘this week’. The thought being that it’s all out there right now and Universe can manifest it anytime it is ready, even on the next spin.

3) I intersperse affirmations of being open to receiving wealth and abundance between the MM comments. I especially do this if I feel like I am trying to force the results.<<<Really need to work on that part!

Perhaps you would like to try experimenting with this on your trip. You might do even better…or not. I can’t guarantee or even state with certainty that this is actually working. It just seems to be doing so for me. ? As you appear to have a good mindset about being deserving of wealth and abundance, I would not be surprised if you did exceptionally well. However, your mileage will vary. If you do and want to share this information and your results with your readers, I would prefer to remain anonymous, please.

FYI: I also found three pennies during this trip. The last one was lying beside the machine where I cashed out my last ticket. LOL

Hope you and Elaine have a safe and profitable trip!

Thank you for sharing the MM technique with your readers.

And, of courseI will experience another miracle having to do with money this week.”

Yupper:  If it didn’t work, I wouldn’t share it.

Friday morning, we turn over the day watch to Elaine’s brother-in-law as we take-off for a long-postponed trip.  Going up to the Wynstar casino north of Dallas, just over the Oklahoma border in Thackerville.

Besides being able to spend some time with Robin Landry, one of the few real world-class experts in Elliott waves (the other being Bob Prechter of Elliottwave International), and seeing a show (of course!) I will continue my personal research into “luck.”

But how much luck do I need?  Right life, right wife, and right healthy.

Toss in enough dough for a couple of lobster tails and what is WEALTH?

How you answer that one is what separates people “on the trajectory” from those who can land wherever they damn-well please.

Which frankly, seems like a lot more fun.

Write when you get rich,

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17 thoughts on “Coping: Intending Your Way to Wealth”

  1. Life is simple. Mind is the builder. What you think consciously, subconsciously and super consciously will manifest its self. It will come into existence. Most people do not make a list of what they need (housing, food, money, spouse) or want they want so they don’t put effort (mind) into manifesting what they desire. Following this practice my wife and I have enough $$$ to live well on, a nice couple of houses, fruit trees and water. We NEED water to live! We don’t waste time going after more of anything as our needs and wants have been satisfied. Mind is the builder and keep it simple. Life is Great!
    Practice it and see what happens.

    • Oh my I live and breath lists.. most important to the top then check off as they are accomplished.
      We hard this discussion last night about a family member that’s a procrastinator. He was building a garage and just couldn’t get anything done. I kept telling him.. it’s one board break it down and then keep to the

  2. Love it!

    I noticed quite a bit of people lately getting “spun out”. Usually level headed and very intelligent “normal” people losing their friggen minds. Not sure what is up with that. Its like seeing animals go crazy before an earthquake or volcano goes off. Just an observation.

    I recently banned myself from Glp and a few other places because of the distraction.. I do use Facebook couple times a week to check in with family.

    The Rich me! Mind set is working well for me. More of that please. :)

  3. The late author Stan Gooch published many titles covering the “hybrid vigor” that is modern man’s mostly cro magnon with a small part of neanderthal, and the ancient (moon worshiping earth magic) traditions that still can be found, if one looks in the right places in modern society. Logical cro magnon built empires of cities – neanderthal built empires of dreams, but were brutally repressed when they were overrun by the cro magnons. Gooch’s theories were scoffed at by academia in the 1970s but later discoveries confirmed he was right.

  4. I knew from around age 20 that pursuit of monetary wealth was not for me. It was clear to me that having enough to supply me with necessities and a little more (lower middle income lifestyle) was sufficient. When I was able to do that (mid twenties) and going forward (call it flatline) I turned my attention to theology and pursuit of Truth. I am glad I followed my intuition. A clergyman with a doctorate once told me I could have been a theologian (quite a compliment.)

    Not all of us are on the trajectory to monetary wealth and I find it sad that those who are frequently dismiss those who are not as losers or slackers.

    Our lives are brief but we are immortal. I prefer to spend my ‘day’ in the classroom of Earth life pursuing what I value as more important.

  5. “Most people, upon getting out of school, stop dead in their tracks. The freeze-frame life at whatever it was at graduation and that’s what they walk around with in their heads.”

    I cannot even give you a number on how many people I’ve worked side by side sacking groceries or scooping manure or any one of a few dozen other day labor jobs where they have their PhD or other various degrees. Each of them waiting for a position in their fields.
    Most of them end up with the same issues. School loans .. what is the school loan payment for a half million or a million.. then there’s the image. I make x dollars I have to show I make x dollars.. the Cadillac or Mercedes (that’s why used luxury cars are the cheapest on the lot.. no one wants an old luxury car it doesn’t scream money) really rich stage their homes and will cry over a nickel on a price. At one store I worked at someone with money would come in buy fifty t-bones then on Monday come back with half and want their money back saying they were going to sue if they didn’t get it because people got sick. ( a friend told me they have a new thing going now) they give the smallest tips if any at all.. all to save a buck. Rather than buy furniture stage it when company comes.
    One friends son in law is a surgeon he spends more than he make trying to keep the image.. literally having to pump out cabbages even though he’s guaranteed an income of a half mil.
    But for the average.. it’s the loans. Most have around fifty grand in debt.. a six hundred dollar a month cost. Or basically have to make five dollars more. Many employers don’t pay that. I had this discussion with my banker one day ( yup I worked with him while he was going to school) he was telling me he had interviewed a young college grad for a position and the college grad wanted five dollars an hour more than he made. Since grown wealth should be started while young. Money should double ever seven to ten years and since everyone decides to wait the compounding periods just isn’t there to do it without having to dump huge funds away instead of pennies.. and yes I like everyone else didn’t realize the power of compounding interest until I was to old to do anything about it.

    • They all need to face it. They need intervention. Their best bet is to find Dave Ramsey and get on a savings track early enough in life to have some sort of semblance of finances when they retire.

      I was raised by a mother who lived through the Great Depression (an age-gap between her and I as if she were my grand-mother). This taught me a lot. She grew her own veggies and skimped. Her income was from my dad’s pension and SSI and flea markets. She was a better “trader” than stock traders – she would buy from garage sales for dollars and sell things for tens or hundreds of dollars. Chairs bought for $5 and refinished sold for $100. That is a “20-bagger” to a stock broker. But it involved work. Hands-on work. Not mouse clicks of today’s gamblers in the stock market.

      In the old days, men built their own houses with friends (today some do – the Amish). Today we click a mouse to try to get “capital gains” on others’ work. And we cry foul if we don’t see 10% annual gains. It’s bound to fall apart some day. Especially if all those guys who have huge debts come home to roost and stop buying all their luxury goods.

      There are firms that exist strictly for vanity if not slightly more value. Think of Elon Musk and his companies who are saying one thing but structurally bankrupt when it comes to finances. Isn’t Tesla simply the same as your surgeon friend “trying to keep up appearances”?

  6. Ahh. manifestation is a beautiful thing. it is unfortunate that the mundane usually don’t see it, even though it is happening to them and around them all of the time.

    Magic is subconscious programming. Your will and intent, if they are strong, will reprogram your subconscious mind to reinforce good habits (or situational awareness)so that manifestation is possible.

    Sigil magic is the easiest for the mundane to get acquainted in the profane arts, as there is not much pomp and circumstance (ritual magic) required to produce intended results. The kicker is that if you lust for results, you will be disappointed. Lust for results will actually kill the desired outcome. So, Set it and forget it.

    Magic gets a bad rap because social conditioning is so strong. Magic, like belief, or guns, or anything else, is a tool. There is no bad magic, only bad people.

    Good… bad… I’m the guy with the gun.

    • Maybe my favorite Interwebz comment, ever, complete with an Ashe quote!

      As a student of both terminal ballistics and tidal fluctuations, I wonder where I’m at on my trajectory…descending? hitting the transonic barrier? How’s my tide? Going out? Slack?

      • I believe that a tide ebb’s and flows, twice in a 24 hour period.

        So, life’s a roller coaster, man. Enjoy the ride and don’t take it too seriously. :)

    • “Magic is subconscious programming”

      Exactly.. that’s what I have against general programming on mainstream media. The children of today are bombarded by violence in every form day and night. Subliminal messages of every kind.. programming the subconscious minds of our youth that it’s acceptable. Mom and dad having to work multiple jobs and long hours leaving our children in the hands of the main stream media.

  7. Thanks George, for this column that addresses an aspect of life that most of us have eliminated from our lives. Finding ways to play with and amuse the Muse may lead toward what I’ve been seeking. Sometimes technical success can get in the way of human success.

  8. I post on Twitter from time to time.

    Yesterday, I had the urge to post something like this and your writeup this morning is a bit of a similarity.

    I wanted to say this, but felt it was worth keeping in…

    “What makes people not want to learn? Not want to grow their knowledge? What makes autodidacts want to sponge-in everything while others flounder?”

    So, those who don’t know what an autodidact is? Good – go look it up. George Ure is certainly one. Learning new subjects is cool – no matter what the cool kids tried to say back in high school. It is cool to learn. Where are the “cool kids” now? Some may be politicians…

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