A Quick Way to Chart Stocks

With the stock market closing the week in record high country, we focus today on ways to tell when we have started to turn down. One of the simplest tools to use are simple trend channel lines.

If you have a spreadsheet program which some chart tools, you can skip the technical 2 or 3 standard deviation calculations and simply eyeball what can be very useful trend changes.

Before we do that, however, a few headlines including a few comments on the “peach” show trial which spend who knows how much taxpayer money Friday heading from someone who had know knowledge of anything having to do with the Trump phone call to the Ukrainian president.

Here,. all this time, we though the fishing season closed for the winter.  Our bad.  But, then again, we’re not members of the attempted coup in progress, 

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George Ure
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16 thoughts on “A Quick Way to Chart Stocks”

  1. Its ALL fake – nothing we can do about it – therefore..Party On, just remember the Exits from the Market (s) will be Clogged Up and or Blocked Up. Good luck getting a Sell Order In and Executed during a Corrective Move/Crash..

    George – doesn’t anyone remember when diplomatic quid pro quo was Preferable to Open Hostilities? In fact quid pro quo was sin qua non of Diplomacy.

    Of course Diplomats never were honest people to begin with, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone to find that the rationalism for their own Necessity was a LIE.

    Have U seen the latest numbers on Auto Loan Default Rates ? Echo of subprime debacle..?

    Got Silver ?

    • I just saw the exact same quote re: quid pro quo….sin qua non posted on Ace of Spades by krakatoa.

      Hmm…….one and the same?

      I enjoy George’s site and Ace’s site equally. First two I go to every day.

      • Exactly – thanx for fixing/citing krakatoa’s credit – give credit where credit is due Dept.

  2. “just remember the Exits from the Market (s) will be Clogged Up and or Blocked Up”

    Like Oct 19, 1987 Black Monday. The Exchanges couldn’t handle the volume. Sell orders were executed at the low of the day, which wasn’t good. But if ignored Back Monday & held, the Market more than recovered almost immediately.

  3. It’s strange that history may again be repeating itself. All you Trumpers are feeling pretty good because of the economy. And, for those of us, including myself, who actually benefit from a strong stock market, we are very pleased with that.

    However, what about the lower middle-class in the heartland? I have family there and they are none too pleased. How are they faring? John Deere and Caterpillar are cutting jobs. In Pennsylvania, the manufacturing sector lost 8,100 jobs, North Carolina lost 7,700 jobs and Wisconsin lost 6,500 jobs. Trump won those swing states by less than 5%. Throw in Michigan with a loss if 4,700 jobs. That right there is the difference in a win or a loss. Trumps support is thread bare.

    In addition, Want ads for Production managers are down 72%, machine operators 64%: and assembly line workers, 32%

    In 2016, the Hated Hillary thankfully lost due to her ignoring the heartland manufacturing trends. Will Trump assume his base is strong in those swing states and make the same mistake in 2020?

    People are losing patience with Trump’s obsession with himself and not the people he elected. He thinks that he can just show up at a rally in these states, pay people to attend…make a fool of himself and repeat his comedy schtick and everything will be alright…In the end, they all still have to put food on the table.

    George, if any candidate conservative or MOR can take your advice and just say”We can do better”, then Trump is toast. Unfortunately, many GOP politicians are too weak minded to take on Trumps bullying, Kompromant tactics.

    The best choice then may be Bloomberg, a former Republican and real Billionaire that WILL prove it through his tax returns, and Buttegieg, an ex military vet, heartland resident and the smartest guy in the room centrist that can take that stance. Both are trending. Nobody really wants Warren, Sanders and especially Obama holdover Biden.

    And Trump will have a hard time bullying either of Bloomberg or Mayor Pete. Bloomberg has inside knowledge of Trump and his crooked deadlines in New York…which is probably part of his motivation for running. Buttegieg uncovers a whole new multiple set of problems for Trump. First, he is ex military and unlike McCain, was not captured…so there’s nothing to attack…Trump doesn’t want to anger the Troops and their supporters. Second and much more sensitive, he is Gay. Attacking him is attacking the gay community and there are plenty of gay Republicans and pretty much all women that may turn on Trump if he goes that route.

    Maybe that’s the ticket Bloomberg/ Buttegieg.

    • Now you’re onto the crookedness in American politics. Why, this is heartening!
      You outline the problem by example: Anyone who is against Buttegieg. is made out to be anti-gay!

      See how this digital mob rule works, yet? Your “whole deal” you get elected for is not Latino or gay, or trans, or anything of the sort. It’s about running government as intended – not lumping and grouping like you’re suggesting.

      We went off the rails with Obama. Because the left was already attacking with “If you’re against Obama, you’re a racist!” In fact, when people like me said no, sending billions to Iran and elsewhere was bullshit, we did so at great personal risk.

      I’m pretty sure that some websites labeled as racist and hate groups by the SPLC (another left wing monetization, since I don’t see them defending anyone right of middle left) have done nothing more that taken positions based on philosophy and actions.

      And yet, social media now lumps anyone against Buttegieg as a gay-hater.

      I eat steak, therefore I’m a climate criminal? See how it works? (Won’s be sharing the weekend T-bone with you, sorry. Don’t want a cow fart to be blamed on Mark, do we?)

      This is the stuff (crooked labeling) that violence arises from. Especially when the lefties are out to steal the assets of the middle of the road. You have read the Warren theft plans, right? And you know where Bernie is…and Bloomberg is no moderate when the lights of the cameras are off…

      • I don’t disagree with you George. It is what it is though. Has been for generations. Nothing is different. We are victims of our own progress. It’s just the speed of the information that has changed. Technology has just put information into hyperdrive and we have the ability to react quicker…and sometimes quicker is not better.

        We make snap decisions because that’s how our information is fed to us in short, quick 280 character bites. Should we slow down and savor, it should we just step it up and get smarter. I choose and have adapted to the latter….but I live in that world. Others may choose to savor and that’s ok. Bottom line, we all need to be smarter about who we support and who we listen to.

        About Mayor Pete…I don’t think that anyone that is against him will be considered anti-gay. That’s an overreaction. I am more concerned, and rightfully so based on his Presidential precedent….(Trump thinks the two words are the same based on many past tweets), that he will say something stupidly crass and anti-gay. This man has no filter and personally, back where I come from in the heartland, guys like him got punched in the face a lot for saying stupid sh#*.

      • Amen brother. You nailed it again. The “crooked labelling” and hypocrisy of the left is what is driving this thing off the rails. It is not just dividing the country, it is hardening positions into granite.

        Curiously, with the 24/7 Trump hating rhetoric that comes out of CNN and in spite of the fact we are forced to watch it in every airport, Fox news still tops the viewer polls (more than twice CNN). Somebody is voluntarily listening to the other side!

        I supposed it will all get sorted out in November 2020 but it is going to be a hell of a rough ride. Politics has sadly become a blood sport.

    • Insinuating that Trump is responsible for the rape of the American heartland is about as interesting a piece of corporate brown shirt propaganda as I have heard to date. I would suggest that your coastal billionaire buddies sending their manufacturing offshore, and flying in B!B professional office worker scabs in mass to do their domestic dirty work might be a more plausible source of the pillage. For members of congress, especially from those coastal enclaves, to have family members actively involved should be a national scandal. But of course, it is more important for brown shirt corporate media whores to protect their corporate cronies than it is to protect their fellow citizens, so the MSM avoids these topics in the name of promoting corporate globalization. This corruption, and MSM support, is a threat to the Republic. You will need to explain how Bloomberg has represented the interests of the American heartland in his media empire before anyone outside of the coastal port enclaves is going to buy his presidential candidacy, or your endorsement.

      • Debt and bad weather are taking a heavy toll on the agricultural sector. I am hearing farmers I know complain because they think that agricultural commodity prices are being manipulated to keep prices down even with supply shortages, but they aren’t having any problem selling crops at decent prices. It is could be that they are not factoring in reduced demand from the trade sanctions.
        Crop failures begat foreclosures and used equipment sales, which puts pressure on the new equipment manufacturers. The trade war is just one factor in the list of woes in the agricultural sector. What I am hearing from farmers is not good, but it doesn’t really match the Bloomberg spin.

  4. George, our good blogger, I see your comment section as a poll where we Americans stand on the issues of today. Much better than those who go out polling with questions that are contrived to get a desired response. Sure we got a couple of speed bumps here, while I disagree with them to the very core of my being, but only with freedom of speech for everyone, am I allowed to be free. I am encouraged by the overwhelmingly support for Trump, vs those who are not,,,here in this playground
    This is an interesting playground you have here, with a wide variety of interesting topics

    • I do it because it’s the high road. We don’t have a big social following because we refuse to be held hostage by the Digital Uprising and Soft Think.
      Thanks for visiting!

  5. Tulsi Gabbard is the best candidate for President. I don’t understand why she’s not getting more traction. I guess she’s too nuanced. Doesn’t appeal to the angry feminists, the Forever War military industrial scam, the free money for everyone Warren scam. She’s just too sensible for America.

    • I don’t disagree with Tulsi Gabbard either James. Another war vet, Sensible, Middle of the road…may lean a bit right of the Dem code…and wears a huge badge of honor for the being the brunt of horrific comments from the hated Hillary.

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