Coping: Eclipse Experiments, Anyone?

If you head over to you will see there is a useful list of cities and the times associated with the upcoming solar eclipse on August 21.

That in itself is no news flash, but since this eclipse will be happening when the market is open, and there is plenty of woo-woo around all things astrological  (*including eclipse, lol), I thought it would be interesting to look ahead and see if we can set up some useful experiments to take advantage of the event.

All in the name of Science, of course.

(Continues below)


One thing that strikes me is the market will be open.

I don’t know if anyone bothered to preserve the minute-by-minute ticks of the Dow or S&P last time around, but it would seem to me to be worth looking at.  Just as the Sun begins to be obscured, is there a very short (1-2 hour) trade that might pay off?

On a longer scale, we have been expecting a long-term market peak in this area, but as to whether entering into a short position during the eclipse paying off is reasonable…that would be an interesting project.

There are a number of mental items we could be probing during the eclipse, though I doubt anyone has set up a Global Eclipse Research website to coordinate such ideas.

Here are a couple of things to consider:

  1.  People are “electrical in nature” and we know that behavior of the Sunspots is somewhat related to market activity.  Went over this in a recent Peoplenomics.

The data seems to suggest that people are less gullible (in terms of irrational valuations) during periods of no sunspot activity.

More importantly, it seems the dips in the market may be correlated to BIG DROPS in sunspot counts.  The Sun Spot page at may be of interest.

Monday’s Sunspot number was 11, which was only down 1 from 12 on Sunday, so no market move surprises might be implied from the lack of Solar Volatility.

2. Cosmic luck?  We know there is a rough relationship between the incoming cosmic ray levels and the sun spots.  When cosmic rays have reserved and are headed down, it seems the SSN (smoothed sunspot number) is quickly rising.  You can see some of the data in this view:

Not a particularly pretty graphic, but blue is the cosmic ray monitor and yellow is sunspot smoothed number.

By the way, the page this comes from here is “under review” which is a damn shame.  Finding a good online source of real-time cosmic ray readings might actually be useful.

Even so, I would sure love to find a source (real-time) so I could watch the cosmic rays while in the zone of partial exposure. If you find a good one, please pass it along.

3.  Another great experiment to run  during the eclipse would be a “dream-state” experiment.

The theory here is simple enough – with lots of detail in Dr. Robert O. Becker’s book “The Body Electric: Electromagnetism And The Foundation Of Life.”

After reading his book (and parts of it a couple of times) I can to understand that exposure to electricity in excess causes some people to become overly excitable.  With the daughter here visiting, for example, we find that the first couple of days here in the Outback, she was literally “dripping with excess energy.”  It takes a while to settle in to a slower paced and non-manic way of being.

The experiment, then, would be to get enough people who are seriously into lucid dreaming and see if there’s some way to get them all to call in well on eclipse day, so they can snooze/nap while the event is underway, and then go on with notation over on Chris McCleary’s National Dream Center (dot com) site.

Trading and Electricity – The Old Man Labs Notebook

The notion of electrical influences over moods and trading is a very deep subject.  I started to work on this is a book started in 2004 that had the working title “Statitronics: Static Electricity Meets Modern Electronics.”

While I was working on those experiments, I found occasional high periods of correlation between various measured voltages and short-term action in the market.

My focus was on four kinds of fields.  One – often mentioned – is radio frequency energy.  This would include the AM and FM radio spectrum.  Then there were Telluric Currents – currents induced in the Earth by actions of the Sun and such.  Regular Static electricity was interesting, too.  And so was “Other” – which showed up as broad-spectrum white noise on much of the radio spectrum and may have been related to the F2 layer of the ionosphere.

This as been driven by a reading of most of Tesla’s patents and trying to understand the vectors from which he was seeking to gain ‘free energy’ for projects like Wardenclyffe Tower.

Having (what was then an open) Pole Building with a shop under, I set about making a very low large-area capacitor to tinker with this notion of Tesla’s about “breaking the dielectric.” 

Granted, not too impressive, but it put me on to the Earth Currents.  From my 2004 notes:

Although both Telluric current and earth batteries get you “energy from the ground”, the energy involved is different.  The Telluric current is many times a North-South affair, where current flows south toward the equator in the day, and flows northward toward the pole at night.  Telluric current is also very low frequency AC – which might appear as DC if you were to take an instantaneous measurement.  This means sensitive DC instrumentation could detect a Telluric current because of its long wave period.

The electrical mechanism of an “earth battery” is much different.  It’s a straight DC matter. It was first discovered when two pieces of dissimilar metal were buried in the ground – useful energy could be extracted. 

Because of Telluric currents, most metal pipelines laid in the earth (or underway) are coated to prevent electrical connection to the earth from being made.  As a result, a standard method for discovering when coating defects have arisen over time in a pipeline is to perform DC voltage gradient surveys in the vicinity of a pipeline.  Depending on the ground conductivity, small amounts of DC may be found putting wire probes into the ground just a few feet from one another.

We find from an investigation into Auroras and Telluric currents that the amount of energy has been sizeable when the Borealis was extremely active.  This is particularly pertinent today as the Sun seems to have altered from its “normal” 11-year solar cycles.  From the web site we read about some early electrical disruptions

On February 4, 1872 we read that “The telluric currents attained an extraordinary development during the aurora which was one of the most extensive known. The disturbances in telegraphic communication were not less extensive. In Germany all the lines were affected, and communication was for a long time impossible between Cologne and London. Telluric currents were also observed in England, France, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Turkey. Transmission of messages was also prevented on submarine cables, especially on the line from Lisbon to Gibraltar, on the line from Suez to Aden, and from Aden to Bombay, and on the transatlantic cable from Brest to Duxbury (Angot, 1897; see also Arrhenius, 1903).”

More important, there is evidence in the research that allows us to make some power calculations.  In 1891 the website reports “Electromotive force of 768 volts was recorded on the Western Union lines between New York and Buffalo, the circuits varying from 450 to 480 miles in length. On several occasions the strength of the earth current reached nearly 300 mA, compared to normal working currents that did not exceed 35 mA (Finn, 1903). “

Now, we don’t know what was going on along the length of the 450-mile circuit, but we can’t rule out the possibility that one, or more, telegraph repeaters was involved in the long distance circuit.  If so, and depending on the wiring and power scheme, the power levels which we will calculate could be wrong by a factor of (1+ n) where n is the number of telegraphic repeaters.

This means that if one of the new (1875) quadruplex telegraph repeaters was installed somewhere around the midpoint of the circuit, the power levels on a per mile basis and watts per mile basis could be multiplied times 2.  If there were three such repeaters, the power levels would be multiplied times 4, and so on, corresponding to wire segments.

Our first calculation will be volts per mile.  The calculation would be voltage (768) divided by miles (let’s use 450).  This would be 1.7 volts per mile. 

Now for power levels:  Under normal conditions, the current seemed to be about 35 milliamps or 0.035 amps.  Remember P = I E?  Watts per mile is 1.7 * .035 for 0.0595 watts.  Call it about a 16th of a watt.

Under the extraordinary circumstances of 350 milliamps however, the power was 10-times greater or something over ½ watt.  This begins to look like a useful power level…. 1.6 watts.1

Unfortunately, Life’s demand overtook me in 2004 and I was called to Los Angeles to do a “turnaround” for a vocational college,

I haven’t continued work on the problem, but it looks to me like an interesting “pile of dirt to pan for nuggets.”  We don’t do that much, any more…. People think – as they did in the mid 1890’s that “Everything that’s to be discovered has been discovered.”  And yet, there was more.   Always will be, near as I figure it.  Life is very much like a simulation and a big 3D adventure game with more and more difficult “keys” as the number of players rolls up.

Nevertheless, it seems like one of those “basic science deals” that everyone just assumes operates in isolation from everything else.

It’s why when we don’t have house guests (and when the weather cools off) we will get back active in the local ham radio club, pocket some winnings from the market, and allocate them to the many projects here at Old Man Labs.

If we can put even a moderately-sized dent in either free energy or gravity modification, that would be a dandy thing, even if it’s getting a little late for Ures truly to bother with monetizing any significant findings.

OK, back to projects here,

Write when you get rich,

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22 thoughts on “Coping: Eclipse Experiments, Anyone?”

  1. Hi George. I’ll be in the center of the line of totality here in mid-Missouri. I’m up for an experiment or to conduct observations.

  2. Hi George,
    I think you should check out this site , . They are a
    source of great information concerning the
    relationship of the earth and sun and even the physical effects of the sun on human health other than the usual sunburn junk ,
    they even have their disaster app that sends out alerts continuously for changes from the sun . The sun seems to be the key to our climate .

    • He knows about it. I’m not the only one, or you, to have pointed him that direction.

      Btw, I’m a paid member for that site, and even gave a generous amount when he was raising money for the app. Unfortunately, I do not have a phone that can utilize it, but hey, at least it got funded and created. It’s apparently working extremely well.

    • Amen Marcus
      Davidson is respected by many, great site every early A.M. -3 or four minutes of knockout music too. Two thumbs up.

    • I’m glad someone else gives this guy some attention. He’s mostly over my head, as is George, but between the two I keep up with what’s going on out there. I often feel like Henry Ford – not the sharpest tool in the shed but I hire those that are. They’re both worth the investment x 10.

      • Smart you! You know, in order to get smarter and evolve ever upwards, we gotta hang around people smarter than us! keep hanging!

    • That could have been written by Jon, it was the stupidest compilation of one sided (blind) BS I have ever seen wrapped up altogether in a dollywiper.

  3. The eclipse is already boosting one small city’s economy:

    My sister lives there. Accommodations have been booked solid for months, so she & her hubby are among those renting out a spare room to visitors as well as allowing an RV to set up in their yard. Her business office is closing for the day (8/21 is a Monday) since it is near downtown where there will be many festivities and big crowds. I suspect it’s like Roswellj,NM during the UFO Festival, though Roswell’s is yearly, and this is Casper’s rare big chance to shine.

    • Eclipse: Nashville, TN – 100%, too.

      George, Telluric Current: that’s why, spiritually speaking, humans should sleep with their heads facing North.

    • Debbie:

      Yeah, I always get a kick out of the creative ways people will cash in on a natural phenomenon – and, why not? It’s the AMERICAN way!

      Here in SC KS [where we’ll have over 95% totality] commemorative T-shirts and “Solar Shades” are already displayed. The shades resemble those little cardboard glasses that used to be handed out at cheesy 3-D movies and are selling two pairs [+ a little booklet] for $6.99 at local grocery stores with T’s in the $19.99/24.99 range; sales are not brisk yet, but like all such things I expect the hype and hysteria to slowly ramp up until the big day when products should be prominent in every convenience store.

      I recall that when I watched a good partial solar eclipse as a child we were told to just look through a piece a piece of unexposed film. In classrooms kids built little pinhole periscopes that projected the image safely for viewing… and I hope teachers are doing the same thing today!

      Of course, those once-common yellow/black boxes of KODAK film are nearly gone now and few kids today even know what a periscope is let alone know how to make one out of an old shoebox… and the sheer enormity of this event is as lost on young people as sunlight will be on the 21st!

      When I casually joked to the 20-something cashier that “I won’t live long enough to see another one!”, she didn’t have a clue what I was talking about [truth be told I don’t even think she knew what she was ringing up on her register] proving once again that ignorance is truly bliss.

      I could also be wrong about missing the next one in 2024, but these days alot can happen in seven months -let alone as many years- and THAT’S why I bought the glasses: when you reach a certain age you really start to hedge your bets! Besides: $6.99 is a pretty small price to pay for a genuine experience of a lifetime!

  4. Has anyone built for $49 & used the Tesla Generator in George’s ad section. Click ad link above or go to Save 80% on your electric bill? This is not a paid pump. I listened to the video & the cost of video instructions to build the generator is $69.95. You have to buy the instructions to build it. The patent does not have all the info to build one or you can go to Tesla’s home town (you need to see the video to know why).

    • Hmm… my best friend use to work in aerospace concept and design for extended space flight.. anyway.. he was toying with the idea of a permanent magnet motor..( they say it can’t be done.. yet our existence alone is proof enough that it can be and has been done)
      anyway he him hawed around and built one he was so excited.. it was working wonderful.. had been for a couple of weeks I think.. he was gloating big time.. then it stopped..dead in its tracks.. why.. the poles changed on some of the magnets.. why.. I am not sure.. now one that is interesting is gravity flow motor.. I actually know someone that went and looked at this one in person to see it work and said it was probably one of the most amazing things he had ever seen and simple to..sort of how an peddle powered metal lathe works….
      It was made in a guys muffler shop.. LOL the thing that my friend told me was it had to be in a building because it was so massive and the swinging weights had him worried LOL..

  5. To put a dent in free energy or gravity modification, build yourself a Searl Effect Generator. Chapter 10, page 296 from Paul Laviolette’s, “Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion”.

  6. Hi George.
    You might recall that Art Bell installed a number of 100 foot tall antennas around the perimeter of his Nevada property for his Ham rig. He experienced about a 400 volt constant EMF on this array and had to install filters to remove it! No explanation for it’s source was ever given. This reminds me of the Space Shuttle experiment where they deployed a tethered satelite on a 12 mile long cable. The cable burned out due to very high current generation as the Shuttle circled the earth. It appears that in both cases some magnetic field lines are being traversed.
    As a side topic I know from my military experience that most important military systems have EMP filtering of power and communication wiring. They also have EMP monitoring systems and will not Launch if an EMP’s condition is detected!

    Thanks for all the work you do!

  7. Is there a difference between Lucid Dreaming and being unable to really sleep because your mind is racing through all kinds of thoughts? Sometimes I get some pretty good ideas and solutions in that state. Although I am tired as hell in the morning.

  8. Riddle me this batman, how come no pictures of an eclipse have ever been produced from the space station?

    We can pear into the heart of the universe from the Hubble, but we can’t take pictures of a solar eclipse from the space station?

    Seems pretty peculiar.

    • Naw – easy-peasy. Space station would have to be in the eclipse path and far as we know, it won’t be.

      Any NASA orbital experts want to straighten us out?

      • Line of site? Proximity! Do you not cast your shadow on an ant?

        Size does matter.

        They are hiding something, george.

  9. Maybe you guys will think I’m nuts but some odd observations and conclusions I’ve thought about. There was a guy who was looking at the pictures from the satellites we have photographing the Sun. He said he saw a large structure inside a sunspot. Like a mountain. After one rotation he saw almost the same structure. This gave him an idea for a hypothesis. The Sun has a coating of slag. Kind of like welding slag that is lighter elements floating on top.(Heated hydrogen foam slag maybe????) This slag separates electric charges. When the electric charges build up enough arcs go across the Sun. Just like an electric arc welding machine. This idea fits in very well with the Sun outside being hotter than the inside.

    I’m going to take this line of thought a little further. His model would explain Solar Flares as arcs to equalize the electric charges in the Sun. The solar cycle could be a build up of lighter elements on the surface. These lighter elements “slag” would keep the normal equalization of charges from happening until a big enough charge was created to break through the slag. Once broken through you would have a period of time of many Sunspots or flares. Many would be small flares but sometimes very large ones. This process would happen during the normal solar cycle.

    What about ice ages. Over time lighter elements are built up that have a MUCH larger resistance. I mean that they resist being broken down by electric charges. This would slow or stop the sunspot cycle.

    The end of an Ice age would be enormous flares from the 90,000 years or so that the electric charges built up by the resistant slag. How does the slag not immediately reform. The large flares would fuse the slag into heavier elements which would sink deeper into the Sun. This would clear the surface and allow the electric charges to equalize with smaller flares. This would also mean that heavier elements would not always need to be made in Supernovas. It’s a continuous process.

    There is some evidence that fits this pattern. The floods in Wyoming that carried boulders the size of houses.
    The black matte of charred matter in some strata.

    Then why isn’t all life on Earth extinct? The flares must be large but short in time. Blasting one side of the Earth. The Americas seem to have had the worst of it. Maybe the electrical resistance is less on this side of the Earth. There are magnetic portals connecting Earth to the Sun at times.
    I don’t know this for a fact but I predict that they are more prevalent in the American hemisphere.

    What makes the electric charges in the Sun. I don’t know. It would be important to find this out.

    This part is a little more speculative as I’ve not really fleshed it out yet. I’m just thinking out loud here.
    The Earths magnetic field is based or influenced by the Sun. Maybe just it’s strength. Maybe the extra slag covering during ice ages makes this influence weaker. When this first happens at the beginning of the ice age volcanos erupt at a higher frequency. ( Earths weakened magnetic field ceases to pin the molten core. It may be a dynamo effect. The Suns field influences currents in the core that organize it. When this ceases the core becomes disorganized and its pressure rises in areas that were before organized into paths or regions. The stress in the previously organized regions over time were released earlier so we wouldn’t notice they were there. Now when the regions change due to reduced fields or whatever the stress breaks through the mantle in weak places. Mass volcanic eruptions. There’s a lot of evidence for mass volcanic action during magnetic excursions and reversals. There’s lots of super mysterious stuff about the universe we don’t know.

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