Coasting the Paradigm

3:00 AM…Again, my thanks to George Noory for being a witty and gracious host on Coast to Coast AM last night.  His 11th year in the chair, no less. 

There were lots more things to cover than we were able to talk about in an hour, so this morning in lieu of the usual “Coping” materials, we have a discussion about Computer Assisted/Aided Prediction as well as an update to some research I did in 2006 where I went looking to see what kind of “music” might be discovered in stock market data.  Yes, the market has a music of its own.

As to the predictions for 2014 (and beyond)?

More NSA Surveillance disclosures to come.  As Peoplenomics subscribers learned this weekend, you may be able to take news stories, like revelations about NSA spying, and map out their likely path by using S-curve analysis pioneered by Cesar Marchetti.

Next point was that the bloom off the rose with social media potentially ready to peak in early 2014.  The main issues include time to spend on social media, and corporations not stepping up to pay for notification of their own markets which many social media outfits are now demanding.

The Kondratieff Wave suggests global war due in the 2020-2022 area, and between now and then unemployment will likely bottom this year.  A combination of robotics and immigration will be key deciders there.  Longer term, a forecast I presented this weekend to subscribers suggests a 19% unemployment rate by 2022.

The Fed will be under pressure to begin to phase out of quantitative easing and that leads to a major market decline likely toward year-end 2014. Withdrawal is a bitch whether a controlled substance or (made-up) money.

With that traditional hedges, like gold could fall further, perhaps under a thousand/ per ounce but first a rally to 1,400 is possible near term.

By 2022: Need for new war for economic stimulus to end Depression 2.

Market high may be in this week, with other turn dates at the end of January, late April…summer rally, fall decline pattern returns.

Wild card: Rabi Yitzak Kaduri’s prediction that the Jewish Messiah will reveal himself after the passing of Ariel Sharon…and as you know, he’s been in a coma since 2006 and his condition is deteriorating.

When both sides of potential conflict are expecting a great leader to show up, that just screams potential for miscalculation to me.  And I’m a bit hard of hearing…

More after this…

Warming Hangover

Seems that another major winter storm is due into the US this weekend and as it comes, look for more skeptics to jump up and question global warming.  Still, assure researchers, the data they used incorrectly estimated some cloud effects and thus, warming is due to be faster.

But, of course, the skeptics point out that passengers are still being ferried off that global warming research ship which got stuck (ironically) in the ice in the Antarctic…

So, if you find yourself shoveling snow, those of us send you ours regards and a cup of hot cocoa.  Even here in the tropical Texas Outback, we touched freezing last night.  But if you live in Chicago, you can keep your weather and Rahm, too…

Nuke Worries Get Traction

I see our Tuesday report on potassium iodide pills is getting traction around the web. Although, not getting traction is the likely use of the pills for the Bioshield Project and our nuclear plant operating source tells us.  Most people haven’t even heard of Bioshield, let alone know any details about it: .Wiki:

The Project Bioshield Act was an act passed by the United States Congress in 2004 calling for $5 billion for purchasing vaccines that would be used in the event of a bioterrorist attack.[1] This was a ten-year program to acquire medical countermeasures to biological, chemical, radiological and nuclear agents for civilian use. A key element of the Act was to allow stockpiling and distribution of vaccines which had not been tested for safety or efficacy in humans, due to ethical concerns. Efficacy of these agents cannot be directly tested in humans without also exposing humans to the chemical, biological, or radioactive threat being treated. In these cases efficacy testing follows the FDA Animal Rule for pivotal animal efficacy.[2]

Readings:  Banished Words List

Lake Superior State University is out with their annual list of words that ought to be banished for an assortment of reasons.

Yes, butt-centric is a reason…

My faves, though:


Many in advertising and in the news took two words – Armageddon and Apocalypse and shortened them into two worn-out suffixes this year.


As in George-ageddon or Sleepocalypse Now.  (I forgot that 2:45 AM even existed, except in theory until tonight…)

A more normal column Friday morning, and thank you for your patients, doctor.

Markets were down in Europe which could carry over to the US – more when I finish trying to wear out a pillow and when the sun returns to its rightful place in the sky…