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A special Sunday note here:  What a weekend so far(!)  The good news is that I have gotten most of the changes done and if you’ve gotten this far, you’ll be pleased, I hope with the results.

I don’t like change, anymore than the next guy.  Especially when it involves rolling out of bed at 3AM and working like crazy to make sure things happen in as seamless a way as possible.  But it needed to be done because so many people are moving to Androids and such – new computing which doesn’t have the same amount of screen-space as the older desktops that a lot of folks use.  So, as of this morning, if you send a link to UrbanSurvival to someone, they will be able to see it on the iWhatevers and it will still make some sense.

In fact, the logo and most of the other page elements are now behaving moderately, well.  If you want to see how it works, all you need to do is take your browser out of the full screen display and then drag one of the sides in.  If your display is like most (now) you should see the logo and other screen elements move around in order to give you the easiest access to content.

You’ll have to pardon me if the posts over the next couple of weeks change a bit in tone.  That’s because I’m having to learn a whole new way of writing.  No more will I be in the bowels of HTML code at the same time as writing.  The interface now is a simple writing program which has handy link insertion tools and such which promise to make life more interesting while I go through a good bit of “personal reprogramming.”

Most of the links on the site are the same as before, and I elected to leave the existing WordPress installation where it was because I know a lot of people have shared links and if I were to move it, those would also have gone away.  So that’s a good thing.

It wasn’t smooth, despite a lot of planning:  One reason is that the backup and restore program I was planning to use didn’t want to run on my server farm…I know, a personal issue, but you might enjoy looking under the technological “sheets” now and then.  So about 4-hours into that attempt, I decided to do a direct migration…but even that blew up and all of my remaining content disappeared.  Just the thing to get the old ticker going.

Eventually, after restoring the site from a back-up copy on the server-side, I was able to get a skeleton of the site working, but it then refused to let me it.  Just like a scene from a bad crime drama “You got a warrant?”  In software, that would be five tries on the server and then it throws you out, even if you think you own the place.

But that was then, and this is now…seems like it is working well enough, now. (Knock on wood!)

The fonts which you’re used to seeing on the Urban site’s HTML displays should be consistent now…and you can go to the little “search site” box in the upper right hand corner and see how many times I’ve used the words “Fearless Leader” or “fools on the hill.”  This should make it much easier for the prosecution to come after me under the coming political correctness laws which seem bound to make honest, open inquiry a crime.  And it’s coming faster than most care to admit.

Several more innovations will be along shortly, including a “find it on Amazon” box as well as a link to download the sample copy of Maxa Cookie Manager, which you can do here until I get that part dialed in.

For your dining and dancing pleasure, there are also convenient little arrows all over the place that programmers call breadcrumbs which will direct you to the next article, or the one before it, if you’re inclined to read more.

There will be a bit less clutter, as we trust you’ll go hit the “Ure’s Books” tab up on the top of the menu structure to find out if I can make sense for more than a few minutes at a time.  There’s still some debate on this point, admittedly.

But enough about this “roll-over” to higher tech stuff…we’ll get down to the serious job of actually writing columns with it tomorrow. 

Have a great (whatever’s left of) the weekend…

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