4 thoughts on “ChartPack Update”

  1. My Dear Sir,

    We do hope no sensitivities were trampled with your election to take a powder on the lecture by your countryman of the cloth sermonizing at The Royal Nuptials at Windsor while you undertook study at a House of Numbers.

    One does rather imagine Polite Society in The Kingdom will have taken note that Prince Charles met the bride at “the quire”. As the Great Bard noted in “The Merchant of Venice” foreplay in the garden act 5, scene 1, the lovers will not hear music of heavenly crown whereupon musicians enter to wake the goddess of feminine virtue.

    Apparently American Hollywood royalty, Oprah, was spared a public wardrobe embarrassment by none other than Stella McCartney – dressmaker to the bride! And the Queen of Talk stayed cool prior to the service by dropping conversational rhyme with DJ Big Driis. Any expectations of an extended exchange with the less conspicuous mother of the bride would have sadly witnessed unfulfillment.

    Conclusion: nothing has changed.

    God Save the Queen!

    • You can bet on it – we had a great time. No kneeling pads, rugs, or mats needed!

  2. Lol I didnt watch the royal wedding and I didnt flying care. :)

    Futures up, big time looks to be a roaring day on wall street.

    Hope you faired better than me. I got my ass kicked at the local casino in Friday. Won’t be back for a while. Lol

    • I know our invitations must have gotten lost in the mail Andy but I am sure that they totally meant o get them to us in time.
      I personally wouldn’t have gone because they would have wanted me to wear some sort of monkey suit and that is not going to happen.

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