Again: Media Missing the Dots

Story that has been heavily played – on sites like Drudge – is under the headline “Misinformation dropped dramatically the week after Twitter banned Trump” when it appeared in the Stamford Advocate.

The source of the story, however, is the Washington Post, which, if you haven’t noticed doesn’t blame Trump for everything.  It’s just I can’t remember much they haven’t blamed him for.

Stories like this one fail miserably when read by thinking people and especially those of us who seek hard data.  

To be sure, there were a few statistics in the story, but not enough for a questioning human to piece together a proper inference.

That would come from stating the problem (of misinformation and the Trump ban) in mathematical terms.

Total twitter traffic  divided by conversations about the election before the Trump ban.  And then comparing that with conversations about the election after the Trump Ban.

Unfortunately, I read the story a couple of times and couldn’t piece-together a coherent conclusion.  Oh, sure, there were some percentages cited, but they weren’t referenced to traffic.

Obviously, when Trump was banned, a lot of people (marginally curious folks like us included) would hit the Trump twitter feed – just to see what kind of outrageous shit he was stirring up at the moment.  When Trump left. so did a lot of twitter traffic.

Don’t look now, I couldn’t find that number.  And I suspect its so advertisers don’t see the drop in traffic – because let’s face it – Trump drove traffic.

Oh, and in another “We’re a private company and can censor” move, did you notice how “Twitter suspends Congresswoman over election fraud claims?”

The Atlantic:  Fanning Civil War

Before launching into the coming “Trump’s Gone Ad Crisis” we should put the Media Bias Fact Check of The Atlantic on the table.  It’s a Left-Center publication.

And that matters because today, they’re running a emotional whipping piece “Boogaloo Bois Prepare for Civil War.

Again, thinking people looking for “dots to connect” and “data to digest” will come away sorely disappointed.

From our perspective, a few weeks short of 72-years worth, there are only a few things that really get revolutions going.  These include food, housing, income. economic circumstances, in particular.

So, is there any data on food driving people to despair in this piece?  Nope – the word doesn’t appear.  Well, how about housing. then?   Nope – not that one, either.

Well, surely since wars are policy by other means as von Clausewitz taught, surely incomes and paychecks or economy would show up in a “civil war” fanning story, right?  No, no, and no.

In fact – and somehow we’re not surprised at this, given the political leanings of the publication – the story uses the word gun  eleven times.  “Arm” as in “armor”, “firearms”,  and just plain “armed” people another half-dozen.

From the Old Reporters Notebook:  In my news directing days, I held staff to a very strict “We don’t report bomb threats” policy.  Because, it’s a fact that when bomb threats are reported, there are enough loose cannons, fools, and attention-craving idiots to touch off a whole string of copy-cat threats.

We’re pretty sure that “modern-day, gonzo, lefterly-like media” has placed good journalism in that William Randolph Hearst place:  Yellow Journalism.

Historically, people forget that Hearst and Pulitzer were among the worst at using news platforms to drive future events.   In fact, so unethical were these early Greedsters of media that they are credited with starting the Spanish-American War.

In our considered opinion, The Atlantic headline is very reminiscent of Heart and “Remember the Maine.”

Bet they report bomb threats, too.

MLK: Dying for Ad Revenue?

U.S. Markets are closed today for the Martin Luther King Day observance.

We’re terribly disappointed that America has monetized racial assassination, too.  Almost every (surviving) mall in America features some kind of “MLK Day Sale.”  Similarly, we see USA Today (another Center-Left) media, rolling with “30 of the best MLK Day sales and deals to shop this weekend.

Thanks, we’ll take a pass on monetizing racial assassination.  We’re just uncomfortable with that kind of thing.

We can hardly wait for media to discover “Hitler Birthday Sales” and “Kennedy Assassination Sales.”  Well, except both were white.

Clicks Marching On is back online.  In a “message to lovers and haters” they remind users: “We believe privacy is paramount and free speech essential, especially on social media. Our aim has always been to provide a nonpartisan public square where individuals can enjoy and exercise their rights to both.

We’re not sure where their actual hosting is, although looks like it’s not AWS anymore since their WHOIS shows Name Servers

“Joe, Get the Door”?

We can hardly wait to see what happens along the U.S. Mexico border as the new administration comes in.  Because “Migrant caravan: Guatemala blocks thousands bound for US.”

We don’t have enough well-paying jobs for existing Americans, yet the looney left wants to bring in more people.  While it is a form of synthetic growth, it also averages everyone’s income down.  But, I suppose that’s how globalists and the ultra-rich take down America and remain in power… It’s also fertilizer for the Nanny State.

Speaking of Sick

We noticed that the U.S. death toll from CV-19 is about to pass 400,000 – a level we told you would be here about now back in October.  397,600 as of this morning.  A week ahead of schedule.

Here’s a weird side effect from CNN:  “Air quality regulator temporarily suspends cremation limits for LA County amid ‘backlog’ from pandemic.”

With Biden taking office, have you noticed how all the “Lockdown-happy” democrats want to start normalizing now to save business?

Late?  No.  Just the same-old duplicitous double-standards employed by both sides of the political hack class.

Around the Ranch

Got the top rails welded onto the T-posts for our latest solar power addition.  Today the plan is to get the spacers in and a good slathering of Rustoleum on before rain shows up tomorrow.  I don’t care if someone wants to “rain on my parade” but raining on my welding is another thing.

Lots of aches and pains today…and I’ve dropped five pounds, too.  Lifting 100+ pounds of welder and shielding gas around bumps in the field is not what you’re supposed to do in your 70’s.

Many of the welds are not very pretty at all.  So I may go back and reflow some with the oxy-acetylene rig and some soft rod.  Function?  Yeah – they pass the hammer test.  Just ugly.

Bitcoin was around $37,000 at click time today.  Dow futures were down a tad ahead of the American psycho-drama, and metals were about flat.

My sense is the world’s about to discover that the departure of Trump won’t really fix what ails us.  So the thing to be looking for is “Who’s the Next Scapegoat?”

Which will be decided by?  Which scapegoat monetizes best?

Another Cup of Coffee Today?

Go over and visit my buddy Gaye Levy’s website.  Dandy article on what Real Prepping is about…  Fellow she quotes is a real genius, lol…

Write when you get rich,

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69 thoughts on “Again: Media Missing the Dots”

  1. George, while you seek hard data, I want true trust worthy information. Todays main stream media is pushing the tares and filtering out the truth, from US
    Matthew 13:25
    “But while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat, and went his way.”
    “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”
    — William Casey, CIA director, February 1981
    May the good Lord give you a pleasant surprise today, Thank you for today’s column

  2. So, my friends, this is the week where Trump mania (like GET Trump) starts to diminish. Oh, it may go on for a while, but some where along the way, Joe is going to discover the same voices yelling at HIM – ‘What have you done for me lately?’ (echoes of Janet Jackson)

    The key point that I look in Biden’s first few months are the continuation of the ‘lockdowns’. Most people who have read George’s site for any length of time know that America is f’ed at this point, but there are degrees of f’ed. But surely, more forced lockdowns will hasten the pace of systemic failure. It will be up to the Governors (like our good Governor here in FL) to fight the ridiculous lockdowns.

    Btw, I am curious, do we have anyone here on this forum that still believes the Covid Con and thinks we need more ‘lockdowns’. This entire Covid thing has been an interesting study in presumably very bright and educated people taken in by a very straightforward con. Kind of like how many ‘smart’ people invested with Bernie Madoff and never questioned the consistent annual returns.

    And the vaccine? Any takers out there? I will give you my doses. The Darwin awards will have lots of nominees this year!

    • This popped up on my wife’s FB feed.
      Dr. James Lyons-Weiler addresses the PA assembly, I think. Not much information on the video both on FB and this one on YT. He pretty much blows the political response to the virus and the vaccine out of the water.
      The closed captions look like some sort of Slavic language.

    • “Trump mania (like GET Trump) starts to diminish. ”

      Do you really think it will start to diminish? from everything on MSM right now.. it seems to be picking up in steam.. it is so disgusting to hear this day and night and night and day for four years.. my guess is ten years from now they will still be blathering on and on about stupid drivil… I personally am so sick of hearing the negative crap I don’t watch MSM if I can help it…. one in the household woke up last night having nightmare.. I told them.. you really gotta stop watching all that political nonsense on tv it will scare the hell out of anyone…all you hear is hate hate hate..

    • COVID is not an ordinary flu. I’m in my 60s and so is my housemate. We both got it from a visitor back in May. My housemate ended up in the hospital and rehab facility within two weeks. I did not have the immediate intense presentation but have had the ‘long haul COVID syndrome’ of pain, gut problems and poor sleep.

      Speaking to the lockdown situation, I agree it just goes against the grain of the American way and feels onerous and overbearing. However, that said, I read of a western town ( in Colorado I think ) in the time of the Spanish Flu. The town had a railway station but would not allow anyone to get off the train there, or to enter the town in any other way. The Spanish Flu ravaged the towns all around — but NO ONE got it in the town in isolation.

      As for the vaccine, not sure that is a good idea. COVID is mutating rapidly so any vaccine may only prevent a portion of the problem, and vaccines carry their own risks.

      • It has continuously amazed me WHO it is that Covid tears into and the people that have only a mild brush with it. I’m 63, I had it in March, toughed it out, ALMOST started some breathing meds toward the end when the congestion peaked but in less than a week I was working livestock in the dusty corrales and doing most of my regular routine. I also had a twinge in December but that’s when we took our doses of Ivermectin paste. Go figure.

        Take the vitamins that make you feel the best and don’t miss a day. Zinc supplements, too. If you can find someone that can make trips across into Mexico to get some Z-packs and other things see if they can get you some, too. I avoid doctors like the plague even though one of our friends in North Texas is or already has lost a friend, ostensibly, due to Covid. Only one doctor in our town will prescribe HCQ and it saved the lives of 3 of my friends in town, one is in his early 40s and two had serious co-morbidities along with the virus. FIND the medical professionals that will give you what works!

      • “It has continuously amazed me WHO it is that Covid tears into and the people that have only a mild brush with it”

        I know isn’t it crazy BILL… I have known three that have gotten it.. thought they were catching a cold.. then wham.. laid down and didn’t get up.. then another that caught it had the sniffles and loss of taste and was up and running in a couple of days..
        the three that caught it and died all had underlying issues.. one that didn’t realize he had underlying issues.. we are trying real hard to stay away from it..

      • I am well in my 60’s and my partner in my 70’s. We have been perfectly healthy – and the only people who we know ‘may have’ had the so called virus, were a younger couple we know and their children. From what I could tell, they all just had a cold and they happened to pop positive on the so called covid test – based on a PCR procedure that has a very high number of false positives.

        This is all a con – people do get flus and colds. So what. We have never destroyed an economy before for a so called bad flu season. Btw, I have never had a flu and don’t plan to get one. If I do, it’s my problem and not someone else’s. Lockdowns are plain ridiculous for people who happened to get a cold or flu.

      • Re Coffeehound
        “No, not ordinary flu”, correct it has been tweaked (Gain of Function).

        From a ted talk by Bill Gates.
        “The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s headed up to about nine billion. Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by, perhaps, 10 or 15 percent …”
        Spoken as an image of a Corona virus provided a backdrop.

    • “I am not going to shut down the economy, period,” Biden said at a press conference. “I’m going to shut down the virus.” He then emphasized: “no national shutdown.” Biden 11/19/2020

      What’s your next parade of horribles?

  3. The King family has no problem with monetizing racial assassination.They’ve done quite well for themselves doing just that.If there were ever a timely death,it was his.Had he lived,he would have been pushed aside by the more radical elements of that community.In death,he is in frozen in time-unless the 2027 release of the FBI tapes show a much different story from the story line pushed over the past few decades.

  4. “civil war”

    Guards let the Revolutionists into the capitol during session. The Revolutionists squandered their time taking selfies.

    Want do the Revolutionists even want?

    • “squandered their time taking selfies”


      Was that what they wanted… a photo op to make them historically famous..They are on every news show around and every media source and will go down in history…

  5. Somewhat off-topic but relevant I believe. Did you receive the email yesterday from the ARRL?
    I did not see it until later in the day but it opens so many questions.
    Is it really from ARRL? How many logo’s do they have now? Did the author actually pass his 9th grade English 1 class?

    If this is not an actual ARRL email then Oh Crap!
    Did someone just tip their hand regarding future enforcement?

    Hams should be more than offended if this is a valid email.

    • I got it – and didn’t get too worked up over it: for those who didn’t:

      ARRL on the Purpose of Amateur Radio

      For over 100 years amateur radio and ARRL — the National Association for Amateur Radio® — have stood for the development of the science and art of communications, public service, and the enhancement of international goodwill. Amateur Radio’s long history and service to the public has solidified the well-earned reputation that “Amateur Radio saves lives.”

      Amateur Radio Operators, due to their history of public service, their training, and the requirement that they be licensed by the FCC have earned their status as a component of critical communications infrastructure and as a reliable resource “when all else fails.”

      Amateur Radio is about development of communications and responsible public service. Its misuse is inconsistent with its history of service and its statutory charter. ARRL does not support its misuse for purposes inconsistent with these values and purposes.

      \Of course in Venezuela, the GMRS and Marine radios were used, along with CB and more. Singling out hams is just “squad like” behavior.
      When they outlaw communicating in Morse – cuz no one can understand it, except smart people….

      • My history with ARRL has always been dissatisfactory. My primary reason for paying the dues was the thought that they are at the least defending our bandwidth.
        Methinks when the next renewal notices arrive they will go straight to the round file.

        • Well, my faith here lately has been shaken as well. I did what I thought was original and innovative work on the Super Antenna project here. Despite it working very, very well (worked a PP8 down in the jungle of Brazil last week, for example), no one seems interested in a new and novel – inexpensive – antenna design.
          After they turned it down, well, 3 decibels is 3 db, right?
          Went on to send it to CQ – haven’t heard back from them, yet. Who knows?
          But technical innovation seems to be taking a back seat to the front lines of ham radio. Operating, engineering and development, and fraternity.
          Seen the same evolution is several flying organizations, as well, though. The art of “seat of the pants” and home building, learning, flying disappeared into a cloud of web apps, online merchandising, and the over-sell of overpriced avionics.
          Just laughable how the FAA rolled out – and demanded ADSB compliance at almost the same exactly moment when air traffic was dying on the vine from CV-19 impacts.
          Somewhere in there is a pattern I’m trying to put into words, but haven’t be able to…yet.

  6. I would not normally comment on US election process since I am not a US citizen but since two months the onslaught of the claim of election fraud by Trump supporters and sympathisers has become hugely entertaining and laughable to say the least.

    Mr President is no green horn, sitting on the most powerful seat in the World and being much more adept at such doings- one wonders what stopped HIM from doing what he is alleging his opponents to have done ? Morals and a sense of propriety ? You must be joking. And the Supreme Court was supposed be loaded in his favour. Nothing has been presented which can remotely face a reasoned scrutiny of any alleged misdoing. And if he is not smart enough to dig the dirt and show proof that sticks – he surely doesn’t deserve a second term.

    I think one must move on and stop this talk once for all however painful it seems to his supporters.

    This is not Goebbels time and age.

      • I’ll tell you what I tell others, you’ll believe what you want to believe no matter what the truth is.

      • Evidence is not proof.

        Here’s how that works, just looking at your post alone. What I see is “evidence” you are trying to drive traffic to a web site. Is that true? I don’t know, why don’t I just adopt your logical process and say “yes Scott is full of it because he’s just trying to drive traffic to a particular web page, plenty of evidence for that!”

        See how proof and evidence are not the same?

      • Maybe they can go back in time and investigate the 2000 election that was ultimately decided by the Supreme Court (by halting the Florida recount). It was a hell of a lot closer, and there was much less whining about the outcome!

    • Wanna bet ? say 73 rupee..

      Horus will have his 3rd War – alwayz needed 3 to defeat Set..
      -the religion of the nazi’s

      Didn’t U hear – Heimdaller has blown the Gjallarhorn – the dogs are waking “Leviathan” starts to stir.

    • Siddharth Jhaveri, perhaps you should not comment because you are so out of touch. The evidence of fraud is abundant. TPTB, have prevented it being put to the public.
      As for The Donald, for sure he is a scumbag, but this is not about him. He displays no loyalty to anyone, (this is well documented).
      And if you have been paying attention Government agencies are not trusted.
      The Law is now a political weapon.

  7. TWITTER & FACEBOOK stocks as of last week are a sell. Their commie ways & ties with the ChiComs are going to cost them ad revenue & loss of stock value. What 3 things drive a stock price up…EARNINGS, EARNINGS, EARNINGS. But Suckerberg will still be a billionaire.

  8. Thats a no shitski mr G.

    “media missing the dots” presactly ! U criminal ! Pre-cog.

    Thats right – this mornings bulletin from FCC – Enforcement Bureau regards
    the kings of setups/coverups -Fumbling, Bumbling Idiots..hello las vegas shooter/sniper – their special bulletin warning about armed protests in 50 state capitals and DC.
    No more protected free speech for amateur licensees – anyone with a amateur radio license is now criminal suspect.

    We absolutely need more Laws,and Regulations to Shut Down this illegal activity – filthy insurrectionist wanna be’s.

    Just like CB radios – used to facilitate all manners of criminal activity back in the day..”breakerbreaker19″

    Dont look here – lookey over there at Freedom/Bitcoin, yeah yeah the Russians and the boogaloo boyz..

    Who woulda thunk it – a “criminal in the woods of east texas”..hear ol creepy is looking for a few good bagmen & women – parttime of course..

    • NO, you need to read what the release was about: Using radio (ham and personal communications – all of it) in the commission of a crime:

      The Enforcement Bureau (Bureau) of the Federal Communications Commission issues this
      Enforcement Advisory to remind licensees in the Amateur Radio Service, as well as licensees
      and operators in the Personal Radio Services, that the Commission prohibits the use of radios in
      those services to commit or facilitate criminal acts.
      The Bureau has become aware of discussions on social media platforms suggesting that certain
      radio services regulated by the Commission may be an alternative to social media platforms for
      groups to communicate and coordinate future activities. The Bureau recognizes that these
      services can be used for a wide range of permitted purposes, including speech that is protected
      under the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Amateur and Personal Radio Services,
      however, may not be used to commit or facilitate crimes.
      Specifically, the Bureau reminds amateur licensees that they are prohibited from transmitting
      “communications intended to facilitate a criminal act” or “messages encoded for the purpose of
      obscuring their meaning.”1
      Likewise, individuals operating radios in the Personal Radio
      Services, a category that includes Citizens Band radios, Family Radio Service walkie-talkies, and
      General Mobile Radio Service, are prohibited from using those radios “in connection with any
      activity which is against Federal, State or local law.”2
      Individuals using radios in the Amateur or
      Personal Radio Services in this manner may be subject to severe penalties, including significant
      fines, seizure of the offending equipment, and, in some cases, criminal prosecution.3
      Media inquiries should be directed to 202-418-0500 or
      To file a complaint with the FCC, visit or call 1-888-CALLFCC. To report a crime, contact your local law enforcement office or the FBI.:

      The advisory has no impact on the free-ranging discussion of the public needs, interests, and concerns that show up nightly on 75-meters and through the claptrap on 14.313

      Take the meds, tell me how to candle power bitcoins…\

      • Power & Bitcoin

        Dude- do Ure self a favor and drop the power&Bitcoin thing.

        EVERYTHING financial will be mute in grid down scenarios – as death and and hunger stalk the land.

        Besides -roughly half of the globe will be “scorched”, the other side of the globe will be fine – shaken and stirred – but still operating and most importantly – producing power..

      • The so called Phones all of the Feeble minds are glued to actually are are adios so why are they not covered in the rulers laws?.

    • “Besides -roughly half of the globe will be “scorched”, the other side of the globe will be fine – shaken and stirred – but still operating and most importantly – producing power..”

      If what you are alluding to is a natural longterm phenomena, then no, there won’t be production of power. You’ll have pockets of stored energy (possibly) for a time, and it’s all gone after that, unless we make a fast track to manufacturing and storing the necessary parts to rebuild later. Everything will have been fried, even those precious things in faraday shielded contraptions. Nothing will escape unscathed after the power unfolds.

      • No joke – in the worst of the worst I have considered a wind machine even though not presently justified due to us being in wind zone 2 (which made the pickens wind farm ideas absurd – but it was more an investment idea than a power producer, anyway…

      • We’re seeing more and more farms of wind turbines sprout up around here. Calm days are the exception rather than the rule in these parts.

        It isn’t all ideal, though. One of the problems with wind power is you have to shut it down if the wind gets over a certain speed to prevent damage to the turbines. That, too, is a common occurrence here. Then, to start it back up you have to give it a shot of juice from the AC power grid, or an onsite generator. If the grid is down or your generator is kaput, they’re just useless machines standing there.

        Here is a fairly concise summary:

      • Watching the turbines on the next ranch over I’ve always seen that the rotors are always moving in a continuous rotation, if ever so slightly, when the blades are feathered not to catch the wind. I’ve always figured it was to keep the main shaft and bearings from sitting on one side long enough to develop a flat side.

  9. “among the worst at using news platforms to drive future events. ”

    I don’t know why this flashed up over that comment.. but the tv show undercover boss and undercover billionaire… LOL well years ago there was a show.. thirty days where a billionaire was put in a city away from his home stripped of his credentials money and influence was to survive by finding housing job etc.. under a false identity.. it lasted six shows.. only one did it.. no camera crews no big production teams… the cameras were either button hole or from a non disclosed space to give it the real test..
    well undercover billionaire show is similar but.. they have a full production crew following this joker around.. and all the regular rigamarole… so my thought was… Ok.. a guy walks in looking for a job.. he has people running around him with a million dollars worth of equipment and says.. I am no one important I need a job.. LOL or I need a place to stay.. LOL… Hell I could do that just from hiring a bunch of people to swarm around me taking pictures and asking for my autograph at a local hangout for celebrities just to get a huge flock of real celebrities acting song etc.. to flock around me.. ( they live in the notice me world.. you take that away and someone they don’t have a clue over is getting that attention.. they will be right there ) I took care of a mother of a celebrity.. a list.. anyway an a list actor ( that I won’t say who it is) was visiting her and got all upset because I wasn’t bugging him.. and he kept saying.. do you know who I am… I finally had to tell him yes and I don’t care who you are.. I have a job to do don’t bug me…
    I think that is why those that have passed me by in the B club liked me.. I didn’t care about what they have.. just who they were inside.. a got a whole lot of crap of my own to worry about that I don’t have time to worry about someone elses crap..

  10. George

    “Lots of aches and pains today”

    Don’t feel alone! I spent Saturday replacing the fuel regulator and thermostat on a 2006 Ford diesel truck that I handed down to my son several years ago. He would normally do the job but Lockheed has him working 12 hour days all week trying to use up all the insulation material ready to hit the expiration date. That material is over a $1000 a gallon and our military needs it.

    Replacing the parts was easy. Getting to them was not! It requires removing many tubes and hoses just to get to the work area. Plus the battery and battery tray and on and on. In all it took about four hours to do thirty minutes of actual repair. As I have written before a Pox on automotive engineers!!!

    The repair was a necessity as a fuel regulator was leaking fuel onto a hot engine and I did not want my son to experience a vehicle fire so I put my aging body thru the muscle fire of strenuous work. At 71++ years it took a full day to recover. Ibuprofen is my friend! So don’t feel alone George as I am a little further down the road of life than you but I still get out there and do what’s needed for the family.

    • My sympathies to you! The only thing worse than working on a powerstroke in a pickup is working on that same engine in a van! Personally, I’d take the Cummins 12V over any comparable engine for reliability and accessibility. There’s no good reason to avoid a straight six engine other than styling. They’re far more maintainable(or should be). I respect automotive engineers – they’ve been given mandates to achieve and maintainability(MTBF and MTTR) are never even mentioned. Styling, on the other hand……

  11. As of Jan 12th, Parlor moved its action to a Sammamish, WA based hosting site –
    “Sammamish-based domain registrar Epik confirmed social media site Parler has moved its domain name to their site. Epik claims they had no advanced knowledge of the change…….
    In a three-page statement released by the Senior Vice President of Communications for Epik, Robert Davis said his company was not aware of any communication between Epik and Parler.

    Epik has made headlines in the past for hosting controversial sites.

    In the summer of 2019, the registrar briefly hosted the controversial message board 8chan, but quickly cut ties after its connection to the El Paso mass shooting

  12. Re your welding: When I was with the Ironworkers Union, we used to call those ‘Gorilla Welds” – ugly, but strong as hell.

      • Arch is best for a A thin row of Dimes. A thin row of Dimes old dude. Ain’t nothing the touch of a grinder can’t fix and light coat of primer.

        Like a scar that holds the flesh together is stronger than the flesh it holds? Same is a good weld. I actually went to school to learn how to “wiggle a stick” as my grandfather who was a platform underwater welder in Alaska used to call it at his Welding school, “Weld Tech” back in the early 80’s out on old North Kenia Road, in Nikiski past the Tasor refinery. I went to college to learn, so I could build better hot rods in my 20’s which landed me in Local 32 the Pipe Fitters Union down in King County for a while where I lopped off my left pointer finger making pipe hangers cutting all thread for the Journey men at Paul Allen’s Private Hanger in south Boeing field. Don’t worry, I had the #1 best surgen in the area sow it back on since my foreman decided to put it in a lunchbox full of Ice. His name was and I shit you not. Dr Hand. Lol

        I figured you would be used to hauling a hundred lb welder around. I thought you had balls that big. Ha ha ha.

        Alright, all right, alright. I gotta go get humble and pray the answer. Have a good day.

        Cue: ~ You don’t have to call me Darlin, Darlin. ~ David Alen Coe

        *extended version with Momma and the Train.

        Speaking of Welding and more coffee,

        Click: Ephesians 5:13! O.K.J.

        • For the light makes all things manifest… had this convo with Elaine last night.
          Aging is, methinks, running down our internal Light.
          Lots of ways to do that…six pack worth of musings…

      • The light around our heads is our halo; beautiful if you can see them. I have seen black halos around people of disrepute, and golden white halos around people you think were of disrepute! Those beautiful halos show off the inner light in a person. Really awesome to see and know their inner nature.

        An Edgar Cayce story: “One day in a large city I entered a department store to do some shopping. I was on the sixth floor and rang for the elevator. While I was waiting for it I noticed some bright red sweaters, and thought I would like to look at them. However, I had signaled for the elevator, and when it came I stepped forward to enter it. It was almost filled with people, but suddenly I was repelled. The interior of the car, although well-lighted, seemed dark to me.

        Something was wrong. Before I could analyze my action I said, “Go ahead,” to the operator, and stepped back. I went over to look at the sweaters, and then I realized what had made me uneasy. The people in the elevator had no auras. While I was examining the sweaters, which had attracted me by their bright red hues—the color of vigor and energy—the elevator cable snapped, the car fell to the basement, and all the occupants were killed.”

        I quoted this from a very good article written from Edgar Cayce’s words about the halo and explanation of colors:

      • Pretty cool stuff. I have the same conversations about stuff like that with the SHG. She actually looks like “I dream of geni.” And she text me at times such as 4:44 pm and says, “4:44 make a wish! ”

        No I won’t tell ya my wish mister.

        Maybe I have “Jin” as a twin flame. Hahahah.

    • For field welding, I much prefer stick. Less stuff to drag around and you can choose the rod in the moment. It’s also less affected by wind than anything involving shielding gas in bottles. In this case, it’s just welding T-posts and rebar, so anything beyond 6011 is overkill.

      I do wonder how the panels hold up in high winds with this setup. Where I am, it’s pretty damn windy when it wants to be!

      • All sets in the spacing of the t-post, Mike. If’n you space ’em on 3-ft centers, I would bet on the panels and not the hurricane.
        My first batch was spaced out a little more – this time I went with 5-foot centers and 40-feet overall length…
        A remarkable wind day here is 30 knots. About 2X that out your way, I reckon.

      • “I do wonder how the panels hold up in high winds with this setup. ”

        A friend put in a ground mount.. when we discussed mounting I suggested a mount exactly like the mount I built when I made my satalite dish. A T-mount but a double T.. instead of square racking on the one post we spread it out. Its two panels deep and twelve panels long.
        Three days after it was up..there was strong straight line winds.
        I had mine on the roof.. the storms took buildings and flipped them sucked windows out of houses and the panels stand strong. The wind turbine mounted on the roof.. same thing.. no issues..
        We have high winds here ..
        To get the technical details and good advice contact jeff at Missouri wind and solar hes tested this stuff under all conditions.. they just took guns to the turbine blades to see how they stood up..
        I have had my system a year or two now.. durable..hail wind and storms.

  13. The inauguration action seems to be most active in states with chronic underemployment, active militia movements, and over-the-top Covid measures. Your analysis is spot on.
    On another note, Fauci says the Johnson and Johnson vaccine is a couple of weeks away from approval. It may be available by the time that widespread release is started in Texas.
    On the amateur radio business, I think the FCC had unlicensed people using the Walmart ‘talkies in mind. Licensed amateurs know the rules. Either that, or the Federales ran out of people with comms to threaten. I have yet to hear a single progressive protest the censorship snd intimidation.

    • Amateur Radio and FCC’s warnings:

      In WW2 Amateur Radio was banned from operation, so there is precedent for restricting radio operations during times of turmoil.

      I highly doubt most (as in 99.99%) of licensed Amateurs would use their radios for anything the government would consider nefarious. There are some obnoxious people on the bands but that doesn’t mean they would use their radios in a way the government would find objectionable.

      MOST of any communication that may be nefarious, from the government’s viewpoint, imo is going to be with the GMRS, illegal higher powered 10 meter radios, and maybe some marine band radios, since that equipment has proliferated to quite an extent and it doesn’t take any special radio knowledge to use. Shoot, fwiw my early Motrola FRS radios even had voice scrambling built into them (5 different scrambling options if I recall correctly – need to dig them out to check) so you couldn’t easily overhear what people were saying which was apparently LEGAL in the early days of FRS radios – there were also some frequency hopping radios for the FRS radio frequencies back then, which was also LEGAL back in the day (fwiw voice scrambling or frequency hopping IS flat out illegal with Amateur Radio except with some of the new approved standards such as Yaesu’s “Fusion” system)

      (Ham since 1966 – though not active last few years – got Extra Class when it first came out, back when you had to do 20 wpm code, but before that had a General license since that was the highest class license available in the 1960’s)

  14. “These include food, housing, income. economic circumstances, in particular.
    So, is there any data on food driving people to despair in this piece? Nope – the word doesn’t appear. ”

    It may not be in that article.. but thinking deeper..40 million on the eviction block.. millions of citizen’s whose income has been destroyed..the broken supply lines and people fighting after toilet paper..
    Many ten grand plus behind and longest lines in history for food giveaways..
    Even though the elements aren’t in the story.. they are present in the country and all around the world.
    I fear there are some really scary times ahead.

  15. Comrades,

    I came across this link via the BBC’s Washington correspondent, Zhaoyin Feng. It’s a disarming report portraying millenial Chinese drifted away from the angst of capitalist, urban work settings into rural commune existences. The website, “Sixth Tone”, makes mention in its “about us” that it is part of Shanghai United Media Group. Wikipedia advises that this is a mouthpiece of the Chinese Communist Party.

      • My sister wants to move to an Amish community.. she lives close by is friends with many of the community members and enjoys.. they go down and sing songs and play instruments every tuesday I believe..

  16. Parler is being hosted by Epik, although they may have done a deal through EasyDNS so they could use easy’s fancy dns stealth porting and shielding tech to make hacks, takedowns, and DDOS attacks (and delisting) nearly impossible.

    “Epik is a leading registrar and web management service for domain name investors and entrepreneurs across the world. With support staff in six continents, Epik provides 24/7 access to a robust domain management platform, a secure escrow service for digital assets, and a portfolio of unique solutions through their technology incubator at Epik Labs.

    Epik is a strong advocate for digital empowerment, and is believed to be the

    first and only company to own and operate the entire stack of technological infrastructure required to power secure and resilient distribution of digital content from end to end.
    (my highlighting added)

    Their best?in?class solutions include registrar management, hosting, cloud services, content delivery networking, denial of service mitigation, VPN solutions, as well as custom application development. ”

    Epik has a bad rep amongst the Leftists, both mainstream and the technocrat wannabees, because they exercise no editorial control whatsoever. It is like

    -= freedom =-

    and that’s something the PTB cannot tolerate. Epik was forced to drop 8chan, an action which encouraged them to acquire an end-to-end structure, so it couldn’t happen again. They host a lot of counterculture and fringe sites, not because they agree with them, but because they don’t force their ideology on their clients — it’s the only place in a Western World that’s falling into hardcore socialism, where an Alex Jones or a Bitchute can exist and be assured they’ll have a reliable Internet ramp…

  17. “Many of the welds are not very pretty at all. So I may go back and reflow some with the oxy-acetylene rig”

    IMO you should’ve started here. A cutting torch is much faster than a cutoff wheel, and when you’re going to weld something back onto the cuts, “pretty” isn’t on the “requirements list.” (I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a “Navy SEAL-sized” acetylene rig — #2 tanks and a backpack harness — for welding in places where a proper-sized rig is impractical or impossible. HF and everybody else sells a #1 set in a carry-bucket. I don’t believe I could do a job like that with 20 cu.ft. of oxygen and tank weight for #2s isn’t that much more…)

  18. Word on the street is there will be no Trump supporters or conservatives at either any protest or any celebration (including the Inauguration.) That doesn’t mean there won’t be idiots, agents provocateur, or antifa shitheads on-site.

    I too am guessing it is an FCC/FBI scare letter aimed at FRS/GMRS (ab)users. Why ARRL sent a warning to us is beyond me. HAMs don’t abuse the privilege, and if somebody latched onto a brace of HTs with which to coordinate unlawful mischief, WE would be the ones best-suited to police our airwaves.

    I can see it now: Hundreds of volunteers out in the field with the Hallicrafters S-30s they always hoped, but never believed they’d be able to put to use…

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