Cheeseburger Inflation, Ure on Injured Reserve List

19-cent economics up for breakfast today.

This is a dandy-to-grand follow-on to our Peoplenomics report of Wednesday.  Wherein “Ure’s Inflation” defined “locally observable Inflation” as much more highly correlated to the Reality/Ground Truth than the put-up numbers from financial shysters.  Which includes (sadly) the People’s government.

Prices Don’t Go UP – Money Goes Down

Inflation is easy to lie about.  You just tell “the People” that “prices are going up.”  I – being a monetarist forever – explain that prices have always been – and forever will be – simple deviations from Utility Value of a “thing.”

For example, when Ure (and the Major) were growing up and doing long-distance bike rides, we would regularly pull into a burger joint in Seattle and wolf down four cheeseburgers each, a large fry, and a chocolate shake.

Focus on the cheeseburgers.  They were 19-cents each.  Four of ’em was less than a dollar.  Today, a quarter pounder with cheese is around $5.15 (Want pickles with that?).

We were doing these long rides (Seattle to Tacoma via Vashon Island) back in 1961.  When we put 19-cents burger costs into the Minneapolis Fed inflation calculator (mid-page here), we find the inflation-adjusted 19-center ought to be $1.94.

Now, class, to we observe a discrepancy between Reality and what the Fed is passing off as “real inflation.”  (I told you, don’t order extra pickles!)

Time to Huff the Whiteboard Marker

(Pardon while I huff up a bit…need to untangle some tau-twisties…)

The price of cheeseburgers (as a more honest method of calculating inflation) tells us that “real inflation” from 1961 is about 27-times “Back Then” prices.

Next, we will test “Cheeseburger Inflation for Honesty.” We know the average home price in 1961 was $19,361.  Which pushes out to $522 thousand today.

We might also use Gold instead of cheeseburgers.  The Official Price in 1961 was $35.50 an ounce.  Whereas today, we have kissed $2,200 on the futures board.  Which gives us a long-term inflation of?

Well, the Minneapolis Fed calculator says as of last year, gold should have been around $361.87.

The problem we see with lies – particularly in finance – is that once you start telling them, no one knows what the Truth is anymore.

If I put the known average home price into the same calculator, it suggests that average homes should be all over the place around $197,355 in 2023.  Yet, says AI to us, the average home price (cited in Forbes was $412,000 last September.

And people are catching on to this inflation stuff all over the place.  When we told subscribers Wednesday before the open that we could see our Trading Boxes on our charts fill this week with a massive rally into Friday, sure enough, the markets are obliging.

Gold is now over $2,200, Silver roared past $25 and we think will head into the $30’s shortly,  And our “last trading box should fill” will come true at the open today.

So much for the red “Trading box” being filled.

We might wonder why?

War is Good!!! Taiwan Ho!

Yes, the Neocons and the Sock Puppet in the Oval, seem to have missed the fact that China is absolutely critical to the continuation of the excess consumption model economy in the FUSA. (*F stands for Former.)

Things are specifically getting shaky on Formosa – I mean literally: Quake Info: Moderate Mag. 4.7 Earthquake – 12 km Northwest of Hualien City, Taiwan.

But on top of this, it came out Wednesday that the US had permanently stationed troops in country.  Which was denied (but read the fine print) earlier today., US commander denies permanently stationing troops on Taiwan’s outer island.

And as things ramp up? Taiwan detects 32 Chinese warplanes around island.

And can we cue up the chicken of the sea theme, please?  Taiwan repels ‘second attempt in 24 hours’ incursion by Chinese Coast Guard (

If you’re thinking Ukraine is going badly, and Gaza has gone to hell, well Bubba, we don’t think you “ain’t seen nothing yet.”

Data Break

Do we have to cover the Unemployment filings and the Current Account stuff?  (Yes, because our nominal reason for getting out of bed is to publish the world’s finest one-man economics news site).

Philly Fed?

“The diffusion index for current general activity edged down 2 points to 3.2 in March, its second consecutive positive reading (see Chart 1). This is only the index’s fifth positive reading since May 2022. Nearly 24 percent of the firms reported increases in general activity this month, while 21 percent reported decreases; 52 percent reported no change. The index for new orders turned positive for the first time since October, rising from -5.2 in February to 5.4 in March. The current shipments index ticked up 1 point to 11.4 in March, its highest reading since August 2022.”

Current Account numbers?

The U.S. current-account deficit narrowed by $1.6 billion, or 0.8 percent, to $194.8 billion in the fourth quarter of 2023, according to statistics released today by the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. The revised third-quarter deficit was $196.4 billion. The fourth-quarter deficit was 2.8 percent of current-dollar gross domestic product, down less than 0.1 percent from the third quarter.

Current (reporting) week’s unemployment filings?

Which felt like what around the country?

Tomorrow Dollar Apologist in Chief Powell will be speaking, but for now, good times and party on (until the nukes light off).

Early Dow futures after the numbers were up well over a hunsky, the S&P futures were up 27 while the NASDAQ was up almost 200.

Why, all that’s missing is some Jack, crack and the hookers…this is a blow-off top as much as we’ve ever seen.

Creepy Crawlers

The price of Bitcoin was still trying to get back over $67-thou earlier this morning.  But this article was useful: What is the best day to buy Bitcoin? (  Gosh, different answer than our research which still points to buying on the “12th of Never.”

Popular to bash EVs, is it? Trump amps up attacks on electric vehicles, a major Biden priority.

Meanwhile Give-Away-Joe is still not in custody: Biden cancels nearly $6B in student debt for 77,700 public service workers.  Wonder why inflation is going the wrong way?  Still not getting it?  Repeat after me: You can’t make up money. Unless you’re Joe, of course. Or the Fed.  Or too big to fail.

Can we get back to war, please?  If you insist, a meander up the 3-thousanbd mile front, if you insist.  North to south on today’s overflight:

Keep our Millenium Falcon on autopilot, we’re still flying the line south – ish:

And now, heading back west, we will overfly Israel, Gaza and Egypt. Hold on tight…

And so concludes our hypersonic tour of the Eastern Front of WW 3. Not to be confused with US tests hypersonic missile in Pacific as it aims to keep up with China and Russia.  Better late than never? Or is it an abject lesson in reliance on lowest bidders?

We’ll do a subsonic positioning flight today and tour the Western Front tomorrow, maybe…

Around the Ranch: Ure on Injured

Our kick-ass contractor (Divell) and I got a ton of the “heavy stuff” done this week in a 3-day spurt of hyperdrive.

  • Leaky water heater replaced.
  • Hole in living room floor repaired.
  • Carpet reseamed after being lifted.
  • Anti-surface mold painting of second bath done.
  • New glazing on the upper greenhouse.
  • Rescreening of the “screen porch”.
  • And installation of plywood panels around screen base.
  • Wood picked up for the new deck project.
  • Old recliner removed and taken to dump…
  • Removed blades from the riding mower to remove a large ball of #14 antenna wire which I didn’t see because I was looking at how close I was running to the solar panels on my left side.  Classic pilot error: DON’T look at the side, looks where the (aircraft/boat/car/tractor/or mower) is going, lol.

In the process, the only thing that went wrong was that I have a torqued left forearm.  Barely able to hold a drink – which makes it serious.

See, I was painting the plywood for the screen porch, and I had flipped the sheet over wrong.  In the process (catching a falling sheet of plywood) I twisted my left forearm.

After we get the last driving of the week done, I will be taking some CBD although a couple of ibuprofens have knocked down the pain from the strain.

Sometimes, you need to hire help – and Divell is super – so we knocked out nearly half the big stuff (on the never-ending project list) in 3-days.  The rest, with the exception of some minor time on the screens, is mostly doable on a one or two step shorty ladder.

Everyone is happy: I like working with Divell. He likes money. Elaine likes the porch done. and I was dreading the greenhouse roof.  Everyone’s a winner. Which is how life ought to roll every day.

Well, except the left forearm.  But even there we have a winner.  The free life lesson of Wednesday was: When you hit age 75 and are in your offset Mercury Retrograde, do not flip over one man carries of plywood over your back because you can hurt yourself.

Come to think of it, you might have been able to figure that out without coaching. But now that I’m on “on injured reserves” for a couple of days, my coaching is free…

I know the arm will be fine next week. That’s when my Retrograde offset ends.

Write when you get rich, or “git ‘er all done.”

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95 thoughts on “Cheeseburger Inflation, Ure on Injured Reserve List”

  1. Yo Tex,

    Time for a discussion on MATURITY. No not the kind that is so lacking in Real Adult Males, We be talking Treasury Bonds held by the NOT federal reserve.

    Instead of rolling em over at Maturity like the good ole NIRple dayz, G-roam kerPOWell is taking up the slosh/the slack/ cashing out all those aforementioned Treasuries from inventory of bigbank trash.

    End result is further TIGHTENING of money supply, a not so stealthy rate rise.

    Remember what happened last time to Bubbi B Smellin, when they tried to drain the holdings from inventory ?

    They have promised to remove the financial heroin from “body” at a slower rate this time. Got Bentonite?

    What do You call a Dead king, a dead princess & two gay frogs ?

    4 of a kind ?

    • re: Where’s the Queen?


      Today of course was Day Two of Queen Camilla’s unannounced visit to the Emerald Isle. Attire included an emerald green coat adorned with a three leaf clover broach of the late QE2. Msm found the Royal ambling along South Belfast’s Golden Mile extension. It connects to the enclave of Lisburn (“ring fort of the gamblers”) whose historical propensity for conflagration earned it the motto “ex igne resurgam” (out of the fire I shall arise) whose most recent immigrants were French Huegenots 300 years ago.

      The walkabout stopped in at a delicatessen, a butcher and a bakery. The latter had their display case top shelf neatly dressed with imperial cookies. The Queen left each shop with a fine selection of goodies. Tipping was neither expected nor offered. (This wasn’t a presidential LA photo op!)

      Afterwards, the entourage stopped in at Lisburn’s Thiepvel Barracks named after the WW1 Somme monument to the battles’ unidentified casualties in France. During the Cold War the barracks housed the UK contingent of staff overseeing “the four minute warning” to citizens in the event of Soviet nuclear attack.

      Let’s take a tea break with DJ George with a 40 year old punk tribute blast from the past. Esteemed listeners are encouraged to not dive into the mosh pit. Here we go with a ditty from Chaos UK-
      “4 Minute Warning”.

        • George,

          The recuperating Princess Kate, Honorary Colonel of the Irish Guards (The Micks), was unable to attend the regiment’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade at Mons Barracks for the first time in 7 years. The troops offered up three cheers to the Princess from the parade grounds. In turn she placed £2,000 in care of the regimental bar who dutifully exchanged the coin of the realm for 700 pints of Guinness following conclusion of the official part of the day’s programme.

          Fortified by a wakeup cup of tea with a tot of Irish whiskey, the troops along with teetoller irish wolf hound Seamus, paraded before Lady Ghika, spouse of the regiment’s just-retired Major General Sir Christopher Ghika KCVO, CBE and deputy commander of US-led Operation Inherent Resolve against Isis. Prince Christopher is a descendent of the Albano-Romanian royal family dating to 1658 under the Ottoman Empire. The Prince still apparently holds his estate lands in Romania.

  2. Sorry about the forearm injury George but fortunately you have the other arm to lift your afternoon toddy. It did however remind me that I wanted to comment on yesterday’s balance/reaction time discussion. Hopefully you will allow this late comment.

    I have learned that balance and reaction time can be very different. My doctor drilled this in to me many years ago and preaches the same lesson as your son George. Balance takes down more seniors than anything else. Go ask them in a nursing home.

    My results on the reaction time link you suggested were 35 years old for both hands. My age is 82. Here is the problem with the ladder. If you are on the top rung and the ladder starts to move and you lose your balance, even though you can react like a 35 year old and you only have air to hang on to, it’s a long way down and recovery time is that of an 82 year old, not a 35 year old. Bones are more brittle, muscles are not as strong and pain killers don’t work as well. Having a spotter may not help either unless they are trained to catch a 200 lb falling object.

    Listen to son George and let Divell do the danger work. We don’t want you to lose use of your keyboarding hands.

    • I’m 80 in December. For many years now, at least ten, I’ve had the rule to never use a shorty ladder — even if I’m only planning a step or two up. Use a six-footer. Somethin’ to grab onto, and enhance Balance.

      Some years ago we had some movie-studio-stage stlye “apple boxes” built up from 3/4 inch maple, and nicely finished with golden oak stain to a high furniture-like finish. We call them, “step-on boxes.” They’re very heavy and very stable. Perfect for one-step up — IF you’re right by a sturdy built-in bookshelf or other Strong Stability Reference Grab-On.

      12″ x 12″ x 24″long. And some are 9″ H x 12″ W x 24″ L. Perfect.

      (Stepping UP in free air challenges the dizzy factor too much at 79 ++.)

      • LOL! I worked in television for 40 years. We called them ‘Step-off boxes’ because invariably some punk production assistant rigging things would forget he wasn’t on a flat floor when he moved to reach just a little bit farther… and took a faceplant.

    • I have had knotted ropes hanging down all over the house for years. Saved many a slip.

      A wonan would not go for that tho…

    • Yes, many seniors have trouble with balance, but it is not age, it is prescribed statins. Ironically, many studies show that seniors with high cholesterol live longer than those with statin lowered cholesterol. Many studies show the relationship between taking statins and balance issues which lead to falls. Example study conclusion from NIH:
      “The present study detected a negative association between statin use and balance control in the ML direction, suggesting that caution should be taken when prescribing statins in older adults, as this could decrease ML stability and ultimately increase fall and fracture risks.”
      I will not take statins.

  3. Hope your elbow heals fast. Tuesday I spotted a pretty good deal on 50lb sacks of sunflower seeds at the feed store so I grabbed 2 for Diana’s bird feeders. Should have let the kid loading trucks do it. As I lifted one I felt it in my left elbow, It Hurt like hell at first but now it only hurts when I breathe.
    Stay safe. 73

    • you know I use to be able to bench 300 pretty easy.. I had to move two bags if cement only 80 lbs..grunt and groaning I realized I probably wouldn’t be able to bench that much lol.

    • Ditto on the wishes for rapid healing of your bent wing.

      I’ve been trying to work smarter rather than harder on splitting wood this year. I found a huge oak tree toppled by a storm. The trunk is 24″ diameter for the first 35′. I cut it into 5′ pieces so my tractor could haul it up the hill to the splitter, then cut each 5′ piece into three 20″ lengths to fit our stove. Those 20″ X 24″ logs weigh close to 500 pounds each, and wrestling those onto the foot of the vertical splitter is more than my back is willing to handle. Therefore I invited Digger O’Dell (my mini-excavator) to the party. Digger is able to lift a 500 lb log and set it on the splitter foot, so all I have to do is make small adjustments to the position to split it.

      Unfortunately I still have to load the split pieces into the tractor bucket and stack them on the porch by hand, but I’m still able to do that.

      • Dear, can I have a brush grapple for the loader for..umm…Juneteenth?
        No wait, that’s racist. So can I get a brush grapple for Easter?
        No, wait, that’s would be ganging up on Christians, so, uh…
        Can I have a brush grapple for Labor Day?

        • lol… OK for labor day…why are you prejudiced about the common man that works for a it’s also summer vacation for our hard working congress..

        • Point taken.,
          Well, working, let alone (and especially White) workers seems like a growing band wagon to be on, these days.

          So, in keeping with the Ure family motto “How would a Lazy man attack this?”) the Lazy Writer decided that it would be quicker to pick the first holiday that comes along after Memorial Day. It would have been an OK set up line, but in the Life Review and the end of this E ride, I don’t want to have to explain the sloth of making a quip that, in ancillary ex post facto would look like a dis of the dead.
          Well, then I though, why not….and you see where that got me?
          A relaxing afternoon of explaining myself.
          It will take much longer.

        • Hey, you forgot Independence Day! That grapple could make you independent of armstrong labor.

        • Memorial Day and Indy Day are still quite sacred in my book. I will have to scan the writings of prominent leftists (Obama, Biden, Bernie, Schemer, et al.) to see if it’s OK nowadays.
          But while not a “full Q MAGA” I remain a MASA – make American sane again – thinker.
          With the universal bad marketing pun “Yes! MASA!” aimed at the corpgov.Just short of provocation, if we do it right.

        • (““full Q MAGA” I remain a MASA – make American sane again – thinker.”)

          Dam White supremist anyhow LOL LOL LOL

          MASA sounds a lot like Master and that is definitely a black hate saying LOL LOL and what about those white supremist congressmen and women.. they are taking a white boy summer vaca.. dam them to.. good thing those hard working non white supremist Democrats are going to stay working.. LOL.. or should they let all the good people of ethnic origins take the summer off to…

        • BTW, why would you care? Political correctness, DIE, racist/sexist/homophobic labels, etc., are something for bougie White suburban women who’ve pissed so much time away on farcebook and insta-inferior and are so emotionally weak that they believe they’re racist simply because they have melanin instead of tannin as a dermal pigmentation agent, and someone has told them that makes them a racist.

          Kid’s co-worker is a really cute 23yo. It was explained to me that this person was “nonbinary” and its pronouns are “we” and “they.” I explained to kid that until co-worker showed me a penis, said co-worker was a girl, and a “she,” and that she needed to understand that if I ever called her “they” it would be because I was specifically addressing her tits.

          I am a North West European American of Viking, Celtic, and Saxon extraction — a NWEVCS-American and my personal pronouns are:




          and anyone who wants to try and pull that “I’m offended” crap on me for not using their “personal pronouns” has the above explained to them.

          Life is too short, and we’ve ALL been lead into using “correctness” which obfuscates, confuses, and fails to convey necessary information whilst flooding the air with useless drivel.

          Not gonna play any more…

        • When you don’t have any industry left, it’s important to protect madeup idiocy as a sham productivity metric.
          Which means you have just attacked critical infrastructure!!!!

          (rolls eyes, hoping you know I’m kidding, but only to a point…)

        • (“MAS is the Biden agenda:

          Make America Suck “)

          Dam Ray I almost fell off my chair laughing LOL

        • (“my personal pronouns are:




          lol lol Ray I bet you like to squeeze it in soft and listen to the bones crack as it swells lol lol
          cute story took a guy to the VA ..he was in an appointment and the woman says we added to our life satisfaction screening questions…

          Are you homosexual? his answer was no I am not
          are you bisexual ? nope
          do you view yourself as open minded when it comes to sex? nope I’m pretty straight on my sexuality I don’t care what others do but for me its straight sex.
          do you enjoy sex? yes absolutely
          do you want to have sex? well whenever the possibility comes sure
          when was the last time you had sex? It was before my wife died.
          we left and was walking down the hall and he looks at me and says.. what in the he’ll was that all about.. I haven’t had sex in more than ten years..
          later when he got the results they indicated that because of how he answered the questions they determined he needed psychiatric counseling lol lol.. he asked me why are they doing that I said..I knew when she asked if you wanted to have sex you should have said.. absolutely but I hope you brought KY jelly cause your gonna need it because its gun a be a really tight fit…lol

        • “When you don’t have any industry left, it’s important to protect madeup idiocy as a sham productivity metric.
          Which means you have just attacked critical infrastructure!!!!”


          I have NOT!

          And to prove it, I have fixed your post:

          Which means DamnYouHaveABigCock has just attacked critical infrastructure!!!!

          There, now don’t you feel better…?

  4. “Price at White Castle: $0.12 $0.21 in 1960 ”
    one of my first jobs for an employer was sacking groceries and washing and peeling lettuce at the ripe old age of door there was a white castle.. staying the runner in NaOkshville Tennessee.. dam I loved those.. I got fifty cents an hour.. four years ago McDonald’s had the two cheeseburger meal with large drink 3.99 I just paid 17 for the same meal ..
    hydroponics dam I love it..this year I am going to try a hydroponic method that was laid out in a 1940 book the complete guide to soil less gardening.
    its a rare reprint and a great book..
    from what i have read he was working on it in the late 1800’s inspired by the historical accounts on the hanging gardens of Babylon and the water gardens of Chinese ancient history.
    anyway.. Costco and same club both have a raised garden planter that follows along his planter designs .. I picked up two that I’m going to use for potatoes.. the median will be coconut fiber..
    I had first read the book when I was fifteen.. there is another one I picked up back then ..
    finding the coconut fibers is the hard part in the wastelands.. we shall see how it works..

    • Yo Greenjeans,
      thought youse were 5 gallon HD bucket kinda guy ? Swear you wrote up growing potatoes in a bucket..
      now I’m beginning to wonder if am “losing it”..for a couple seconds, till I remember I got nothing to lose.

      So anyways – how to grow Potatoes in a Bucket ? Dont they get soggy and mushy ? where do the greens grow out ? the top, holes in the side? I got 4 lonely tRump looking buckets, faded, out back next to raised beds, that need something to do this Spring. Can ya help a couple of lonely tRump looking buckets out with something do this Summer ?

      Thanks Loobster

      • I did that.. the sweet potatoes did real good.. that was back when I was Aquaponics bound.. raising tilapia, prawns, redclaw etc.. ( that was a lot of fun.. what I had problems were.. I couldn’t harvest them) the sweet potatoes.. wow.. I had three of them monsters that filled up a bucket..
        regular potatoes.. the way I did it the potatoes crammed in the net pot.. the roots grew below in the water.. not good.. reading that book.. he suggests having the water below like the rain gutter grow system.. as larry shows below..
        my problem with that.. was wicking.. the kracky hydroponic is exactly like this.. I just had the wrong kind of dirt..
        the down spout method is wonderful.. I made one that does seventy six plants in a three by four area.. the only issue I had for that one is BEES… no bees and the bee guy won’t drop any hives in our area.. seems the farmers around here use GMO and according to what he told me is the gmo plants are modified to the tobacco plant and the nicotine kills the bees.. I could buy a few hives and he would take care of them for me but he isn’t going to drop his bees.. they are his lively hood.. below is a good video out of rain spout ..
        I did pop bottles to.. the two liter bottles..
        I did this one below..
        and this one.. ( it didn’t work very well)
        and I did a verticle wall with two liter bottles that all I did was drill a hole in the pvc pipe.. so all I had to do is put the bottle neck in it and the weight of the bottle would hold it in place.. ( that worked pretty good)
        used the flood wicking system for that.. I did dutch buckets.. that was good to.. great for tomatoes.. the gentleman that teaches horticulture in Washington State helped me with that one..
        what I am looking for is a modular system.. the rain gutter downspout with pool noodles is a great one.. I can start the plants on a nursery row with lights above it.. then take the nursery plants and just plug them into the spout..
        I did the RAFT.. method to.. what i haven’t tried yet is the rotating hydroponic garden.. NOW on larry.. one year he showed his corn.. his corn was over fifteen feet tall.. the root ball in the five gallon bucket filled the five gallon bucket.. he had a tomato plant twenty feet long.. had to have a ladder to harvest the tomatoes.. he is the master at sprouting seeds to.. well worth watching his videos.. don’t know if he is still around or not.. no new posts.. he might have retired from walmart..
        oh I did this one to.. I am pretty sure I have it down.. potatoes and carrots.. I did carrots using paper straws cut in one inch lengths.. then plug one end drop a seed in then plug the other.. that is nice works great to.. the seeds are pre packed.. you just drop it in.. each cup lid will plant five carrots..
        My rant since I was a kid was greenscape cities.. solar towers air wells etc.. the problem is being able to do greenscaping and do it effeciently so that some city slicker public worker could deal with it and not have to over work himself LOL…
        no one will ever do it.. it was the same thing with the cube idea.. being able to transform the rack from verticle to horizontal and run them out on tracks to expand from a five by five cube to a twenty foot long green house all self contained.. ( that was a small system I was going to have the grandkids make for a NASA contest on food production)
        each year I try something different..

        • Thanks Loob..prezactly what I needed to see..gutter inside of 2×4 “rails” with Feet. Dem feet be key to stability, and keeping a clean look to the growing area/garden spaces. Master carpenter dude is here, longtime friend, finishing up Mrs BCN’s new ceramics studio. Gonna have him mock it up my 4 lonely buckets in need of something to do this Summer besides sitting around growing weeds. Need 4 of dem plastic basket thingies for bottom of buckets..hello HD
          Tater Time !

          Any ideas on preventing and killing Crabgrass. Dandylions and Clovers are okay as We are Bee peeps, and support those stingy Ladies anyway we can, like landscaping with native flowering plants.

          Gotta have Pollinators, begging the question;

          Who or What is pollinating in Ure yard ?

        • (“Any ideas on preventing and killing Crabgrass. Dandylions and Clovers”)

          OMG … BCN … Don’t kill dandelions.. it’s like the marijuana’s a miracle plant.. the wife insists on killing them but I won’t.
          dandelions have thousands if uses.. it was one of the most cherished plants in ancient history.. used medicinally and food wise. you buy that expensive salad mix your buying dandelions ..
          I make wine out of the blossoms and make tea..
          there are studies being done on its ability to fight cancers ..depression and several other great things..

          oh there’s more studies..for so many things.. not just that they are pretty to.. and if a grandchild picks grandma a bunch of pretty flowers no one gets upset..
          now crabgrass .if you find it ket me know I don’t like crab grass.. thistles.. I change bird seed..I plant millet and sorghum for the birds..

        • (“Who or What is pollinating in Ure yard ?”)

          I get Mason bees every year.. put them out ..that and bumble bees..

          the aviary is the one I have..I just buy the bees now..

          I wanted to get the grandkids to take care of a hive for FFA but saddly they are in their thirties now.. the youngest aren’t old enough to join yet..
          if I buy a regular bee hive the bee guy will take care of it..the problem I had is the town wouldn’t let me put them in town and none of the local farmers would let me drop a hive.. the. ee guy travels all over the usa and the islands with his bees.. places that use gmo he avoids if he can he wants his girls to live and .are him money..

  5. Putting waterproof laminate in bathroom today. I’ll be riding the Tylenol train with ya later. Gotta love mfg homes, never a square wall inside anywhere…

    • Ditto with every stick built house I have ever lived in!!

      Master Carpenter I sometimes run into at the only bar I ever (very rarely) drink in was telling me that a guy with a BIG NEW house that had a Cupalo on it’s top (Williamsburg style mansion) called him in and asked him how much it would cost to get the Cupalo straightened since after he moved in he noticed that the builder hadn’t squared it up (new $2.0+ million dollar house). In fact it was so badly out of straight that his (wealthy) neighbors were commenting upon it.

      Master Carpenter of the old school, about 70, called a friend and a couple of days later drug a lift through the front entranceway and up he went. Spent about an hour measuring everything, putting the level to everything and came back down. Looked the guy in the face and told him (his words to me) “I think I can get it squared up for maybe about $200,000, but will probably run more since we have to tear out some of the roof trusses so as to get the roof plumb enough to get a NEW Cupalo installed.” (which also means having a roofing company put on a new roof – ie: even MORE money) (current Cupalo was built so crooked in his opinion it couldn’t be squared)

      He said you should have seen the face on that guy when he told him that … so he gave him the names of a couple of the other master carpenters in this region to come and have a look too if the owner wanted. (aren’t too many of those types of the old school around, at least here) Owner called in one and his estimate was even HIGHER.

      Owner decided that he could live with a very visibly crooked Cupalo in his new $2,000,000+ house.

      Straight walls in a house? Doesn’t happen too often today even in Expensive houses, costs the contractors MONEY to do that! (which eats into their profit margin)

      • There’s a simple fix:

        Amish builders are not in every State, but most of the ones I’ve talked to will work virtually anywhere, as long as their employer provides transportation. They are very fast, very good, and not cheap, but they also don’t live on smartphones or do frivolous social networking, and they work from “can see” to “can’t see.” An Amish crew will outwork a Mexican crew, six times over. They ARE better workers, but I personally believe the big thing is Junior gets tools almost before he can walk, and will know how to use carpentry tools before he’s in the 4th grade. Most Amish use battery power tools. A few don’t. All depends on what the Parson tells ’em. Ask before you hire…

        BTW they probably wouldn’t fix Moneybags’ house for a price he liked, but if he’d hired them to begin with, there’d be nothing to repair…

  6. “calculators/A.I.”

    I run into the same pricing issues with inflation calculators and all I can think of, as example is only 1% of the homes in 1920 had both electricity and indoor plumbing. The average new house from then compares to a child’s average new tree house today.

    A maintained/upgraded house built in 1923 Detroit for $8,000 probably sells for 200K today but it’s been retrofitted along the way and the improvements should somehow be averaged in to the inflation.

    And the improvements/upgrades were probably made more than once. From no wiring to knob and tube with one outlet per room in the 1940’s. Maybe added a fuse box in the 1950’s and a second outlet per room w/overhead light… and so on eventually updated to today with an electrical system that’s grounded and attached to a circuit panel.

    Today an average new house is over 400K and I see the new construction signs verifying the prices. Today’s modern house includes the inflation of wiring/plumbing/duct work and wages of the trades to install the conveniences that the average 1923 just didn’t have.

    The ‘other factors’ is also a problem I see with A.I. limitations. I don’t know what pronouns to use for A.I. without personifying A.I.

    When I was quizzing A.I. about the Revolutionary War never taking place A.I. still indicated Britain would have won WW1. The only way A.I. can come to that conclusion is if everything else remained static but it wouldn’t have.

    Europeans may not have fled Europe for the New World. What would be the point? The then over taxed Eli Whitney may have gone pubbing instead of inventing the cotton gin. No cotton gin and the Wright brothers may have worked fields instead of inventing or….

    No Revolutionary War no Civil War. Perhaps slavery would still be or ended in a different way.

    • rent ..use to be 50 a month.. my first house I built was a grand total of 15 thousand.. that same house sold for just under two hundred grand.
      the business across the street from me sold for 15 thousand thirty years ago is now valued at over a half million.
      wages on the other hand have increased from 9 dollars an hour to 12.50…’s inflation going when I built my first house I made 4 dollars an hour.. when I built the house we live in today I was making 10.50 ..
      my yearly taxes is one fifth what it cost me to build and I had a contractor take ten grand and run. it hit hard and I had to cut the roof rafters.. by lowering the pitch I saved a few bucks..lesson learned don’t cut that corner. I had to reduce the insulation. I crawled my butt up and instantly knew I was thirty years younger in better shape and a heck of a lot thinner and that event is still why one room isn’t totally finished along with landscaping ..what I got is a ten thousand dollar hammer.. he left his framing hammer and a form spike..

      • There’s too much distortion in wages now-a-days. General Motors went bankrupt, before they didn’t so the general price level never readjusted. We are paying the GM pensions plans, not General Motors. So the people who shouldn’t have money do at a cost to the others.

        Capital One was bailed and the CC debtors were told they still have to pay their debts, and they did. That’s another distortion.

        My uncle told me he had a tooth pulled in 1961 and the cost was $5.00. Generally dental work is optional so it’s always going to be lowest cost. How much to get a tooth pulled today?

        • easy pull .. 400 to 1000
          i have bad teeth.. my mother lacked calcium when she was pregnant with whole first set had to be surgically removed the teeth I have that were mine just fall apart I have only known one set of teeth ..if I ever win the lottery I will have implants you don’t have any idea what affect that has on quality of life ..they were talking 50 to 60 grand and that was before biden ..I had one that was left just fall apart two weeks ago..went in they were able to fill it again the tooth fell apart around the old filling and decided to put a cap on it this time total cost is just shy five grand and that’s a simple fix thank god there wasnt anything more. gor years i saved a nickle every payday to save up for teeth repairs.. then i was working and one of the nurses was talking about a sick and dying mother i almost was sucked in by a scammer that time..i was going to give her the teeth money so she could fly and see her money. luckily the nurses cornered me and said..dont give her the money you saved for your teeth.she uses that to get money and is trying to scam you..get your teeth fixed which i did… I was always scared to smile when I was younger..
          of course no one offers dental insurance.

    • re-dust the insulation had settled. I ended up hiring a young man go up and do that for would foam with hemp foam..great stuff cheaper just illegal to use in the usa

    • the other thing I learned was..don’t let someone’s opinion upset you
      I was working two full time jobs and a part time job..and trying to get the house done before winter set in.. putting walls and framing up.. the little woman was talking to her two siblings and her sister and brother made a comment to know this is going to take him at least ten years.. I was thinking to myself dam it..grab a hammer and give me a hand..theher was a small 2 ft wide wall panel. I slapped it up no square or level.. and I nailed it..oh boy I nailed it..that one wall panel is not going anywhere lol later as insulation and sheet rock goes up texturing etc . I go to put the door in…that 2 ft wall is one half an inch out of square at the top..there isn’t a day goes by that I don’t see that ..and remember ..don’t let so.eone else get you that frustrated ever..

  7. Need a freebie for the greenhouse?
    Last fall I covered some strawberry plants with
    the white foam packing stuff that Amazon puts in
    their boxes, now my plants have blooms.
    Not bad with no heat

    • around here.. it would be gone in a few minutes.. the wind would blow it all over creation.
      I want to build these for my raised bed.. but Sams club has a green house with an automatic vent that I find interesting.. and for what they want for it… cheap..I cannot buy the materials to build it for what they are asking..

  8. Hope your arm gets better soon.the worst hurts are when you try to catch. I hope it isn’t the working dominant hand..
    if it is.. remember this important message..

    “Hunny..I’m done”
    because I dreaded using this chant when my arthritis kicked up..I had bidet wands installed on the toilets..
    I made sure hand rails were put on everything to.. my learning module was just how much I and everyone takes for granted.

  9. Depressions are about credit deflation, or inability to borrow and repay OPM (Other People ‘s Money).
    Depressions can be inflationary (Weimar) or deflationary (The Great Depression), or a mix, like luxury good and collectable deflation, with consumer hyperinflation.
    Typically debtors take it in the end in a Depression. Likewise, holding onto jobs, assets and savings is largely happenstance. If you have a large mortgage, the chance that you will hang on to the property, or avoid default are zero. If you have modest assets, and have diversified methods of paying the property tax, you might avoid a sheriff’s sale. Cryptos are unproven in a depressionary operating environment. I am skeptical. Cash & PM’s each have their niche. Food and firewood are always valuable.

  10. Cheeseburger Inflation
    – I posted this earlier., under another comment
    – A leading economic analyst admitted a couple of months ago that one of his favorite consumer inflation gauges is – “Stouffers Meat Lovers Lasagna”.
    – Another was the price of gas “At the pump”.., not the future’s price. He takes a twice weekly read of the pump-price at 24 different stations around the country.

    • that’s I teresting.. and I. ight add a good Indicator. I fill my tank daily just because I don’t know what the price will be tomorrow.

    • oh and stoufers lasagna is up almost fifty percent.. we get costco lasagna it to is up 33 percent

    • To add to my response to your earlier post:

      I favor Ford trucks with double tanks. My pickup has two 16 gallon tanks. The tanks hold 16.1 gallons to the restrictor ring in the filler neck. I will typically run one tank dry, since I have another tank available at the flick of a switch.

      To fill my empty 16 gallon tank, I have pumped everywhere from 16.0 gallons,* to 23.1 gallons,** into my tank. It typically takes between 16.9 and 17.5 gallons to fill.

      This makes pump price watching, an also less-than-accurate means of gauging inflation (not to mention the millions of dollars the gas-buying public is bilked out of, every week, in every county in the U.S.)

      I heartily recommend, if anyone is blessed with a twin-tank truck, they duplicate my experiment. I also strongly suggest, once you confirm my results (which you will), that you keep your mouth shut. By my computations of nearly 15 years ago, the local petrol distributor network was acquiring about a million-eight per week in phoney sales, in my county alone (which is a small county.) Lots of people have been killed for less than 90 million dollars (per year…)

      * A Speedway cstore in Indiana, which I tapped for a fill-up right after the “Weights & Measures” guy had certified the pump (and moved on to the next — IOW, still on the premises.)

      ** A Shell filling station off I-80 in the Poconos. ‘Seems like a lot of the greediest offenders are in Pennsylvania…

      • Filled up the truck and 4 cans for the mower in socal yesterday. $5.89 for the vanilla flavor, didn’t even look at the cost of the chocolate with sprinkles flavor. I think we are winning here in idiotville. I could of bought a decent bird gun in the 80s for yesterdays tally.

  11. d’Lynn asked a question about what a Halving does to Bitcoin a couple weeks ago. Below is a link to the best article I have read so far on the issue.

    btw as I previously noted Bitcoin was NOT acting properly on the charts when it went up and tested it’s all time high so even though I now think I will eventually “buy in” (because of the coming debasement of the dollar and it become one of the asset classes that some money will flee to imo) until the chart confirms with a solid retracement after that test I am on the sidelines.

    Sure the chart may never show that retracement which in my experience virtually always happens, thus I may lose out (though it has been trying to retrace but those are ended quickly due to heavy buying … probably from the new ETF’s).

    FWIW separate from the chart action wrt the test of the old high in the column the author talks about AFTER the halving Bitcoin could go back down into the mid 40’s since miners have NOT been releasing inventory as the halving approaches and will start liquidating that inventory once the halving occurs … I certainly don’t know, in my mind I can’t get a solid handle on the supply /demand situation wrt bitcoin and with a bad chart it is NOT YET time to invest. (I look at the RUSH into Bitcoin ETF at their beginning as a temporary thing … in my mind I am comparing it to the dynamics of a new restaurant /bar opening up … LOTS of crowds that first month as people “sample” the new place, after which the excitement will taper down and you will over the next few months see what the STEADY demand really is)

    • Look at the reverse head and shoulders forming on the monthly chart.

      Not Advice Just admiring a work of art.

  12. Rummaging in the garage of an estate sale I found this little gem. An ‘InfraLux’ heat lamp. I don’t know if they are even made anymore, and there are several versions on eBay, but mine looks like this:

    It has a deep red lens, and is powered by a 7-watt ‘christmas tree bulb’ (old school kind) with a hi-lo switch that I suspect just switches in a rectifier diode for half-power intensity. But I have found with my arthritic hip joint I can apply a small spot of deep red and infra red heat deep penetrating into the joint or muscle where it is needed, without the large spreading heat of a heating pad. Spot deep heat for a sore muscle that you can target precisely. I love it, and keep it handy at my bedside.

  13. Escalation in the works..,
    – Eilat is Israel’s southernmost city, with a population of 52,753, a busy port and popular resort destination at the northern tip of the Red Sea
    – Yemen’s, Iranian backed Houthis terrorists launched and successfully hit the City with a cruise missile yesterday. Marking the first time that Israel was targeted and hit by the terrorist group.
    – So far.., Israel has not responded.

  14. Housing pricing.

    Instead of using Average Pricing for the overall prices you at least need to do an adjustment for houses having MORE square footage today than in the past. (dim recollection is that houses are on average about 60% larger than in the early 70’s)

    Reducing the price to a Price Per Square Foot BEFORE adjusting for inflation imo is the minimum needed … and at the end I would add in the cost of Air Conditioning installation in for todays houses since in the mid 1960’s even in the South houses the average house did NOT have air conditioning. (AC only came to everyday houses in the Midwest the later in the 1970’s and only became standard in the 1980’s).

    Without at least a size adjustment to the size houses being sold then vs now you are really comparing apples to oranges.

    (commercial valuations have always gone on price per square footage basis … NEVER on overall averaged building sales prices – one office building may hold 8 offices while another 80 offices)

    • I was grown in Miami. We used a big fan in the hall way. It would suck air through the winders and up into the attic. worked quite well

      • Congratulations on surviving it! Not everyone can adapt to Miami Heat and humidity!

        Since you adapted to it when young, perhaps it’s still tolerable. It seems that the Biden Bozos would have us shut down everything just to prevent CO2.

  15. Hope your wrist and arm heal up quickly. It is a real PITA to lose limb mobility … but also a cautionary lesson about how you have to be more careful at 75 than one needs to be at 25 when doing physical labor.

    (but I am still going to continue to ski!! I am just more careful about WHAT I ski today than I was 35 years ago)

    • Miss ol’ Zeus, myself. Added a little something to the column.

      Recently, I asked Elaine about me maybe getting pet for the office. “What did you have in mind?” A bunny.” “Nope, house limit is one. I’m your quota.”

      I drive right by him every time of mow the yard. See, ol Zeke is on perma-nap duty, five feet under, next to Tom, Tom, the Cat Outside, Pusscilla, and the urn of Mom’s ashes. She always loved cats and enjoyed ours when she visited.

      Shady spot with a grand view; we’d talked about it in advance. Damn kind and decent of you to ask.

      Say, you’re not, oh, you know, from around Earth, are you?

        • Funny you would say that.
          In the (glorious) bad-boy sailing days, long before meeting Elaine, I was with a woman who, um, stayed on rhe boat a while, where we decided a dog would be just the ticket.
          It was a SCWT – Soft-Coated-Wheaton-Terrier – and I don’t know if you’ve ever seen one, but ours – a rescued dog, was a dream pooch.
          Wheaties – as they are called – are incredibly well-manners – minimal barkers (except when warranted) fabulous with (known) children, hypoallergenic and non-shedding.
          Oh, also amazing (how to say this without pissing off some ffo lefty?) incredible “chick magnets.”
          Elaine – who has a few stuffed animals – which also don’t shed, BTW – is not at all keen on dogs and especially not in the house.
          Plus we have the usual East Texas Cockleburs – which are those 1/8th inch round seeds from hell with more spikes than a pair of gold shoes and they by-God hurt like hell when stepped on.
          “You want to spend your time picking burrs out of the pooch?” she asked.
          “Well, um, not during writing, market, or work hours, of course. Come to think of it, let’s make that waking hours…but couldn’t you train him to only leave the yard to crqp?”
          We revisit this now and again, particularly since I have kicked the clowder of cats off the screen porch where they wintered-over this year.
          No, I don’t pay Divell $75 an hour to have feral cats climb on his handywork, no sir. Feral cats are doing to remain, um, feral.
          OTOH, if you hear of a SCWT in the Dallas/East Texas area, that would be a dandy office pet.
          Oh, Wheaties come with the usual high-end naming conventions (it’s a price scam, I think).
          The one I had was “Theodora Barrington-Divine” which was some big whoop in SCWT circles PNW 30-years back.
          My first dog, Bismark, 125 pounds of German Shep, would not pass my modern “canine racism” tests. He shed, and had a nasty way of tackling joggers running past the house. One of which was a surgeon and soon thereafter, Bismark moved from Lake Forest Park (Seattle) to a remote ranch in Eastern Washington…
          ah, the pooch stories.
          Great call on terriers, though.
          \Several friends have Jack’s and they rock, too, but not as chill as a Wheatie.
          Chill is go. Jack’s need rehab to cope with us.

      • “Say, you’re not, oh, you know, from around Earth, are you?”
        I’m from Dust (star dusk if you will ;-)) and I do not have any of my cohorts’ concern about our future. During 2023 I was 8 month in re-hab on account of Covid I was told. However, I’d recovered to live by myself most of my time. Wife, several years younger than myself, passed away 10 years ago, but I adjusted. Anyhow, foregoing was the reason I didn’t know about the demise of Zeus.
        Stay well, and btw. didn’t Nostradamus write down anything ‘worthwhile’ ?
        Kind of suspicious, or ?

        • I didn’t know that about your wife’s passing. Sorry to hear that.
          The Future is better faced as a team sport.
          I am Elaine’s memory, and she is my eyes. It’s weird, but then so are we.
          You – and the other readers here – are definitely the creme-d-lah-creme of humans.

        • my condenses as well..
          we are blessed to have good women by our sides as we journey through our life experiences.. I would be lost without mine..I only can imagine the grief you feel…
          God bless you young man may our heavenly father give you comfort.

        • George, I may need to borrow your words from this local comment. “The future is better faced as a team sport”, though it’s not always possible to find someone compatible in all important matters. As you know too well, the wrong choice can be far worse than no choice. Even the bible said something to the effect of “it’s not good for a man to be alone”.

          Condolences to Choices, and my best to all of us!

      • We have 3 dogs, and 4 cats in our Pet Sematary. All are the best friends anyone could have asked for. All the cats adopted us. The dogs were a Blue Tick, Irish Setter and Ol’ Buck of undetermined heritage but was suspected to have German Shepherd and Golden Retriever sprinkled with no telling what else. Could not have asked for a better group of friends. Enjoy visiting them over by the fence looking over my favorite view in the world.
        Stay safe. 73

  16. President of Mexico just announced that their country will block and not accept any deportations of illegal aliens from the United States, back into their country – and really slammed the U.S. for their immigration policies.
    Stop all money transfers from the U.S. to Mexico. That would equate to rough 4% of their total GDP., and place thousands of people out of work, virtually overnight.

    • If Biden had two balls, he would push illegals back over the border, on the ground. Then he would tell the world Mexico is a narco state run little better than Haiti.

        • Squatters don’t have rights! Whether or not statute law claims to give them “rights” is irrelevant. An owner has to protect his property using any means necessary in a lawless environment.

          I check my properties regularly and simply won’t comply with thieves or trespassers, under color of law or otherwise. It might be the death of me, but if we don’t stand for something, we’ll fall for anything.

          In every case, it’s important that the interlopers never win from their violations.

        • (“Squatters don’t have rights! Whether or not statute law claims to give them “rights” is irrelevant. “)

          Hmm Irrelevant.. the relevance to this is… They walked across the border with a helping hand from the administration even though it is illegal to do so…
          they are getting assistance lodging free medical and Dental from our administration..

          the relevant portion of this.. is the message that is being put out.. coming to america.. neil diamond says it best..

          Ray Stevens has a great song on coming to the usa..

          then you have someone like this.. and an administration refusing to stop the influx of illegals..

          the belief and the laws they come from .. islamic law about property of an enemy.. it may not be US law.. but then our own administration is refusing to uphold US law.. so you go on lets say a cruise or a vacation.. come home.. and you have someone living in your home like the news video of the woman that was arrested trying to change the locks in her own home.. two years to go through the court system.. the home owner was the one arrested..

        • Oh Mike this is a real issue.. the woman that was being arrested owns a million dollar home… think about that.. the guy that has a cabin in the woods.. a lake house.. a vacation condominium.. the house is empty.. you get there and someone has made it home.. the owner is out.. they either can let the bank take it back.. and lose out on everything.. go to jail trying to evict them.. like the woman did.. all with the democratic what is yours is ours and what is yours is theirs..Or you go to work.. leave the home come back from work.. who are you.. get out of our house.. your house I pay the rent here.. go to any city see how many abandoned buildings there are.. its shelter and a system that refuses to do anything at all.. this is all going to blow up big time.. especially if lets say G goes on a cruise with Elaine and comes home to find that his whole property has been seized by illegal migrants.. or lets say Mark in SanFran.. goes to show one of the multi million dollar homes to find it is already occupied. New residents please move over..You use to own it.. now we do..
          It is like a woman that lived here.. a little nuts.. one day she wanted me to take her to a nearby city.. I said sorry I can’t.. she said I own your home.. I was laughing and telling the gas station guy about it .. he said you better take her serious.. she puts leins on peoples farms and properties.. when they go to sell it.. there is this lein.. she put a million dollar lein on someones property.. you can get a clear title for a car for storage.. doesn’t mean you had to have the car for storage.. and it doesn’t matter where the letter is sent.. if you don’t get it it comes back .. you refused to get your mail.. we had that happen with the wife.. she moved out of a rental place in 80 in 94 we get a summons to court for a bill.. go it is the gas bill from this property.. she says it isn’t my bill I moved out in eighty.. come back prove she wasn’t a resident there.. case thrown out.. a few months later.. they go to garnish her wages.. we go to the court house.. why .. oh you missed your last court date.. huh.. yes.. they mailed you a summons.. certified mail.. but they mailed it to a town and address no one had ever been at.. of course the us mail sent it back.. so we petition the court.. the judge gets mad at me when I bring up isn’t this fraud of some sort.. We Paid the bill… they had penciled in her name at the bottom of the summons for the real resident and sent it to an address that no one had ever lived..

        • the gas company we went to them.. the issue with people having utilities in someone elses name is a real deal in the USA.. and you don’t talk to anyone in the US about it.. so every phone call is considered you even if it wasn’t you..

        • First, laws on dealing with trespassers vary a lot between states. Likewise, laws on standing Ure ground vary. If someone is on your property without your permission, they are a trespasser. If they commit vandalism, or refuse to leave when requested, they are committing criminal trespass. Killing game without permission is poaching.
          Generally, if you don’t have “no trespassing” proscribed signs or equivalent posted at the lawful interval, you need to be careful about muscling up too quickly. At one time, there were some states that required posting a notification in the newspaper of record.
          In Texas, signs and purple stripes carry legal weight.
          I have my property posted for trespassing AND hunting. There aren’t a lot of public lands for hunting on in Texas, and poachers are a big problem here. Poachers can be very dangerous if cornered. It is best to get the Law to handle it if at all possible.
          If you decide to try and talk to a trespasser, I advise concealed carry, and have a neighbor watch from a distance. Don’t give them an excuse to panic, and have back-up. Solo firefights can get expensive even if you survive, and are to be avoided.

  17. G.A. STEWART: Nostradamus was very clear about France going to war with Russia and Islam again.

    Nostradamus Quatrain III-24
    From the enterprise great confusion,
    Loss of people, innumerable treasures:
    You should not extend there again
    France, my words make memorable.

    If I might add…

    Von der Leyen asks Finland to prepare the EU for war!

  18. U.S. Home Sales Jumped 9.5% in February despite the highest prices ever recorded., and the highest interest rate in years.
    First Time Unemployment dipped., just a little – but expectations were for it to go up., just a little.
    The U.S. government and 19 A.G.’s are suing Apple for illegal monopoly of cell phones. Claiming Apple deliberately blocked rivals from obtaining hardware and software that would have been a direct challenge to Apple’s iPhone.
    Dolly Parton is promoting her own personal cake mix on T.V.
    All major stock indexes have hit a record high this morning – solely and supposedly because of the Federal Reserve’s statements yesterday.
    Greed and insanity are brothers and know no bounds.

    • I asked my banker about that.. he said he hasn’t seen anything like it.. they changed how they mortgage the home.. longer payoff times.. just to keep the payments to the point where they can afford to make the payments..

  19. re: “Time to Huff”
    feat: dukes with nukes


    Princess Kate didn’t do it!

    You have likely seen the recently issued images of the President of France and Co-Prince of Andorra in boxing mode. His bicep development is said to be extraordinary. The pictures’ watermark signature reads Soazig de La Moissonnière and she has her own Wikipedia page. Apparently she has been the official photographer of the President of the Republic since 2017.

    Cue the Sun shine King:

    “I am the State.”
    King Louis XIV of France

  20. “Plus we have the usual East Texas Cockleburs – which are those 1/8th inch round seeds from hell”

    You left coast yankees don’t know nuthin’ about Texas pains in the a** (or foot). What you’re describing is the grass bur, a sandy soil weed that produces spiked seeds that stick in/to every living thing. A cocklebur looks like a little dark brown football, also covered with spikes, but it’s ten times the size of a grass bur.

    • NM has them in many varieties, and they grow in clay soil too. Between them and various cacti, the outdoors is always an adventure, and leaving all of those spines and things outside is a bit of a chore.

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