America’s Third Coup Unravels

The ongoing revelations  about forces within the US Government – Department of Justice planning and plotting against President Trump should be shocking-enough.

But, what’s even more shocking, is that this is really the third long-wave economic timed coup d’état attempt has occurred in America.

What’s more, in the next most recent attempt, the NY Times was the lead apologist new agency!  Yet again, history repeats!

Some bitter historical fact-finding plus a few headlines and the outlook for the market next week from our charts…now that CenturyLink has finally gotten our dual DSL “pipes” back up to speed…Our deep thanks to C/L techs Alan and Mark in particular for their persistence (and tolerating the “Ire of the Outback”) over this.

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33 thoughts on “America’s Third Coup Unravels”

  1. G – looks like the stage has been set, and the “fattened’ hogs ready for the cull come Monday.
    1935 to 1940 US vs Chicoms relations…a rhyme in time? China just cancelled proposals to send 2 trade delegations to Washington. This after a week in which Jamie Dimon hisself talked about and played DOWN the trade tensions, which helped send the market soaring, again. Steve Bannon claims to have helped TRUMP draft the plan for ongoing trade war. Bannon was quoted as saying that the strategy is to make the conflict “unprecedentedly large” and “unbearably painful” according to exclusive interview in South China Morning Post. Bannon says he was strategizing on trade issues with Jeff Sessions in 2013.
    A question to ponder over the weekend…why are 2 Allies of the USA (5-Eyes Members) “begging” and trying to pressure US govt. into NOT releasing FISA Declas??
    How would the UK and AUS know whats inside a Secret FISA Warrant issued by “Secret” FISA court?
    “No Deep State” ? must be Cranial Rectalitus (head up ass) or just another middle eastern housewife making $15/hr to troll….

    • We reported years ago on why the FISA docs can’t be released
      At Menwith Hill (England) kneelers routinely monitor US international coms. When something is found, it is flagged to Americans who are off home soil.
      Site info

      That also goes on with the Aussie only their CIA/NSA staffing job to monitor unwarranted is Alice Springs. More precisely 18 miles southwest at Pine Gap. Same drill.
      Foreign ears, then a nod over a desk or a DSP sample forwards…

      It’s all an end-run around individual rights to privacy in the USA and as Geo Carlin put it, it’s all bullshit and it’s bad for you.

      It’s a bad outgrowth of absolutist “You’re either with us or against us” thinking from the Bushies WH stint.

      And since “none dare call it conspiracy” those who do end up in a star chamber setting. Which is why governor Jesse V and others tried and were eventually thwarted.

      Oh, and it’s why Alex Jones is marginalized. Can’t have too many aware people asking questions where the real answers circumvent law…

      Forward this to all your co-perps…you know, the real Americans…

      Why do you think the Intel peeps are down on Trump? Why is Kavabaugh such a systemic risk? Because the intel community leans left of Clapper…and he voted communist, did he not?

      As Politifact put it

      “According to Brennan, the polygrapher asked him, “Have you ever worked with or for a group that was dedicated to overthrowing the U.S.?”

      Brennan said he was apprehensive — he had voted for Gus Hall for president in 1976, which was while the Cold War was underway. (The Cold War is generally defined as running from 1947 to 1991.)”

      The left sympathizers view themselves as the “New Middle” and as long as you’re not from America, that seems to be the case. As open borders and unenforced immigration laws are routinely undone by clown in office despite America’s wish to be a single country again.

      The politics of the Great Divide are here….and bullshit and intimidation (via the webolutionary media) will lose the country yet.


      • You forgot the nodes in Canuckistan and New Zekeland. They’re directed at ROW, but I’m pretty sure their function could be redirected. Established by LBJ, funded and expanded by Nixon, turned into the spy-web it is today by GHW, not when he was CiC, but when he was CIA (and into the early PNAC years), expanded under Willie, Dub, and BO, to maintain its ability to sniff every byte of communications, everywhere on the Globe, simultaneously, and now to archive it as well…

        Menwith is right pretty country and attractive to the protest-everything youth. The others, not so much (kinda like HAARP – It’s not the biggest, but UAA is a much more pleasant place to protest than the middle of Siberia…) It’s also been around for 64 years, so even though its mission and method are secret, “secrets” become less so over time.

        At any rate, the 5-eyes are still a way to circumvent U.S. law and spy, without warrant or justification, on every American, all of the time. BTW regardless of location, over 60% of all personnel staffing each of the 5-eyes are U.S. citizens…

        To answer dande’s question: They don’t. Fear of the unknown is often more-terrifying than the unknown, itself. They have no idea what assets or techniques Steele may have exposed in his “dossier.” Since he was MI-6 and obviously has no loyalty to his contractor, perhaps he has none, as well, to the Crown?

        • Those not familiar with FVEYs – five eyes – should read more.

          Emerging from an informal agreement related to the 1941 Atlantic Charter, the secret treaty was renewed with the passage of the 1943 BRUSA Agreement, before being officially enacted on 5 March 1946 by the United Kingdom and the United States. In the following years, it was extended to encompass Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Other countries, known as “third parties”, such as West Germany, the Philippines, and several Nordic countries also joined the UKUSA community in associate capacities, although they are not part of mechanism for automatic sharing of intelligence that exists between the Five Eyes.

  2. You said…We would ask the senator a simple question: “Would he have demanded the firing of someone referring to “25th-Amendment-ing of Barack Obama?”

    For all of Obama’s faults, he didn’t do anything really impeachable…nor did he act and have the brain of a third grader to warrant a 25th amendment situation. So that is not a fair comparison. Same with every other President other than Nixon…Trump is a unique case study in who not to elect for future historians.

    You really need to read Bob Woodward’s book. If for anything else, since you still think Trump is not as dumb as 99% of the world thinks he is… Gary Cohn’s influence on the economy when he was economic czar, and his fights with Trump may raise a few eyebrows with you.

    • No the media just did a better job of covering for the big O, Benghazi,fast and furious gun running comes to mind. The IRS involvement against the Tea party,and the weaponizing of the intelligence against republicans.Bob Wooward’s book along with all the others will be found to be long on rumor and short on facts.

      • Woodward has tapes…100% of his quotes in the book are on tape. That is not rumor…he isn’t a Pulitzer Prize winning author for no reason.

    • Mark.. it is obvious..
      that DJT is not dumb.. He is from my observation extremely intelligent.. not many can see a subliminal.. he may not know what it is what upsets him.. but he does know there is something. Not to mention he built an empire from the ashes of his mistakes by learning from them.He has an employee retention level that should be admired and coveted by all corporations. I am not to sure on this one but had read someplace that everyone that works for him gets a good meal during their shift.. hmm makes me think hunger affected his life someplace in his past whether or not it was someone he cared about or himself or a friend. . I sure and the hell can’t say that about myself. seems I keep making the same mistakes all over again over and over.
      the other thing is… HE IS NOT A POLITICIAN he never was and never will be just a very successful businessman.. ( one I would have been proud to work for I might add but unfortunately with his employee retention level job openings would be scarce in his company.There are very few positions where the janitor feels that the ceo cares about him or that he is accessible to them for their concerns.. I overheard on the cbs news when he was having his inaugural party that one of the old political commentators ( that i respect) said that instead of all the dignitaries he went around and talked to the laborers the cooks the waitresses the waiters the janitors etc.. and thanked them for making his party a success and asking their opinion.. then the commentator said.. who has ever even heard of anything like that ever happening before.That there my friend is a president I respect and will forever feel blessed that he is my president.)
      Politicians lie so badly that sometimes I think they believe the crap they tell everyone..
      the same thing with Reagan.. I loved the man one of my siblings had the pleasure of visiting him on his ranch before he became potus and I have a wonderful photo of him on his horse.. he to wasn’t a politician he was an actor.. and a great orator.. the thing is he believed in what he seen as the right thing to do..He wanted to do the right thing and he fought for it..
      He made a lot of mistakes.. what he didn’t recognize was the change in the morals of the corporate leaders and the members of congress who are more than willing to sell out the general public and play him like a fine violin ..
      Will DJT make mistakes.. YUP.. sure will.. will he do things I absolutely hate.. YUP.. but he is trying to correct decades of corruption and the ones doing the corrupting are trying their best to stop him.. the only thing that they haven’t done that has historically happened to anyone in office trying to go against the puppeteers is make him physically unhealthy.. my view on that is he is wealthy enough to make it just as unhealthy for them in retaliation..( kind of a KIM thing let em know up front that IF.. S H T F .. it is going to fly back at them personally).. they can’t buy him with lunch money.. the only thing they can do is to change his public appearance and make anything he does look questionable. Like most stories.. you never get to hear the other side’s.. that is downplayed and vanishes in a DC minute..
      so all I can add is be thankful.. I thought for sure if the puppeteers with their greed for more had gotten their puppet to play in office that we would have seen a full fledged flash bang by now. We still might.. seems the puppeteers have a lot of puppets that they pull the strings for in the other countries as well. I pray that the leaders of those countries realize they are being played as well and work together for a more peaceful negotiations trump is a negotiator anyone with business sense is when you dicker you start low they start high and you work your way.. in the car blue book you will see a low trade figure.. the high trade figure and the middle average trade figure.. his ideals are not set in stone.. and by negotiation he will get us the good deal..

      heres a saturday morning quick read.. enjoy it..

      if your more of a tube kind of guy take a peek..

    • “You said…We would ask the senator a simple question: ”

      I did that once when I was young and still had faith in the system. I asked a senator that I admired greatly about a policy issue..I got about fifty pounds of shizt I had already read lol in the mail that didn’t say anything at all about the issue I asked about..I am sure he never expected me to read that cheap much less twice thinking I might have missed lol..
      He’s the same one I overheard telling another candidate when asked what he should talk about in his speach” tell them anything. give them a 1,2,3. Speach they are all dumb as sheep and will believe anything you tell them.

  3. Hi, George,

    I am curious as to what planet Mark resides. He thinks that what schools teach students nowadays is just fine, and he does not believe that Obama did any impeachable offenses. Civics is not taught anymore, and many silly, and also dangerous, PC teachers teach gender fluidity, common core math, and pro-Islam studies. Obama’s administration and presidency was one impeachable offense after another during his eight year period as a US President. You have been very gentle with Mark and promote your arguments in a polite manner. However, people who want to remove Trump from office will, as a consequence, place our country on a slippery slope towards a Venezuela-like horror for most of its US citizens. There will be no rule of law, just a complete lock-down by the Socialists-Communist-leaning Democrats at the top tiers of government and social media. All Communists and Socialists regimes in history were governed at the top by elites, who kept their wealth and increased their wealth at the expense of others while promoting their agenda of “equality” and “tolerance”. Sadly, history is not taught anymore. What is taught is that the US is an evil country and has been ever since its inception, and that we should all apologize for our excess wealth and white privilege.

    • Thank you.
      I hold Mark’s input in very high regard. He’s in touch with a part of America that few of us see. It’s like a mirror into another world.
      Since I’m a data aggregator, by nature, it will be when Mark calls for a softening, that we’ll start looking for ways to hold the whole sky up.
      For now, his optimism if a grand counter to the charts and threats of China which likes the “old trade” game where they got to win – unchallenged.
      That he thinks a billionaire – largely self-made – and able to connect with a base (to the tine of a two mile line to get to see him last night) is an idiot will HOPEFULLY be revealed in the longer term of history as an incorrect assessment.
      For now, Mark’s a grand canary in a coalmine I don’t consider safe… If we allowed “only correct posts around here, this would be a blank website…

      • Well … if it wasn’t for Obama we would have had HRC, and no matter what Obama did or didn’t do he did save America from HRC. Thank you Obama and please go away.

      • Boy do I agree…
        Mark lives in an environment I will never know..he’s the top and I’m pretty confident I’m one of the bottom feeders.
        I like to read marks responses to..I get a rare glimpse of the views from the aspect of a world I’ll never
        know or experience

    • Michael Savage told the story years ago, that he was at a Manhattan party and overheard the comment: “Reagan, President? Humph! I don’t know a single person who voted for him…”

      (Paraphrased, of course. Even MY memory isn’t that good.)

      Money buys insulation. It buys insulation from rabble, which is unfortunately necessary in our society once one gains notoriety, but the insulation from rabble comes at the price of a necessary insulation from common folks, and more-importantly, from reality.

      “Republicans” on the coasts tend to be more-leftist than “liberal democrats” in flyover country (outside of college campuses and a few major metro areas.) It is because history is never taught in a “cause and effect” manner and “common sense” is no longer common. The thinking of the folks on the coasts tends toward “why can’t THIS happen,” with a blissful ignorance for the times (whatever “THIS” is) have been previously tried, and have failed miserably. The “coasties” see themselves as “visionary” and “progressive” but are usually neither, and through a combination of money, conceit, and a staggering lack of historical perspective, strive to collectively personify Einstein’s definition of insanity.

      This is the world in which Mark lives. His attitudes and opinions are an (actually) attenuated version of the attitudes and opinions which literally surround and inundate him. In his world, he’s both conservative and correct. In the real world, his attitudes and beliefs are an epic fail, but that’s currently irrelevant. As long as his world can remain insulated from “the real world,” whatever reality its population create for themselves IS their reality.

      Our personal world is a construct — specifically OUR individual construct. As long as true, honest and brutal reality never invades our personal world, our world’s fashion and delimiters can be any we choose. ‘Thing is, once it does, which always eventually happens, if one’s personal construct is too far removed from reality, they usually don’t live long enough to learn the survival parameters of the real world.

      Kids are stupid; kids with money are stupider. However, people with a LOT of money aren’t. If Mark is honest with himself, he will know the economy is turning before we do, because his billionaire (and nearly so) clients will pull back on their spending. If the SHTF it doesn’t make any difference, but in a slow-motion crash or hyperinflationary spiral, his observations could become more-timely than any chart…

    • NANCY.. the first clue as to where Mark resides is this.

      He lives in a city where a college grad makes a quarter mil right out of school with out any real world experience.( I actually thought he was pulling our leg when he first mentioned it).
      the income requirements for food stamps is at 170,000.00 a year for a family of what four I think.. kids making a quarter mil a year are living in their vans and cardboard boxes and using drugs to escape the reality of their world while being on a ramen noodle diet.
      A dump house sells for two million dollars that would be bull dozed anywhere else in the country.



      He Probably thinks everyone is lying that it exists and maybe ignores the news coverage about the conditions since it isn’t something that has any merit,Its nothing that would affect his life or his friends lifestyle.
      IN my opinion That is the canary in the coal mine that George is talking about.. when the conditions get far enough to the top to affect the lifestyle he is accustomed to living then it is time for the rest of us to get seriously concerned.
      Long before that point I will be panicking trying to figure out a way to survive since I will be one of the first one it affects. did I mention earlier last month my household budget concerns.. phew

      Even though mark is obviously someone with a democratic mindset he More than likely hasn’t even looked into the local community problems that are all around him or using his obvious above average intellect to devise strategies to correct the local community situation.
      since it is a problem that doesn’t affect his lifestyle there isn’t any real need to do that.
      this in my opinion is where America has fallen down , the industrialists of old worried about local community and worked hard to keep it stable where today’s industrialists are only worried about the fast dollar.
      A person can read about problem or watch a commentators coverage on the news.
      Unfortunately if it doesn’t personally affect your life then it doesn’t exist and doesn’t need to be addressed..The spike in health care spending and the rising insurance rates is exactly what got Obama in office. One in three didn’t have any coverage at all and those expenses have to be passed off onto others that have the coverage. the solutions at the time in my opinion was simple unfortunately we have a congress that is controlled turning that simple fix into a complex issue that will never be resolved (as an example the abortion issue. its a dead horse never will be fixed but will be a good drag it around the stump campaign issue till long after I am gone).

      • Um…if that was in court I’d be screaming “Objection!” Witness is arguing to the mental condition of the accused.
        If it was Kavanaugh? “Sustained.”
        Others? “Sit down and STFU old overweight white dude…”
        Point is, we don’t want to go ad hominen or project our reactions back to source. Unfair to Kavanaugh and Unfair to Mark.
        So, please…back to MAKING (money, things, and our way through Life) and just keep an open eye on the words from the South Bay observer…thanks

  4. The good thing is that the world still loves our dollar, & President Trump is doing a fine job making it remain so. His policies are keeping America strong & the envy of the world. Everyone still wants to come to the USA to pursue the Dream. The problem is the left hates everyone pro PT no matter your race. The left believes PT is trying to empty their pockets so they won’t be able to afford a healthy fruit & nut diet off the backs of the immigrants.

    On our currency – Cash is king at the Fed & PT knows this because the dollar is the World Currency, & the Fed will do anything to keep the US $1 as the currency of preference around the world? Why? It is a business model. Did you ever notice, all our bills, $1, $5, $100, etc. are all the same size. This it not so in all countries, bills vary in size by denomination. Also our bills retain a constant design with a picture of past Presidents to promote stability & safety to make World holders feel safe & secure by holdings US Dollars.

    As of July 2013, currency in circulation—that is, U.S. coins and paper currency in the hands of the public—totaled about $1.2 trillion dollars. The amount of cash in circulation has risen rapidly in recent decades and much of the increase has been caused by demand from abroad. The Federal Reserve estimates that the majority of the cash in circulation today is outside the United States.

    That 1.2 trillion is a tax free loan to the US Treasury by the world leaders who are hoarding our dollars. At 3% interest that represents a saving to the US Treasury of $36 billion in interest each year. Plus inflation eats away at its purchasing power. Imagine if everyone switched to the Yen & started turning in their $$$. Financial havoc & a crashing stock market. So if there any counterfeiters out there – Stop it, or you are jeporidizing the safety of the $.

    In addition, the Fed can keep printing money, send it abroad so the World can hoard it in cash, & we get for each $100 printed, $100 of goods & services, for the cost of printing a $100 bill.

    So hold on to those pennies & dollar bills, they will be around a long time, & the Fed encourages you to carry a few extra $100 bills in your wallet to help them out.

    • Seldom does the market ask long term questions. The market is satisfied with immediate gains, hence a false sense of security that can bite at the most inopportune time. Take the 2008 crisis example of money being evacuated from the market. Now compound it with an open border financial component that has foreign investment pouring in. During the 2008 crisis the market liquidated into cash, much held overseas. Investment capitulated.

      Now, examine today’s market with a larger added component of foreign capital investment. If or when another crisis stresses the market, liquidating into cash may proceed at an unprecedented level. The lesson that should have been learnt from the 2008 crisis is that money holds no allegiance except to itself.

      Timing in financial decisions is almost everything. Our markets are not beyond foreign manipulation. If you believe that a crisis can be manipulated by human intervention, you must factor the risk of unlimited foreign financial investments and it’s a ability to influence U.S fiscal policy.

  5. Dear George: Is this a “Reversal Moment” in the $INDU, or are we headed up to a series of New Highs, until the Novermber “Lections?”

    • There is oftentimes a break (lower) between options (late this month due to calendar) and the first of the month. Moreover, we won’t know which way for sure until month end, or a few days later and depending on what the Fed does this coming week.
      A $25,000 triple short position – the way I see it – is just about a 50-50 deal but that may change depending on whether Trump keeps the Clown posse at DoJ for a while longer.

  6. Centurynotel is a huge pain in the backside here in the state of Missery. When it rains count on the one old land line here at El Rancho de Chaos going dead for at least a week. If there is lighting the line will also be dead for considerable time due to either the network interface on the side of the ranch headquarters or the 66 block in the junction box up by the highway that never gets closed up right being fried. We keep several replacement phones in stock with the daily use two 1200 and believe it or not a 500 rotary dial Mom keeps in her bedroom when the damage makes it past the network interface.

    Cell service and a Verizon hot spot keep us in touch along with the ham gear.


  7. “There will be no rule of law, just a complete lock-down by the Socialists-Communist-leaning Democrats at the top tiers of government and social media. ”

    1) Do you think there is rule of law now?
    1a) Go read the LOC’s FAQ on how many laws there are now.
    2) Controlling the message has been a theme of our host for over a decade. Why is the future suddenly changing that?

  8. The NYT report is a Trump-trap. The idea that, after over two years of consistently-negative press and op-eds, the New York Times would suddenly do President Trump a solid favor is beyond ludicrous. McCabe is so anti-Trump he was putting out “feelers” to see to what plans and ideas his like-minded miscreants would accede. Rosenstein was being facetious in these quotes (kinda like when you’re watching football, your team is losing and the opposing team’s running back is having a hall-of-fame day. You and yours start screaming: “Break his legs.” You don’t mean it, but taken out of context, it sounds bad…) The Times published this now in an attempt to get Mr. Trump to fire Mr. Rosenstein. I hope Trump doesn’t bite…

    Rosenstein is dirty. He needs to be canned and probably prosecuted, but this must occur when no political hay can be made of his dismissal.

  9. I heard the new Space Force will be developing a new Super Space Weapon designed to fire a small projectile at the earth at 18,000 mph, allowing kinetic energy to destroy half a city upon impact, thereby countering Putin’s new Super Weapons.

    • from what I have read.. it already exists.
      and Has for many years.
      is it up there yet.. don’t know don’t really care..I personally am not worried about Putin or Ping.. or Trump.. they are smart men and really they don’t want wars..Although they will if they are cornered and have to for the people they represent..
      the ones I worry about are the puppeteers.. they don’t have any conscience at all.. well that isn’t true either.. I think they actually believe what they are doing is for the better good of mankind.

      • Like Reagan’s Star Wars weapon that never existed but worried the Russians, the superbrocket doesn’t exist in working form or it would have been tested. That is the name of the game. Develop super weapons to bully other countries, & the Russians love that theory but are not very good at it. Most of what they make isn’t reliable in battle conditions. The problem is if you play with fire long enough, it will burn you or bankrupt you like it did the Russians in the 80’s.

      • It’s called the Rod of God, and launched from satellite.
        Remember all those Chinese Chemical plants blowing up?
        Remember the meteor strike near a US base in Greenland not long ago?
        We have more than you know.

  10. I think I owe an apology..I wasn’t trying to point out anyone personally. More that the people on the hill don’t really care about what happens anywhere else. They have their own worries and struggles and the struggles of everyone else isn’t on the urgent agenda.

    • Will the Thursday hearing be behind closed doors with only tv cameras allowed? If not, then the dems will invite radicals in to disrupt and then Ford can say she’s scared…no hearing and more delay.

    • Lotsa folks seem to be going after the $5mln bounty Soros put on Kavanaugh’s head…

      With all four “partiers” aside from Ford (but including her GF) saying the party never happened, the puppetmeisters had to dig something else out of the woodwork.

      Should Ford actually testify, and Grassley do his job, Thursday will be interesting. Speaking of Grassley, he needs to put the vote for Kavanaugh on the calendar for Monday, and state ALL public commentary must finish by that time…

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