American Pump & Dump — Blizzard Planning

UrbanSurvival’s roots, as you know, go back to 1997 when I was finishing a distance-learning MBA.  As a result, we evolved a steely eye toward whatever the present “economic fairytale” might be.

In the tradition of Fractured Fairytales, we’re stuck this morning in the sad case of Made-Up Markets.  The (not really) Federal Reserve is buying things up.  The money supply is at least 26% higher than a year ago.  And with Slow Joe and the Kammunist opening borders and planning to raise taxes on us hostages, the end game is clear:

We’re taking the worst of the Weimar Hyperinflation and adding the European “open doors” policy that has hollowed out traditional European values.

There is a method to their madness, though:  Around here, we call it “Synthetic Growth.”

Understand this point clearly and it’s the keys to the kingdom:  While the U.S. has harnessed the most powerful economic engine in history, it’s like a turbine that requires  a minimum load on it at all times.  Otherwise, it will speed up until it falls apart.

Sort of like, oh…NOW.

The Negative Growth Problem

Normalcy bias keeps you from seeing the cold reality of our plight.  Remember Cyprus?  Financial collapse of Greece before that?  Italy’s close call?  Solution:  Open the doors, bring in problems.  Make people who had solved most of them, start over with an even-bigger set of problems.

In America, we are incapable of calling-out the (literally) bankrupt economic policies of the Pelosi and her Razor-wire Rowdies.  As the Bangor Daily News reported Sunday. last week’s “Deadly breach could delay removal of Capitol fencing.”  We expected better from Junta Joe, but don’t be surprised.

Two-Party Shakedown

With the fix in on the markets and with the human wave at the border at 15-year highs, the next stage in SynGrowth will be upping spending and raising taxes.

Why, if there’s enough economic change underway, surely the bobbleheads of socialist media will mistake it for progress.  It won’t be, but they’re not woke enough to join the adults in the room looking aghast.

  1. The first step in the new phase is for a massive spending and “infrastructure” plan.  Since Biden is reading from the Obama teleprompter. we heard the wet dream articulated last week.
  2. The Rip Van Winkle party (sleepy republicans) are stirring a bit: “GOP seeks to pull back curtain on Biden tax shelter ‘hypocrisy’. Which Fox sees melodramatically as “‘Hypocrisy’ claim could foreshadow what Republicans include in oversight agenda if they flip House in 2022.”  On what planet?  The fix is in!  It’s who counts the votes.  And it’s which corporate media hid the Hunter laptop story before the election?
  3. One good thing that could come out of this?  The broken aspects of the U.S. tax code.  As the Washington Post reports today: “Dozens of America’s biggest businesses paid no federal income tax — again.”  No one will go to jail over this, of course.  Because the Tax Code is too complicated for any one person to totally comprehend.  It’s a mishmash of favoritism. Auctioned off by two corrupt parties.
  4. So, the solution, says Inter-planet Janet Yellen is to roll out a Global Minimum Tax.  The risk in Gringoville is that with a top corporate rate of 21 percent now, and  Slow Joe pitching a 28% rate to fund his $2-trillion in wet-dream spending fantasy, any sane CEO would scram Norte land pronto.  Why gamble at Uncle’s casino with so many offshore option? Like Belize, Cayman Islands, Turks, Isle of Mann, the A-B-C Islands, or even Ireland.

Which is why – and I hate to break the news to you – in the blow-up of all this, governments will be forced to make cryptos illegal specifically because they are “tax resistant.”  Gold and silver were BOTH “called” by the FedGov in the last Depression.  No way will sovereign cryptos survive. Governmentize the Tulips. Back in February, Yellen told the “woke with memories”Yellen sounds warning about ‘extremely inefficient’ bitcoin.”  “Inefficient” means beyond tax enforcement.  Following?

When the several trillion worth of cryptocons blow-up, since the U.S. government doesn’t have any incentive to recognize them, interest in digital tulips will pass.  And “self-taxing money” (which is easy if you have Provo and design the federal crypto…) is here.

Leaving the only sane option the holding real things and seizing the means of production.  This overlooked Marxian misstep then appears as the obvious flaw in creeping kammunism.


But…Blizzard Planning?

Why sure!  May be a colder future is ahead.  Consider the long-term view from NOAA Space Weather:

In the historical view, global warming may be irrelevant (except as a crowd control tool).  Because Cycle 25 outlooks are now calling for a peak sunspot period along the lines of 1805, or so.

As one leading Russian astrophysicist sees it, we humans have a serious problem looming if the peak of Cycle 26 doesn’t grow a pair:

The problem is food collapse.  Around solar minima, food output drops – especially anything blooming for a living – and the foods that work are the cold weather crops like cabbage and woody veggies like broccoli.  Back-up woodstove planning for the heirs?


Wave II, we think (though some call it 3, others call it 4…) of the Pandemic will commence the new sport of Office Yo-Yo.  As the NY Times reports What Some Companies Are Saying About Back-to-Office Plans. we foresee a fits and starts mashup.  Safe bet for now:  The Pandemic changed everything.

Not About Safety or Public Health?  Try money as “Delta temporarily opens middle seats in response to flight cancelations.

In the Middle East, Jordon – once a stable place – is rocked by Jordan’s Prince Hamzah vows to defy ‘house arrest’ orders.  Revolution among the royals?

Near by Dubai Don’t:  Russian Women Arrested Over Dubai Nude Balcony Photoshoot – RIA – The Moscow Times report.

Flee Social Media while you can!  Cyber experts: Half a billion Facebook users’ information posted on hacking website.  Ure took the “no social” for UrbanSurvival from the ground up.  Calling social media a crooked business model.  Cost us dearly, but here we are (as usual) right in the long term.  Which is what matters…

More on digital screwing?  As “Dating websites look to woo Wall Street investors.  Greater fools all around…

Barkley’s Truth Leak

Alas, will the Mainstream give it its due?  No, of course not, but in a final four comment, NBA great Charles Barkley nails the modern plight:

“Man, I think most white people and black people are great people. I really believe that in my heart.  But, our system is set up where our politicians, whether they’re Republicans or Democrats, are designed to make us not like each other so they can keep their grasp of money and power. 

They divide and conquer.

“Hey, let’s make these people not like each other. We don’t live in their neighborhoods, we all got money, let’s make the whites and blacks not like each other, let’s make rich people and poor people not like each other, let’s scramble the middle class.”

By God, he’s got it.  See the whole Twit clip here.

Charles Barkley for President, anyone?

Dow futures up 242.  How could they not be?  This is a fairytale, remember?

Write when you get rich,

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46 thoughts on “American Pump & Dump — Blizzard Planning”

  1. You know I wondered how that worked with Greece.. back during the first wave when they did away with their social security system.. the greek elderly were dumpster diving for food because the money they had depended on just stopped.. ( the same thing I fear in the USA.. take money from them while they work telling them that their contributions are there for their retirement..) then take it away..(my total the last time I had calculated it.. would have been just shy fifty million with just what I paid in)
    so I looked.. to deal with the elderly population.. they are pushing for families to make the changes and either pay for their care or.. take them in and take care of them.. when it all goes over the cliff.. I am fairly confident that that is what will be required here as well.. mom and dad moving into the back bedroom.. LOL then again when I first got into Medical field that is what it was like.. we were volunteers.. the pastor would get up in front of the congregation and give the talk.. mrs whatever had to go to lilies home.. because the daughter needed help in caring for her.. anyone wishing to be of assistance would be greatly appreciated.. most of the time the floor workers that you worked with were the daughters or son’s of one of the residents..we were called orderlies and the girls.. candy stripers..the unpaid floor workers..
    the problem between then and today.. mom’s don’t stay home they have to work.. and most multiple jobs..
    today it is quite a bit different.. ( its all in the business model )

  2. George,
    The federal tax code is a testament to fairness run amuk. Each provision reflects an attempt to – in someone’s mind – address some inequity. Even though to an outsider, it’s nothing but special interests cashing in.
    If you’re looking for fairness, you’ve picked the wrong planet. If someone’s promoting fairness, grab your wallet and head for the hills!

    • I wonder if Mexico will put up a greater security to stop the border Jumpers…

      Oh Not those from Mexico jumping into the USA.. but the tax paying citizens that will eventually be jumping the border into Mexico when they discover they have to pay for all the illegal refugees… LOL.. I have said we need an equal exchange… ten thousand in ten thousand out.. LOL.. quick hourly wage earners.. they have low cost healthcare in Mexico.. you still have to work for a living but hey.. what difference is that.. and with the good ole usa work ethics..

  3. O ye defender/supporter of Baurers of the Red Shield,
    regonize Ure “words”, and despise Ure anti -human actions & beliefs..
    *they changed the family name to rothchild..aka child of the rock,satam..

    Everyone knows the stories at this point, of how they did it – thanks woodrow. G U must be a HUGE fan.
    Soon there after they created IRS – Baurers private collection agency – incorporated..where?
    Ure it seems writing, supporting and actively working for/with these sub Human energy vampire, repto scum..”

    “When the several trillion worth of cryptocons blow-up, since the U.S. government doesn’t have any incentive to recognize them, interest in digital tulips will pass. And “self-taxing money” (which is easy if you have Provo and design the federal crypto…) is here”

    Just like any other OFFICIAL Guvment BULLSHIT – we the People will hack the shit out of fed coin – geniuses – just like my “fake” vaccine card – was worth the $250 frn’s, sorry the person who forget to check for a valid sticker on their real card..

    Bitcoin was created specially for this point in time in our collective Human experience..the petro dollar is dying..

    No Counterfeiting – puuuulease.
    No cladding fake in crypto wrap??
    No DTC absolute 100 % FAKE/FRAUD -ownership paper trail = destroyed in NYC floods&fire.
    Truly scarce like Silber, unlike Gold & Oil.

    hahaha “make illegal” …U mean like coot buying tasty buds and kolas from dred pirate Robert on the silkroad with Bitcoinz for all those yearz !

    Its a “bitter” harvest – on a bitter lake , when U “trade” Flesh & Nukes.

    Hard to believe demonrats/deepstate spacenazi’s R gonna raise Taxes..
    – never saw one bullet bribem as a another tax & spend pedo- unh I mean obumma-ite.

    G Ure – the first guy to turn your ass in to the kind guvment folks – for just about anything it seems – must a been the house “lackey” in a previous life -huh?

    • They laughed when I called social media a con game, too. Give it time. The fever took 10-years to break on tulips. We like to be ahead, not behind, the times…

      • true – all soc. tech co’s designed to collect,influence & control game – from intelligence/darpa – seeded,recruited, & funded.
        Dont recall global corporations, trading houses , sovereign govs, largest banks, investment houses, global investment pros like gundlach,gross, rodgers, soreass, dalio, grant,c. bandicoot, daquino, ever getting in pon a a local phenomena.
        .. alright not daquino -mr sheeeeetcoin hisself -the guy who is holding out on a killa recipe for cooking Yabbies ..

      • Total money flushed, er, invested in crypto tulips and primroses is past $ 2 trillion. At this rate of exponential growth, at some point, there will be nothing left but cryptos, empty business real estate, and villagers armed with torches & pitchforks looking for crypto pirates. I need to get a good hayfork.

      • $2 Trillion, huh? So, again, I ask: where does all the currency units going in to BC and all the others actually go to? What’s on the other side of the curtain? Sure, there are those who sell their cryptos but the currency credits, that wealth, goes somewhere and that somewhere will be revealed eventually. How much you want to bet it will have a lot to do with the banksters running off with much of the World’s wealth?

    • Very instructive, indeed and the humans that created all of that must have known what they were doing, or? We assume that they were no dummies, or? Ergo, humans have a not so hidden DEATH WISH.

      • When I worked in the Missile Fields I had to ask myself if I could do it. Actually participate in a launch. It comes down to a Mexican Stand Off! If the other guy could launch then he needs to know that you will launch. No if’s, ands or buts! You Will Launch! So I decided that I needed to be there and be the best I could be at my job. Since the late 1950’s that’s how it has been for humanity. I don’t like it but until humanity gets rid of those who want to be the Big Monkey that’s how it will be!

        As a side note if someone could not launch then all you had to do was tell your squadron commander you wanted out. Another non missile job would be provided for you. I never heard of anyone doing this.

        I am proud of the professional way I performed my duties! I am not so proud of how the human race permits criminals to run the world so that MAD is needed!!

      • “until humanity gets rid of those who want to be the Big Monkey that’s how it will be!”

        Until then We should never give them a stick and tell them to go smack a sleeping lion… Or let some ding dong with more than he needs give them gifts of multiple millions of dollars and all the vacations airplane rides etc..

  4. Barkley would do fine as President, provided he fired every former staffer and replaced them with his buddies. He could hardly do worse than dementia Joe or pugnacious Trump…

  5. Another post for 1 + 1 = 2.

    George says – ‘The problem is food collapse. Around solar minima, food output drops….’

    Now, that’s very convenient when we have a ‘vaccine’ being delivered to what may eventually be 80% of the world’s population? Hmmm…..what are the chances?


    Seriously this is all real scary and JB the career politician that doesn’t fit in the presidential shoes left I would feel safer if he let Kamala have the reins…… who would have thought that the the USA would be stuck in the poison pawn trap.. hit from multiple fronts at one time.. I never ever read what JB’s shoe size is.. but he must have very small feet.. because he sure doesn’t fit in the shoes that Trump left at the WH.. as a career politician.. dam he must be running in circles around that feed trough trying to get one of them to tell him how he should react ..

  7. Dude G –

    Take a looksee at TGB – Taseko Mines, copper miner in BC. Does that chart look like a completed cup & handle ?

    Is the Cup portion of pattern big-wide enough, he asked with a straight face..

    Stock is under 2 bucks – a nice pop in price today – yeah – am loading up May & Aug out of the money calls – C’mon inflation..

    * We need moar electric vehicles..BuyBuyBuy America – Tesla’s , Ford eMustangs, Audi RS4 eTrons –

    – cause those badbuoyz be loaded in Copper & Silber.

    Either going to beat the Rush – or eat the Mush(time premium) on dr cooper.

    • Coot,

      One of my great great uncles made and lost a fortune mining copper in the B.C. interior while biding his time between the Boer Wars and The Great War.

      One of Taseko’s dreamy future Canadian mega-projects is entering year two of a standoff with the site’s local First Nations leadership. However, in the USA, business is business in Florence, Arizona. The Usual Suspects have pretty much assembled permits to start up a 25 year underground copper mining project. According to the company’s website, a “green” process will see a mixture of water and sulfuric acid injected into bedrock 400-1200 feet down. The solution will melt out copper which will then be brought to the surface.

      Scouts honor, after 20 years of riddling the bedrock with this process, the plan is to leave a 40 foot buffer of untouched bedrock above. This we are told will safeguard the Great Arizona Aquifer that rests on top. Obviously, “what could go wrong?” is a purely rhetorical question. Can we all drink to that?


  8. Can someone explain the connection between vaccine and massive population culling? This sounds like paranoid, baseless, flat earth style stupidity.

    Is there a precedent? Which other vaccine was a trojan horse murder weapon? I’ve got the popcorn, do tell.

    Has anyone shown how the vaccines are currently culling the population, again, I’m waiting to hear this explained or see some… data.

    Is there a doctor who says how the vaccines would be expected to cull the herd? All I see is the worst logic ever… it’s called “reasons”. Ok, I’ll just go along with this, makes sense. Because vaccines kill hundreds of millions all the time, right?

    • The Covid vaccines are all using cutting edge technologies with limited track records. That includes the J&J vaccine, which isn’t really a conventional vaccine either. Having said this, I have yet to meet anyone who had a serious reaction to any of the vaccines. You pay your tax money, and you takes your chances on the government vaccines. It’s a gamble if you take the vaccine, it’s a gamble if you don’t. The odds are in the eye of the beholder, I think.

    • Immunization develops resistance to current virus. Bigger, badder strain comes along and people have cyto(?) storm reaction. Bill Gates says “oops”.

    • George, I really want to know the answers to this. I see this idea thrown around like cheap Hitler references, with no basis. People blindly parrot it.

      I’m sincerely skeptical of vaccines like this, but I can’t get to “millions will die”. That’s a lot of unhappy talk and handwaving to simply skip to the conclusion and blindly accept or repeat. What is the basis for this line of thinking? I compare it to flat earth, because those people will bend your ear for days about it.

      I want someone to bend my ear about the vaccine-population-culling-plan the same way. If it’s true, let’s hear it. But it’s not. All it gives us is a good way to sort out the logical people with something to offer vs those that only can repeat fear porn?

      • Astra – was god of what ?

        not gonna get into zeneca..

        azn operating platform has already killed hundreds. know this particular drug company was a creation MI6..

        Think about that transcriptor molecule in every single cell in a human body – making a bazillion copies each of a underlying cancer(under treatment) in an oldster – what do U do? keep jacking up the chemo toxicity till their “shelled”, to keep up with the mRNA xerox machine.

        How do think this process is going to work for the vaccinated – when their immune systems come into contact with next MANUFACTURED viral threat/infection?

        Does not suppressing a rule/restriction put in place(after WW2) to Protect Human populations from future horrific medical experiments by our satan worshiping overlords cause a pause in Ure herd mentality?

    • First of all, the mRNA “vaccines” are NOT vaccines according to the CDC’s definition of vaccines. They are instead a gene editing therapy that the manufacturers are calling a vaccine in order to be given the liability protection that genuine vaccines are given.

      The true culling effect won’t be evident for months, but thousands have already died from the injections. You can hardly read a non-fake-news site without seeing an article about more injection deaths.

      Following are only three of the MANY doctors who have explained how the mRNA vaccines work and why they have deadly, long-term effects.

      1) Dr. Sherri Tenpenney explains the mechanics of the mRNA vaccines and how their depopulation effects will begin working in 3-6 months:

      2) Dr. Geert Bossche, a prominent vaccine developer for 30 years, warned about the civilization-threatening results of mass mRNA vaccinations in this interview, which has commentary by Del Bigtree because Dr. Bossche has a thick accent that some find hard to understand:

      Here is his letter to the WHO calling for an end to mass vaccinations:

      3) Dr. Madej on Covid and Vaccines

      Bill Gates, Mr. Depopulation himself, clearly stated in a TED talk that vaccines would be one of the methods used to achieve depopulation.

    • Stay tuned Phillistine.

      It will all be revealed. Do some of your own research. It’s not hard to find.



    • The sophisticated silver suckers were scalped on premiums as they cited a WSB post.

      There never was a WSB silver post. I hope the silver retailers bought a lot and go bust sitting on inventory.

    • the normal vaccine has a long history and track record.. the way the covid-19 vaccine is produced is the new cutting edge tech without a track record and at this stage still pretty much experimental as to what long term effects there will be..
      Now speaking about this.. my Ex-Wife had one of those experimental IUD’s when they first came out..and it caused me a world of hurt financially.. by the Health problems that it caused her.. the company just went bankrupt on the problems.. ( including cancer) and the health insurance companies refused to cover the costs due to it because it was an experimental product that wasn’t tested..
      So far none of us have had any adaverse effects from the covid vaccine.. they used the smallest needle they have to insert it and you didn’t even feel it being injected..
      I think the fear about it is because of potential future affects.. that is why it takes so long for the FDA to approve new medications..

    • The word is that once the Vaxx has done its thing, setting up the Corona spike toxin in your body, ADE will occur the next time it comes around. ADe is the body discounting the virus and either underestimating the body response…..hence you get sicker, or an over reaction hence the cytokine storm killing the human. Either way this new gene therapy has its flaws.

    • I guess you never heard of the Bill Gates Polio vaccines given to kids and people in India with deaths and ruined lives introducing a strain that was not in their population?

      I guess you never heard of the cancerous monkey cells put in the polio vaccine? Both my parents died of cancer. Come on, Man, do keep up!

      There are many other examples which means that you have not even tried to do your homework.

      Even a CDC Scientist whistleblowed and told anyone that would listen that vaccines DO cause autism in children.

      There are 2 kinds of people in the world: 1) Those that want to think and learn, and 2) those that want to be told what to think?

      Which are you?

  9. Barkley is liable to be fired. The wealthy don’t like to have their “secrets” exposed.

  10. Well… I’ll be able to please the kids.. the new girlfriend with her puffed wheat. I wont have to play archimedes and make a steam canon lol..they make them.. it’s only big enough to make a single bowl of cereal lol but it would quench the curiosity and the instapot doesn’t have to be reconfigured..once the curiosity is done.. put it on a shelf as a display piece .

  11. The disease was made for the vaccine, not the vaccine for the disease. Once you grasp this, everything becomes clear.

    Basically, no matter where you are in the world, there are people in your government who are trying to kill you.

    • Not always. They will do what’s in THEIR best interests. Governments are farmers of people. They use our productivity for THEIR greater good, not ours. If there are too many humans, we need to be managed. If there are those of special value, they need to be cultivated. From their POV, we are simply farm animals, though farmers need to instill trust in their animals to better control and use them.

      Obviously, if an animal becomes useless to the farmer and consumes resources, it’s time for the glue factory.

      • Mike; OUCH, but gotta love your honesty and truthfulness!!! Like George said last week, a certain IQ goes to work……but what he didn’t mention is: some go to work, some never work or plan to never work, and others rule over all of us – working or not.

        EcuadorExpat: gotta hand it to you, when you contribute, you tell no lies!

  12. attn>RocketMike @1433 5Apr, Worked a TopSecret Navy program in mid 1960’s “pinpointing” SOVIET submarines incoming & outgoing US coastal areas. We were a bunch of very young sailors part of the US TRIAD of US anti SOVIET protection. It never occurred to us we were part of Mutual Assured Destruction. We would not see the flash but would know the reason later. Thanks RM for your story.


  13. George,,,,,
    Expected a dull Easter Monday column , not as expected, Nice treat, and comments were excellent, Gracias.

  14. Whooaaaaa bro! I got home furnishings, engagement rings, 2 dash cam adds, one buy gold and silver and one advertising for new eye glasses.

    Eggselent article today! I’m um sick, I uhmm got the flue. I read an interesting article about a mutation after someone Canucks got Covid. 48 of them up north where after they die they did an autopsy and found they all had a version of mad cow disease. How weird. I guess that shit is super contagious!

    Got me to thinking. When all them people died in New York from the Rona, when we were all in luck down. They stored all the dead covid bodies in refer trucks outside. Now, them refer trucks are back hauling food….. follow my thinking here? Are getting our bacon wrapped scallops with or without Covid transporting?,

    I distinctly! I uh Distractingly!!! Remember France whacking 2 million minx who got the Rona!

    Are the animals gonna get the Vax too? I mean if they did an autopsy and found that the Rona turned into a version of Mad Cow Disease? If that ain’t true news? Why did the minx get it. If mix can get it can birds get it and cows get it and fish?

    Damn it Geoge! Is my gold fish Cheeto, safe? Is she gonna need a vaccine passport as well to go visit the other fishes at pet smart on national gold fish day??!!! Oh my fing gawd! It’s the end of the world!

    They will make a national day out of anything now.

    We got the Real President kicked out of office by the Fake News and the Fake President in office according to the Real News but the Fake news says your the dummy! Whoowee!!!! Its crap shoot world out there!

    I wonder if Bitcoin was never invented, where would all that money be? Dow 99,000???? Or would everyone have bigger TVS?

    Someone really really wealthy told me a long long time ago. Like up there in the top side of the 1 percent. Every single one dollar bill printed in the United states equils about 126 thousand in taxes just by being in circulation and under the Feds control not the treasury. Ya see cash? Ain’t money. It’s a tax passed off as currency.

    They explained it all to me. I said oh. I never knew that. Never occured to me. They said you been to the casino. You play with their chips. You gotta buy their chips to play the verious games. All those chips in motion, create the whole casino’s buisness. It’s just chips moving in fancy circles. Each of those chips is generating money for the casino. By movement. It’s all in your head. Just like a pme dollar bill. I said wow! I worked as a casino inspector for 8 years and never realized that.

    Crazy. Hope I dont have to get cheeto my gold fish a vax card. Ugh

    • “Are getting our bacon wrapped scallops with or without Covid transporting?,”

      I love scallops.. but never eat them.. a lot of restaurants will buy scallops.. but then the company selling scallops substitutes a cheaper meat that I am allergic to because scallops are so expensive so.. I stay away just in case..

  15. Ya see.. ya see, sorry about the studder I got an idea about to manifest. The difference is, The Casino has to have enough cash on hand if everyone wins a jackpot all at the same time on the floor in its vault. If everyone in the casino hits a jackpot and all table games hit high hand all at once? The casino has to have enough cash on site to pay them all.

    But the jokes on them! Because every single dollar is a coupon for money that is made up from the federal reserve and passed off money to generate tax flow.

    That sure is a head scratcher when you are talking about the big gamble on Casino wall street.

    Well that is enough out of me. ~The Dude ~ said, you might as well get sick as hell now, before everyone else does and get it out of the way. I talked to a few people today who said they just started getting what I got and I’m starting to feel better. I best just go rest a while. Be back at running and gunning in no time.

    What happens if all them animals get the Rona. Like chicken, beef and all that. Well, 1/3 of the animals would die on the planet. Sounds like straight out of the book of Revelations. I seen over 200 reference to Famin lately. Almost as many as I seen about baby or babies.

    Who knows? The whole thing could turn around and we all can go back to listening to Barry Manalo copa cabana on record smoking doobies rolled out of Pot leaf, wherein Cordray bell bottoms, bitching about Nixon and trying to get stinky finger 16 year old Stacy Blazy in braces, Who was wearing white roller skates with pink wheels on them.

    Thems the good old days. And Maybe these are the new good old days? They would be if we have vaccine/covid zombies running around with mad cow disease. Especially if animals can catch it too. Lol

    Ok, I’m going back to bed.

    • “I seen over 200 reference to Famin lately”

      Cornell released a study that they have been doing on crop production world wide.. so my guess is all the talk about famin is true.. we live in the bubble where we produce a great deal of agriculture and even here there are issues due to climate issues.. and we get what is it around half.. ( the figure 67 percent of our products are imported keeps coming to mind)
      then for well over half of my life I have been telling everyone when asked.. we need to greenscape our cities.. promote solar and wind in small settings.. like home use solar towers.. ( getting ready to sound like a broken record here)

    • there are a couple of articles in Jama and one other respected journal that I love to read from time to time.. that connect the vaccine to potential threats of Prions disease.. but.. those articles are the ones they have used to fuel fear on the vaccine. Is it true in Canada.. who knows.. the news tells everyone what the people that own them want them to say

  16. That is an interesting article; however, it is speculative, and it doesn’t contain any reports linking vaccine to actual mad cow casualties.
    Typically mad cow disease occurs in geographical clusters, and I haven’t seen any MSM coverage of widespread mad cow flare-ups in North America. Reports of the outbreak in New Brunswick contain no references to vaccines, and occur in a geographical cluster:
    That cluster was first identified in 2015.
    The CDC tracks cases in the US:
    Still, you are correct in your assertion- you takes your chances.

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