Coping: Friday at the WoWW

As I await a boatload of research materials, that may give some additional insight into “Joe Brandt’s Dream” to show up, it’s nice to know that The World of Woo-Woo is still presenting life in very non-ordinary ways.  Such as this report from Susan…

I’ve had a couple of woo events happen this week, completely out of the norm for me, the first one didn’t strike me as anything odd until I experienced the second one that completely freaked me out. 

I take my five month old lab for a walk around the property every evening at sunset, she always carries her tennis ball with her on these walks.  I always keep an eye on where the ball is because we are walking in a hay field and it needs to be kept clear.  So we are out for our walk and she runs from behind me and as I look down at her she still has the ball in her mouth.  It’s a purple and red tennis ball and she’s a black lab, so it’s very easy to see.  She runs in front of me about 20 feet and stops, starts sniffing the ground, and looking around.  When I get up to her I can see she doesn’t have her ball, so I start looking around, It is no where to be found.  We still haven’t found that ball after four days, the area is completely flat, there is nothing but low cut dead grass, mud, and a few sprouts of green coming up, no shrubs no trees.

The second one is unnerving for me personally. I was building a new raised bed for the garden.  I’m making it out of some left over galvanized panels and some 4×4 from previous projects. I’m doing this by myself, wrestling 10 foot pieces of tin to make them stand is not the easiest thing in the world, so I basically tacked it together and then go back and square it up.  I was on the last post and the bottom of it needed to come over a little for the post to be standing straight.  I am using 3″ brass wood screws with a star head and some nuts with a metal lip around it to act as a washer since I didn’t have any left.  They fit perfectly and there is no way for the screw head to go through the hole of the nut. So I start backing out the screw and it was like my field of vision did a quick little quarter turn, the nut came flying at my feet and the screw was gone.  I only had the screw backed out about a half-inch-if that.  I just stood there, still bent over, drill still in place from where the screw USED to be, looking at the nut between my feet.  So once I snapped out of it, I tore that area apart, I couldn’t find the screw or any piece of it.  So I went ahead and put another screw in the same hole and had no problem getting it in (thinking the screw had broke off in there).  I don’t know how to explain it but it was just gone.

Love Ure page, Susan

Love Ure report, too.

The problem with it is that it’s typical of the kind of reports we get all the time.  Someone will place an object somewhere – and when they go back – POOF!  Object gone.  Then – anywhere from a few days to months, the object will appear back where it is supposed to be.

I have lots of theories about things that could make such phenomena occur.  But on the screwing part of your report, I would be very interested, both cases, actually, about the weather at the time.

A lot of these anomalous phenomena seem to be associated with darkness or very low clouds.

I’m sure you’ve come to the possible conclusion that humans are sort of “on an ant farm” for a higher intelligence?  It’s a logically consistent line of thinking because it fits a whole passel of facts into one neat little box.

How many times in religious lore did G-d “appear from a cloud”?  How many times were there mentions of “ascending into heaven…” and the hint given that there is a cloud involved?

Moreover, there have been other reports, much more recent, that when certain clouds (cloaking devices for observation platforms) are about, time rips (our familiar 20-minute friends) seem to happen.

One (terribly wild, check with your psychiatrist before discussing this with anyone!) theory is that there are entities (the old “battle in the heavens”) types, that render in and out of “this dimension” by  folding space-time.

When they do this, you can get either bits of time missing or pieces of thing missing. 

Whether these are eventually restored in Adjustment Bureau fashion is questionable, but nothing would surprise me less than a report from you in 90 days reporting the first hay cut of the year was interrupted for a period (20 minutes?) while a certain brightly colored tennis ball with Labrador slobbery stuff (and still wet) gets extracted from the mowing machine. 

Do let us know. 

The odds of finding the screw?  If you dug up all the dirt inside that raised bed,  would you find it there?  Not saying you would (and I’m too lazy to do that kind of work myself), but when someone else has the shovel, I’m loaded with ideas.  For them.

Me?  I’d laugh at that wry sense of humor that the Universe seems to delight in bandying about.  The secret message decrypted from the flower bed might be simply “We can screw with you any time we want, neener, neener, neener…”

And maybe that was the point…

Pam’s Question

Reader’s have better memories than me…

I seem to remember in a post a month or so back you mentioning a very vivid dream regarding a navy fleet commanded by a female.  Just saw this news story linked today, moving up because her boss is becoming director of NSA.  It’s regarding the cyber command fleet, but still…..also interesting is the fact that she “learned Russian at the Defense Language Institute.”  Coincidental, I’m sure.

Not sure what it means, but if the “sinking carriers” predictions were right, I think it had more to do with floaty-ships and not radio frequency signatures.  But’cha never know on how predictions work out…and since words have multiple meanings, it’s not surprise that fulfillment is so often found…

Thank You Norelco!

No, this is not an advertisement.  Although it does, in a roundabout way relate to my purchase of a Philips Norelco 1150X/40 SensoTouch 2D Electric Razor.

My old Norelco, which is so worn out that I couldn’t even read the model number on it, had finally given up the ghost.  I buried it, dutifully came back three days later, and it was still there, so I broke down and bought the new razor. 

Not that I was planning to shave in the shower; I go there to get clean, not lollygag around with hot water running, the Scottish gene pool, you know.  But if I decide to step outside into a hurricane or tornado, I can shave there now, which I hope doesn’t happen.

But the point of this is to thank the fine people at Norelco for putting a new word-pair into my consciousness that has (to my way of thinking) great potential to go viral.

I was reading theirs instructions – 43-odd pages how to charge the unit and shave, which I didn’t really think I needed help with since I’ve been doing it for more than half a century.

And then I read how after the heads go roundy-round, the whisker clippings fall into what’s this?

“The Hair Chamber”

The what???!!!   I spent most of the afternoon considering the Freudian implications of “the hair chamber” and even went so far as to see if the domain name was available.  It is.  And seems very linguistically “sticky.”  (errr…so to speak.,..)

No, I’m not suggesting you go set up a fetish site called “The Hair Chamber” but the word-pair’s innocent appearance in an instruction manual is a fine example of how those undiscovered gems of marketing are all around us, just waiting to be seized on and exploited.

I figure it’ll only be a matter of time till it works its way up the mass consciousness into the Urban Dictionary, too.

Bill:  How’s your hair chamber?

Fred:  You talking about my razor or my….  ?

I’ll leave it to you to fill in your own vision of what a hair chamber might be, but let’s watch to see if it goes viral in the future.  Word-mining is such fun, but OMG what a time sink!

Around the Ranch: Adventures in (Not) Flying

Word from Mark the Mechanic is that our old Beechcrate Musketeer won’t be healed for another week, or so, means I may actually get some things done around the house this week. 

All the compressions in the four-cylinder engine were fine except for one and it, for whatever reason had a slightly overheated valve.  So the who jug was taken off and sent off for rebuilding which means we will be doing 20-hours on break-in oil again, while we wait for the new cylinder to wear-in, like they do.

Elaine wasn’t sure about this, until it was explained that changing out “one jug” especially when the whole set only has 20-hours on it, is not a big deal.  I suppose I could have used the occasion to upgrade to the 160-HP jugs and do another top end job, but no, that would have put a larger hole in the budget.

The main thing it means (couple with the bore scope look at the other cylinders) is that I need to run a little richer than I have been on long cross- country flights.  Naturally, I have been leaning “by the book” but the old disclaimer Your Mileage May Vary (YMMV) certainly applies here.

A full-on engine monitoring system was discussed as a $1,300 option (plus 8-hours of mechanic time to install and do the paperwork, so right around $2K).  But the fact that the plane has flown a total of 48-years without a computer display of exhaust temps argues that I need to lean just a little richer than book.

On the flying horizon,  I just got the newsletter from the Beech Aero Club and the annual national fly-in (BACfest 2014) has been announced.

BACFest 2014 will be held Sept 17-21 in beautiful Vancouver,
Washington. For those not familiar with the great northwest,
Vancouver is directly across the Columbia River from Portland,
Oregon. You will be able to visit 2 states in just minutes! If you are
flying in your Baby Beech, plan to land at our host airport Pearson
Field (KVUO). This is the oldest continuously used airfield in the U.S.
In addition, Pearson Field is located in the midst of historic Fort
Vancouver and they will be our host for the event.

So it’s looking like our next “Around America” flight will be out to California and up the Oregon coast, over to Viper Aviation at 77S (Creswell) for an oil change, and then on up into the Portland area.  A business stop of two in the Seattle/Tacoma area out of KTIW will follow.  That is, if we don’t take the detour up through the Columbia River Gorge to the wine country around Goldendale and Yakima…

Mid September is usually some of the best flying weather there is in the Northwest.  You can island hop up in the San Juans, visit Spokane, take plenty of mountain pictures, and then catch an early morning sunrise flight over the Rockies into Bozeman, usually with a tail wind before the afternoon uplift clouds begin to form up around Mullan Pass.

Radio coverage is good and although we do “fly direct/GPS” on a lot of it, I’ve always thought of I-90 as a 2,500-mile long runway, if I ever needed it.

Vacation dreams are what make a lot of slogging through life all worth it.  And yes, it sounds right now like September is years away.  166 days, or 5.5 months does seem like a lot of lead time to put into a trip.  But experience argues that’s about how long it takes to save up for a major trip, as they aren’t cheap.

It’ll be late in the season by then, but I keep eyeing that one last BIG trip… flying the coast up to Alaska…so we’ll have the “flying America the long way” in the logbook.   Fairbanks to Key West would look good.

I’m not sure whether airplane or boat logbooks are checked at the Pearly Gates, or not, but between airplanes and sailboats, I’ve got stories that could be stretched-out over an Eternity.

Several people who’ve heard a few of them have remarked as much, already.

OK, Peoplenomics tomorrow and between now and then Mr. Staple Gun will be putting insulation into the sun porch and maybe start on the new studio room.  So come on back Monday for another round of literary abuse and enjoy the break in the meantime…

Write when you break-even…


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