Career Plans for Tomorrow

A look at some future “bounding problems” ahead for young people. Which from our standpoint, lately, is anyone 50 or younger…

On our podcast this morning, some discussion with Canadian author, broadcaster, serial entrepreneur and religious studies expert Chris Tyreman – who will give us some perspective on Covid-19 from north of the border.  Podcast 19 is here.

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33 thoughts on “Career Plans for Tomorrow”

    • lol – victim of sleep writing – leapt to the idea that people would remember the .1458 whatever…but you got me. If only people could read what is in my head instead of what makes it through the finger filters

  1. re: Edgar Smith. Who hasn’t dreamed of becoming the next Andrew Carnegie?

    I’m reading a biography of Hugo Stinnes who as a young German, decided to buy everything. He became one of the tycoons that helped make Germany the industrial powerhouse it became in the early 20th century. Alas, he died before reaching 60.

    You can read the book at

    I’m also reading a biography of Linda Taylor, the 1970’s criminal who became better known as the “Welfare Queen”. She also was very successful, relatively speaking, and I’m interested in discovering what she had in common with Stinnes.

  2. If there was one word to describe human nature, it would be “huddle”. Cities are the largest huddles, neighborhoods are smaller ones. Even the country town with one stop sign is a huddle. And that house with three generations of family living in it in the middle of the homestead? A huddle. It’s in our nature to be around lots of other people. Those sci-fi movies which show the mega-slum super cities are probably on the right track…

    • Some of us have little if any desire to be around more than just one other human – generally of the opposite sex. Finding and keeping that one can become a life’s work – something like spending a lifetime seeking a job. It’s terribly inefficient – especially when you have to deal with huddles of people just to find, isolate and separate the one you seek, then go through all kinds of performance art to convince her to buy into your lifestyle and desires. It’s very wasteful of time – the one thing you can’t replace, yet there’s no real alternative.

      I fail to see much point in engaging with huddles of random people with no real purpose or agenda. I have a dear friend who thinks that way, though she’s slowly learning to enjoy herself alone at home these days. We’re too far from each other, so I may plan a road trip again in the next few months. Flying commercially today is a non-starter since you can carry next to nothing, TSA gropemasters are still fondling, and I don’t feel like being cramped into a tube full of virus carriers. My life is essentially the same as it was prior to the pandemic since there’s always far more work to do than time to do it in, and I always work alone.

      • “go through all kinds of performance art to convince her to buy into your lifestyle and desires.”

        What I told the grandkids when they ask my opinion.. trust me I learned through my failure.. my first wife was only based on sex and appearance..( you can have sex anytime you an average city the statistics are basically two to one or better. )

        Find someone that you enjoy their company.. want to spend time with.. someone you like.. that has the same goals and aspiration that you have. Someone that isnt afraid to tell you if your making a mistake. I was taught love is active. Sex is a gift shared not a right..
        It’s a compromise and shouldn’t be forced..treat each other the way you want them to treat you. In time as yuh ou work together their time becomes your time. You dont need to impress or show off just relax and enjoy. Like the person..if you go for looks or just the sex it will die off.. but if you like each other then after they have heard your same story for the millionth time.. they will just smile and listen.. when your no longer looking like an eighteen year old . The changes wont can loose your looks in a moment..who you are inside is what counts.

      • the two to one ratio.. I forgot to mention that two to one is a good ratio but if you don’t know how to meet and mingle.. that ratio doesn’t mean squat..

        most of us are bound by our social environment.. we each have a small circle of friends.. and what I call the closed circle effect.. your friend introduces you to this one and when that fails.. pretty soon ..your circle closes and you become stagnant… what I tell the kids is.. increase your circle of friends.. volunteer.. for me.. I worked so many hours trying to put three lifetimes into one.. that I run into people all the time I don’t have a clue who in the world they are..
        then I am pretty sure you have heard the old addage.. good guys finish last..
        In my lifetime I have known five guys.. one was so rude that I was astonished.. if he wanted sex he just walked up to a woman randomly and asked.. he wasn’t even nice about his asking.. what amazed me though is even though he was rude and just blurted out what he wanted.. he got lucky almost five percent of the time..
        another guy.. he was the same way but was nice and would compliment the woman.. you are so beautiful.. would you like to. he had over a ten percent success ratio.
        the thing was.. they had confidence in what they were doing and didn’t care a bit about what anyone thought..
        on average over forty five percent of the people in relationships feel as if they are unapreciated.. and will wander..
        as you age and if you don’t stay in touch with the person on a personal level sex ends up becoming a chore rather than a pleasure..
        that is why I have always suggested to the grandkids.. don’t just go looking for a good looking person.. be the blind man or woman and judge them for who they are.. expand your horizon and go for coffee.. go to lunch or breakfast.. become friends and make a relationship with someone you like and enjoy being around.. its not about money and its not about looks but the true will come in the end.. if your only about the quick time.. then you can ask.. slapped ninety five percent of the time those that would take it as an insult…. but lucky the other five.. and if we get caught .. your deaf and I can’t speak english..

  3. First off 22÷7= pi. 73 is still the 21st prime as we approach our landing on the year 21. 7×3=21 the spot of the prime. 777. Jackpot! The Cash out moment. I go into a long diatribe of how all that lines up with two thinks uhem things: KEYYBE AND TICICIT. both vehicles I used in the distant past to propel me to a focus point. Ahhh now we are getting somewhere.

    *** If you dont understand what I’m sayin, dont worry about it. This an ongoing dialogue between a few old chaps and myself.

    Big difference between “promotion” and “attraction.” I have F-ing PHD in how it doesnt work!!!! That is a fact. I may be a baby at 49. 4 months shy of the line. However, every lesson on how it doest work is a treasure chest.

    What would ZZ do? (Zig Ziglar)

    One thing that is forsure, sometimes you have to loose to win. Take my friend the Stock Broker lady. Was #3 highest production lady on Wall Street. We ran a 6 miles in and 6 mile hike out at 530 am. She is HIGHLY competitive. I lead the whole way. I pushed it hard enough. She got to win, I got to look at her arse the whole way which is very nice and she paid for breakfast. Lol good way to get the led out,


    T-time in 30 minutes. As the old Alchemist golfer says, Se you old puts out on the fresh cut Golden means. Or is that greens.

    Sound advise, G.

    You know that picture I sent ya yesterday? Obama has one just like it. Lol

    As always G and crew. Have a great day! I will try get a video going at some point.

    • P.S. uhem, she lead the whole way. Sometimes all a boy needs is a dog and ball. It’s one of the most wonderful things.

      *tips hat.

  4. I’ve had two dreams this week about being much older. The first one was scary and dark, the one I had last night was fun. Both quite vivid.

    In the fun one I was probably a spry 70 y.o. chasing grandchildren on a playground, going up and down the slide. The child kept turning into a small bird and back to child. Talking the whole while.

    The scary one was more vivid and realistic. 100% realism. I was laying on a cot or futon in the middle of an old victorian style house and “woke” in the dream to find two people dressed like EMT who were there to remove me from the house. They were nice and asked me questions, I was sad and crying saying how I was the only one from my family still alive. There were empty cots around the room. I recounted the last years with my wife, and how we reconciled our differences to find true love. It was gut wrenching. I was literally crying in my sleep.

    As this was going on, they put what can only be described as a body bag on me. About the size of a small sleeping bag, made of a heavy canvas, dark olive green like an army duffle bag. I faded out of the dream as they began saying how they were going to take me out of the house in this bag.

    • I wouldn’t stop drinking, but a change of brands? Uh…yeah…

      Seriously quality of food and bev is a huge influencer on dreams

      • that sweet apple cider wine I just made..
        Lol although a person just cant drink much of it with the kick it has lol it’s a sipping wine…that would spark some dreams.. the name everyone has given it .. is the Old thigh spreader wine..

      • It’s quite a bit like a slow python… it goes down smooth then grabs you before you’ve had a chance to know its affecting you.. pretty soon your dancing on the table or hugging the fence post..
        I wouldn’t have made any except someone in the family asked me if I had a bottle of OTS for the social distancing barbeque

  5. ? r² =A pi=3.14…Tigger,,.pie are square? Yes they are Ru

    cake is 1.41 cake is used to determine the diagonal of a square,,1.41 x the lenght of the side = diagonal measurement,,handy as hell when pipe fitting with 45 degree fittings

    it aint really called cake, but that is how I was taught by an older pipe fitter back in the 70s, he also home schooled his 2 teens,,yep, quite the court battle to keep his right to do so
    RIP Les

  6. Some info you folks might find interesting:
    1. AHNA COVID-19 Update – Tuesday, April 28, 2020 (The American Holistic Nurses Association)
    Note: Good information on what we think we know about pathophysiology of corona virus effects

    2. The current administration is fast tracking many experimental medications: Plaquenil, Remdesivir, and convalescent plasma. Plaquenil can cause QTc prolongation – cardiac issues. The Remdesivir can have side effects, but if you recover in 2/3 the time of other patients, good win. Convalescent plasma is limited due to the facilities able to “harvest” plasma. Studies out of St. Louis, MO and New Jersey are extremely promising.

    3. Losartan, a blood pressure medication is in trials in Kansas City at KU Medical Center and seems to be my son’s ticket back to waking life. He will, God-willing, be extubated today or tomorrow. They started lowering sedation and pain meds, so we were able to see the whites of his eyes on our daily family Zoom. (He started coughing on 4/17, I took him to the ER on 4/22, he was admitted to the floor for respiratory distress and he was intubated prior to being airlifted to KU Medical Center.) He developed QTc prolongation on Plaquenil/Azithromycin so it was discontinued on day 2 at KU. He has a long road to recovery, but, being a 41 year old, long-haul trucker with his own little trucking business, he knows Long Roads. I am sure many of you already are involved in spiritual actions to mitigate this plague, but prayers would be much appreciated for my boy.

  7. This is definitely a unstable time, scary, and exciting too. Though learning how sell and do it well, that will be something I need to cultivate for sure. Lots of food for thought! Thank you Mr. Ure!

    PS – Sending a email tonight. Hope we can talk soon!

  8. Here comes inflation…

    Enjoy while we can… slaughter numbers are waaaay down. 425,000 cattle were processed last week. The same week last year it was 605,000. Last week 1.545 million hogs were processed compared to 2.366 million last year. That’s 360,000 fewer briskets available for purchase next week.

    This week’s USDA reports are staggering. The Choice “cutout” price is the average cost per 100 lbs of processed (boxed) Choice grade beef…The ALL TIME RECORD for daily Choice cutout price prior to 2020 was $265.59 in April 2015. Last Friday (4/24) that jumped to $293.37, and yesterday it was $377.45…

  9. Will always need water wastewater people these fields are always looking for able ones

    Total cases: 620 (1 newly reported)
    Hawai’i County: 73
    Honolulu County: 400
    Kaua’i County: 21
    Maui County: 117*
    Pending: 0
    Residents diagnosed outside of Hawai‘i: 9
    Required Hospitalization: 72†
    Hawaii deaths: 16
    Released from Isolation: 541
    Cumulative totals as of 12:00pm, May 2, 2020

    One new case on Maui.

  11. Mr Ure, your comments inre to the long game may not be that far off, while a big Armed forces air show of appreciation and morale lifting was being flown all over the US, another airshow was taking place simultaneously over in the Pacific far East theater of operation. If you connect all the pixels, defcon 1 posture, FEMA field hospice setups(this goes a second wave), cheyenne mountain, and the other, not for public consumption continuity of operations sites, a larger mosaic comes into view.

      • Watched the video, it certainly indicates military posturing and moving the chess pieces around on the board. There is, however, something very odd indeed about the narration, almost as if it is computer-generated and that makes me ask – (1) Who/what is the producer of this video? (2) Why the odd narration- are they not English-speaking? and (3) Do they have an agenda?

      • Diana, it seems to be computer narrated via text to speech. Many people make such videos to avoid being profiled by voice printing and analysis. The video seems to be mostly narration with lots of clips of B-1’s and B-52’s, along with background music. The title is inflammatory for no clear reason. The channel is six months old and uploaded 17 videos yesterday – all similar! Bland channel name and no indication of who owns it or why seems suspicious to me.

    • Propaganda, designed to get Americans and Chinese thinking about (and used to the idea of) shooting each other…

      • I totally agree with your perspective Ray..

        Another thing that isnt being considered is all countries have been doing flybys for decades to demonstrate and show of force through training exercises.. it’s been a common practice since I can remember reading about it.. the same with submarine positioning to test our defenses.

      • Loob, all one has to do is read some of the comments that’re posted by Chinese viewers of that vid. The ones in jian ti are probably Party members in the U.S. or Canada, but many of the ones in English will be from ex-pats or green card holders who’ve had their heads pumped full of the same mush and dreck with which teachers indoctrinate our children.

      • “Loob, all one has to do is read some of the comments that’re posted by Chinese viewers of that vid. ”

        Yes I agree…. I should have read them Ray.. As soon as I seen the first ten seconds and all the canned film shots I made a judgement on what was being done and moved on..
        It is similar to when I get myself in trouble with the wife.. she will start a conversation and I finish it for her…(Bad Mistake lete me tell you LOL) LOL before she has gotten it out she absolutely hates it when I finish her sentences for her…. I did that with the video.. I seen the first canned image and moved on because I could see the direction that it was heading….

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