Case Report: Third-Worlding of America

My life-long buddy (the Major) is visiting for a while.  And he reports, he’s been a victim this trip of airline or TSA theft from his luggage.

Before leaving his home up in the Seattle area, he placed a very nice pair of LL Bean slippers in his suitcase.  Last item in, he is certain it was there because he placed a pair of socks in each one.  You don’t get up to officer status by forgetting details…and he never makes things up.  If he says something occurred, it abso-freaking-lutely did.

When he checked in at SeaTac, therefore, it’s a certainty that the LL Bean slippers and the socks were in the luggage.  By the time he got to Tyler, Texas, they had disappeared.

It’s not the problem of airport luggage “sticky-fingers” that bothers me so much.  It’s how this is symptomatic of the Great American Decline that we’ve entered into.

The first time I personally experienced an “airport shake-down” was leaving Peru after a business trip and side trip from Cusco via train up (and down) into Machu Picchu.  The side trip over, we were waiting to board our DC-8 stretch for a return to the Cayman Islands.

An airport guard came over to me – stuck a machine gun in my belly and indicated I should follow him.  I don’t argue with machine guns.

Taken aside, he indicated I should open my Samsonite brief case.  Perhaps, since the Caymans were a money laundering center, he was wondering if I have a case full of cash.

When opened?  Nothing my by HP-110C laptop and a couple of packs of Tareyton 100’s.  One open, the other not.

Seeing his eyes linger on the smokes, I offered him both packs and with a “Gracias…”  the event came to an end. Curiously, no one else was shaken-down like this.  But, as my then-boss (who is fluent in Spanish, being of Cuban decent) explained:  “Jorge…you look like a norte…”  True story.

At the time, Peru was still having some problems with Sandero and while the country was hanging together, it was a first-hand introduction to how marginally managed countries begin to work.  Petty crime, around the perimeter.

And now, it’s here.

We are being cleaved, much as a pie, into competing factions.  The largest, a dumbed-down middle class, thinks only of social media, GOT episodes,  and bitching about traffic.  Ignored are the declining values like personal net worth.  A still-growing piece of our pie is homeless who, through socialists in government, are busily setting up barrio-like areas in major cities.

For all the building underway in the urban core of Seattle, KOMO TV has been doing a solid for everyone by tracking the evolution of homeless camps along freeways leading into the city.

Seattle is third-worlding.  Slowly, it’s an evolutionary process.  When the Major and I were young, there were only a few – very small – hobo camps left.  Our homes were on the north end of Beacon Hill and yep, the camps are springing up along the greenbelt around the I-5 freeway, all the way down to Boeing Field.

We were chased once, by a lone, deranged hobo wielding a hatchet once…but they tended to keep to themselves.  Hobo’s went out of style because the age of steam was passing and railroad law enforcement evolved a brutal reputation.  It was how people “got around” without money.  Now, rail yard surveillance, well, we know how that rolls.

Point, though, is that in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s, being poor was definitely out of style.  It’s a fashion that comes and goes as part of the long waves in the economy.

Right now?  It’s rising as the 1% pie owners are pretending that pressing more icons on ever-more expensive phones will somehow not be discovered as a deeply flawed and fraudulent growth and innovation substitute.

Back “in the day” Muscatel Meadows on the south side of the county courthouse was about two-thirds of a city block.  Not crowded, either.  Today, there are dozens of homeless enclaves.

It is, sad to report, the arrival of third world conditions in what was once the Greatest Nation on earth.  Attacked by free-lunching, beset with exported manufacturing jobs, our future is not-yet lost, but keep tearing down the border and keep encouraging the stupid and poor to breed preferentially to the best and brightest and we’ll become the next third world country.

What Do We Have to Look Forward Too?

Well, it’s pretty ugly…and walking this way.

“Extortion by Rogue Police Gangs Is Booming in Bolsonaro’s Brazil.”  Sure, a long walk and all, but care to bet some Soros-backed organization won’t find bus tickets?

“In Venezuela, women sell hair as another way to get by,” reports the Associated Press.

“Argentines return to Europe to escape economic uncertainty...”

Remember the old song from disco days?  “Walk this way…

Thanks for the subliminal heads-up, Aerosmith.

Markets: Break-out Day?

With Dow futures pointing up 71 points ahead of today’s open, we are looking at the resolution of trend to occur in the next week, or two.

One case would be a rise today, which in our Aggregated Markets work would put the open around 24,897.  Sounds great to the bulls, but we will not really be on our way until new all-time highs occur…and the record to beat (on a closing basis) would be 25,006.  You can see how close we are.

If you don’t know about double tops, or double-bottoms in the stock market, there’s a great Wikipedia entry here that will walk you through things.  Pay attention to this chart:

Near as I can figure it, this is a dandy time to be in cash.  Because the market could:

  1. Break through the old high and sail up toward new much higher highs.
  2. Put in a “double-top”, or something very close to it…and we’re about 125 Dow points after the 71-point pop at the open today from that possibility.,
  3. Or, we could have a pop this morning and then begin to fail quickly…

The thing is, which one of these happens won’t be clear until the end the session today.  Even then, a weekly close at a new all-time high would be needed – a momentary thrust that fails wouldn’t cut it.

Which leaves us considering which of the news stories will drive things.

  • The China trade talks could be a boost or a bust – depending on who wins and loses.
  • The Iranians could shut down the Strait of Hormuz.  Related: Oil hits highest since November as U.S. to tighten Iran sanctions.
  • North Korea could pop a nuke.
  • Hostilities between India and Pakistan can light up any minute.
  • Some left field event (Trump’s health, something from the SDNY…who knows?)

The news flow today is weak, but do you bet on things getting better – the bullish case – or worse – the bearish case?  How long till sell in May and to away, is it?

Need to Knows

Militants blamed in Sri Lanka attacks had incendiary leader.”  Islamic extremist group…look surprised, infidel.

Birthday party, anyone? Trump, first lady to head to U.K. to meet with queen.

Lockheed Martin raises 2019 profit, shares rise.”  Shares were up more than 5% in the pre-open.  Remember, LMT is the outfit working compact fusion…

Check the NYTimes DealBook Briefing: Herman Cain Says the Fed Can’t Afford Him.  A pay cut to $183,000 is too much of a cut?  Ah, must be nice…

Ham Radio Corner

OK, off to work on the new “monster antenna” for 80 meters this morning,  Ham radio types will appreciate our effort to build something better than horse fence antenna – which work very well.  Except since most electric fence tape take uses thin wire, what we’re putting up is 16 gauge printer ribbon cable.  We should know shortly how well it works…

Moron the ‘morrow…

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38 thoughts on “Case Report: Third-Worlding of America”

  1. Thanks for the heads up on the checked baggage…goin’ to California…was planning on wearing my Luccheses out there,now I’ll make sure to wear them back!

  2. George

    “keep encouraging the stupid and poor to breed preferentially to the best and brightest ”

    Forty eight years ago this month my son was born. I was visiting my wife and new baby in the hospital at Jacksonville Arkansas. I was in the Air Force at LRAFB and had just come off Alert status and was wearing my crew uniform. Our doctor came and congratulated me on become a new father. He then made what I thought was an odd statement. Basically he said that we should have more children as the smart people needed to increase their numbers.

    Now I understand his comment!

    Unfortunately we were only able to have one child due to medical reasons. I call him my miracle baby much to his annoyance.

    I wonder if the doctor would not have made that comment if I were wearing street clothes?

    • Lol lol lol…
      Mike..I’m ready to tell you my secret…
      I see stupid people..they are everywhere and they don’t know just how stupid they are..
      Lol lol

      Unfortunately.. there’s human genetic variation that gets involved with common breeding without genetic structuring.

      An Environmental equation etc.

      Like studies done on whether or not increases of violent tendencies crime etc. in large metropolitan areas is due to co2 poisoning and high EMF frequencies. Along with noise pollution.

  3. Hmm why complain George you should be happy, after all its all that cheap labor flowing into the country that fuels what we worship on high called the stock market,its called a business model by the 1% and if anyone should dare to call it by its real name, the destruction of the American working class with low wages and no benefits, why a pox on them off with their heads call in the C.I.A. the swat teams and special forces to remove them from society.!!!

    • interesting viewpoint Robert.. except………

      “””why a pox on them off with their heads call in the C.I.A. the swat teams and special forces to remove them from society.!!!””

      The ones controlling the above alphabet groups.. are the ones wanting them to come in.. because they are …

      “”cheap labor flowing into the country that fuels what we worship on high called the stock market,its called a business model by the 1% “”

      my fear is they could care less about the…..

      “”American working class””

  4. Oh I think the ‘FTRA’ is still alive and well, George. I still see the signs posted around seattle down by the yard time to time.

    Names like Annabel rider and Loco charlie still hoppin lines to Frisco Bay, gamblin town and makin stew.

    Just have to pay attention when your abouts the area.

  5. George, looks like Israels Secret Intelligence Service has claimed responsibility for Sri Lanka bombings ? quick look suprised!

    The “call” has gone out, and is still going U feel “driven” to action yet,got your WAR bags packed and ready to roll?

    MARK/MIKE/JON a great book by French intelligence guy – Le Guerre De L’Ombre En SYRIE, cia,petrodollars, et jihad….spells out how the US under Obongo started,supplied, trained and supported ISIS in the Levant .Oh thats right U only read “propaganda”. Really think big city developers don’t get sued every month on a regular basis. Down the street R.E sales puhlease, TRUMP a business failure.. again U R full of Horsehockey. Bankruptcy preserves your money/assets, enabling you to keep on keeping on.

    The TSA nazi organization is brought to U by ISRAEL, thats correct , as are the cancer causing full body scanners..also brought to U by .Israeli duel citizens – see M. Chertof -f-ing traitors every last one of them from Bush thru Obongo.

    The WAR drums are beating loud now – who will answer the call? better yet, which WAR is calling ? the American Un-Civil WAR, or WW3..cause we certainly did NOT win WW2.

  6. Funny you should mention the hobo camps, when I was little we had one at the end of our (dirt) road where it met the highway. I was pretty little, probably less than 4 or 5, but remember it very well. At the time they were “gypsies” according to grandma, they moved in and stayed awhile, but by winter they were usually gone, south I suppose. They stayed in little wood shacks not much bigger than an outhouse (I remember those too, much to my kids wonderment), and there were dozens of them up the hillside. They would come begging door to door when they were in town. Never had much trouble with them although there were a share of shady ones. Eggs and chickens might disappear if unguarded overnight. I remember she had a dog, probably for that reason.
    Some of them made charcoal in pits up in the woods, I have seen a few of those growing up. They didnt dress like gypsies, at least what is portrayed as that now, they wore regular work clothes. Most of them were men from what I remember. Then again, there is probably a night and day difference between “homeless” camps now and those hobo shacks.

    • we had one gentleman stay with us for a few years.. we have an extra bedroom and take in those that need shelter and food.. someone to care about them and watch over to make sure they are ok..

      the cops and garbage men coined him the can man.. they would see his walker or wheel chair by a dumpster and then bang on it and yell.. can man you in there.. the garbage men would gather cans so he could get enough to eat.. he had a one two punch when he was younger and took him down.. and as soon as you don’t have a home address.. well it is almost impossible to get a position.. one of the nicest men I have ever met.. mr. mannors.. always looked so excited when the holidays would come up.. that way he would have family..

      the fanciest place he would go to eat.. was when the police would take him to the local greasy spoon and give him an egg and a pancake.

      when I first met him a social worker came out.. and asked if I would be interested in assessing him to see if we would be interested in having him stay here.

      It always reminded me of one of my hats working at cabinet making… we had built a beautiful display home for a national home show so the cabinet company could show off their wares.. the whole house was out of cardboard and sheet-rock siding etc.. the thing was gorgeous and had to be able to withstand the stress of holding a million dollars of cabinets.. it was awesome.. anyway.. the company bought us a keg in a plant wide contest.. and we were down at the park when we seen two police officers riding bicycles on the bike path.. then the joking started.. hey we have keys to the plant.. LOL..( it was open seven days a week anyway) lets run down build a cute little cottage with a mailbox and paper tube out of cardboard and some scraps. then set it up with a path to it so when these jokers peddle by.. they have to stop and wonder.. where in the heck did this thing come from.. how did we miss it.. LOL LOL..
      well after meeting mr. mannors and realizing he lived in a dumpster and under bridges and in cardboard boxes.. I sort of wish we had gone and built that place set it up..
      what is funny is he would see friends of the grand kids.. making mistakes he had made and he did everything he could think of to try and convince them that the path they were considering was not the way to go.. then feel the frustrations that he knew where they were heading.

      He was giving.. oh my.. one thing most people think is that the homeless is scum that only think of their guilty pleasures.. I could bury you with studies done.. some from I think berkley where they actually went and posed as homeless.. and some stdudies where they gave money away.. everyone that took more than they needed was people that didn’t need it..
      when I worked grocery stores.. the wealthy actually would figure out ways to get their food for free.. we had cook outs because they would return.. I always questioned why they would let it happen like that.. the answer I got from more than one chain was the company owners would promote their store to the workers..

      one of the saddest people we have had stay with us.. is who is staying with us now.. he was at the top of the food chain..In his own way he tells you that he is confused at what happened to him.. one day the man that everyone went to for answers then your abandoned and homeless.

  7. Hi, George,

    One cannot help but notice that oil and gasoline have been increasing in price, while gold has taken an unusual downturn. I am also surprised at how cheap platinum is now. Oil and gold seem to see-saw. In New Mexico, the oil and gas companies are seeing increases in profit. However, the Democrat cabal in Santa Fe seeks to eliminate the oil and gas sector to achieve the green dream while enjoying the profits from oil and gas to further their bizarre and unconstitutional agenda. I have also noticed that gasoline prices usually increase as the Memorial Day holiday draws near.

    It is a travesty that the House of Representatives is hell bent upon anything they can invent to hurt President Trump, instead of being a governing body of the United States. These representatives are intent upon wasting their years in office and have become insanely obsessed against anything Trump. The Mueller Report has them screaming in denial.

    I am very disappointed that several of the people who respond to your excellent daily blog site have decided to bash you, George. I find that very sad. I am sorry to see that.

    • Nancy, its calles ‘destabilization’. One of the first indicators of a stalled out econcomy. Good catch. When you start seeing one commodity over priced and another under priced? It doesnt take a “Seer” to see the uncoupling of the economic engine. I am suprized that George hasnt mentioned the “Baltic Dry” index in a while or the “shipping” data nor the fact that The US Navy just deployed 2 carrier groups to the Med.

      But i havent read his latest article, yet.

    • Platinum has been in a funk for quite a while, and palladium has risen far more than I expected. Gold and silver dropped at the end of March and April is tax month, FWIW. I suspect(and hope) for a consolidation and rise over the summer. I think the biggest factor in short term oscillations is USDX.

      I very much doubt that the current rabid lefties in Santa Fe will be able to hold down the oil interests for too long. They have more money than the entire state. Yes, summer is near and summer gas prices are almost always higher than those of winter, but we also have the clamping down of sanctions on Iranian sales to everyone. Venezuela is also off the table for now and refineries are retooling for summer gas. Oil is a global market, so any reduction in supply with increasing demand will raise prices. I’m sure OM2 can share a more knowledgeable opinion than mine.

      • Ray and NM Mike,

        Thank you both for your interesting and informative posts to George’s site. Platinum has indeed been soft in price for a while. I remember when platinum was twice as expensive as gold many years ago. Platinum was also an important component for automobile engines and even considered to be a strategic metal at one point. Regarding palladium, which requires a much higher melting temperature than gold for casting, just like platinum does, Russia made a major purchase of palladium a while back, but I am not sure why.

    • Nancy, something everyone overlooks, because libtards and the MSM have programmed us to do so: Oil/coal/cng companies are not “Big Oil.” They are all ENERGY industries.

      The folks who run the various “oil companies” don’t give a fat patootie whether they’re selling oil, or selling solar panels; whether they’re dealing in coal, or building windmills, because their true bottom line is they sell ENERGY to make money. Solar panels and windmills are more profitable than petro energy. They require a substantial amount of petrochemicals to build, and they burn out more frequently than proven wells run dry, requiring the constant building of newer product.

      This is why Exxon, Chevron, and BP are beginning to call themselves “energy companies,” and why they have begun to run the “green-friendly” TV commercials (I suspect Shell and Total are doing the same thing in Ure-up…) You can betyerass THEIR beancounters and ad-men have found a way to market “clean energy” to thousands of localities, municipalities, and probably individuals, in such a manner that they’ll make an even higher profit than they do, selling oil.

  8. You can’t make money in the stock market if you think it is going up, down, or sideways, or you are waiting until some magical trend is played out to give you the answer. You have to make a decision & act on it. If you always think the sky is going to fall, you are in cash & watching one of the greatest bull markets pass you by.

  9. “and a couple of packs of Tareyton 100’s”

    W/H duty… the on site staff would get to take home left overs from the big balls.. LOL.. boy did we eat good.. could take home ton’s of food.. all of it yummy.. they made a coconut cake that was to die for.. god I want a piece now thinking about it drooling here.. I wish I could find the recipe.. ( the same with the pickled eggs.. I got close a couple of times but never could replicate the pickled egg recipe.. mine always turned out rubbery.. theirs was spot on soft and delicious.)

    anyway.. they had punch bowls of Tareyton cigarettes..

    selling hair.. absolutely. you can sell plasma and sperm now….
    not to mention what a can of soup can get you in those area’s where it takes a months wages to make a sandwich or a weeks wages to buy a cup of coffee.

    all of that coming to a nation near you in the very near future…

    • god I can’t believe I have been reading novels lately.. that is so not me.. anyway here is a good one to jump into a fun read.. I totally recommend it for a fun short read that will inspire you to contemplate future life.. a great book..

      the Algebraist by Lain M. Banks

  10. Isnt alot of this petty crime that you note, a result of all this unchecked and illegal immigration? Arent many of these illegals bringing with them the very unattractive personality traits they claim caused them to leave their country’s of origin in the first place?

  11. When I went on a diving and Mayan ruin adventure off the coast of Honduras and the interior of Guatemala earlier this year, I saw the third world conditions and had a chance to talk with some very astute businessmen and women about how it got to this point.

    While the governments there are extremely corrupt, the economies of the Central American countries are limited to mostly agricultural products like palm oil, bananas, pineapple, avocados, rice, coffee, cacao and tourism on the coasts and their Mayan cultural antiquities. Like America, the labor for harvest doesn’t pay well, is back breaking and the workers are mostly poor and stay poor.

    They want industry, but between China and the US, the Central American countries are held back because by courting industry to the region, could affect employment here, China and our partners in Mexico. As China’s middle class grows, they will seek out other cheaper sources of labor, but Vietnam and North Korea are on that waiting list before Central America is considered. It seems that there is only room for two industrialized countries in Central America and that’s Mexico and Panama,the world leader in Shipping and ocean freight. Panama by the way is heavily influenced by Chinese investment. Chinese nationals are now 4%of the population and growing…further solidifying their commit to the region under huge US protest.

    So other than Panama and parts of Mexico, Central America is stuck…and guess who came knocking on the door to help relieve the problem? The drug cartels. They now are run by Peru, Bolivia and Venezuela in South America since Columbia was off and on and supposedly off again…out of the game…Central America is now a big part of the drug route to America and the rest of the world. It’s become so ubiquitous in the large cities there that San Pedro Sula in Honduras (I flew into that airport) is now one of the most dangerous cities in the World…and this is why people are fleeing the countries there. They have had enough. And you can’t blame good people for wanting to flee a bad situation.

    But America is a big player in all of this too. It’s a push and pull game. The US will look the other way if it profits their interests. US companies have a big stake in the agricultural products, and have financial interests in many of the coastal resorts, the Pan American highway that is still being built for nearly 50+ years from Panama to Mexico and more. . It’s a tit for tat scenario. The cartels have a don’t screw with the tourists policy in exchange for some leaway with the local governments.

    Now in Guatemala, there is a large Mayan population and the live in the rural villages. While not exactly prosperous, they are also not poor by their standards. They are the ultimate survivalists and are self sustaining and living communally growing their own essentials, making their own clothing, helping each other to build their housing and communities. They are also very nice and accommodating people. I traveled to many of those villages and we were welcome with open arms…especially if we tipped in US dollars.

    Which brings me to George’s comment about the third worlding of America. As the income gaps continue to move further and further apart, rural and hard scrabble parts of large cities could mirror that of our Central American counterparts as the search for jobs, industry and just plain surviving in two ways…Some could go the way of the drug trade…or others could mirror the Mayan culture. It will be interesting…But could this be why we are seeing more of a shift to income equality and pseudo socialism to avoid these scenarios?

    • “When I went on a diving and Mayan ruin adventure off the coast of Honduras ”

      I am jealous Mark…

      That’s one of the things on my bucket list of would like to do..

      Of course all the kids can plan is some goose hunting trip to Venezuela… when they could drag the old man to do some interesting stuff..

  12. Not saying the slipper incident is anything other than theft, but it reminded me of what you once called a “wu-wu” event? Haven’t heard about them in awhile. Just wondering if you still track them? Maybe if the slippers turn up in an unexpected location.

  13. As a youth, did you ever see old people in wheel chairs camping behind commercial buildings? I see them too often in town. I also see pale old men with gang and even facial tattoos scurrying about, looking for a ticket back to the joint, where they can get decent housing and food. The closest to this I remember as a child was seeing disabled people selling pencils on the sidewalk uptown.
    Meanwhile, the progressives who helped clean up the mess after the Great Depression are now busy trying to create a new and even larger mess so they can seize power like in their glory days. The tools that they and their leftist partners use are denial of employment due to citizenship and ethnicity, and opening the border to gold-diggers and gangs. When congress shut down the poll taxes, the D’s had nowhere to peddle their Jim Crow racket, so they adjusted the color palette, and moved it to the corporate HR departments under the guise of Equal Opportunity, to the applause of the R globalists.
    To get a job with the corporate brown-shirts, you must first answer a neo-Jim Crow online questionnaire. Decline to answer ? That’s OK, the system has a large bit bucket. Need visa support ? That sends you to the front of the queue. Got a western European surname? Don’t worry about what you answer, neo-Jim Crow already has a bit bucket standing by for your application.
    In the eyes of the leftists, favoring real equality for all US citizens makes one a hater. To the contrary, I applaud equal opportunity for all citizens. I also applaud equal treatment for those who do their paperwork, and enter the country legally, so long as they aren’t being given first choice of jobs in front of qualified US citizens, which has become the new corporate norm.

  14. From Charleston South Carolina airport back to California – my couple pounds of the most delicious in the world homemade peanut brittle was not to be found. Those ‘agents’ also have a sweet tooth. My sweet tooth was devastated and will never forget!

  15. Hi George; Are you aware that a “Tesla Tower” has been built west of Milford, Texas about 200 yds west of I35. The main tower is about 200′ tall with a large hemisphere on top. There are smaller towers one being south about 100 yds and the other about the same just north. There is a building about 100 yds NW of the main tower but the security guard will run you off as he did me. There were about 25 cars at the 30 yd long building.
    If you happen to be in that vicinity, go through Milford on the main road (the only road) and go north and turn left on the second road going west over I35. As soon as you get across the interstate, there is a dirt road leading to a ranch house. Apparently, the road is part of the tower property and is private property and the guard will stop you. Best way to see the tower is to drive south on the access road.

  16. The things my dear Dad told me:

    1) 40 years ago, He said that the USA was going to be a 3rd world country.
    2) 35 years ago he said it was criminal what this country does to its FOOD.

    Dannion Brinkley wrote in his book, “Saved by the Light.”

    1) He saw an Iranian in a nuclear sub, nuke the Strait of Hormuz to stop shipping.
    2) He also saw our borders collapsing from the influx of millions due to earthquakes and other natural disaster events, he did not relate this to just plain corruption and collusion in our D&R parties (along with Mexico) to keep our borders wide open.

    Mary Summer Rain wrote in her first 2 books written in 1984, 1985, “Spirit Song” and “Phoenix Rising”:

    1) Whites would become a minority due to illegal and legal immigration.
    2) She lists a great many ‘signs’ to look out for demonstrating the demise of the USA.
    3) The world would end up living like the Indians, or in the American Indian manner of respect for all life.

    Lou Famosa had a vivid NDE:

    He is trying to put his experience to video, here is a small one, good example of the sun, the earth’s magnetic field, etc.:

    Here is his youtube:

    These 3: Dannion Brinkley, Mary Summer Rain, and Lou Famosa all have similar messages.

    The site to look up other exceptional NDE’s is:

    There are many others, of course, including Zeta Talk.

    George’s site is such a great support for people who realize what is coming and how we are going to HAVE to live, until we realize it is the way we WANT to live. Everyone here should be preparing themselves, and their loved ones for the AFTER TIME. This does not have to be drastic, as you will be resisted, you have to lead by example, you get prepared, and they will follow, when it is TIME.

    Worst case: You die. Best case: There is NO death!

    “And I can attest, there is no death.”

    • Wow prepper.. I had totally forgotten about the books spirit song and Phoenix rising to very good books.. I have to put them on my rereading list..thanks for sharing..

  17. “keep encouraging the stupid and poor to breed”

    Wasn’t that the intent of “the war on poverty by LBJ?”

  18. I’m furious with TSA and their entitled attitude about opening any baggage they choose to. My beloved daughter lost two expensive game consoles from her luggage many years ago and I never forgot. You’re so limited with carry-ons and are forced to either get irradiated by unknown devices or felt up, so traveling anywhere by commercial air is virtually pointless. About the only way to do it is to send packages ahead via UPS, USPS, or FedEx insured and/or registered and then travel light.

    IMHO, every TSA employee should be required to be bonded, and every theft should be compensated thrice over. It should also be at least a felony level crime to steal from or damage baggage by TSA, even though it may be much lower crime in other circumstances. You’re required to put yourself at risk without any recourse in order to fly commercially today.

    It’s easier to drive anywhere in CONUS than to deal with current domestic flights, and I have no good ideas at all regarding international travel.

  19. My sister got 3 I-pod’s stolen out of her luggage when flying with AA. She called to tell them of the theft, they did not believe her. She never got compensated. These were Christmas gifts from a brother for her children. Never pack your jewelry, unopened gifts, gifts in original packaging, anything valuable, ALWAYS put in carry on and keep your eyes on it at all times. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. Beware of the last minute, you can’t carry that on either, ploy…have a small plastic grocery bag, on you in your pocket, so you can quickly put the precious items in a plastic bag and keep them with you and let them take the carry on that they now want you to check. Plan ahead. It would seem as if these kinds of thefts would be easily prevented or caught via video, but no, this is a multi-million dollar annual theft ring operating out of these airports.

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