An Alternative View of the Future

Think things are headed for a quick flush down the old crapper?

Think again.

Although doom porn sells, we take off the brown colorized glasses and put on the rose ones for a while this morning,  With it will come a description of a future which, although it seems unlikely today, could make a whole lot of doom peddlers look mighty damn stupid.

As usual, our discussion will be entirely based on facts and our curious view that much about the future can be learned through the study of economic history.

After headlines and our Trading Model….which has continued to be more correct, more often, than 99% of doom-sayers.

Last time I wrote something like this, more than a few readers thought I was losing it in our June 2012 report which I said I was getting bullish.  Yet, back then, the Dow as just over 10,000!  As usual, readers are welcome to be critical…just don’t tell the bank and don’t even breathe on the Trading Model.

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