Asset Classes for the Future

Today, we consider that as investors, we can pretty much own anything.  Which gets us smack-dab to “What’s worth owning?”  Not just for today, but for a definable period.  Say the next 10-years. What do you buy?

It’s a long discussion but interesting. Because while we all like to be lazy about investing, there may be best returns in the future by getting up off the couch.  We’ll explain.

Our caution about being short the market this week has paid off with the futures pointing higher.  So in the ChartPack we will look at the next “kiss of Death” contact with trend channels.

Plus a few headlines as the world exits from Peak Prosperity into whatever follows that.

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62 thoughts on “Asset Classes for the Future”

  1. Well you just mentioned it briefly, but “travel” is way out of proportion in IMO. People and the earth might benefit from 90% less travel. It seems kind of mindless in many cases to me, could be something like the anti-meat people say, just on rare occasions. You could probably find as many wonders nearby as far away.

    Thanks for the predictions.

    • Thanks RMike. Yeah, it really comes down to a function of population, resources, and need. There are lot of social needs, but the physical ones matter most.

    • A ponder I had a few weeks ago:

      How many people have even driven every road in the county in which they live.

      I had this thought hit me as I was driving a country road, in my home county, that I’d never in my life been on before. I’ve lived several places, but have lived here, off and on (but cumulatively) for over 60 years. That’s a long time to not know stuff about the place in which one puts down roots…

      • “How many people have even driven every road in the county in which they live.”

        You can put me on that list. As a deputy sheriff of this county for 19 years, I’ve driven every mile of every potholed road in the county multiple times. The National Guard helicopter pilots who used to come here every summer for Operation Green Thunder would request me on their flights because I could tell them who owned what house just about anywhere in the county, from the air.

      • How many times has a person walked the isles of a store.. and still not seen the store.. people look but don’t see many times.. everyone gets busy in their own world of issues and you miss a great deal ..
        that is where my failures are.. everyone we meet along the road.. every place..
        There once was a lumber yard.. the boss and I would meet for lunch and every day I would drive by this lumber yard in the middle of nowhere.. well one of the things I would do.. ( and still want to but am forbidden to do it.. ) is stop in a building and just inquire what the business is..
        so one day heading back to work from lunch.. I decided heck.. they don’t move any material around.. no trucks or cars.. I will stop in and check to see them.. I drive up.. instantly I knew there was something wrong.. the cars out front all real expensive cars.. there was a satellite data dish..( before they were a common sight.) eleven foot fences with razor wire more secure than a prison yard.. camera’s everywhere.. in a time that there were few camera’s…. cypher locks.. it had more security than NSA.. I walk in.. there are six guys in there all wearing cashmer sweaters and real expensive clothing..rolex watches with gold nugget bands.. I inquired about buying a few pieces of hickory or oak.. the guy said we don’t sell wood to public cutomers.. and basically told me to get out.. which I did and drove away.. on friday.. that whole thing was gone.. they packed up and left..
        the wife told me that that was the last straw.. you are not going to do that ever again.. and I haven’t.. but the thing is.. in a neighborhood of buildings and factories in your own neighborhoods.. how much do you know about what they do.. very little actually.. many people today are so busy in their own lives that they don’t even know who their neighbors are.. (I do.. and I know what their hobbies are etc..) It isn’t that you missed it.. you missed it because you were busy working in your own life.. and that is quite common..

    • nomadic living is a consistant act of faith. traveling life style is the shaman approach to living.


      as they say in marial arts, there is a difference in stance and approach.

      i have been traveling for over 42 months. longest stay was on the beach for a year.

      example: not everyone can up root, travel to a town, they have never been too, dont know anyone, to en enviorment they have never lived in before, to work for a company they never worked before doing a job theyve never done before. its a matter of blind faith in God and confidence in ones ability to addapt.

      i did that when i came to work in the mines in enoch valley. i came here, didnt know anyone, never been here before and never drove trains before.

      and now i live on a beautiful ranch with super good people, i didnt know existed and my reward is great. truly. ive seen the most beautiful tjings since ive been here. couple sundays ago i went with some good friends ive made, bass fishing, caught some blue gill (good eating) went giging frogs (which i havent done since i was maybe 10 years old) and the sunset was golden turning the water on the lake golden. it was truly one of the most beautiful things i have ever seen in my life. ever.

      i sat under a giant maple tree in perfect serenity with a giant golden monarch butterfly resting on my knee. a storm came and it hailed and rained, lightning flashed and the thunder shook the windows of the house next to me. so much so, the lady inside thought they were going to break. and i never left my perfect serenity, under the giant maple tree as i watch the world rage around me. the giant golden monarch was still and resting 9n my knee.

      then the clouds parted and the sun came out. the lady in the house came out, the golden monarch spread its wings and fluttered away. she looked at me and said man i thought the thunder was gping to break all the windows. look at you, you didnt even move. everyone ran in their houses. you stayed put and looked so peaceful. not a single drop pf rain touched you. i just smiled

      3 days later under my lawn chair where i was sitting there in perfecr serenity, with the golden monarch resting on my knee, while the world around me raged, grew up out of the lawn a single green heart shaped leaf.

      a Philodenron Gloriosum. which is not native to south east idaho. it grows in columbia naturally. i took a picture of it. so beautiful.

      it grew out of the ground 3 days after i found nirvanna in the midst of a great storm, under a maple tree with a giant golden monarch butterfly resting on my knee.

      that experiance alone is worth 1000 treasures.

      ya see, there is riches in this world and there is riches in this life. if i only tell of you of my faith and there is no dynamic action to back it, it is empty words. and the only person id be fooling would be myself. if i speak less about my faith and do more acts of faith in dynamic action, the results are a life beyond my wildest dreams.

      i have lived more in the last 3 years than some people live in many life times.

      as a result, i possess riches in this world, riches in this life and riches in the life to come.

      not only that, i just turned 53 years old. i chain smoke, drink too much coffee, chew tobacco, cuss, fart, sleep with lots of women, and yet, i have no grey hair on my full head of hair, most people think i look 10 to 15 years younger. someone recently said to me, do you ever age? i said i certainly dont age like everyone else. i age alot lot slower. in my mining physical the doctor said. your heart rate is 60 bpm, your blood pressure is 60/118, you have no signs of diabetes, perfect cholesteral levels, the blood pressure of a fit teen athlete, your lungs are perfectly pink, you are by all meand in perfect health for someone half your age. ive never seen anyone your age in this perfect of health. what is your secret?

      i said Marlboro Reds, Stong Black coffee and scandelous women with fake boobs. and started laughing.

      he just sat their blinking.

      afa my returning to the desert for the aftermath and opertunities that await me.

      i spoke to THE DUDE about it. HE replied, ~ Chop Wood, Carry Water Andy, watch what I can do. i said okay.

      stop, look, listen. do chores and drive trains ~ let THE DUDE make the Path and open the doors. ~ got it.

      its not just about the money down there. its about how useful i can be to THE DUDE, my fellows , and the miracles waiting in the exact moment, for me to participate in.

      have a wonderful week.

      truly, i am Blessed and Highly Fortunate.

      • “Chop Wood, Carry Water”

        Part of Koan, as I recall. The truth is One, but men call it by many names.

        • chop wood carry water, then enlightenment comes from the practice of Zen

          along with a rake and rock garden. lol

          so i was on topic with my garden refrence, spoken but not spoken.

  2. A Swing and a whiff..feel the breeze?

    No Grade, G-enius = No Credit.

    Recommend you go to Busars office, and see about a refund.

    WTF do you think is on the other side of this big stinking, festering pile of financial fecal-matter bomb finally blowing up ?

    Mr Financial Fakey, U now bee.

    Congratulations, you will be one
    of the WINNERS in the financial lemmings’ race over yonder clif..

    Ssssss C – YA

    Moar fake Fiat, moar fractional reserve magic ?

    The “butterfly” flapped her wings yesterday ..”on the 2’s”

    aint noboby apying attention..

    • From Nov 8, 2021 to now:
      BTC down 59.8 percent.
      Stocks *(by our Aggregate) down only 11 percent.

      Who is stupid, again?>

      Fleece ’em while you can. We announced crypto was a con on day 1. Never had a wallet or a vax. See a pattern?

      The villagers will be back with pitchforks when they get hungry and seek revenge on those who lied them out of their life savings. They won’t be at our place.

      We stupidly support the side with the Army, Navy, Air Force, Space Force and, oh yeah, the whole banking system and 87,000 more IRS peeps coming…

      • The villagers and their representatives seem to be more inclined to go after those who don’t support their freebies rather than the grifters who promise something for nothing. Historically, this sort of trend continues until there is no one left to steal from, and the villagers get tired of eating pets, shoe leather, lawn grass and tree bark. Maybe this current move toward leftist economic annihilation will run its course without impacting Ure operations, but that ain’t the way it usually goes.
        I wonder if LOOB has any recipes for crypto tokens. Now that would be a real reducing diet.

        • LOL LOL nope nothing here..
          in the USA you don’t leave with anything.. unless your are as rich as mr. buffet.. LOL LOL
          in the end everything you have is gone.. they will own it all lock stock and barrel..
          end of life care runs into the millions.. In all the years I only met one really really rich guy that kept it.. I asked him how he did it.. he gave it away.. but he had to do it in a manor long time before he couldn’t.. he said you just have to have someone that you can trust to do it..
          it was the same guy that was teaching his grand son how to become a multi millionaire and I suggested he adopt me .. he laughed I was serious LOL LOL ( oh the kid is a multi millionaire to now.. I drive by some of his stuff every day)

      • Respectfully..

        needs repeating – even though I know haters still gonna hate.

        Not a Security . BTC is A TECHNOLOGY .

        SEC, G Genslar, G Gog – Do Not Have Any Authority to Regulate Tech..0

        Future says wall street is a dino, Will be eaten by software/new technology..already investing in Company formation via wallet access (exchange) for Tokens. = immutable blockchain backed-verified transactions – Sans any middle Woman/Man. 5 years tops.

  3. “Most cell phone tower sites have 48 hours, or less, of battery power on hand. A few critical sites have a week of power, but this involves diesel and that’s money (at rest) which in the hyper-monetized world, is impermissible!”

    hmm..for 50 years well maybe a year or two longer..since the book cataclysm of the earth anyway..that was what 72 or was it 69..I have been ranting solar towers CO2 filters on lamp posts and greenscaping.promoting solar ir even distributing solar to home owners and small wind similar to what they do in some countries. I even suggested these very things in worldwide contests asking for opinions on how to secure the grid and reduce co2 ..
    by the business model we presently have doesn’t have any room for securing the grid or reduction of co2 etc.
    solar towers is a more realistic goal and would solve the security of the grid. each solar tower would be cheaper than the large wind tubines..handing out solar home kits would generate what is it now ..3 something gigawatts for what they are spending for 3 mw.. the same with solar towers..
    when they finally decide to change the business model from that of number cumulative to national security..then they can secure ..
    look at china.. that is exactly what they are doing to..the event of an emp strike on both countries would send the usa back to the stoneage ( the studies done by the us) and would Barley affect china.. they have been making ghost cities and factories for decades..building backup generation systems and shelters for the people..we consume 55 acres a minute in urban expansion and 0 in increased crop production..concrete and asphalt jungles are 10 to 20 degrees warmer..
    the solutions are simple the business model would need to be revised and changed

  4. not hard to make the case that one, or more, auto companies will go bankrupt. There will not be enough consumers with disposable/discretionary to keep buying bloated inefficient vehicles, electric or otherwise”

    I sit here in the shop getting my air recharged.. what differences do I see from 6 months ago..
    there’s about half as many cars for sale.. then the waiting area. they have always had coffee, soda, water, cookies etc. and fruit..they still have the coffee pot but everything else has gone into the vending machines.
    what that tells me is profits are down..tighten the belt..

  5. Sorry George, this is off topic, but did you ever hear of a cause of death to be… “accidental” drowning?

    The Obama family’s “beloved” personal chef, Tafari Campbell, died of accidental drowning while paddleboarding in a Martha’s Vineyard lake, an autopsy confirmed Tuesday.

    Campbell’s cause of death has officially been ruled to be “submersion in a body of water” — and his manner of death has been determined to be an accident, according to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner of Massachusetts.

  6. “Is the do it yourself farming option.”
    I have to finish the one cube rack..
    the idea of the cube is condensed farming or home gardening . a 5×5 cube can hold as much garden as a 12 by 20 or bigger..
    I got the idea for the cube in the early 80’s when I gardener next to a group of families from Vietnam..each family had a 4×4 space and what they grew on it was amazing..
    when nasa was doing high balloon science projects I wanted to get my grandkids to make a small system to go up..unfortunately I got sick and ut never happened..

    • I would like see more on your ‘cube’ gardening idea. Could you explain the design., or link to photo / article/ whatever., for me ??

      • I will take some photo’s.. I just left the idea laid out on the cube idea.. on another post.. I have the brackets made now so I can make one rack.. I had to have the one place make them.. not hard but for what they charged me for them I had to wait.. I of course think it is a great idea.. everything fits in a five by five container where the container folds out into a hoop green house..
        there aren’t any websites or anything this is still in the thoughts.. LOL George can tell you how I sent the tomato plants for him last year.. the cube is a lot similar.. except for the plants would be grown in jell so there isn’t any water spillage.. each rack can be self standing.. ( like the one I am making now.. one rack.. but it can be used for other things..

      • I will take photos.. the root crops are planted in. collapsible grow chambers.. they lay flat until expanding..
        the one I did is 4 by 4 and holds 72.. the big issue was bee’s..
        its just a crazy old nut jobs idea..

  7. The Bureau of Labor Statistics issued a preliminary revision for March 2023 data showing job growth for the prior year was overstated by 306,000, including 358,000 private-sector jobs.
    The revision only explains part of an ongoing labor market puzzle. In the 17 months of data since March 2022, Labor Department data based on a monthly survey of employers shows that the U.S. economy has added about 4.9 million jobs. Yet the separate monthly survey of households that yields the jobless rate shows that roughly 2.9 million people have gained employment over the same period.
    [ A head count difference of two million? That was not a ‘mistake’.]
    We now know there has been an, admitted, overstatement, adding up to roughly 30,000 private-sector jobs per month over the year through March. The question now is whether the overstatement has continued in recent months and by how much.
    The Bureau of Labor Statistics also stated that – “Further revisions are pending.”

  8. Will this revision in ‘added jobs’ affect the Federal Reserve’s outlook on the economy as a whole – and cause them to at least pause any further rate hikes ??

  9. ” For now, for example, we can see one long-term route out of the in-city housing mess by creating a pathway for families to move out of city homeless shelters and into modest homes on rural lands using something like the sharecropping model.”

    i actually donated to a group a few years ago to a group in the most beautiful city of profit and opportunities..San Fransisco lol

    at that time they were making single sleeping cubes. I am sure they still are.. but the city that sewer runs on the sidewalks is to far gone..and I believe the solution has to be a change in the business model..

    • ” For now, for example, we can see one long-term route out of the in-city housing mess by creating a pathway…”

      Not gonna happen. The idea is to package us in generic cubes and use us as worker ants and mindless voters. Towns around me (and not just a few) with populations of 100-1000 are building generic apartments capable of housing several times their entire populations.

      Go rewatch your dystopian movie collection. Y’all need a refresher…

      The movie is the message!

  10. There are about a dozen ‘bad news’ articles out this morning – and they are all seemingly aimed at the Federal Reserve, Bidenomics and their policies.
    It appears that my statement yesterday regarding a constant and steady drop in all markets and sectors beginning in Sept now has a good statistical footing.
    “A near-stalling of business activity in August raises doubts over the strength of U.S. economic growth in the third quarter. The survey shows that the service sector-led acceleration of growth in the second quarter has faded, accompanied by a further fall in factory output,”

  11. LOOB, A quick Google of “cube garden” produces lots of hits about hydroponics. Do you mean a cube using water or soil? Can you provide a link that explains the concept? Or is the idea all yours and not yet documented?

    • the concept is still in my mind..
      the concept is growth in jell..each rack telescopes out from another..each rack will hold up to 120 plants is adjustible..and variable t o what each plant needs.. such as 1 tomato plant per two feet onions or other root cropsin between ..

      on the one I would like to make not only is each rack able to extend on the rail track but have a swivel lazy Susan at the base..
      all together it would work as a nursery for sprouting vertically.. as the plants start to grow and require more space the vertical grow beds can move out along the rail and lay flat. the system can even be adapted to a double layer..lower profile plants below.
      larger profile plants ..
      the cube case.. many years ago after a bad storm someone asked if I had any ideas for temporary emergency shelters..( I no longer even look at the questions any more.. if it isn’t good enough for a cup of coffee well they can ask the gut that thinks flinging mirrors into space)
      I suggested similar to the play houses I would make for the kids.. they fold out and make a nice playhouse then fold together to lay glad. of course the play houses were made out of old furniture boxes.. but shelters can be made with poly carbonate material.. they of course said the idea was not good enough..yet there are emergency shelters now made exactly like I suggested.. well the same principle can be adapted to the case for the cube..where the case unfolds to make a 12×20 hoop green house to house the cube garden..
      when NASA was seeking ideas for food production on future space missions I thought what the hell..George can tell you how I send plants ..the same thing with the cube but on a grander scale..
      anyway that was the plan.. I didn’t have enough to make the whole thing but I can finish one rack.. I won’t make it on rails instead it will be a shelf..with the grow beds and lights.

    • oh the other thing I thought with the cube it could be adapted to apartments.. as in greenscaping.. most high-rise apartments have a 4 by 8 Latin just big enough for two chairs and a small grill.. the cube rack would attach to the railing or could sit in the corner and not take up that much space..
      just one of my crazy old man idea’s..kind if like my solar beer chiller lol lol a lot of fun but the wife wanted to park in the garage..
      the same thing with our solar oven..

    • here is a sample of what they ask me if I have any ideas on what I would do.. LOL..
      Now I ask you.. how many times do I mention a fifty plus year old rant on this site.. in the past I have made those very same suggestions when this same question comes up.. each time.. I am told that it is not a workable plan.. no what they should be writing is it is not a workable plan according to the business model that the USA wants it to follow…. LOL LOL LOL LOL… in the end it is all about the coins..
      the only idea I ever had that I wrote to the company and told them about.. ( they had the patent on it) I didn’t hear a thing back either.. but then one day I came home from work and there was several years worth of the very same product sitting in cases on the porch.. that was a thank you from them..

      “the Solar Ambassador Prize, the US Department of Energy (DOE) will award a total of $3.5 million to up to 20 community organizations to help accelerate the installation of residential solar and battery storage systems on an estimated 30,000 – 40,000 homes across Puerto Rico.

      In December 2022, President Biden signed the Fiscal Year 2023 Consolidated Appropriations Act into law, which included $1 billion for DOE to establish the Puerto Rico Energy Resilience Fund to improve the resilience of the Puerto Rican electric grid, with a focus on the island’s most vulnerable households.

      On July 31, 2023, DOE’s Grid Deployment Office (GDO) released a Funding Opportunity Announcement for up to $450 million to support residential solar and battery storage deployment for very low-income, single-family households “

  12. Jet crash in Russia, all ten passengers reported killed. The head of the Wagner Group was listed as a passenger.

    • Re: Tver = “to capture”?


      If the crash site is near the city of Tver, this would coincide with the April, 2022 publicly named locale of Russia’s hypersonic missile design…and testing.

  13. Survivor stories coming out of Maui are absolutely heart wrenching. One mother left her 15 year old son at home to shop when the fire came through. She was in a panic to return home to get her son, but was stopped at a blockade and told ‘that area was evacuated. He’ll be OK.’ Days later when she was finally able to return, she found her home burned to the ground. She found her son’s ashes on the floor with his arm around the dog’s ashes next to him.

  14. i will tell you a vision i had in the evening a few weeks back while bass fishing. another person saw it as well.

    we bpth looked it up and found nothing on the internet. but we both saw it.

    it was about 6pm, before sunset. i saw a comet in the sky with a long tail. it was bright and you clearly see it was a comet. the other person said holy cow, are we getting struck by a comet???? i didnt hear anything in the news about a comet! that thing is huge! as bright as the moon. i said i bet the tail on that thing is 10,000 miles long, maybe more.

    we watched it go past the mountain top and waited to see the explosion. figuring when it hit, there was no where to run and we would be decimated anyway. because it was so close to us.

    i wondered out loud if it was an ICBM and the other fella said i dont think an ICBM is that bright and i dont think they have tails that long. he saidbmaybe its an alien apace craft. i said from what i know alien space crafts dont descend like that.

    i said im old enough to remember seeing haileys commet and the hailbob comet. its the same shape as those. just way closer and it is heading to impact on earth. that much is forsure.

    so we agreed it was a comet we were seeing.

    then it was gone. no impact. i said im not from here. he said to me, these mountains up here are kinda weird. you sometimes see things that arent there and see things that arent there yet. like visions of the future or stuff that was. he said pay attention to the shadows around you. he said one time i saw a horse and carriage go right past me. i thought i didnt know there was a rodeo. alot of people died up here on the oregon trail and occionally you will see glimpses of them. he said do you know what they called Oregon before they called it Oregon? i said no. he said they called it “The Worlds Garden” like the garden of eden. i said cool.

    he said alot of people up here see visions. i think we just saw a vision of a comet hitting earth. hopefully its not for 100 years. i laughed and and said yeah no shit.

    i said the funny thing is, i was at perfect peace. i wasnt afraid. at all. i felt no need to paniv or run, wouldnt do any good anyway. i was more awestruck than anything. he said yeah me too. i thought to myself, ok, this is the end.

    i had fully accepted this is the end. i laughed and said yep, same as me.

    then we went back to fishing.

    ive never had a wide awake vision of a comet. let alone with another person.

    it was bright as the moon. like a star falling to earth. it was really big. and i expected would destroy most everything. there was no place to run or hide. you either died or lived.

    pretty weird.

    okay that is enough from me.

    chop wood, carry water.

  15. There’s no miracle with Detroit. The 2 mile downtown square is ‘nice’. The state funded moving two stadiums back down there along with a new baseball stadium. And they got 3 casinos.

    The cost was sacrificing the inner ring suburbs. The inner ring used to be nice and now they are crime filled. I used to live in St. Clair Shores. After my garage was popped the second time I moved. The people around me seemed to just accept crime. Good for them.

  16. ok… this doesn’t have anything to do about anything except…
    your big horn broiler..
    how is it for hamburgers..any tips and tricks to share…I can’t seem to quit thinking about it

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