Big Day Tomorrow

If MIGHT be really interesting.  Pepto for the open.

Sometimes, we have a pretty solid feel for how things MIGHT play out.  From this morning’s (8AM) Peoplenomics ChartPack comments:

“Although I don’t offer financial advice, there would sure be a grand and graceful solution here if the market rallied a bit, perhaps into the European close and then began to give up its gains and closed close to even for the day..”

The market hears and obeys?  Or, even a broken clock?

Notwithstanding, a fair outlook for the day, lol.  Lunch money for us, but we have dreams of exotic meals out in a far-away lands — if tomorrow goes flushing.  Once CV19 is over, of course.

If we could only do that daily instead of once in a while.  Any port (tawny or otherwise) in a financial storm, though.

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George Ure
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2 thoughts on “Big Day Tomorrow”

  1. ah tell us another one George .. ussa power fractal forever .. no change just more and more bs and up .. hey hertz is starting an investment bank

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