Coping: Back to the Global Warming Debate

My head’s beginning to hurt again.  This whole topic is like a cross between an Excedrin headache and the Energizer Bunny – it hurts like hell and it just keeps running, and running, and…..

So here’s this email from Oilman2 to launch with the first cup of bean:

Global Warming – pander no longer… unless it is generating you lots of profits…

[ Link to Dr. Roy Spencer’s site “95% of Climate Models Agree: The observations must be wrong! ]

Remember that I once told you that the entire industrial revolution is as thin as the hair on a gnats ass when looking at geologic timeline??  Remember me telling you we had 20+% more CO2 in the Permian and more still Carboniferous periods??

George, remember your adage, like Occams Razor…??
“Everything is a business model”

I think the science is unraveling the hype at lots of levels, but especially when the UN starts backing away.  Time, I think, that you took a stand. Just back it up with good links about the solar condition, its effects on our other planets and sites like the one above.

Unless it will lose readers…??  But I think it will actually gain some, with an article like, “Climate Change: Who Is Making the Money?” or “What Will Institutions and Goverments Do When People Refuse to Believe Pseudo-science?”


Well, we already know some of the answers to that.  We know Al Gore, for example, would have to cobble up a different speech for the rubber chicken circuit without the marketing angle of warming.  We know that Agenda 21 and the move by non-representative government to keep the public off public lands has skin in the game.  And we know that carbon trading is like swapping wife-beating credits. Or husband-beating credits, to keep the analogy egalitarian…

It’s like the old joke around Wall Street:  “So, where are the customer’s yachts?”  Guffaws among the rich follow….

Obviously, Global Warming is a marketing deal, but then look around you and ask “What isn’t?”

Yesterday’s Peoplenomics discussion about why studying earthquakes is important if you want to understand financial markets is related to the issues raised by global warming.  Except in a different sense.

You need to go back to the classic Report from Iron Mountain ( On the accessibility and Desirability of Peace)  to come up with the real driver:  People only accept the “rules of government” if there are some damn good reasons to.

Although Leonard Lewin’s book was widely discredited as a hoax for pointing this out, there’s another group that believes Lewin may have changed the names and places around, but as to the ideas?  Nope…they’ve stood up to the test of time really damn well.

And so a thinking person (which folks around here are…a kind of outpost for pure thinking types) would have to look at the combinatorial effects of…

  • Trumped up wars in foreign lands to build the defense industry
  • Consolidation into government hands of all healthcare (give it time)
  • A rising tax rate, even if you don’t count ACA tax banditry
  • Mandatory car insurance
  • Global Warming
  • Massive civilian-oriented surveillance…

Oh, and the list goes on.  And on…. And….

So if you’re asking would I be surprised by a serious PhD-level climate expert saying the only way the global warming scare could be real would be for the temperature data collected to be mostly (95%) wrong?

No, that would not surprise me in the least.  But neither does the sun coming up, or the tide going out or coming in down at the beach.

Most people go through life assuming that life is like a kind of apple:  There’s a thin veneer…and once you get in side that, the pulp is more of less homogenous AND things then make sense.  Well, screw that notion, my friend.

The more you read, the more you study, the more the Onion-like nature of the larger reality becomes apparent.  You have an onion-like outer layer of politics, a next-in layer of money, a further-in layer of fascism, a further-in layer of PTB. 

That’s, by necessity, the abbreviated view of the world works, you can define your own layers, because like an onion, what you see will depend on what you’re looking for.  Multiple interactive layers between immigration, money, drugs coming in from Mexico, link-backs to the political layer, then money distribution out to states to support crooked politicians…you know, that kind of thing.

OK, the real cause of Global Warming is the Sun.  After a protracted period of higher than normal solar output, the Sun has chilled to its lowest output levels in about 200 years – maybe 500 say some report.  What?  17-years with no global warming and measurable cooling the past 12?  So notes that past link.

But finally, we have to come to a conclusion, if – for no other reason – I can’t write about this all day without cranking out yet-another-book that no one would read, even though it would be right.

Yes, Global Warming is a fine marketing slogan.

Yes, Dr. Roy Spencer is exactly right – the data collected must be wrong.

Otherwise (though he doesn’t come out and say it) we’d be forced to concluded that a former vice president lies, and that our own government lies and has some kind of agenda behind its  cleverly titled website..  Ostensibly, says the government site, “The evidence is clear.”

Ph year?  Well, it ain’t clear to me, Oilman2, or Dr. Roy….

It ain’t clear to people in Atlanta this week, either,  including reader Claudia:

George, I am 55 years old and was born in Ohio, lived in the south and lived in Germany.

The weather the last two days is not like anything I have experienced. Tonight trees are snapping, breaking and falling. In all my life I haven’t experienced this before. I have lived in cities and In rural areas. We have watched transformers blow up for the last two hours and you can count the limbs snapping. Just lost another tree, and a loud sound from a transformer as I write. Strange times.

Another Southerner,


Pardon me,  but I’m going to remain skeptical of the climate change hype.  There’s too much data (remember that stuff?) that suggests government chemtrailing, and there are too many stories like this one from a couple of weeks back with the catchy title alleging “Bill Gates backs climate scientists lobbying for large-scale geoengineering ( Chemtrails ).”

Until the government becomes responsive to FOIA inquiries on point (and answers what whistle-blower Kristen Meghan found: tons of barium and aluminum nano particles in DoD computers) there is no point to discussing “climate change” other than to hold firm to our belief that we need more data…and not the heat-island crap being passed off at “evidence.” 

No, we need a government that is responsive and open.  Transparency, change…removber those promises.  (Like keep your doctor?) And unless I’m wrong about Iron Mountain, the odds of the Truth wandering through the area any time soon are about zero.

Just for giggles and grins, though, you might want to visit Geo Engineering Watch and see the story Main Stream Media And Their Paid Liar “Scientists” Are Desperately Trying To Hide The Truth About Climate Engineering.

Me?  I’ll take another Excedrin and I’m going after that bunny with a stick.

The Northeast, Next

So today its looks like the Northeast will get another whacking with Global Warming, and reader Dave is whining about it already…

Here we go again. Let see ( my Bride is employed by the local School District ) so the call came in around 07:00 PM EST, school is canceled for Thursday. For us we discussed when graduation will be, ( they already used up Easter  (spring ) vacation. looks like 2nd week in June. Must go 180 days. Looks like another 8″, 10″, 12″ or whatever. You know the drill, Fill the fuel tank and fire up the snow blower. May be the last time. The weather boys are predicting temps in the 50’s by next week. While out walking I did see 10 to 15 Robins in the fields yesterday and the Bride noticed ( 5 ) pleated wood peckers together ( that’s not normal ). We still have a Dave II at home, and He has to work, so I’ll let him take one of our Explorers, rather than his Kia Spectra 5, with the low profile, wide tires. Dug him out once, don’t  want to do it twice. Other than Death, ain’t nothing we can’t handle. As long as the Good Lord agrees. guess were kinda smug. Lets not talk about that….

By the way, when we expect snow all the folks run out and buy Milk, Eggs and Bread, IE French Toast ……..

Ah…remember to get a couple of tablespoonsful of either Baileys or the cheaper knock off (St. Brendan’s I think it is) to put in the French Toast mix.  Add a fair sprinkling of nutmeg on top of each slide and it tastes like something right out of a bakery.

You may be turning your body into a hosting site for the World Candidiasis Congress, but when the snow blower needs to be started, you’ll thank me for the additional calories.

Right up to the point where the atrial defibrillation begins… Have your cardiologist send me my usual referral fee…IJ get an extra $5-bucks if I talk you into having a slab of bacon with that, too…

RoboCop:  The Movie is the Message

Well, lookie here:  Seems by my read of this review that not only is the “movie the message” but I want to maybe see this one sooner than later.

Thank You, Alan

A reader (you’ll figure out his name if you’re really bright) sent along a line to the “Martindale Center” website.  “I use this website quite frequently: It is amazing what has been compiled on this website. They have a link to the WinLink 2000 – a Global Radio Email System…”

Now that You’ve Brought Up Ham Radio…

I talked to Gaye ( this week and warned her that I asked readers to send her a note to encourage her and SurvivalHubby to get off the dime and go get their ham tickets.

I think they’ll do one of those weekend classes… But, to her credit she has gotten their radios charged and she’s downloaded all their repeater frequencies.

Now, if I could just get her to turn it on…and at least listen to the National Weather Service channels…

Such ‘starter” radios are still cheap, like the Baofeng UV5RA Ham Two Way Radio 136-174/400-480 MHz Dual-Band Transceiver (Black) which is $38 bucks with free shipping if you have Amazon Prime, which everyone should, since their free video library is a pretty good deal, not to mention the free shipping on goods.

Around here the only ham radio project lately has been  spending some time in EZNEC antenna modeling software to see if I could make quarter wavelength dipole exhibit some gain (like in an improved Extended Double Zepp) using a continuously loaded approach and the answer is yes!  Although the gain is really marginal.

Here’s a quick comparison:

Take off angle     Dipole          Continuously loaded

90 degrees           6.83 dbi                  6.91 dbi

75 degrees           6.70 dbi                   6.76 dbi

45 degrees           5.09 dbi                   5.00 dbi

30 degrees           2.79 dbi                   2.63 dbi

You see what’s happening, right?  The very low takeoff angles (below 45 degrees)  suffer fractionally.

On the other hand, the impedance of the continuously loaded approach works out to exactly 200 ohms, which means a 4:1 balun  on 50 ohm coax would be a perfect match.  But in terms of the 3db of gain off an EDZ being “magically” materialized in a quarter wavelength of space? 

No, I haven’t figured that one out, at least not yet. 

But a nice, omnidirectional kind of antenna…Hmmm…. you never know how these things will “play” in real life so yet another project goes onto the back burner…

More tomorrow….write when you break even.



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