An Iran Trumpdate

In a series of tweets in the past few minutes, president Trump explained why the attack on Iran did not happen last night.  As he Tweeted here:

“On Monday they shot down an unmanned drone flying in International Waters. We were cocked & loaded to retaliate last night on 3 different sights when I asked, how many will die. 150 people, sir, was the answer from a General. 10 minutes before the strike I stopped it, not……proportionate to shooting down an unmanned drone. I am in no hurry, our Military is rebuilt, new,  and ready to go, by far the best in the world. Sanctions are biting & more added last night. Iran can NEVER have Nuclear Weapons, not against the USA, and not against the WORLD!”

But, our questions about the disclosures of timing, targets, and more are still open.  Who authorized their release?

Gosh, but this is sure going to muck-up the plans of the Trump-haters to cast the CiC as a nutjob/cowboy.  Seem proportionate response is a fine choice of tactics.

Small EMP (conventionally pumped chemical EMP) anyone?

You didn’t know the .mils have things like “Explosively pumped flux compression generators?”  Tisk, tisk.

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  1. I think a Mossad/U.S. Special Forces combined assault on Iranian infrastructure with tactical EMP is a great tactic.

    Some believe Iran has also developed EMP devices. Most U.S. military systems are nuke hardened, meaning they could withstand the electronic spectrum effect of such a device detonating nearby, but comms and some electronic gear would definitely suffer – particularly on commercial shipping and aircraft.

    • I wonder how much it would scare the bejesus out of Iran if all forces arrayed against them would suddenly back off far enough to be out of range of an EMP nuke but still close enough to make it back on station in a short period of time, just as a head fake, then parachute a document carrier in the Ayatollah’s lap with a note that said “Fooled ya.”. More often than not our government does things simply because they can.

      • What, George? In that scenario no one dies except a few Iranians that’ll have a heart attack plus we’ll get to see how they scramble and where with the satellites. War is a chess game and the people in the Pentagon are pretty darned good at it. Bluff and redirect are all part of it.

    • Hmm your looking at the small picture where everything looks like a nail and we are the hammer, do you suppose that the attack on our proxies (Saudi Arabia with Israel next) had anything to do that decision,I’m betting it did, and I’m also betting that out of the forum in Russia, which for the first time in four years we have sent a high placed representative that we will be offering a cutting back on the sanction game, any excuse will do.!!!

    • “I think a Mossad”

      Probably… my worry is any hint at mossad involvement would spark a real battle in the middle east…
      The whole region already sees Israel as land grabbing thieves and in general it wouldn’t take much of a match to light that fire..

    • Then we have to do no more planned obsolescence, not more ag, no more industry, cut to 20 hours work week and not have people trying to talk us out of being hard-working, ass-kicking American get-r-doner’s…

      Instead the M’s are the mee too’s with hardly-working, ass-kissing, get-r-downer’s… History says that vitamin don’t work.

  2. The chemical explosive EMP devices are still very dangerous, and using one in an urban environment will have civilian collateral damage and possible consequential civilian causalties. Popping one off over open international water and enemy combatants without disclosure is a different story.

      • That will depend on who and how many. A device which manages to fry all the local communication and the controls for the potable water and sewer infrastructure, which then dominoes into a spontaneous mass panic evacuation may be a little harder to deflect than you are anticipating. Long columns of fleeing refugees make for bad PR, even if the real problem is only a two-day delivery for repair parts.

  3. How is a war with Iran beneficial to us? We did kinda overthrow their country a while back. Does not make 2 wrongs right but I not seeing a rational idea as to why…

    P.S. – I am not penning this against Trump. Obama did a ton of damage to the ME and do did both Bushes so this ain’t a Trump thing.

    • Persia, like every other ME sh!thole, has been run for centuries by the baddest warlord on the block (and since Reformation, under supervision of the imperial European power of the month, usually Britain, Spain, France, Belgium, or the Netherlands…)

      The OSS “installed” the Shah in 1941 to replace the NAZI regime Hitler had previously “installed.” The Soviets replaced him with a Leninist regime in 194(7 I believe.) We (and the Brits) “re-installed” the Shah in 1953, after the resident commie nationalized the (British) oilfields and began to move the country into the direct Soviet “sphere of influence.”

      An actual war with Iran would only benefit us (and the rest of the World) by stabilizing the region. Unfortunately, we have a 74 year history now of not fighting actual wars any more. Instead, we beat the heII out of somebody, then instead of rebuilding the conquered, politically, as we did Japan and Germany, we fix some infrastructure and leave, leaving a politically broken country behind, without guidance, (See Iraq…), to spawn a Kim Il Sun or an ISIS…

      • No you left a little bit our,the new president of Iran had the foolish idea that the the oil in Iran belonged to Iran and its people, so he sit out to nationalize Iran’s oil “not British oil”,that’s when the M-16 and the C.I.A. stepped in to form a regime change, not lol commie influence ,after all Churchill said “British industry runs on cheap Iranian oil” there now I have taken the time to clean it up for you..!!!..!!

      • I take it you would be okay with a 100% U.S. Federal Income Tax? After all, the Fed prints the money on their paper, so it is theirs, and they should be able to reacquire it by any means necessary, if they so choose, right?

        ME crude was selling for $4/bbl in 1952. British Petroleum held a long-term lease with the Iranian Government and paid Iran $1.20 for every barrel they extracted, with BP’s equipment, and at their expense. When Iran nationalized BPs holdings in Iran, they violated their contract, and stole all of the equipment British Petroleum had built in the Persian territories.

        The Brits (both Parliament and the brass at BP) wrote this loss off.


        as I wrote above and you obviously didn’t read:

        “…and began to move the country into the direct Soviet “sphere of influence.”

        We didn’t depose Mosaddeq because he nationalized BP’s holdings in Iran. We sacked him when he began trying to make Iran another nation under the banner of the USSR flag.

  4. I’m of the opinion that any response to the obvious provocation(by parties yet to be positively identified) needs to be a quiet and considered one. One that will directly target the perpetrators means, and not have collateral effects. The initial provocation is deniable and any response might best be deniable too, until both the motive and actuality of the original perpetrator can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

    I don’t like war, though the economic effects are undeniable. I do think productivity is better spent elsewhere. If a war can be avoided via other means, it’s probably for the best. If it can’t be avoided, it’s best done without notice and using non-nuclear means. I should be quick, quiet, military only and never advertised or glorified.

  5. Now they are attacking him as being indecisive and incapable of launching a war. (insert eyeball)

    • Trump IS incapable of any intelligent cogitation. I seriously doubt his handlers would ever let him near a war room. The only thing he cares about is not the outcome of engagement with another country, but the outcome of how he looks to his Friends on Fox News.

      • I beg to differ:
        1. Holding back on an Iran attack was a brutally difficult decision; but I think he made the right one.
        2. Ditto, holding back the ICE raids this weekend to give Congress a chance to step up, was also a great move.
        To disagree would cast one as both a war-monger and no-borders advocate, would it not?

  6. Isn’t it amazing that (after humanities long history!) we still leave our fate about life and/or death of millions on perhaps one individual’s decision?

    Most of us use cell phone by now, and yet we leave the decision that perhaps a million might perish in the mind of others who don’t realy give a crap about us. Where are the much lauded advantages of democracy?

      • As though I didn’t know ;-)?! Just keep on nitpicking the small stuff (like most do) and you’ll be saved.

        P.S. I’m old enough to have known war.

  7. Just fly a drone past the place with a stealth escort 20,000 feet below with an HARM load.

  8. It was another chess play to find out who’s pulling some strings above him and like you say leaving the fly paper still out there collecting more flies,

    And this won’t be the last time.

    And it’ll be another thorn in the side of the Democrats on Election Day like they say there’s still more to come ,the show’s not over yet.

    With China trying to penetrate the super Hi-Tech.
    Our carriers were defeated in the past if you will recollect and they were all brought home and refitted so that won’t happen again.
    But China’s knocking on our door.
    And guess whose door were knocking on .
    We are knocking on the Majestic stores door.
    Our oceans on Earth used to be a beautiful place with alkaline resources .
    but the real enemy is cannibalistic ultramontanism

  9. seems like the news that POTUS saved iran from total destruction by 10 min, would make their rulers consider their next move better.

  10. I told you humans are very resilient they plant xtra seeds and are installing green houses and some farmers are using airplanes like they used to do with crop dusters except to spread Seed over the areas that are too mushy for tractors

    • The farmers that I know that used the crop dusting seeding only did it to insure they would be able to collect insurance .
      We heat using renewable resources. This year we plan on using corn and wood pellets.
      I wish they would legalize and regulate marijuana. The plant dried and compacted into pellets would give off tremendous heat and be cheap enough to produce economically.

  11. After his trade deal is rejected by the Chinese he will bomb Iran while at the G20 to show how strong our economy is and how we maintain our moral and military superiority uber alles…..

  12. The leak of the US cyber attack against Iranian Revolutionary Guard intelligence asset supports the meme that the Guard may be conducting unauthorized terrorist operations, in opposition to their supreme ayatollah’s public position of not wanting war with the US. Trump is looking very savvy this morning.

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