Best Investor: Buffett or Trump?

Hmmm… not sure if the (lazy) mainstream media is willing to tackle some stories because they involve math, but this morning we run out some numbers to settle the question.

Depending on party, and whether you like the teach of Apprentice, or the Sage of Omaha, we’ll see who puts what kind of returns on the board.

After charts, a press release, and the morning’s overview of the world gone mad…

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George Ure
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16 thoughts on “Best Investor: Buffett or Trump?”

  1. Oh my God.. Great question.. Buffett or Trump..

    I have a great deal of respect for both.. Trump industries. He’s lost it all and rebuilt a few times learning from his mistakes. From what I’ve read his employees all feel he is there for them accessible to help them and his companies have an eighty percent plus retention level. Those are bragging rights.
    Now Mr. Buffett .. A decent level headed man that treats each of his clients as if they were family. A wonderful sense of humor quiet wisdom and love for growth.
    Both are welcome for coffee or a meal at my table..
    I’d welcome either of their wit and wisdom.
    Mr. Buffett is reminiscent of dad a perfect person that anyone would feel comfortable in their presence.. Mr. Trump is a lot of time misunderstood because he’s vocal with his original opinion but what he says in a tweet or off hand comment isn’t necessarily what he’ll do since he weighs out his options.
    Great question George and a tough one to answer. For me..Mr. Buffett

  2. Buffet vs. Trump for the investor.

    Following Buffet will provide consistent returns over time to the investor giving you a larger net worth over time. This is how people get rich investing. When the charts say go long, go long till the charts say sell. Even if you miss the sell signal, a Buffet style investor will still make money in the long term if he or she doesn’t panic & sell at the absolute low. The markets goes up 75% of the time & down 25% of the time. With those odds you will make money in the long term using a buy & hold strategy with Buffet stocks or a mutual fund.

    Following Trump is like bitcoin – here one day, bankrupt the next right after the Donald sucked all the money out of the investment so he profits & you lose. Stand up if you ever made money in a Trump stock. Now that everyone is seated…

    • I to like Mr. Buffett..what I wouldn’t give to have someone that reminds me of my father to sit and share his sensible quiet wisdom with me over coffee. His clients are very fortunate in many ways. Most of which you’ve stated the other is they are lucky to have a man of his caliber to guide them.

      • Every year about this time I pray he lives to the next Berkshire shareholders letter. Next to Peoplenomics it’s my favorite read.

  3. Your point on the EU and Russia is on point. What many people don’t understand is that the Russians have never forgotten WW2. I spent a couple of years working in the Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Siberia. The local TV shows are still showing German vs Russian war series like the USA shows cops, medical, and reality shows. The war memorials in the cities are still visited and old war heroes are still honored. They remember the great patriotic war. Even in the Ukraine, there are those who strongly remember that the brains of the Russian armies, and space program came from the Ukraine. When we encourage unrest (as they view it) on the borders, old memories resurface.

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    • If you like to make homemade wings our air fryer is faster and more efficient than the oven. They taste better, supposedly healthier, and it is easier to clean. It does take up some space, but it stores easily under the counter and is very portable for get togethers.

  4. I guess by now you have learned that 13 coins in Seattle has shut down..It will be replaced with a high rise Condo, Seattle has trashed its personality and turned into San Francisco North

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