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As you may know, the topic of Peoplenomics this weekend was a purely hypothetical solution to the devastating consequences of an economic collapse that would involve the mass euthanizing of Americans.

As happens so often, what is envisioned in our report is being overtaken by events revealing themselves on the web.

This weekend, writer Dr. Bill Weld has released documents which allege that the Defense Advanced Projects Agency (DARPA) has an active program in place which is releasing nano-devices into American food and water supplies and that by January of 2014 (less than 3-months from now) more than 98% of the US population will be effected.

While we cannot attest to the accuracy of the report, the idea seems to be that once dispersed, the nano-devices which could theoretically operate at the cellular level, could be activated by radio transmissions from such sources as cell phone towers and airborne drones.

The balance of the article is available here, along with links to purported documents.  What this means if true is that the government has developed an illegal KILL SWITCH  with which to attack its own population. 

We leave it to you to discern whether the report is accurate, although the economic rationale for a planned die-off of humans, does make unfortunate actuarial sense as outlined in our hypothecated outlook for Peoplenomics readers.

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