A Visit to the Woo-Woo Department

While Peoplenomics’ main focus is economics, there’s a secondary focus on “living well.” We reckon part of that to be doing a fair bit of “spiritual work.”   Going into those realms in an unavoidable future problem for everyone.

Today, we will dabble our toes in the waters of a “Grand Unified Theory of Everything” (*GUTE) which, thanks to the Navy anti-gravity patents, has begun to come into view.  It is, though, a bit like “sticky tumblers” in a lock sometimes.

As part of this “Escape Room Earth” approach, we will update you on some of our “light crown” work and walk you through some of our upcoming research plans. More important, though, is the progress of The Chronicle Project which has quietly taken-down its website even as their research continues to fill in more of the past.

After a few headlines and today’s charts, of course.  This is one of those rare reports where rather than focus “on the money you can’t take with you,” we instead focus on where we go next

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George Ure
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23 thoughts on “A Visit to the Woo-Woo Department”

  1. Hey G –

    Thinking about the LC Project.

    I think the pre-flood atmosphere was different than post-flood. If this is the case, the Sun would have been a different color than today due to he atmospheric filtering. A different color sun would affect the color of light coming through the jewels.

    You need a people-sized vacuum chamber, With this you can step in and attempt to emulate the pre-flood atmospheric conditions. I don’t now how to figure out the gas balances since the flood was so long ago.

    But also realize that your cells have grown in the post-flood atmosphere so may no longer be designed to accept light in the same ways as the ancients.

    Since white mice breed so quickly. You could miniaturize a vacuum chamber and grow generations of mice in it…. then respectfully shoot lasers at them. Note the reactions.

  2. Dougt Vogt has a reasonably interesting and science/history/forensics based missive that indicates the earth experienced a cataclysmic extinction level event (ELE) about 12,041 years ago, and will undergo another one in the next 27 years or less. His information is spread out through a multitude of books and YouTubes, but his best work on the science behind it all is summarized in his book “God’s Day of Judgment.” On Amazon.

    The forensics as published by Doug Vogt indicates that ALL stars in the cosmos go micro-nova at exactly the same time every 12,068 years. The evidence of the past six events are in the book, including the discoveries of isotopes on the moon that confirm the cycle of events. And the subsequent cancellation of the Apollo project from that finding.

    It would be extremely beneficial to know and discuss the 14 Timing Markers in the SDH. My research indicates that the prophetic sequence of events will begin around or during the Feast of Trumpets next year, and will be complete 11-12 years from now. Likewise, my observation of political, cultural, economic, social (etc) events line up and synchronize with that window.

    By the way, Doug Vogt thinks we have approximately 27 years to the micro-nova. I disagree with his interpretation method, but not his science. 12 years is a maximum, which is much closer to Chris Tyreman’s estimate. Unfortunately, it means AoC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) might have been right about the earth ending in 12 years, even if her reasoning was completely flawed!

  3. How can I get a hold of Chris and his team? As a Christian, I am interested in reading about their work and seeing about helping. Maybe making a new, more accurate translation of God’s word. This looks amazing. I am seriously interested in learning more.

  4. Looks like the Earthquake is a no go, must be something different. Have a hard time sorting everything out. I give it my best go. Sometimes i am wrong. Im human. Sometimes i am right, at decrypting and deciphering the data around me in the world. I get numbers and stuff from the most peculiar places sometimes. Like finding all them little stars. And i have no idea what the hell it means, so I ask.

    Im not big on YouTube videos either George. Just seemed relevant to the data i was picking up on.

    Had quite a go with a few women yesterday. Apparently the scale house girl thought i made a lude gesture to her, which i didnt. Im not interested in a chubby little 23 year old, and her boss called my boss and almost got me suspended for 3 days. But my boss knows me well and he knew i wasn’t in any shape or form making lude hand gestures to her. The the Coy from Texas got all her panties in a bunch when i decided not to persue further dialog with her. Told me to “fck off” 3 times and called me average at best and stupid. Hows that for a spiritual being? Just because she didnt make the cut. Im many things, “stupid” and “average’ arent among them. I didnt raise my voice and i didnt hammer her back. I just laughed and told her i hope her the best in life. “Bless those who curse you”. Sorta deal. She was reaaaaaly hoping id come visit her in Texas. B!tch first off you got a fiancee, second you’re pullin trix on the side. What part of any of that looks appealing to a Man such as myself. Fun for a night? Who cares about dat. Im interviewing for something long long term. Plus she doesn’t know i knew she was just a “handler”, zipper wrangler if ya will. I dont fault her for it. Just dont have time and energy for such women.

    I have been working on ‘creative manifestation’ all day. Just gonna lay low this weekend. I got #8888 the other day, havent seen that in a while. And a #777. Lots and lots of 777’s. Now how things read in my world is, #777 means cash out, full stop in the house of sin. You got lucky, time to walk. So, im processing all that.

    Think 8m head up to twin lakes with my lawn chair and finish that book i been reading bout them Egyptian aristocracy people and maybe finish my big TOE. I read the first halves, and i digest for a while and then read the rest later.

    Sure be nice to manifest $100 million. Just an idea, Im super good at reading things, pretty much a novice at manifeston, though. It happens every now and then, could happen today. Im more of a take action and leave the results in God’s hands kinda fella. Cant fault me for being human and wanting an abundance of good stuff.

    Talked to the I-ching, says im in a period of Good Fortune. Talked to the 4 leaf clover and it said a great treasure is coming to me. Talked to the cards said the same thing and i talked countless people around me who keep saying it is so. So i guess we will see..

    Idk, i understand the principle’s of manifestation. Application is another thing. Just like i understand the spiritual principles and i got the application of them down super good. I get they are no differnt than any other tools. No different then a hammer, #4 screw driver, a tac to a bang energy drink. Black cherry vanilla is the super yummiest one.

    Im gonna be quiet for a while. Its For realz this time. Its may 4th. May the 4th be with me. Lol.

    Any help with manifestation ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    On to grab a book, a pen and paper. See ya later alligator.

    • Think i will head up to warm beach for the evening and chill in my lawn chair, i bought a notebook at the thrift store a few weeks back. Just a green ringed blank notebook. Only reason I decided to buy it for $0.99 was someone who had it before wrote “math” and 4 infinity symbols on the front of it. Pretty cool.

      Been a long long time since i have done any journalism. Isnt what they mean by “journal” ing.? Chronicle’s of the Journey, what journalists are supposed to do. Journaling is something i used to do daily. Been about 3 and a half years since i have put pen to paper.

      Seems like a good idea today.

      After while crcrocodile!

    • Andy – “God’s Creative Power for Finances” by Charles & Annette Capps on Amazon for $2.49 on Kindle.


      I found this when I was looking at the book George recommended in Peoplenomic’s from the same author which I bought. I found over the year’s that God will not assist in Stock Market or Lottery profits, so don’t waste your time on those 2.

      Also, “Baron Trump’s Marvelous Underground Journey” was an excellent read.

      • Oh thank you E.C.S.!!!! God will now assist me in both. Lol Never tell God what He Can or can not do, what He Will or will not do. I have learned time and time again, Never under estimate God’s propensity to use anything at his disposal to aid those He loves. I can not escape His love, His blessing, i can not fail enough that Gods love and blessing wont reach me. I can not hinder, trip up, or stall God from bessing me, giving me anything, fulfilling His purpose, i can not choose the wrong numbers, i can not go to the wrong place, i can not say the wrong thing or do the wrong thing that will keep the Hand of God from reaching me. I cant out think God. That much i know is certain. I cant out give God, i can not Hide from God. I can not out run God or His word or his financial gifts. Even the mistakes i make are accounted for and when God gives, it is so. I can not contend with God, i can not limit God anymore than I can limit the birth of a galaxy.

        My God wields both Life and Death. By all rites, i should have been dead a long long time ago. I mean this is the truth. I have had eleven NDE’s. 11!!!! Boy Howdy, 2 is alot and I have had eleven! Thats 3 more than any cat! So, thank you! Thank you very much.

        I saw God on the Mountain yesterday and He smiled at me. He didnt say anything. He usually doesnt. Then I saw the Angel with His Helmet, Cloak and spear, and the Gold light encompasses Him. Ready to make war. It was a very very powerful moment. Even took a picture and sent it to G in an email. When i was leaving the mountain, i saw a car that had a licence plate that said G -Vibes.

        Im reminded of John 13:32.

        “If God is Glorified in Him, God will aslo also glorify Him in Himself, and will glorify Him immediately”.

        And that my friend, is where my confidence is. Not in my lame abilities at reading things etc. Etc. Im a speck on a speck. LOL!

        The Lord of Host’s, smiled on me. That doesnt happen every day. ;)

      • I saw a relevant thread over on a prophesy website from a commentor who goes by the handle “Any”:


        Go to the presorted comments and read from the top. My analysis follows below:

        “Any” made a bad trade based on information she got off a non-financial website which was misinterpreted (I believe the source of the info is probably blameless in this). Life experience tells me that one shouldn’t trade off one information source, especially non-financial sources.

        The second mistake was made when “Any” took out a bank loan to cover the cost of the trade. This is called unconventional trading on the margin. “Any” is outside the US, so it is unclear whether the transaction was legal. A large component of the 1929 market crash in the US was due to individuals buying stocks on margin who were caught in margin calls when the markets tanked. Since then, margin buying is heavily regulated in the US. Individuals still skirt regulation by running up credit card debt, taking out second mortgages, and taking out loans under false pretense. Don’t expect a bankruptcy judge to cut you any slack if you go under while engaging in unconventional margin trades. Worst case, you get a criminal referral for felony fraud.

        Moving on, the fund “Any” purchased was an ETF whose strategy is to short the market. ETF’s are extremely volatile during market excursions, and I personally don’t get involved with them any more. I got burned once when I put a set-stop on an ETF fund so that when a flash crash occurred, the fund sold automatically at a deep discount, causing me a loss. This, of course, is life experience, not financial advice. Short funds are for the financially wary, not newbies trading on margins.

        I wonder worldwide how many financial newbies out there are in, or about to be in, the situation that “Any” has fallen prey to. Composite individual bad financial planning leads to massive social consequences at a later date. Maybe we are there now.

        And the leftists continue to circle.

      • Andy- if you are planning to get divine intervention on a lotto ticket, then you only need to drop $3.00 on the winning game. A non-confirmation will be a reason to reexamine your interpretation of your vision.

      • Andy – don’t drop more than $3.00 on the lotto ticket. A non-confirmation might be a sign you need to reevaluate your interpretation of your vision. I can’t recall a tale of a prophet coming back off the mountain wealthy. Did your vision include any horses?

  5. Most likely, anti-gravity technology now that it’s existence has been officially announced by the Navy Patent will need a massive amount of semiconductor chips similar to the need by AI, blockchain, & Internet of Things which should help drive chip stocks higher.

    As I previously mentioned, this anti gravity technology was observed in a triangle shaped UFO sightings by Art & Ramona Bell in Pharump, NV in the 90’s, not far from Area 51. Why is the Navy bringing it out now? Why the Navy?

    • Take a look at SOXX if you’re interested in ‘placing a bet’ on this anticpated growth in the semiconductor market.

  6. As I previously mentioned Art & Ramona Bell while driving in the desert in Pharump, NV, not far from Area 51, saw a triangle shaped, anti gravity powered UFO fly over them at @ 20 mph. Only anti gravity could support this slow air speed.

    This Navy’s anti gravity patent was the final square peg in a round hole to convince me that UFO’S are not aliens visiting us. Aliens are like Bigfoot, the camera is always out of focus. No proof. SETI has never heard anything except by Jodie Foster & that was a movie.

    What we are seeing with this patent is the Military’s Phase 2. Not sure what is is, but Phase 1 allowed the Military to fly anywhere in the world as a UFO. They set up the UFO industry to allow them to operate in secret & with no restrictions, just how they like it.. What have they done…cattle mutilaions, crop circles, human abductions, etc. Why can’t you legally own a piece of a crashed UFO & why is the Military all over UFO mishaps…because it belongs to the military. How many other governments are involved, or do we just scare them into silence with this power?

    I suggest MUFON take a new direction – PHASE 2, What is it?. None of the UFO reporting groups get along anyway because they can’t agree on anything because nothing they are recording is what they think it is. Another proof of the Military’s success during Phase 1 as the Puppetier.

    Determining what Phase 2 is the key.

    It’s all nuts, but so is world domination. Maybe this is why PT is setting up the Space Force branch of the military, but I doubt even the President has the clearance necessary to know all the facts.

  7. Hey, it occurred to me journaling that “life” may be one big ‘interview process’ to see if we get the job on the otherside.

    Makes sense!

    Yeah like everyone thinks its about the bonus “streets paved with gold” and or “72 virgins” or the “benifits parcel”, but what if its really about the “employment position”

    What if “life” is just one big interview process? Hmmmmm

    Aiet ninja’s! Duces!

    Infinitly NOW!

    • I may try this ‘fasting’ thing. Never done it before. Seems kinda silly. But it has comenup a fee times innths last few days.

      Faaaaaasssstttting? Hmm Fa-sting.

      • Ok, im off to the Mountain. I went to church today. First time in 9 months. All these dudes, Jeus, Moses, Noah, Abraham, Muhammad, Zoroster, I think Bhuda, Kristna, Dali Lama all had one thing in common. They went to the Mountain and spoke with God.

        I dont expect anything. Im just gonna do what they did. I dont know when i will be back. Quake date is set for 18th. I got mexico too.

        Im going to turn off any and all distractions and input and put on supernatural “head phones” for a while. Dive in the deep end, so to speak.

        Hope that Bear isnt for me when i go off trail to find God and have a talk with him. I have no idea how long im even going to be on the Mountian. Just gonna bring a bottle of water, pen and paper and my gerber combat knife.

        A day trip or 7 days or 2 weeks. I dont know.

        Done crazier stuff in my life.

        Already prayed for y’all.. and already said good bye couple times now.

        Until we meet again old people..

  8. Also consider, all governments have a DEEP STATE that operates in total darkness & in secret. They are their own separate world. They talk among each other & control what information about their operations can be made public, must be kept secret, or info used to confuse & lie (no morals). Country leaders may or may not be part of the group. You can be sure PT is not a member. I would assume the USA is the bully leader of this group & death or worse is the result for those who don’t comply. In effect, it is a World Government lead by the bully USA. It is the only thing that makes sense. A World Government controls & has kept us out of WW III. Is it worth it?

    • ECS, you have excellent understanding of the issues involved in our world. The problem is that 95% of the world’s population acts like cattle, and/or sheep, or perhaps like geese. How will you lead if you’re elected in (so called!!) charege of this mess?! Just look at the headlines in MSM and intelligent people would give up.

      • Bruno: That is exactly what they want….for you to fall In line or give up. Unfortunately the “give up” went out the door when PT was elected President. So they proceeded to destroy PT to let the peons know this won’t be tolerated..

  9. I was wondering whether I still should post anything ?!

    There is NO “Woo-Woo” outside of you yourself — you ARE the universe, is it so difficult to comprehend this?

    P.s. I feel good about myself, because I restored 1 old HP laptop to the state where it left the factory, and afer abt. 2 hours I have again a perfect (like new!!!) laptop.

    I know, for the youngsters among you, it may not mean much?! To me it has meant a lot; and I thank HP for this wonderful feature that was incorporated within HP’s system. (One old Toshiba still to go) Age does make a difference, IMHO, of course.

  10. I’m really sorry to hear that The Chronicle Project website went away. I don’t have time to read and ponder everything, but knowing it was there meant that I could check it out, time permitting. I can’t download everything – and then there’d be a S/N problem anyway. I’d hoped to get to it in the finite future. Now it seems that regardless, the future may be very finite!

    Today’s article was worthwhile, and the links are helpful. Thanks.

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