A Simple “Brain Amplifier” Project

OK, you’re wonder, what is a “brain amplifier?”

Well, odds are good you’re reading this on some kind of a computer and they are definitely “brain amplifiers” but few people use them as they could be used to do things like, oh, make better stock trades and such. 

Instead, people tend to take off-the-net software, plug in some really basic configuration nonsense and call it “an application.”

While that works for Social Media and a few goodies like that, they are not likely to make you any richer financially and they will almost certainly withdraw a lot of your time from your life bank of that stuff.

So this morning a rap about “Bain Amplifiers” and how to apply a little Peter Drucker to the time we walk around.

So in order to really begin to take more control of our lives and outcomes, let’s bean-up and move along to some headlines and our charts…

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George Ure
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4 thoughts on “A Simple “Brain Amplifier” Project”

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  2. A thought about bees. For years I’ve made a habit of planting annual flowers in with my veggies. Then in beds of shrubbery, etc. around the perimeter of the garden perennials are planted. These don’t have to be replaced every season. Flowers and veg. blossoms attract not only bees, but butterflies and hummingbirds.
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