Command Post Notes: America’s Lack of Purpose

A number of items on our list today – all falling under the general heading “Life at the Command Post.”  Of these, the most important is?

American “Purpose” Up for Grabs

A quick review of history should inform us of the obvious:  America is a great country, but only so long as there is a problem to solve.

The reason is simple economics:  When there is a problem, there is usually a great monetization.  America “leads the world” in turning problems into Gross Domestic Product.  Along the way, we have solved a lot of problems – both at home and around the world.

For instance, the (not-particularly) Civil War outlawed slavery.  And yet – with no one alive with first-hand memory of events – the House (run by lefties) is planning to second-guess previous congresses and set up a commission to “study” reparations.  Welcome to Historical Revisionism – one of the hallmarks of socialist-communist tactics.

But, we don’t need to read the Wall Street Journal’s take on D.C. events.  Because we already can see the effort to push America into a second (un) Civil War on multiple fronts.  It’s a “push-pull effort.” Goebbels would be proud.  The “push” is from “the street” and the “pull” is from cause-pandering media.

Take, for example, the blaring headlines about “dueling militias” marching on St. Louis with threats to “burn this motherf**ker down.”  The instructive part, in coverage over here, is that one of the groups on hand is from Atlanta.  Calling itself the “‘Not F*****g Around Coalition’.”  And they are pissed about the shooting death (a year ago) of Breonna Taylor.

Trouble In the Cities

But, now here’s the thing:  Why is an “armed milita’ group from Atlanta involved in  Louisville?  No problems in Atlanta?  Superficially, they were  peaceably assembling, since down buried in the story we notice “Five people were arrested by Louisville police officers Saturday but no violence was reported.”

Atlanta is 394-miles – so a tank of gas – each way.  But, that’s not what matters.  What matters, at least in the eyes of the FedGov is the  crossing of state lines.  Which, if done so with the purpose to  incite or to  insurrect becomes a federal crime…and this is what we see being played out all over the country.

Up in Portland, for example, more tear gas overnight as federal officers restored order being the communist-acting government of Portland has effectively sided with local insurrectionists.  This is all part of what we’ve been telling you for more than a year, now:  The “Online Uprising” is becoming a “Physical Uprising” because  someone (Hungary for answers, are we?) is footing the bill through front groups.

The same story is going on in Seattle.  Where, again, the communist-leaning city government neutered police b arring pepper spray.  Although, in fairness, Seattle P.D. did a good job of stopping local “revolutionaries” from pulling off a second Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone in a showdown Saturday night.

Read the details of this last story careful, however.  Because the “commies on the Council” in Seattle tried to legislate tear-gas away from the cops.  In court, though, the U.S. Dept. of Justice prevailed holding that the local cops need to be armed with pepper spray in order to avoid escalating to a harder showdown.

The “Purpose Gap”‘

America has experienced a lot of “magical times” of coming together.  Fighting World Wars I and II.  Halting the Chinese communist-back take-down of South Korea.  Holding the Soviet Union in check.  But in addition to our raw militarism?  Good things – like going to the Moon.

Sure, these “big purpose” events take time – anywhere from 10-15-years.

But consider the massive public works of the Great Depression.  Marvelous stuff – Grand Coulee Dam, the TVA works…all that turned on power which led to the biggest increase in standards of living  every – anywhere – in the aftermath of WW II and Korea.

Looking for Purpose

As a writer, I try to spend a little time each week distilling the “big picture view” down to bite-sized concepts.

This weekend, a lot of neurons fired over this “purpose gap.”

Lots of groups are working on monetization of it – totally get that – but since it’s pretty clear to us who is behind a lot of not only civil misconduct, but also open borders and the like, we have to wonder why a military near us hasn’t simply gone Predator or GlobalHawk on the source in Eastern Europe?

Because we expect that – as in the U.S. Civil War – the military was tasked with preserving the Union.  Which it did.  May do again.

Trafficking & Slavery are Alive and Well

The “meantime” is what bothers me.

Curiously, American “protesters” are very parochial.  If an offense happened in a certain city, then social media can turn out people.  Click, click, monetize.  FB and Twits don’t censor for that, near as we can see.  Tisk, tisk.

But, what of the real and ongoing global trafficking and slavery?  What about groups like the UK’s  No, they don’t take over parts of cities or go off the “deep end” dissing Trump.  Instead, they’re working on the underlying issues.  Here’s how the group explains itself:

  • “Founded in 1839, we are the oldest international human rights organisation in the world.
  • Today, we draw on our experience to work to eliminate all forms of slavery and slavery like practices throughout the world.
  • We are not interested in easy solutions. Instead, we deal with the root causes of slavery and its consequences to achieve sustainable change.”

No bricks, no Molotovs.  Focus on the outcome.

Seeing the “Purpose Gap” in America

Yes, we’re going back to the Moon. OK, it will take five years. Thank China for that, however.  Because we’re going to make sure China doesn’t just grab the place.

Since the “response to terrorism” of 9/11 (and we still question WTC-7 and how much of those events were “made-up”) America has been paying a huge subsidy to the press by making up problems.  Like Global Warming, ne Climate Change.

The larger game afoot is a move to global government and the tools to “get there” are mainly economic.  The socialism path?  Tax escalation, dear reader.

Look at the menu, please – and the “offered solutions.”

  • Civil disorder in America:  Solution?  Reparations.  A Reason  to raise taxes.
  • Climate change:  Solution?  Regulations.  A Reason to raise taxes.
  • Coronavirus:  Solution? Free money for a while.  A Reason to raise taxes.
  • Genderism/Sexism: Solution? Make-up and hire specialists.  A Reason to raise taxes.
  • Trade deficit: Solution? Trade war.  A Reason to raise taxes.

At some point, you have to see a pattern.

Which Is?

The  world doesn’t have enough resources to provide everyone with mega-yachts, private jets (say, isn’t that how Al Gore gets around?) and McMansions.  We just don’t have enough jobs.  Which is why the making up of “jobs” on the social front.

It’s all quite graceful.  At least from an “off-planet perspective.”

May be yucky on the ground for a while.

But for now, the Big Show continues before the dumbest, more self-important, narcissistic audience in world history.

Damn shame.  Too bad we can’t figure out something better to do with our talents.

Write when you get rich,

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57 thoughts on “Command Post Notes: America’s Lack of Purpose”

  1. Thank you for taking time to write a column on Sunday George. It does help bring insight into what is happening in this strange time.

    Each day I look for answers after watching playbacks of the night before. Rioters in the streets, statues of our founders and leaders being toppled, buildings on fire, police being stoned, tasered and spit on.

    I came across a quote this morning from an Armenian philosopher that I want to share with you and your readers.

    “There are periods in the life of humanity, which generally coincide with the beginning of the fall of culture and civilizations, when the masses irretrievably lose their reason and begin to destroy everything that has been created by centuries and millenniums of culture.”

    G.I. Gurdjieff (c.1916)

    • And he’s a pal of P.D. Ouspensky, as well – good guy

      Of course, none of the power-gathering that Lenin and Marx were into…which is a shame because it’s superior insight…

      Gurdjieff proposed that there are three ways of self-development generally known in esoteric circles. These are the Way of the Fakir, dealing exclusively with the physical body, the Way of the Monk, dealing with the emotions, and the Way of the Yogi, dealing with the mind. What is common about the three ways is that they demand complete seclusion from the world. According to Gurdjieff, there is a Fourth Way which does not demand its followers to abandon the world. The work of self-development takes place right in the midst of ordinary life. Gurdjieff called his system a school of the Fourth Way where a person learns to work in harmony with his physical body, emotions and mind. Ouspensky picked up this idea and continued his own school along this line.[23]
      Ouspensky made the term “Fourth Way” and its use central to his own teaching of the ideas of Gurdjieff. He greatly focused on Fourth Way schools and their existence throughout history.

    • The closest rhyme I can think of…..

      After the Berlin Wall fell did anyone notice if there were still Hitler statues standing in Eastern Germany?

      • …..or if Britain falls to the mob, will anyone notice if there are still Winston Churchill statues standing?

      • I’ve never seen a shot of East Germany which showed any statuary. I suspect, since the Marxists and fascists were two competing sides of the same coin, and the only thing they detested more than “capitalism” was the competition from each other, that Reich-statues, buildings, and monuments were ALL reduced to their component bits and shipped to Moscow to be recast as Stalinic statuary and Soviet edifices, by 1947.

  2. Don’t play the game. Don’t hold clownbucks. Don’t slave away at a corporate job. Don’t buy into the multitude of scams (medical, education, etc.). Stay away from cities, have plenty of food and arms and prepare for the worst times since the Great Depression. It’s not if it’s when and it’s likely sooner than later.

    • You need more guns…

      It’s not going to be the “worst time since the Great Depression.” It is going to be the “worst time since the Bolshevik Revolution.”

      If you want a “sad thing” about which to ponder, it is that the current power structure will attempt to maintain our legal framework (which currently reads: “Defend yourself or your stuff, go to jail — engage in rampant lawlessness, be subject to no consequences.) This means when the (useful) idiots knock on your door, you have no recourse but to let them have your life, liberty, and property, or YOU will be the one broken and incarcerated by the System. If/when this travesty changes, it will be too late for individuals or local groups to affect any means of resistance to the Marxist horde.

      Stable societies ALWAYS recognize, too late, that they’re being conquered from within…

      • @Ray

        Those that come to your door…to rob steal or terrorize …… must be put down…those that make the laws and require you to submit to the terrorist..must ALSO be put down….that IS what a revolution is about…many in a position of authority..FORGET history or chose to ignore it…they are very mistaken… the Head of a snake must be chopped off…as we all know…Semper Fi

      • @d

        I know.

        The issue is: In the early part of a revolution, the power in-control always tries to maintain the legal status quo, meaning if you defend your hearth & home, YOU are the one who will go to jail — even if it’s to only be held until a hearing releases you. By the time you get home, the horde will have returned and you won’t have one. Once the ball gets rolling, and the local crime, er, I mean political people understand we’re in a fight for our lives (and our way of life), things will change, but people who hold a “safety enclave” like a “prepper encampment” will have been driven out by hordes AIDED by stupid, but well-meaning locals, and their suddenly meaningless web of ordinances.

        This is why I advocate stealth. If the zombies don’t know you exist, they can’t attack you. If they don’t discover you for 6 months or a year, most will have eaten each other and what’s left of your County’s ruling authority will have learned a wartime militia is much more useful than a book of unenforceable legalese gobbledygook…

      • There are books written by cheeseaters who survived the wars of the World, which are incredibly insightful WRT how local authorities view an invading force and how local individuals survive (and run free) under occupation (from both without and within.) Survivors of the first iteration wrote more informative works than those of the second. If you can find English translations (there ARE a few), diary/daybook/Bible commentary from Polish and Formosan peasants is an even better read, as these two pieces of dirt have been conquered more than any other.

      • “A couple of titles would be useful, Ray…”

        Ask and ye shall receive — (sometimes…)


        James Wheeler Davidson’s “Formosa under Japanese rule”
        (fortunately, in English. Davidson was both a journalist and a diplomat.)


        Max Gallo’s “1914: Le Destin du monde” and “1918: La terrible victoire”
        (UNfortunately, both in French…)


        As for Poland, y’all will have to do what I did, and pick up bits & pieces from writers of other nationalities, then stitch them together. Rus/Ukrainian writers from ~1890-1920 are best, but I’ve sifted an occasional sentence from Austro-Hungarian and Czech period writing (even though the Austrian aristocracy had designs on Poland, themselves.) The Austrians had the ‘nads to start a World War, but not to kick the Teutons or HappyBurgers out of Poland. (The subjugated Poles found considerable sympathy in Kiev…)

        Poland was a pizza during WW-1, with the Habsburg and Russian Monarchies and the German Empire, each controlling a “piece,” having split the “pie” in the 18th Century. Poland became a viable nation in the 900s, but didn’t become an independent nation for more than an occasional sliver of time, until after WW-1 (and, I believe, became “independent” during “Treaty of Versailles” negotiations, but I don’t recall whether that was a part of the Treaty, or not…)

        Bear in-mind, you’re looking for an underground SOCIAL fabric, in places and at times where the vast majority of material produced, was done so with regards or in relation to, the war/occupation. Because of the utter dominance of the literature, it’s easy to go off-track on this one…

    • Ahh…I was just talking about this with my wife this morning. yes, the time for mass confusion, mass violence, peak ‘everything’ is here! Not tomorrow, not a year from now, or years for now. I am sure few people have noticed that the tide as just gone out. Gold passed $1900/oz last week. No big deal, right?? Wrong. The Fed has lost control. Truth be told, I would rather habe Pb at this time rather than gold, but the Fed cannot stop the breaching of the dam. Yes, the ‘market’ could go up next week and gold down, but the storm is here. Btw, the dam analogy is pretty relevant as the Chinese have the lives of hundreds of millions of people riding on a dam that was poorly constructed AND whether Mother nature will bring more rain! Bad odds!

  3. George, mis-clicked. What the heck are you doing working on a Sunday?
    And, BTW, missing from your protest story today was that everything was basically under control, with but a few stoner tree-huggers hanging on, until for naked political gain, Trump poured gasoline on the fire. Actually, a brilliant political strategy, after he buried himself with an ‘F’ virus response. BTW, how is Trump’s ‘Liberate Michigan [from] Tyranny’ political stunt (in support of actual armed conservative protesters) looking about now? Best, Mike.

    • What did I just read? Makes no sense to me.

      Someone has to put their foot down on rioting, vandalism, and absolute flouting of the rule of law! The mayors and governors of the left wing states are failing to do their jobs, and they’re endangering decent citizens and the property those citizens paid for. Failing to restrain those vandals and failing to hold them to account is failing the taxpaying citizens of the region. There’s no grievance shown so far validating such behavior at all.

      I think both the proper citizens and the federal government have shown great restraint so far. Failure to act would encourage even more illegal and antisocial behavior.

      My thanks to George for providing the extra Sunday columns.

    • Mike,

      It’s surprising there has been anything left to burn in this latest instalment after all the incendiary years in Detroit. Don’t blame the firemen.

      Raise the drawbridge, lock the gates, and kick back in the hammock with a favorite bevvie. Vandals are standing by.

  4. “There are periods in the life of humanity, which generally coincide with the beginning of the fall of culture and civilizations, when the masses irretrievably lose their reason and begin to destroy everything that has been created by centuries and millenniums of culture.”

    G.I. Gurdjieff (c.1916)
    this is a good observation ,,but what is the cause? the underlying force pushing humanity back down to the earth and keeping us from joining the galactic neighborhood
    we are a kept race, like a herd of cattle, to serve[on a platter] humanity, whats for lunch,,in the garden of Eden, are we the fruit

    FEAR keeps us cowering down,,what keeps you in fear today? school yard bullies create and feed on the other kids FEAR

  5. Pooh G____. America has a great purpose: To eliminate all vestiges of the American middle class and force all Americans except the elites into debt slavery enforced by armed partisans. I think that if Orwell were still around, he would be left dumbfounded by our stealth dystopia.

  6. We don’t and wouldn’t ask a Japanese child to pay reparations for Pearl Harbor, even though the child’s grandpa blew up a ship or two. It’s just ridiculous to even consider.
    Driving through the beautiful Wild and Wonderful hills and mountains of By God West Virginia, we see small towns that were once mining communities that have turned to farming. Many poor people here, living in shacks until it falls down … very hard working people who get little in return for being on the bottom but who actually keep many things going. Very poor but very proud to be Americans. That’s what they do. That’s what they are. Folks with convictions. We’re driving through and see “Keep America Great” and Trump 2020 and American Flags flying proudly all through the hills here.
    If life can be that rough but still great, it’s because they have heart and believe in America. I doubt many Democrats could make it up here to destroy a statue of Daniel Boon or the friendships of people of different races who have mined together for generations. It’s a sadly beautiful thing but those city folks have no idea what life is really all about.
    God Bless America.

    • Stupid example Lakota Bob,
      The reparations and payback was two Atomic Bombs over Nagasaki and Hiroshima that killed a total of 250,000 people. We didn’t need to ask them for reparations. They involuntarily and innocently died as a result of their Emperors attack.

      The other garbage you wrote would take me 25 pages to try to explain why you are wrong.

      • Lakota’s point was both rational and cogent:

        In any war or conquest, there are winners and losers. The winning side declares its terms – life goes on in the melting pot.
        If you don’t like Japanese and the bombs as an example, what about repatriations for all of South America – subjugated by Spain and the Catholic church?
        OR, what about repatriations from Germany to Jews killed in WW II
        Or, How about Ukrainians who were slaughtered in Stalin’s collectivization’s?
        No, Is it possible, you (like the Associated Press) seem to want to capitalize Black, but not Jew, Hispanic, Ukrai8nian…as those they are the only “special case?”
        Equality (and I have said this more of less continuously) is “Total Equality – everyone treated, taxed, and respected – EXACTLY equally.
        Correct me if I’m wrong Lakota, BUT, that’s how I took it.
        Not to mention the experience and lack of repatriations for First People in North America.

        In Ure’s world – reparations for ALL (totally undoable, BTW) or for None.

      • I totally got Lakota Bob’s point of view…
        and trust me Mark.. you may be successful.. but like DT you don’t have enough money to pay reparations for the chinese forced to build california or the rest of the native americans the different culture classes just because someone two hundred years ago did something they had no control over.. or handing over your properties.. to them because the land was stolen and forced to be improved by their ancestors..
        like my wife would say.. don’t drag that dead horse around the arena.. its gone and over with move forward..

      • George nailed it. It’s really about “principle” and equality.
        Not sure what “garbage” you were referring to but one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. We just see things differently and perhaps my writing style doesn’t paint the big picture sometimes. This world is surreal enough as it is.
        I’ve seen wars that brought up the price of gold, and millions of dollars given for participation … its like a democrat tradition.
        We can only call’em the way we see’em.

  7. Second that, taking time to write on Sunday Morning George!
    Each week from here on out is WW2 type news. Now WW3. We have to make a stand in this here and now, thank you. I also like my retirement and want to see it continue. Our whole lifestyle is at stake. I’m not rich, not poor, active investor, worked hard all my life to get here, and will fight to make it right, even as an old man.
    The majority of America is business as almost unusual. We do have to make each day enjoyable. Sometimes we have to quit watching the MSM because of the intentional stress aimed at bending the will of Conservatives to get them to become “Fearful”. They do not realize they are red pilling America. Believe in America, believe in the Post Office!

  8. George,

    Off the subject, but you should listen to Andrew Huberman on Joe Rogan’s podcast. Huberman is a neuroscientist at Stanford. He has made numerous contributions to brain development, brain plasticity, neural regeneration and repair. His talk about our eyes fascinated Me as well and they talk about light therapy!!! They have a VR device that they use that pulses red light to regenerate vision loss and reprogram our brains.

    They are conducting field trials and I just reached out, since it only a few exits from my house. I thought of you and your quest to enhance brain plasticity and comprehensions I listened to,it.

    • I’m not as smart but did PN readers get a 3-year head start? lol

      Once I get today’s Project out of the way (assembling a 5-foot woodworking bench, 4 drawers) one of the inside projects is to do a 40 hz “pulser” based on dr tsai’s work at MIT

      Thanks again to Hank for the circuit -0 and since I will be driving it with a high precision function generator I will be able to thinker with frequency and wave forms.
      Wil work with a “conventional light crown” (like this is such a thing?) as well as the “speed crown)
      OK, another pound of sweat dried off, back into the breach… With high humidity from the rain out this way, the “feels like” in the shop is 105-ish. I may end up a bacon rind before day’s out…

  9. DOUGLAS passed far enough north of the Big Island to be a ‘nothing-burger’ in Hilo. Breezy overnight with a few gusts, but no rain. Right now the rain is approaching Maui island, and tonight it has urban Honolulu in it’s sights. Hawaiian Air cancelling all flights, interIsland and overseas. The worst is yet to come.

  10. George,
    I wonder the impact on the markets on the loss of $600/week unemployment subsidy.
    With any new benefits at least a month away, the Robinhood players may be withdrawing their accounts in order to eat and pay rent. Not a huge amount in play, but the dynamics may scare the markets.

  11. “because  someone (Hungary for answers, are we?) is footing the bill through front groups.”

    Disassembling the country one piece at a time..
    The rumor had it that someone was paying five grand at the BLM gathering to someone willing to cause destruction or more if they caused violence..

    Now I question ..WHY..
    then consider the slow disassembly of our govt. The payments made to representatives sworn to look out for the american public..
    The laws that they’ve written azz nd passed without anyone knowing what’s exactly in it..
    The destruction of the whole economy.
    For what purpose would destroying our country accomplish? Why would they want to do that?
    What is their view of the end game results.

    If everything is a businessman model.. just what does all this accomplish..I totally get the ones that convince us to blast the heck out of another country. Destroy their homes, communities .. that’s simply theft and coveting what another has and go to all lengths to obtain it..
    Nothing more than a looter running away with a television on his shoulder after destroying the neighborhood.

    • But to destroy the country.. well that is kind of like sitting on the end of a limb and cutting it off.. it just doesn’t make sense to me..

      I get the wanting the company to be in another country to avoid paying taxes moving away from the boarders of the country or living in another country to call it residence to avoid paying taxes.. all of that is understandable..
      Its wrong and deceitful but logical and you can see how and why.. but why cut away from the very tree your sitting on.. depending on.. what will it accomplish..

    • It is because not quite everything, is a business model.

      A few things are pure power plays.

      The goal is universal Marxism.

      Under Marxism, there will be only a few oligarchs who will exist only at the pleasure of the ruling class. Everyone else will be universally poor, and dependent on the government for their very existence. The least bureaucrat, on the lowest rung of the government ladder, will have the power to determine whether you live or die. To a certain segment of our species, that level of power is a stronger aphrodisiac than any amount of money. Speaking of aphrodisiacs, he or she won’t need one, because no one of any age, sex, or ethnicity will be allowed to resist, unless they are also part of the ruling elite…

  12. Death Panel alert!

    COVID-19 patients will be ‘sent home to die’ if deemed too sick, Texas county says

    ““Unfortunately, Starr County Memorial Hospital has limited resources and our doctors are going to have to decide who receives treatment, and who is sent home to die by their loved ones,” Vera said when announcing the orders this week. “This is what we did not want our community to experience.””

    • @Turmeric

      They do not eat COWS in Indian….might be ..THE…reason they can remember as they age

  13. This is actually important and actionable:

    Agricultural Warfare? People Are Receiving Mysterious Unsolicited Packages Of Seeds In The Mail From China

    An acquaintance received a package, Friday. This is flaky as hell, not to mention illegal and dangerous. If you haven’t ordered “jewelry” then don’t open the package. If you open the package, follow BC protocol (rebag the seeds, then sterilize the crap outta everything.) Call the FBI or USDA immediately…

    • Thanks Ray for the link.
      The ZH comments section offers
      some interesting thoughts on the
      the article. So this event shows
      what is possible in asymmetrical
      warfare no matter the perpetrator.


      • You’re welcome. Better links are at USDA and Washington State’s Ag site, but those links are in the ZH writeup, and it was an easy link.

        This is an incredibly serious issue, notwithstanding the potential for introduction of invasive species.

        Saddam Hussein was a botanical genius, and an expert on both anthrax and ebola. One of the things he was playing with, back in the 1970s (pre-despot), was embedding a disease in a seed (or more-properly embedding a hibernating, infected larvae in a seed.) When the seed sprouts, the bug wakes up, feeds off the plant until it’s mature, then flies off to do what comes naturally.

        Hussein’s experiments happened nearly 50 years ago.

        I strongly doubt he was the only scientist conducting such experiments.

        I strongly suspect methods for enhancing both the carrier and the payload have improved drastically.

        Please, don’t open the damn’ seeds…

  14. US Energy Department rolls out 10-year plan for QUANTUM INTERNET that would be virtually ‘unhackable’ and could transmit data instantly

    The US Energy Department says it plans to build a quantum internet that uses entangled particle to almost instantly and securely transmit data across a fiber optic network.
    In a press conference this week, the agency described its vision of a prototype quantum network that it says could be completed within 10 years.
    The proposed network would utilize entangled particles to transmit data almost instantly and has already been prototyped by a team at Argonne National Laboratory near Chicago.

  15. Seattle radio host who mocked Trump’s reaction to protests now says he needs a gun after Starbucks below his apartment is trashed

    THIS is someone who should NEVER own a firearm, because he’ll never have the maturity level to understand the responsibility which goes with the tool…

  16. A lot about the Civil War and the creation of it and a lot of blood was spread before the war was ever started,the Red Legs slaughtered everyone that the deemed hostile to their line of thinking.those that sponsored the Raid on Harper’s Ferry were a group of N.Y. and N.E. business men to the sum of $500 in gold,England had spies working both the North and the South to stir up the war which they would back, hoping the South would win and they could reclaim what they had lost but Russia spiked their guns on that,lot of players in that game that they never talk about and worse of those were in Canada from England….

  17. George,

    I think that perhaps you need a refresher course in Civil War history.

    The initial cause of hostilities between Abe Lincoln and the Southern states was Lincoln’s desire to increase tariffs to 70% on manufactured goods coming from Europe, which happened to be the South’s biggest customer for cotton. At the same time Lincoln wanted to raise the tax on cotton to fund his “pet” projects in the North.

    As to the slavery issue, Lincoln pushed for the “Corwin Amendment” which basically stated that the Federal government would keep hands off of affairs in states where slavery already existed. Lincoln also thought that blacks should not be involved in politics or voting, and should either be sent to Africa or a colony in Central or South America.

    Finally, in September of 1862, after the Union was doing badly in battles fought until then; Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation in order to socialize the war and quiet the distaste for the war in the North. His proclamation only applied to the states which had left the union. Slavery did not end in the U.S. until two years after the official end of the Civil War with the passing of the 13th amendment, long after Lincoln’s death.

    In a nutshell, the Civil War was over taxes and tariffs, with slavery used to make the North feel good about an unpopular war.

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