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Happy Easter.  An odd assortment of items today. We consider the perils of investing in a market gone vertical.  Plus some notes on rolling headlines including the odds of war in eastern Ukraine where limited fighting is reported.

We tend to run shorter columns when people are “familifying.”
A cup of coffee and much to think about, especially in financial aspects and the market.  Because It has Risen.

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21 thoughts on “Charts and Notes”

    • I will read it.. a take off of the cataclysms of the earth…or the story version similar to this book the hab theory..
      These books were required reading for discussion in a class..
      As intriguing as the discussions were the real catching moment was while standing in the museum of natural history and reading the account if the discovery of a mammoth on display..I have copies of both books that are read and reflected on regularly.. along with the works of the greats.. Plato etc..

    • Just a head’s up on that pdf. My understanding is that there are 2, perhaps 3 versions of that floating around. Only one of them is the entire, unabridged version. I don’t know who or why they changed it, and I didn’t dive into which was correct. I’d say the original is limited in circulation.

      • The Adam and Eve document was the one classified until 2013 by US gov.
        Einstein’s and volovski’s (sp?) Papers were released when written as not accurate.

        Mayan’s calendar marked the procession into the age of Aquarius. The Galactic wave. Dr. Paul Laviolette. full set of videos explanations, science papers etc
        Suspect Sky youtube has great documentary.

        The current world events and coming wars I’m sure are more to do with who gets to rebuild after the sun micro nova’s, pole flip etc.

        Current world events are a diversion for us, a chance for greedy 1% to rob us one last time and our controllers 1000 year plan gets finalized.

        We will be in survival mode planet wide within 10 years.

        Until we all realize this fact we have no hope of changing our destiny. For those in the know, I believe are the watchers! Experience the greatest change in our civilization….

        Days grow shorter as weakening pole causes of mantel to slip ever so more…

        All the information is there, if you wish to see.


  1. The war is in downtown Washington.

    When Biden calls-in firearms and if the courts go along, and they will that’s a surrender worse than the French.

  2. I picked up a pricey tube of CVS Rapid-Seal Wound Gel. Closer inspection of the active ingredients yields two familiar-sounding ingredients:

    Palmitoyl Chitosan

    Too soon to make a recommendation.

  3. Here is the document to which Michael Snyder referred:

    It is a proclamation by the Ukrainian Parliament which is tantamount to a declaration of war against Russia.


    On the decision of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine of March 11, 2021 ‘On the Strategy of deoccupation and reintegration of the temporarily occupied territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol…”

    “…4. This Decree shall enter into force on the day of its publication.

    President of Ukraine V.ZELENSKY
    March 24, 2021

    Put into operation
    By decree of the President of Ukraine
    on March 24, 2021 ? 117/2021
    National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine
    from March 11, 2021”

    I’m guessing Zelensky had a chat with Biden (or his handlers) and was promised military aid & assistance, on condition Ukraine join the EU and NATO. Yes, I read the document, or at least googoo’s translation of it (which BTW differs in a number of ways from the “English language” version, posted on Zelensky’s offishul site for OUR consumption) — PITA politikspeak! The only written word worse than a nation’s political gibberish is a nation’s diplomatic gibberish…

    I had hopes for Ukraine when Zelensky got in… now, not so much. He has surrounded himself with the same flavor of petit despot and unprincipled oligarch as previous Presidentés, and rumor has it (which I’d not heard before) that some of the Swedish Nazis Soros hired for his part in the coup are still in Ukraine and now under the employ of da Prez.

    This may get bad.

    • Love love love this comment!

      I was thinking about back in the daze of Gorbachof pulling off his shoe and banging it on the table and saying, “we will bury you!”

      Shortly after, Big Scary Mother Russia was as Germans say, Kaput.

      And how we know round here, the regulars or regulators of Urban Survival with are Mad Captian, the 800 Lb Gorrila Curious George at the Helm, Communism is a Failed Buisness Model.

      Let me repeat that, Communism is a Failed Business Model.

      Correct me if I’m wrong Ray, or anyone else.
      Not one Communist Country has survived over 80 years financially. not one that I can think of. China has been communist since 1945. Or 76 years.
      Russia was from 1922-1991 or 69 years. Cuba for 56 years.

      Now China has been culturally for a long time. Like Russia has. As a Communist Nation they made it 8 years farther than Russia before their Failed Buisness Model, expired.

      So when I see Stong and Heavy language coming from the Pulpet of Xi, out of China, it reminds alot of the desperate words Gorbachof spoke at the UN to the United States. Which at face value were scary. Later we know they were desperate words of a Man at the Helm of a dying nation. Hurled at the Nation who has had a very successful buisness Model (for the most part) that has lasted over 200 years. The USA.

      IMHO, China has their back to the wall. they are desperate! They have to make a move or they are gonna collaps and hard. They are rotting on the inside. There manufacturing revenue is cratering every day. There is a little less rice in everyone fish bowl.

      And they know it. That is why they are doing big push and heavy and strong language. Just like Gorbachof knew, and did right before that failed buisness model finally collapsed.

      Great post Mr Ray. Such a bright and wonderful mind you have. Thanks!

    • Classic war, 2 fonts Europe Russia, Taiwan China.

      USA land of woo! I suspect you get to see why they have a space force…

      Short terrifying war it will be I’m thinking.

      Space weapons war begins…

  4. I learned a while ago, not fuel my dopamine levels with mass hysteria pumped out of the Nozel of Mainstream Media gas station. Which lately is,


    Get the Vaccine Now and Grab everyone Guns! And you too can live without fear. Anyone who says other wise or questions this? Is the Enemy!

    It reminds me of someone saying one of those late night infomercial, “hi there! Are you a sad lonly piece of shit? Well, I used to be a sad lonely piece of shit too. For $9.99 you can purchase my 8 step proven plan for you not only stop being a sad lonely piece of shit but be a winner like me! But dont just take my word for it! Let’s here from Bob! Thanks Jim! Just like Jim, I was sad lonely piece of shit too. Then I found Jim’s 8 step plan which miraculously transformed my life from a sad lonely piece of shit to living a life I never dreamed possible. Look at me now! Weeeeeeeee!”

    Operators are standing by and if you order now use your Vaccine passport number as a promo code, and get a Free Homrmone Glazed 4 piece chicken nugget Happy Meal with GMO Fries and The Chrom Polish Beverage of your choice! On us! That’s right! Free! We have partnered Mcdonalds and with Coca Cola! Where Coca Cola new modo is “we are all trying to be a little less white”.

    Operators are standing by. Order now!

    I might just give the new report for free. Been thinking about it. I have to make some $$ somehow tho.

    Shit dude. We are all Mad Here. We are all Mad. Hahahahahh

    Me thinks their plan is gonna horribly fail. So I got the scoop from the Higer Powers on Why the Big push right now. And it’s not what most people think. Write it up on my site. Time for a nap first.

    Happy Easter Dude! He is Risin! Just like me. :)

    • It is becoming increasingly difficult to do business without taking the vaccine. Companies which have an international component to their clientele are being most heavily impacted. Visas and quarantine durations are now tied to vaccinations.
      Domestically, peer pressure is more a factor than authoritarian edicts.

      • Thank you for that info! I’m curious – how do you “prove” that you’ve had a vax? Do they take your word for it? Do you need a specific document? For now, I’ll pass on international anything. It’s expensive and has no real value unless things really go to pieces in our country.

        With “social separation”, what’s the point?

      • I don’t think you are really following me. American companies have foreign customers. Employees of American companies must travel overseas to provide service to foreign installations. Those overseas locations have enacted laws requiring vaccination and quarantine. The paperwork and rules required for work visas is specific to the host country. The value for those individuals doing the travel is that they keep their jobs. I have coworkers I personally know who are suffering through this, but I am not directly involved with the international travel.

  5. This stock might be good for a pop. They’ll help c3.fill the American ammo shortage gap.

    “The Remington ammunition plant, based in Lonoke, AR—now owned and operated by Vista Outdoor—is back in full operation and the added production promises some relief to the ongoing ammo shortage caused by 2020’s collision between a pandemic, urban unrest and the idling of one of America’s largest cartridge factories. The supply-line vacuum won’t vanish overnight, although the fact that Remington Ammunition just launched a new website is another welcome sign that inventories may approach normal sometime this year.”

    Vista Outdoor NYSE: VSTO

    Another is’s largest customer is Baker Hughes. Ideally call Baker Hughes and ask about products and performance.

    Looks like Nostradamus was wrong again.

  6. The next Zero Report will be the same price it has always been. Talked to The Dude, he said $116. Pay for what ya get. Mostly because 20% goes to feed the Homeless. That is a large part of the deal. The last one I actually donated 43%. Taking the day off to look at some stuff. And rest.

    As always it is important to look at as many dimension angles to get a true picture of what is present. Had another 4 hits this weekend. Will do the score card today and post it tomorrow, issue the next report the day after. And I’m going to start writing my Fictional Series, “The Adventures of the Cosmic Chicken Bunny.” Since I have been back to the super Infinity 8 gas station at the center of the Milkey way now 2 more times. And got the map of the Univere and had quit the adventure in a few peculiar and obsecure galaxys, and planets on them. Probably have atleast 3 Louis La’more size “dime store” novels in my brain this far,

    Recomendation: I need an alternative platform to Microsoft word to write on. For both the new issue of the Zero Report and my Adventure Novels. As well as I will be needing an editor. My Step Mother, who would smoke anyone on here or anyone I ever met in a game of trivialpursuit, would probably be a good editor. She would hammer me about my language and what would my children think, as she is a very well raised Catholic woman. Owned a book store for 20 years and probably has read more books than anyone I have ever met. I’m not even joking. One time we played trivial pursuit. 5 of us against her, one of the questions was This Man was the Mayor of Saint Lewis in 1803. My mother just spit out the dudes name without using Google or anything. Didnt even blink an eye. I said how the hell did you know that. She oh I’m sure I read it in some book. I bet that woman has read 100,000 + books in the 20 years. Lol. I remember her sitting down with the Stand by Stephen King which is 900 pages. And she was done in 5 hours. She tossed me the book and said quit the adventure! You would love this one. I looked at it at it and said it’s thicker than the bible. How long did it take you to read it? She said 4 ot 5 hours. Hahaha it took me 5 days. Hahahahah

    So I may ask her to edit my Adventure Novels.

    As the Cosmic Chicken Bunny, I did leave 2 golden eggs on my website. Under the article, A few items of interest, using my other pen name. 0, which looks like an egg. Hahah

    Happy Easter everyone. God is good! All the time. God is good.

    • Andy, I use LibreOffice:

      It’s free, open source, and does everything that MS Word/Office pretends to do. I’ve used it for major papers and lots of other writing. I have Word on this computer, but never use it. Why bother with something that MS makes when there’s something better, and has versions for various operating systems?

      It has the source code available so you can review, modify and compile your own version in your “spare” time. Or just use it.

      Happy Easter!

  7. “…please remain calm, the situation is under control…”

    Flying low on the radar are msm reports of arrests in London today following protests over a UK bill increasing policing powers against peaceful protests. Even locally there is a provincial bill in the process of passing that legalizes restrictive rules to effectively fence in and inhibit peaceful protest activity.

    The ring road around the city here is being upgraded with non-scalable concrete barriers that block pedestrian and auto access or egress with secondary arteries. Tertiary road access may still exist adjacent to pre-containment railroad right-of-ways…

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