BrainAmp II- A Peoplenomics Collaboration

First up this morning, the “Only Chart That Matters” – as we roll into a potential next leg down for markets next week.

Then, A number of subscribers have asked if there was a possibility of getting a more detailed market forecasting tool than the free spreadsheet (brainamp.xls) that is available to subscribers from the master index page..

The answer is “You bet! But there is some necessary fine print.  In order to make this project really valuable, we need to collect as many “Elliott wave trading rules” as possible in order to write the logic I have in mind.

I think you’ll see when we get into it, this “second generation” of market predictor may not only give us better understanding of Wave structures we’re considering at the primary level, but the rules may provide us an “educated” guess at the subordinate (smaller) wave structures..

In other words, if you know an Elliott Wave 1 move (up or down) then that not only infers what will happen at that level, but it also ripples down to the next finer level of granularity. (You do follow, right?)

We’ll get into this after we reveal the One Chart That Matters right now..

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20 thoughts on “BrainAmp II- A Peoplenomics Collaboration”

  1. U asked for it and so here is the one trading rule to rule them all, and it has NEVER failed!

    Buy Low and Sell High

    nyuck nyuck nyuck

    George – any insight/opinions regarding this years #1 business jet, based on deliveries in 2018..Cirrus Vision Jet. Seats -5 adults & 2 Children, 345mph – 1150 miles/275mph 1380 miles. best part this puppy is “easy to fly” no professional pilot needed.
    gonna need something to spend trading profits on !

    • Well… since you asked about the

      Only thing to be aware of is that like all jets they don’t jump off the ground. The 40 foot obstacle distance is out about 5,200 feet under STP condx…and after that on like an ISA+15 day maybe 4,500 or more – so that might limit small field operations to 5,000 feet, or so.

      I would be more inclined to stay VFR and down in “indian country” with flight following and ADSB and pick up a used turbo Mooney and spend the rest of vacations and gas. Save a couple of mil and a Mooney 231 is good for 2,300 foot take off roll SRTP and that means a thousand
      foot shorter runways for operations.

      Plus at 191 knows, you will get where you’re going soon enough.
      Just my tastes as a pilot but I like more agile equipment than “heavies” and smoke-makers.
      If you had the money to throw in, maybe some of the recent short take off and landing champions would make a nice back country option…\
      Zenith STOL, anyone?

    • There also is an old rule that says:

      “If the donkey has it too good he’ll try icescating” ;-)

      couldn’t help it, and ‘Hals und Beinbruch!’ to you.

    • I used to want a jet, but since 911 and no longer needing to travel far and fast, it’s not worth parting with two million for it. Besides, you need to have a pretty copilot to be worth the effort, even if she’s not licensed. Toys rarely attract babes. I’ve learned to avoid retractables unless they’re nearly fail safe – gear up or split gear is absolutely not fun on landing. Having flown the V35 Bonanza, I still think the V-tail looks super sexy, but on a short coupled aircraft, it wags like a dog in turbulence. There’s enough pitch authority, but certainly not enough vertical equivalent surface for comfort. It’s extra work when the passengers throw up.

      It’s always a bad idea to land a retractable on dirt – especially clay, and the closest paved runway from here is 50 miles. I can’t even imagine doing that to a jet. I want an aircraft that can safely operate from 2500′ of dirt/grass at up to 11,000′ density altitude, and have minimal maintenance issues.

      If you have to drive an hour TO your aircraft, you have to include that time in your average trip speed. Same on the other end.

  2. With Market EFT’s available for both short & long positions, there is theoretically no reason to ever be in cash… you would either be long or short at all times. With the volatility of the daily markets, being always fully invested long or short is possible. It is not necessary to trade on a daily basis…determine the trend, up or down, & hold until this trend reverses. I didn’t include options because I avoid investments that can go to $0.00 in a short time.

    The problem is having the nerve to place your bet (long or short) & stay with it. For example, with my last short position in SQQQ in the 12’s, I sold out for a few shekels profit because I got nervous. If I had stayed & endured the volatility, I would be at $15.77 now for a substantial profit.

    Luckily before summer I raised cash because I had a vision that the market was going to drop in the summer up to election time. As usual, my vision was wrong, but I lucked out with the current downtrend with cash to establish an Internet of Things portfolio at reduced prices for the future.

    It is better to be lucky than smart…As long as you are always moving forward.

  3. I have been laying off Anti-Trump statements for a while… but Dumb Don’s recent visit to see the devastation caused by the Camp Fire was embarrassing. He babbled on about forest management rather than expressing heartfelt condolences for the victims of this disaster, and carelessly referred to the wildfire-ravaged town of Paradise as Pleasure. Yes, he really said that…Perhaps the only “pleasure” anyone experienced from this presidential visit was when it ended and this insensitive chief executive departed.

    Locals..who up in these parts are mostly Trump voters got a taste of who he really is that day. Firefighters, forestry management personnel and locals were dumbfounded by his hubris. He lost a lot of votes that day and proud people like these don’t forget easily.

    First a bit of land management facts. A lot of the forest up in the rural north are federal lands…so he is basically blaming himself for mismanaging the forest floor. Second…hindsight always results in a perceived and perfect vision. Third…that project of forest management in such a large swath of land would run in the billions of dollars. Who pays?

    The Fed May pay if… Zinke makes this a story about the Fed and Forest Service clear cutting for profit to save us from future fires. I don’t mind creating forest islands to limit fire jumping…but Zinke is a Corporate whore and I can see this getting out of control. The land up north is gorgeous…many people have summer cabins up there…Great for hunting, fishing, hiking and relaxation in the mountains. Locals here don’t like encroachment much.

    But…That whole Trump visit was a set-up for a timber money grab…mark my words.

    • Mark – Maybe PT’s points during his visits were valid? He is a “git er done” guy & most liberals don’t understand this because they would rather talk about themselves & how hard they have it because with low interest rates, the trust fund payments were reduced.

  4. Wow.. and I mean double Wow.. I have never seen anything like this since the Reagan administration deregulation’s before..
    usually the oil companies after deregulation would raise prices till they hurt especially around the holiday’s .. then keep them there just long enough and then drop them down so they were only making a nickle more a gallon..the consumer felt like oh my some relief when actually they increased the profits..if they wanted to see a change in administration they would drop it a nickle or so till after the elections.. that way giving everyone the mind F&^&k of see it will be better with yoyo as your representative.. oh great joke I heard today.. what do you call someone that sells themselves for money and is controlled by a handler… a politician LOL..
    I was cornered today about the banana run to.. I just had to be blunt. cuts had to be made and banana’s and fresh fruit had to be cut I will buy them once a month if you need them more than that they you will have to make a trip in and buy them or have someone get you some.. everything went up.. except income.. more cuts to come..
    anyway.. I went to pickup our thanksgiving dinner.. ( believe it or not its cheaper to have them cater it than to make it.) but when I went into the gas station..there was almost a sixty cent drop in price per gallon.. SIXTY Cents a gallon… and there isn’t a fuel war going on…. this was across the board at more than just the gas station I go I am curious what is heating fuel costs. did they do a cut there to..
    That in a way is a relief but also extremely scary to me.. because in my mind that tells me the greediest industry in the USA besides the insurance industry is seeing a huge change looming ahead..and in their own way they are trying to dump some water on the table to keep the noodle moving..and will they wait till after the holidays then raise them back up.. or will it keep going down as the industry stalls because people are cutting back on leisure travels..

    Oh and by the way.. I hope you and yours all have a happy thanksgiving.. it is one of the only holidays I observe …

  5. Mercury is in retrograde Mr. Ure, until 12-6. Probably best to make any consequential investment decisions until 12-16

    • Did you make a mistake when you said no important financial decisions until December 16? Did you mean December 7th?

      • Mercury in retrograde has a lead in period, and an outro period for the actual retrograde. I personally use 10 days before and after as a buffer. I got hammered really good in a bad choice/decision 3 days before retrograde about 7 years ago.

        But point taken Steve.

  6. As was stated back before Trump won the republucan nomination and go on to be president. At first he will apear to be a savior for many people and a period if prosperity will unfold. There has to be that first. Still, Trump will be left holding the bag.

    You will know the great collapse will come soon because Japan will go first.

    Japan is running negative interest rates. They cant devalue their currency fast enough. And the great dispora from the value of theit companies has begun.

    Good call and great timing George. Called it to the day. Well done!

    I have secured my self in a goos position. Debt free, money in the bank. Working for a company that has already funded big government projects like the Alaska way Viaduct, the seattle city light rail and the convention center expansion. Lots of work and lots of ovetime. 3-5 years worth of work.

    You all have been warned…. and so it begins.

      • Already funded. ;) the light rail just recieved a 1 Billion dollar, approval.

        The toll for the new tunnel “bertha” pays for the Alaska way Viaduct to be taken down. Plus they also recived funding. So again, already funded.

        Kewitt/Hoffman got the actual Viaduct Job, my company just won the trucking part.

        Funny George, “Mafia” joke. Some people say that the letters of OMA construction (where i work) stands for “Oriental Mafia Association.” My experience is that it stands for “Own My Ass”. Ha ha ha!

        Because everyone who works there, workes a sh!t ton. And they are all over you if you try to get off work early or take any time off. They dont care about yoy working overtime. But if you try to skate out early???? You will get written up. 3 of those, you are looking for a job. ;)

  7. P.S. it was a suggestion from a dear friend that instead of getting a viper which screams of mid-life crisis. That i get a 2018/19 Cadillac CTS V8. They come with 650 horse power, 0-60 3.5 seconds and are a luxiory sedan. It says “older man with his life together” and doesnt speak to needing a “penis extension”. They are sexy as f!

    I will go drive one this weekend. ;)

    Remember though, its not a mid life crisis if you earned it.

    Should be able to get a killer deal around May. And i may buy a house once the prices get low enough again. The bubble has burst. Contraction, then super inflation. Its gonna be ugly.

    Buy the dip.. how low????!!! I will meditate about that. Anything comes along, i will be sure to post it here. As i dont do forums or commenting much anymore.

    Been thinking about that psychic chick and her bitcoin/crypto currency’s predictions over 2 years ago… the one that won the psychic contest on A&E. She was all buy buy buy! Buy like your life depends on it. So far alot of people who listened to her have lost a ton of money. She still sayd hold hold hold. How can anyone who has “The Sight” miss- lead so many and not have a guilty conscious??? There is “the touch” and there is “THE TOUCH”.

    I never charged any money for my info, not one time. And i have never been in any competition but with myself. Its not that j get things wrong, its just what i zee is hard to translate sometimes and i get things mixed up. But im alot better at it now. ;)

    Busy busy busy busy, start working 6-12’s come monday. Will be the night crew truck boss for the next 6-9 months. Once they start tearing down the Alaska way viaduct? We go to 7-12’s. For 6 months. Double time on nights Saturday starting at 6 till monday morning 6am. :)

    Ya, just cant hold interest rates that low, for that long with out repercussions. And even bubbles still have waves in them. And somehow, these people who make these policies are put in charge and actually believe what they are doing is for the best… evryone has a conscious.

    Maybe im an idiot for believing that even the Fed guys, actually believe they are doing good not just for them, but for us. Becuase with the loosh farm? There is no loosh masters.

    Hope everyone is set. Its gonna get ugly. Not for those in the know though.

    • Hi Andy I (think) the dips going to keep going till about December the 13th and then it’ll take off so it’s still going to go down down down down

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