America: Running Out of “Bash?”

One of our frequent posters to this site totally nailed it in one of the overnight posts.  His list evokes the terrible crisis sure to follow when America runs out of (Trump) “Bash:”

“…just think about what they have done so far to try and discredit him.. well
Racism didn’t work,
sexism didn’t work,
undermining him with fake adds in the election didn’t work by dumping billions in negative ads,
Blaming him being elected by Russian involvement didn’t work,
Gun control Didn’t work,
Stormy Daniels.. didn’t work,
Nuclear war with NK .. didn’t work,
they almost got him with the gas attack claims.. (what a setup to..) but it didn’t work..
Now they are trying to get him with a law that they have been working on for what twenty something years and haven’t been able to get it done by coming to an agreement… LOL.. Hey maybe Donald should take on the abortion laws.. LOL LOL that one is fifty years old now.. then I wouldn’t have to hear the next campaign speeches on how they are going to do this or that if they are elected…”

Amen to that and RFO.

Except, the point is the media will never run out of “Bash” because it’s so easy to make up.

The Morning Slur Check

We have two examples.  The first, being touted as First Lady Fashion Fireworks as “Melania Trump dons ‘I really don’t care, do u?’ jacket...”

Some reporters don’t know that sometimes fashion is just fashion and it doesn’t have to make sense.

Our second slur du jour is the suddenly repentant Peter Henry Fonda who’s talking to walk-back his inciting to kidnap the President’s son Barron.

“‘I went way too far’: Actor Peter Fonda apologizes for immigration tweet suggesting Barron Trump should be ‘put in a cage’” tells the SF ABC affil.

Odd, ain’t it?  Secret Service in the wings over what could be construed as a threat and along comes a left-wing repentance.

Will and example be made?

With a new Peter Fonda flick out shortly from Sony, it’s already on our “Do Not Watch” list.

As we encourage all, Vote With Your Wallet!

Not that any of it matters, because as we’ve said, America will never run out of “Bash.”  The lib/NE press will never give up taking down America.  Just like on the made-up slurs on children in cages (an Obama deal first) and now that Trumps doing an EO, lawsuits on that.

BS and distractions, kids.

Countries without borders are not countries. In Washington, the national stupidity contest continues as the Obstruction Party whines.  Leading to Trump says ‘red wave’ needed to pass immigration bill over ‘obstructing’ Democrats.

A decades-long debacle of promise ’em everythjing and give ’em nothing.

See the Rally?  Trend Line?

While the detail version will be up on our site for subscribers tomorrow, a quick look at our US Aggregate Index shows the stopping point of the 8-day decline and it looks like this:

Thus, we expect the rally to at least make it to the red line today and if it breaks higher, then new all-time highs in some markets could be along before the 4th of July.  Remember, there’s a statistical argument for a rally prior to some holidays!

Hour to the open, Dow futures are up 130. As Trade tremors set stocks up for worst week in three months.

Climate Change Bulletin

Epic dust storm on Mars now completely covers the Red Planet

As we’ve been saying:  Solar powered.  D’oh.  Tell the IPPC to look up from their agenda once in a while.

NNC (Numerical News Clusters): 47

This is one of those mornings when the Universe is telling us the future – in advance.  It does this once in a while by making a certain number pop out of news stories at a disproportionate rate.

Today, the number is “47.”

Take Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, for example: “Papenfuse to march to Capitol to demand ‘Act 47’ release.”  This is cute because Act 47 is expiring (and with it higher taxes) but the city is addicted to money (duh) and wants to keep the dough coming in rather than live within their means.  Nothing new, but the number…which then brings us to:

“A record 47 million people are expected to travel for the US July Fourth holiday: AAA/”  47, eh?

And?  “Lakers draft Svi Mykhailiuk with No. 47 pick in 2018 NBA Draft.”  His number is what???:

In North Carolina, “Persistence pays off: 47 COA grads earn diplomas.

But our favorite is how “47 Groups Weighing SPLC Lawsuit Warn ‘Editors, CEOs’: ‘You Are Complicit’ in Hate Group ‘Defamation’.

When I see stories like this clustering around 47 today (and there are more, I’m just giving you the tip of it ) we start to look for future news perhaps involving something like 47 dead (although a lot of 47-year olds are dying) or something involving a 747 beyond the current “Closer inspection interval detected cracking on 747 pylon.

Does something happen on the 47th parallel?  Or, do I run out and buy $47 worth of lotto tickets?  47 goes into tonight’s Texas MegaMillions lottery 4.0851 times…  hmmm…$47 worth?  Drive drive to the lotto place at 47 miles per hour?

The mind races, the wallet cowers in fear.  (<—777 words to that point…again, hmmm…)

Tax Decision: Down-home Economics

The narrative? Favorable U.S. tax ruling gives limited boost to big-box retailers.

Not the issue:  Online let’s you do in 2-minutes what takes an hour with the brick and mortar stores.

The online retailers still win.  Time is money and the bitch for retailers is they haven’t figured out how to tax time— yet.`

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35 thoughts on “America: Running Out of “Bash?””

  1. Strange George but we read how they are trashing Trump,but yet the press/media and those complaining about Trump being trashed never utter a peep about our involvement in Syria,Iraq, Yemen,Africa, South America, all illegal involvement while we are told that this is what makes America great again.I don’t know about you but I’m damn sick and tired of the steady B.S. about how they have to think they run the world while shoving my tax dollars down the rabbit hole…

  2. Bad court decision. Now greedy states will fight incessantly over how many places a transaction can be taxed with buyers and sellers trapped in a confusing middle. Brick and mortar stores are still screwed because online prices are better even after eating $6-8 shipping.

    Sales taxes here are over 8% and property taxes about $350/mo on an average size house. Government is furiously working to raise both to fund road repair and themselves.

    Btw, Trump visited here this week to capacity crowds at the local arena and turned away more at the gate. We are close to balance in elections between Dems and Reps.

  3. Its funny how numbers can ” speak” to you. A few weeks back i came across the combination of 831 at work. All day it was 831,183,138 etc. I played 831 backup in the lottery that night, 183 came in. I won a small amount but it amazed me how that number talked to me all day. I work with numbers all day everyday and rarely do they bug me in that manner. As for 47, ohio doesnt have a pick 2. But I’ll figure something out!

  4. I will say it again and again. It’s not Trump bashing. Trump just talks…and The world either laughs winces or looks bewildered by his non-sensical babble. Aren’t we embarrassed yet? I just got back from Europe. If you think we bash Trump…you should see the headlines there. The new slogan is MAJA. Make America a Joke Again.

    • Mark.. I talk to people from other countries all the time…. usually daily..From what I have been told by the people I visit with daily is that America has been a joke to them for years.. how we will spend billions to give to them rather than look out for out own people in the USA our own infrastructure, the health of our own people and our own industries…. Donald isn’t a politician.. he doesn’t need fame or fortune.. he is a very successful businessman at the twilight of his life. that has had his share of falls in his life and I feel he thinks he can help the country he loves with what he has learned through his years of experience. If you do any reading at all you will find the same stuff I have that his company has an eighty percent retention of employees.. this means less training expenses happier work atmosphere and overall job satisfaction rating is high. they have a great benefit package and all of them feel that he is accessable to him.
      So far what I see and read is that they are upset because the gravy train is on hiatus till the puppeteers can get their man in office again..
      what impressed me the most was what an announcer said after his inauguration party.. that Donald was out visiting with the staff that made the ball a hit.. asking their opinions and thanking them for doing such a great job.. then the announcer said something about that he said.. Who has ever even heard of that ever happening.. the man has my respect he would be welcome in my home for a meal anytime .. so would Putin or Xi Jinping the leader of china to.. those men are men that love their countries love their people and willing to do what it takes for the people they represent.. men of integrity, passion and compassion that want to see peace in a warlord world.. if these three leaders just decided hey.. we are tired of all the games lets work together.. wow.. is what I think wow..

    • Not new, sonny.

      We (both the USA and its sitting President) have been a “joke” to both Europe and Asia since 1994. Go read some archived newspapers from the PacRim and Eurozone, from the 1990s and early 2000s, and try to catch up with the rest of the class…

  5. George, Harrisburg is over run by entitlement class, it goes from homeless right up to and including politicians (senators, members of the house and especially the current governor Tom Wolfe. The city is a blight on humanity. The city has caused its own demise.

    Now when will we see the coming “Murder Cycle” event, we know it is coming like a blinding flash of light.

    • this is just my opionion and we all know no one likes my opinion more than I do.. but business today in my opinion is structured around forcing the employees to seek out govt assistance so that they become more dependent on the federal govt for daily survival, food stamps, heating assistance,daycare assistance, eic tax credit to buy clothes and other essentials, etc etc.. I think this is all a deep dark plan and you can expect to see more of it.. by getting the majority of the citizens totally dependent for their daily survival, that way when it becomes time to make the move they have the backing of the majority of the labor force to imprison the twenty nine percent and propel the one percent into the stratosphere..
      Logic says that the fema camps weren’t built to house the vast majority but a smaller minority..
      its all in Adolphs second book. in his book. the plan was to make the citizens dependent.. then once they are totally dependent on surviving .. start taking it away and make sure they know that what they depend on for their daily living is being redistributed to those with enough already that want more..that way they obtain the support of the vast majority to overthrow and send the one percent to the moon and back. This plan wouldn’t work before because the older builders of industry knew that it was better to spread it around keep their local economy strong and vibrant. Today there is more of a ME generation and I want more faster.

  6. I shall continue to buy online w/o sales as long as possible. Then, I agree with you George that, even with sales tax, it still is not an equal contest. I have tried a few times to locally purchase a particular item which required driving around the city only to not find it readily available, at which point, I return home. Going to my computer, I quickly and easily locate what I want, order it and have it delivered w/o further driving expenses.

    I would love to buy local, but two facts usually prevent it, namely, cost of driving around and difficulty in locating items. Also, I cannot afford the boutique prices in small shops. As much as they may be hated, Amazon and Walmart have me for the foreseeable future.

    • ” As much as they may be hated, Amazon and Walmart have me for the foreseeable future.”

      I do the same. If TaTa was “allowed” to sell their $3,000 car here in the U.S., I’d buy it. I’d think of it as a disposable.

      I think China and NK will create a low-cost disposable car. They’ll probably buy Tesla and make a $2,500 car based on rechargeable toy technology.

  7. Disagree with your statement that ‘fashion is just fashion’ when it comes to the first lady. She is and was fully aware of what she was wearing especially since her fashion style does NOT include wearing clothing that costs $39.00 – her m.o. is typically in the $1,000 and up range. And wearing a jacket with a message as such on the back – no, she FULLY knew what she was doing and wearing because I doubt she or her advisors are THAT clueless.
    Given the storm around the issue that was and is being addressed, and where she was going and the purpose of her visit- the written words (which, have alot of power as such) WAS a message and not just a ‘fashion statement’. She is not a ‘regular citizen’ she is the flotus – and everything that she does, says, and yes, wears, represents the USA and her people.

    • Pepper, what she was saying was she “really doesn’t care” about how the lamestream media skewers her and her husband on a stick. And I sure don’t blame her. She’s the classiest 1st Lady we’ve had since Jackie and it’s been a long drought. AND she isn’t trying to preach to school kids about what they should eat for lunch!

    • Yup.. she probably knew and meant every word of it..

      Since Donald took office her daily wardrobe has been on the lets give her shizt over it list of almost every day on mainstream media, and is brought up almost as often as ” The Russians did it” I counted one night on the evening news just how many times that was mentioned.. I counted 78 in thirty minutes….

      I would probably wear something stating the same thing to.. all because of the smart azz in me.. I do get a comment or two about my ugly hat but who cares.. I love that hat

      • and why not give MSM something real to talk about rather than her shoes.. or her makeup or how she wears her hair..
        Leave the women and kids alone..

  8. the number 47.. and I thought 3 was the magic number in life..
    what is interesting is I was just reading a paper not on numbers more of an ethics situation that i have noticed.. a little on what I have been reading today.. a copy of academically adrift..
    academically adrift is excellent and something that has been quite noticeably growing.
    what I find interesting here.. is what is being written today is written in a way that a sixth grade student would have been expected to read and write thirty five years ago..
    so have we dumbed down our youth to that extent.. then college.. it is well known that your base income is determined by the paper you have on your wall. the prettier the paper the better the pay..
    what is also interesting is nation wide.. the amount of debt that is built that the wages most of the college kids are offered except in some major cities where college grads make insane figures that are not offered anywhere else in the majority of the usa… but the payback.. if your going to be paid fifty dollars an hour but your payback for the eucation is fifteen or higher.. for a simple degree like my grandsons engineering student loans almost eight dollars an hour out of his take home pay has to go towards student debt.. no wonder one in ever 5.5 college ladies are looking for a special friend to help them with their college debts in exchange for just visiting one another a few times a month. what future does the youth of today have..

  9. ‘Bashing Trump’ as you put it, does not depend as much on outside influences as you think – but rather on the man himself and the group of people that he has chosen to surround himself with. By his own actions (and those of his cohort), he is, and will face the judgement of the legal system and history.

    The current situation regarding the children who crossed the border illegally and are being held in detention – will haunt this president until the end of his term (and well beyond). Anyone connected to this mess will rue the day that they decided to cast their lot with Donald Trump.

    I hope that they manage to sort this out quickly!

    • No, the border situation and the children won’t haunt Trump the rest of his presidency, as most thoughtful people know they’re being hustled by the globalist media and see how the dems are about dismantling our nations borders for their own gain, not the greater good. Believe it or not, most people like the thought of distinct nations and the culture theyre known for. Its just these last two generations that repeatedly think and believe, just one more tattoo will show how unique they will be, that is backing the globalist agenda. That’s how screwed up these reality tv generations are. Theyre suffering from extreme adore me complexes and think their special because they were brought up on a mediocre, but well intentioned, belief system that told them everyone’s a winner, and that is whats destroying the ambition to find their gifted skillset ( or accepting that theyre just an average worker bee), not to mention the lethargy that excess use of pot creates, especially in developing minds.

      • Jeez, you can’t accuse others of being ‘globalist’ (whatever that means) and then apply that idea to everything as a solution.

        For over a hundred years, since Theodore Roosevelt, we have been firmly using our influence in the world (manifest destiny) – Donald Trump seems determined to screw that up royally . . .

  10. An interesting developement…
    Now I don’t know if that is just in this state.. or nation wide.. I can believe anything now that I found out that a bank gave a two billion dollar loan to a company with a rotten credit rating..
    but.. I had a young lady give me a call asking what she should use for storage..and we started to visit and she said yeah she didn’t know what she was going to do now.. why whats going on.. shes a single mother and her monthly take home is around 900.00 up till now she has gotten food stamps because the guidelines have always been poverty level is your tax standard deduction taking in account daycare etc. because of the child.. the FS compensation was 7.00 a day per adult and 4.00 a day per child.. in food vouchers.. but they changed it.. the standard poverty level is the adult.. so a living wage is now considered to be 350.00 a month any income over that and you don’t qualify for the programs. Now my question is this.. how will that affect if they are no longer taking into account children or child care. will that also affect the EIC tax credits.. did that change as well.. if so how would that affect the total economic structure.. since one in three receive assistance.. what would happen if one third of all the business was taken away from brick and mortar in the USA..
    Just pondering this situation.. since we all rely on the business model and how it affects all of us..directly and indirectly..

  11. Trump needs to beat home, the far left goal of turning the USA into a borderless place, just like the EU made Europe.

    I think a very large majority of Americans would not support our nation being overrun by refugees seeking the country with the best welfare programs.

    Most people aren’t against immigration, they just want people to be screened for their skills they offer our nation.

  12. Re: Online Tax Ruling.–Wonderful !! More billions of dollars for the
    weasel politicians to spend/waste on corruption.

  13. Wow, how dare folks like MDS assume the moral outrage against President Trump for the inherited position on the border, when all Democrats said absolutely nothing when worse conditions for children were seen during the Obama administration with Hillary’s help. It is an outrage that the MS13 gang members are enabled by the Democrats to be in this country, allowing their agenda of murder and child trafficking. The fake tears and professed outrage now observed from Democrats is so hypocritical. And, how dare Mark from San Francisco complain about Trump, who is improving business in America, when Mark enjoys a very high standard of living in a fine, old city located in a state that has been overtaken by Marxist policies. Where was the moral outrage during the last decade for children? I think that those who scream the loudest are compromised the most.

    • Trump is way too stupid to take credit or institute a policy to improve anything. The Silicon Valley churns along just fine without and despite him. And California’s Marxist policies? Look again pal, our policies are in many ways more conservative than the reddest of red states. We are very pro-business…pro-innovation…and a state budget surplus Approaching $20 billion. Our economy isn’t the 5th largest in the world because of Marxist policies. There are 30 million square feet of office space being built…all 100% sold out already…because businesses like it here.

      All of that would be the envy of any GOP congressman…our housing values are the highest in the nation…which you may think is a bad thing….but don’t Tell that to the homeowners, who are sitting on millions of dollars in equity…our salaries are the highest as well…my high standard of living here started back in 1999. Flourished during the Obama years…but I am skeptical and a bit scared for the first time during the Trump administration.

      • Yes yes yes , same old tired routine.

        Reagan had no brain
        Bush was a wimp
        Bush II was an idiot.

        …and of course , Trump is way too stupid.

        What qualifies you and your like to make statements like this ? Is it because it’s all you have to go on ?

        Another woke liberal with “exclusive access to the truth”.

        But please , honestly , call me vile names and continue with your work and I’ll just go ahead and thank you in advance.

        Your true master is quite grateful !

        …and being a resident of the same state , I won’t even go into your inaccuracies. Not worth it…

  14. No borders ???

    Hmmm , I may actually like this concept.

    I have my own borders that I don’t want to contend with either.

    One for example is that DPRC. ( Democratic People’s Republic of California )

    I don’t agree with and refuse to abide by the rules within THIS border. So I won’t. Whatcha think is gonna happen to ME ???

    I don’t want to pay the property taxes and sales taxes within Contra Costa County , so I just won’t. “Not my county”.

    I don’t agree with the gun laws in this state , so I won’t. “Not my state”.

    Oh wait wait wait , the ONLY border that matters is the Southern border.

    I’m sorry !

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