A Personal “Accident Chain”

Ure on 3-Day Injured List

I don’t have accidents often.  The last “mishap” of any potential was back in our flying days.  And it was while studying  that when the concept of “Accident Chains” was drilled into me.

A flying story first to kinda “set the table.”

About 9-years ago, Elaine and I were on one of our transcons and we’d come out of Missoula, Montana from a fuel stop.  It was a picture-perfect day to fly a single-engine over the Rockies.

We began our descent into Spokane at Lake Coeur d’ Alene.  As always, I set up for a stabilized approach, but then the Tower can on.  “Beech 1-2 Lima, please keep your speed up, we’ve got a propjet right behind you.  Land long if you can but there’s construction at the west end of the runway and crossing jet traffic…”

Up went the speed.   There went the stabilized short-field landing.  I came in hotter than I’d wanted but noticed the left brake was “soft.”

An aircraft shop found the problem – pin-hole line leak.  A hose and brake fluid and 2-hours of monkey-motion and a quarter of an Airplane Unit ($250; 1 airplane unit = $1,000.  Like boat units…)

The First Chain Was Complete

So we take off from Spokane and head west to see my buddy the Major in Gig Harbor, Wa.  Before take-off, I had noted that “Gee, that left brake is sure a lot more sensitive.  Make a mental note to go light on braking when we land…”

Sunny mid-day landing, light (gusty) winds out of the north, which was about down the runway heading.

As we flared, I paused while waiting for the gear to “load up” a bit…and then began to brake.  Intent on making the first turn-off

That was Chain #2.

In order to do that, applying moderate braking, the left brake grabbed like hell and slew the aircraft off the runway and toward to (OMG, don’t hit one of those field lights!).

As I fought to dodge the field lights, now we were onto wet grass…and braking was like being on ice.  Which, by my reckoning was?

Accident Chain #3.

Eventually, I got back on pavement (like nothing happened),  cleared the runway.  And just sat there on the taxiway for a minute or two remembering what went wrong.

  • I had work done at a new shop where I didn’t know (and hadn’t been flying with) the A&P mechanic.
  • I’d also failed to do “hard test braking” after having the brakes serviced.
  • Muscle memory applies to left (clutch) leg.
  • And I got too committed to taking the first turn-off at KTIW.  The second one would have been closer to the ramp, anyway.

The Ure family luck was running strong that day.  Some ribbing from  the Major but sandwiches and beer followed and no damage to anything…

Saturday’s Accident Chain

I was on a roll Saturday morning.  I’d picked up some trash. When you have 30-acres, it’s amazing how stuff just “shows up” in the yard.  Critters carry off paper cat bowls and so forth.

While heading for the burn barrel, I remember what was going through my head.

“… Next thing I’ll do, after putting this trash in the  burn barrel is put that vertical antenna out of the walk-way.  Hmmm.. I haven’t measured it, so I really ought to do that before I put it up.  On the pipe racks of the out-building or lay it on the roof?  I need to fire up the antenna modeling software….OHHHH  SHIIITTTT!!!”

Right then, I realized that I had tripped and was falling.  Gravity was still in charge. Left foot hit a hunk of 6-by-6 I’d been pondering some use for.   It was out of my field of vision, though, because I was wearing new glasses that came in this week. Wasn’t used to the bottom of frame’s “blind spot.”  Twisted the knee good, for sure.

That’s How They Work:  An Accident Chain!

After seeing stars for a moment, or two, I hobbled over to the house where Princess Elaine directed me to my recliner and brought out the ice with instructions not to go move for at least a half-hour.

Of course, sunny 60-degree weekend days are not for such sloth.  I was back at things in 10-minutes, or so.

This Morning?  Bad Decision

Took a good 45-minutes to get rolling this morning:  Did 20-minutes of red-light therapy on the now slightly puffy left knee.  That killed most of the pain.  What was left was run-off by a couple of ibuprofens and two cups of coffee, plus some vitamins.

Study of the “accident chain” leading to this was interesting:

  • What was the 6-by-6 hunk doing there?  (Bad short-cut George, you idiot!)
  • Why were you not more in the present moment?  (Mindfulness, idiot!)
  • Elaine knows more about injuries, having been a trainer, gym rat, and masseuse.  (Yeah, fool:  Why don’t you listen to her?)
  • Was there something wrong with the  old glasses?  (No excuses about ‘getting used to them’  — can’t BS Ureself, you know… )

hate being at less than 150% of capacity.  I will be doing more “sitting projects” than intended today.

But the worst part of all being old (not that 71.9 really is) is when I go for my ‘six-month service check’ with my primary care doc next month, I know what’s coming:

Have you had any falls?”

Answer #1:   “Well, there I was, working on antenna designs while hauling trash to the burn barrel and wearing new glasses and I tripped on a hunk of 6-by-6  I’d been too lazy to move and figured I get to it someday….

Answer #2:  “No.”

You make the call.

Todays Big Takeaway:

Accidents are not usually one thing.  They’re usually a bunch of small things. Sort of like  Lifetime Piling Up.  But without the rap sheet or blue lights.

Hip Replacement For Elaine

Another health issue came into focus for us this week.  Went to see an orthopedic surgeon since Elaine has started having increased hip pain.  Diagnosis?

I see a lot of patients who think they need hip replacement, began the doc.  “But on a scale of 1 to 5 – with 1 being “you’ll need it some day” and 5 being “let’s get this done NOW”  you’re a 5…”

Since we have a reasonable Medicare Advantage Plan, it won’t be a financially devastating event.  What’s more, hip replacements aren’t as big a deal as once were.  Doc figures a 40-minute operation.  But, we found out, he explained if someone’s fat (like really really) it can take up to twice as long.

One of these days (CV shutdowns and so forth, aside) we will go to a “seminar” where we’ll be trained on what to expect.  More importantly,  they will figure out if we can write a check for the balances due at the end of it.

“Everything is a Business Model” after all.

My younger sister had hips replaced a few years back.  And even after being thrown off a horse 6-months after surgery (I know…“What was she doing on a horse?”  Riding….) no issues.

Elaine’s expecting the same or better, but not leasing her a horse for a 6-month warranty test!

Sunday In The Shop

3D printer is printing.  Set up of the CR-10 planned this week. 

Parts are on the way for an old Sears radial arm saw (113.19771) being restored.  Found the cutting table dimensions on line – I’ll be doing 3/4″ plywood for that.  And some poly on that to reduce table tear-out.

Changing power around for the big built-in shop vac.  I’ll put it on a 20-amp compressor circuit that’s barely used, except when the window a/c unit is on in the summer.  Cut list work will need to be done before 10 AM when it’s hot again.  (Soon?  Please?)

Garden parts are in hand for what may be a larger example of environmental failure this year.  (Elaine has the green thumb, which is why the hips are important.  I mean besides the  shimmy-shimmy cocoa-bop and pole-dancing…part.)

Next weekend, a retrospective on Surplus Stores…

For now, more coffee and drugs sounds good.  Drugs…yeah…

Write when you can walk,


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  1. Hey!
    (is for horses)
    Found the same saw in the scrap metal pile at our local recycler. Grabbed it but have not done anything with it other than made sure the motor works. What’s it used for (if you already have a miter and table saw?)
    Thanks for the accident chain reminder.
    I’m about 15 years behind you. Nice to be able to see what’s coming (maybe not so nice some days?)
    Looking forward to your surplus store article. My buddy’s dad started a chain of them years ago. Still has a barn full of potential merchandise his family is trying to get rid of.

    • ” What’s it used for (if you already have a miter and table saw?)”

      There are some rips that’re best-done on a radial-arm; it is better than a chop/mitre-saw for crosscutting or trimming vinyl siding, and it is the only power tool which will cut a dado or rabbet with a consistent seat (irrespective of material-thickness.) They also usually have a molding-cutter available for those for whom a shaper is on the “wish” list instead of the “where do I put this thing” list…

      • “Parts are on the way for an old Sears radial arm saw (113.19771) being restored. ”
        I miss and don’t miss my radial arm saw..
        Doing dado cuts was fairly simple.. using the sliding miter saw is easy but your limited on how wide a piece you can do a miter vut with.( there aren’t many that realize theres a depth setting on the sliding miter saw)
        I gave my radial arm saw yo one of the kids that wanted to build a garage.. he hasn’t ever used it once..

  2. Sorry to hear about your accident George. I think you should tell your doctor at your checkup. I have always looked at my relationship with my doctor as a partnership. I tell him (her) the whole truth and he gives me the best care. It has worked well for me.

  3. George, you & Elaine are B.B.I. – “born before the internet” and somehow you two still managed to graduate school and lay the foundation for career successes just visiting libraries (Dewey Decimal System, anyone?) and reading hard cover text books (no Google or Wikipedia).

    As the late Maurice Chevalier once said, “old age is not so bad when you consider the alternative.” Your age is a survival badge of honor. Long may you both run!

    • “and reading hard cover text books (no Google or Wikipedia).”

      I think it’s the comforting feel of the pages as your fingers turn them.. then that smell . The combination of ink , glue and the chemicals used in the process of printing.. it is like that with wood..when I was having trouble walking they’d take me to the lumberyard just to smell the aroma of the wood.. i truly think that’s what is nice about books warhammer..the old feelings.. I use to love going down in the stacks at TLOC you could smell history..that special feeling.

  4. Hang in there Chief – signs everywhere, paying attention..

    -really paying attention – “between the lines is how to read..jus like Ure holy bible -between the lines.

    Luv wins – Always, who/what do U really luv..

    Peace & Love ..Pray hard..as hard U know how.

    TTFN – see U all on the other side..its dark30 time..


  5. Around here, we occasionally declare a “No Power Tools Day” when early indications — cutting shaving, fumbling with the K-Kups, etc — are that we are in an uncoordinated physically mode.

    There truly is a body of research in psychology that there really are accident-prone people who show a much greater than average tendency to have accidents. Really. I mean, all of us know some people who just Can’t Get Stuff To Work, technically, right? Techno-phobes. Most of them are impatient and actually expect technology to be as fast as the peddlers say it is. They get the machines and themselves all confused and locked up chronically.

  6. HELP ME, I’VE FALLEN AND I CAN’T REACH MY HAM….(radio)(sandwich)
    Me thinks , George likes morse code, so he can eat and talk at the same time
    Glad you Ure a survivor and doing better, how is the 6×6 doing, is it ok? you don’t find those lying around everywhere.

  7. Whenever I think about every time I have taken a spill or tripped over something it is very likely that clutter is the primary mitigating factor. I always try, but rarely succeed, to keep it out of my space. My big complaint is the photo grey lenses on my glasses. Come inside from a bright sunny day and I am effectively blind until they clear. Walked into the shop the other day carrying a large piece of cardboard for a project, caught my foot on a shop vac hose that was not supposed to be there and tripped into the tongue of the baler waiting for parts. Left knee and ankle are a mess thanks to some knucklehead, Moi, who left the shop vac out and didn’t park the baler far enough back because it’s too big for the shop. Cardboard, shop vac hose and baler tongue were not damaged at least. Times like this I am glad I put up that surplus 40″ TV out here in the shop to watch old John Wayne movies on since I was evicted from the house until my attitude improves.

    Get well soon.

      • George, I hear your quandry regarding ‘fessing up’ to your doc about “have you fallen lately.” I’d likely take the “fifth” about falls only because the doc will document what you say rather than make a friendly evaluation or recomendation. Just part of his or her job…
        True that a documentation can identify an escalating medical condition and be beneficial but all those records become levers on you in the future when taken out of context. And they are all submitted to differing agencies and insurance companies for their viewing pleasure.
        I’d say “Speak The Fewest Utterances” on this question.

      • I’m with Ed. The less the health insurance companies know about you the better. Mine is always trying to suck personal info out of me and it’s pretty obvious the intent is to assess their exposure, not improve my health.

      • I “third” this sentiment. If you fall because you tripped over a line on the floor, you should tell (because it may be an early indicator of something serious. If you tripped over an object, I’d not mention it unless you broke something which required medical attention (like me, and my shoulder, last summer — kinda hard to hide an ER visit and x-rays from my GP…) IOW, if you had a reason to fall, keep yer trap shut; if you simply fell without cause, tell…

  8. Since you are sitting around for while.

    Maybe this can help the project:


    Abstract: Gravitational waves are propagating fluctuations of gravitational fields,that is, ”ripples” in spacetime, generated mainly by moving massive bodies. Thesedistortions of spacetime travel with the speed of light. Every body in the path of sucha wave feels a tidal gravitational force that acts perpendicular to the waves directionof propagation; these forces change the distance between points, and the size of thechanges is proportional to the distance between the points. Gravitational waves canbe detected by devices which measure the induced length changes. The frequenciesand the amplitudes of the waves are related to the motion of the masses involved.Thus, the analysis of gravitational waveforms allows us to learn about their sourceand, if there are more than two detectors involved in observation, to estimate thedistance and position of their source on the sky.

    2.3 Energy flux carried by gravitational waves


  9. My other half has a broken body now. I think his immune system overloaded and, basically, attacking itself in the last 5 years. He’s turning 40 this month. Consider that the next time you worry about your health, G. You’re doing well, imo.

    Btw, if any commenters can help me, I’m trying to find the book that was suggested for adrenal fatigue. I remember some time ago you all were talking about it. I emailed G, but I don’tthink he remembered it. Thanks to whomever can offer up the name of the book.

    • I don’t know about a book but “Second Opinion” a newsletter by Dr. Frank Shallenberger had an article about adrenal fatigue and has a supplement called “Advanced Adrenal Factor”. I started taking it after my chiropractor suggested my lower back pain was caused by my adrenals being stressed out. It took about a month or so but the pain went away and never came back. Vitamin B-5 is the critical nutrient. Also, try to lay off the caffeine and generally don’t get stressed out.

    • Health expert Ari Whitten has done an exhaustive search of the medical literature on “adrenal fatigue” and concluded that in virtually all cases there is NO adrenal insufficiency, but rather other issues going on. I highly recommend exploring this further at https://www.theenergyblueprint.com/ which has lots of free info on his blog and podcast. Ari is one of the most rigorous health researchers out there.

    • I cannot name the book you are looking for but if you go to WORLCAT.org and do a key word search for adrenal fatigue you will get 5,083 hits. Ways to refine the search will be presented. One can find the nearest library with a copy. IMHO given covid19 restrictions Amazon would faster.

  10. Sometimes, things happen for a reason. We just finished a cosmetic remodel in our home. New hardwood flooring, new kitchen, interior paint etc. During the remodel, we had to relocate and shift furniture in the house while the hardwood floors were being installed. One of those nights, the furniture from the living room was in our bedroom. Being in my 60’s, I had one of those 3am calls to the urinal. The trip there was a slow walk with all the furniture being everywhere…then the cell phone rings…two thoughts run through my mind…Oh no…are my grown kids, elderly parents etc alright?…and I must get this fast or it will wake up my wife..who has trouble getting to sleep. I leap out of the bathroom and round the corner and snap…4th toe on the right foot hits the leg of the living room chair sitting where it wasn’t supposed to be. I knew right away I broke it. The next day, x-rays confirm it was indeed broken…The call at 3am that caused all of this was a butt dial from one of my friends that just called her daughter in London. My name and hers are alphabetically next to each other in her main contacts and when hanging up, accidentally pushed my number.

    Now here’s the kicker…My son, who is always planning, introspective and very health conscious wanted our whole family to train for a virtual half marathon trail run in Napa in the month of May. We would actually run the trail, but at specified times through out the month of may. In June, the winner and times of finish would be announced. I was in the 60-70 age group and I was intent on winning it. That means hours of training for me everyday. I was about a week into it and it took up most of my morning from 7-10am.

    Two days after I broke my toe…and subsequently the rest of the week from 8-10am…the times, I would have normally, been running, interval training and doing yoga, I received multiple phone calls from random people who found me on a variety of searches to help them sell or buy homes. The thing about these phone calls…they are looking for people that answer their phone. If one doesn’t answer, they go onto the next realtor. As a result of being available and answering my phone, I secured 6 new clients that week at gross sales prices of $18 million. One was an all cash couple from New York with a budget of up to $6million. Just closed that Friday at a price of $5.45 mil. If I had been training, I would have missed out. I am in contract with 4 of the other contacts now as well. Sometimes, the universe just wants you to do your job. There is a reason for everything.

    I hope similar luck happens to you George.

  11. George, IMHO, the best answer to any MD is “no”. There might be an exception to that, but I’ve not found one yet.

    Do you ever feel depressed? No.
    Have you ever thought about killing yourself? No.
    Do you have any guns in the house? No.
    Have you had any falls in the last six months? No.

    I’m still looking for an MD that I can trust with my life. So far, no contenders. She has to be female too, and willing to relate as both friends and equals.

    Regarding the accident chain: I’ve learned that everything that happens in your life is your own fault – always! Any deviation from that perspective sets you up for an “accident”, aka screwup with consequences. If you don’t take responsibility for it, you can’t prevent it. That fatalistic attitude can get you killed, in airplanes and everywhere else. At least the dicey landing ended OK. BTW, what was the cause of the squirrelly brake?

    Meditation will speed healing – at least it has in my own life. I’m sure Andy will agree. My best wishes to you for a speedy recovery, and to Elaine for the best choice regarding her hip surgery, along with a quick, full recovery back to her ideal self.

  12. “Ure on 3-Day Injured List”

    Have ever noticed…. the chains always have an odd count. It never ends on the even count.

  13. Thirty years ago.. a hiporknee replacement was a huge deal..it still is a big deal but nothing as drastic. After the replacement then. You were positioned and immobilized basically for a minimum of six weeks.. now.
    They have you up walking in a couple of hours.

  14. Just retired (3 yrs early) from flying professionaly for 38 years, and just over 25,000 flight hours. The accident chain was something I tried to be mindful of. Our safety mantra taught during constant training was to verbalize. Several times as a junior copilot, I’d speak up and be ignored… I swore when I was Captain that I’d listen carefully for inflections in the voices of people in the flight deck…
    …specifically I’d listen to see if the person was asking a question (like are you really sure this is what we should do?) Even now, when I hear someone asking a question after I’ve made a statement, I realize I must be doing something wrong. Now that I’m home, I hear my wife question everything!
    I also trained myself to listen to myself asking questions about flight planning, or continuing the same course of action… I found that if I was asking myself, Is this a good idea? I knew it was generally not.
    So my Break the Chain actions are two fold… verbalize, and actively listen. Then react thoughtfully.
    George, Ure columns and the responses are wonderful. Thank you all.

  15. To all you old and getting older out there. I would like to recommend again looking up Kaatsu Global on the internet. Its a great way to get exercise with little or no effort in very short time. For you ladies you can even exercise facial muscles to fatigue in less than 2 minutes. When first started using 5lb dumbels then 2lb and now laying in bed and doing Charles Atlas type exercise and some days doing nothing but laying there for 5 min upper body and 10 min lower body and feeling result even next day so doing ever other day. Sure doing great things for 85 yr old body. For you accident prones out there sure is nice to have muscle strength to react when going into falls. Try it, someday you will thank me. Believe me you want get better by doing nothing.

  16. George;
    Glad to hear about accident chain,your recovery..
    Universe is telling you to rethink some stuff to see what you missed?
    Deep physics, other accidents waiting to happen.??
    Check,double check, did you set yourself up to Fall?
    Where else is there a 6by6 waiting to bite you..
    As you recover remove those accidents waiting for you or Elaine.
    God Bless you both.

  17. “Write when you can walk” and @ one future date it will be the most important issue in your life — but apparently not now ;-). If you want excellent medical care tell your doctor as little as necessary, because they can get confused and concentrate on the wrong aspects of any medical issue !!
    Stay well and the best to you and Elaine.

  18. I came across a story (that I can’t confirm yet) about a man in the state of Washington who was in a accident and broke most of the bones in his body.

    Doctors told him he would never walk again.

    Sad, but what made this story of interest was that, for years, he has been taking 50 grams of vitamin C orally every day.

    He continued that after the accident even though the doctors tried to make him stop such a dangerous practice. He refused.

    3 months later he was walking again and some unknown time later, tests could not find evidence of the breaks.

    I will be the first to admit that 50 grams of C a day orally is more that I can handle, but then 2 years ago 10 grams/day was my limit before diarrhea kicked in. Give it a couple of more years, and who knows.

    I do know that at my current 20-25 grams/day, I am healthier today than I was 20 years ago.

    Who know what the next 20 years will be like.

    Oh, and in a few weeks I will be 72.

    • Most people don’t know when the “bad” Nazies took over from the “good” – Weimar Republic – one of the things they accomplished was to give a dose (under supervision of the teacher!!) of Vitamin C to every pupil, in addition to school breakfast. They were indeed ahead of our times, IMHO

    • Four or five grams a day of lyposomal vitamin C will get about as much into your bloodstream with less side effects. The commercial lyposomal C is pricey. It is a good thing to have on the shelf to ward off known viral exposures.
      My cardio man theorizes that vitamin C is what is keeping my arteries squeaky clean.

    • OMG! 20-25 grams! I consume 4 grams daily and that’s a cue for a trip to the bathroom! Vitamin C in quantity is the ultimate cure for constipation. One thing people don’t realize is that vitamin C is required to actually use energy and burn fat! It also improves mood and the will to get stuff done. Most animals make it endogenously but humans/primates and guinea pigs don’t. If we’re going to play with our genome I’d suggest that rather than get a dubious “vaccine”, that we actually reincorporate the Vitamin C gene that we lost when we evolved. Of course, there’s no telling what side effects that may have.

    • According to Linus Pauling, a healthy human can utilize up to 230mg of vitamin C per pound of body weight, per day (up to 42g/day for a 180lb man, depending on activity level), but a sick or injured human will absorb up to 1.5g/lb/day. An overdose is impossible, because if’fn you do, the overage is flushed away in the dreaded “vitamin C diarrhea.”

      As always, not medical advise, and YMMV…

  19. Hi, George,
    Sorry to hear of your injury and wish you a speedy recovery. Also, good luck to Elaine on her upcoming hip surgery. You know, we have so many home related tasks that seem to demand our attention that it can become so overwhelming and stress us out. I have found that one needs to be task oriented and do one thing at a time. Sometimes, I can give my attention to three tasks at a time but not four. I have been busy cutting and repairing gems all year and remain behind. I am as busy as the proverbial one-armed paper hanger or the proverbial one legged man in the butt kicking contest, I forget which. I have down-shifted my life a lot over the past year. I am striving not worry too much if tasks are not completed within the whirlwind of energy I used to have. I just do not need to work so hard and am making more time for fun-related projects and events. Remember that you are only one person and not a platoon. Hope you feel better. Have a hot toddy this afternoon.

  20. Two supplements for joint health and healing:
    Turmeric… with black pepper. Ayurvedic medicine for joints.
    “BioAstin” astaxanthin. Made from Hawaiian algae. Premier antioxidant for joint health.
    I’ve been taking these two for years, and all the joint pains from my ‘working years’ is gone and I can function normally at 68 now.

  21. George,

    Can definitely appreciate your “accident chain” article. Being almost 70, and still think I am 35; I often tackle jobs I should probably hire done. Case in point, my most recent repair job on farm equipment.

    Had just finished fall harvest on my farm, and had put all the associated equipment away for the winter (after cleaning). Decided that given the excellent weather, it would be a good time to take the backhoe and repair washouts, clean up fallen trees, etc. It was as if my backhoe had decided that “it” wanted some of the crop profits for itself. Forward/reverse shuttle completely went out in forward. Got the “bugger” back to the shop and called the local dealer for a consult. The technician confirmed my worst suspicion, the shuttle would have to be replaced with a factory rebuilt unit. They did not have one and could not find one in their network. Great! Found a unit from a parts group that could ship same day. Ordered on Tuesday before Turkey Day and had it next day via motor freight.

    Let the fun begin. I assumed given my Mechanical Engineering degree and years of industrial maintenance experience this would be a piece of cake. Decided to be a “cheap ass” and not buy a transmission jack. Bad decision. Thought I could use my motorcycle lift jack for same purpose. Wrong, that is why they make transmission jacks. Finally got the thing out, and discovered that the hydraulic steering hosed above the shuttle needed to be replaced. Better now than after a new shuttle is installed. After depleting my list of foul words to call the frozen JIC fittings, along with skinned knuckles, and numerous “baths” in hydraulic oil (since I am under the beast); I am finally ready to go back with all new. Did not know that I had certain body parts until they hurt from lying on back under this thing working on it.

    Only four good things will come from this experience. The backhoe will be fixed. Had just enough sense to buy tyvek coveralls for the job, which resist oil and can be thrown away. I am now the proud owner of a new transmission jack. I survived the experience (so far), and have learned a new skill.

    I can say I got a lesson in reality. I know now some jobs are better left for younger bodies. But I did save 3K in labor costs, but still set me back 4.5 grand.
    The joys of farming.

    • “Can definitely appreciate your “accident chain” article. Being almost 70, and still think I am 35; ”

      My wife would add…” and think theres 48 hours in a day” lol lol I believe most of us here think the same way lol…

    • For those that can actually do it, the greatest joy of farming is probably knowing that you’ll always be able to eat! I can fix machinery, but getting a seed to sprout and grow into food is a magical gift that not all of us have.

      Good idea regarding the Tyvek!

  22. You mentioned yellow lasers the other day…. I need more to go on.

    Violet Blue Green Yellow Red IR mini diode laser module
    $9.00 – $25.00 / Piece

    575nm 20mW laser yellow laser
    1 – 9 Pieces /$159.00

    Moreover, look at this. Air cooled so could setup in garage. Offer personalized before and after testing, if ya know what I mean. After reading news telling us people use hotel rooms to inject caulk* in butts, this is legit.

    Painless laser co2 fractional medical vaginal tightening fractional laser co2 vaginal tightening


    *A woman who illegally injected several clients with industrial-grade silicone has been sentenced to eight years, Zuraidah Alman reports. A Toronto-area woman has been sentenced to eight years in jail for giving illegal ‘butt injections.
    – Mar 26, 2015

    • “Painless laser co2 fractional medical vaginal tightening fractional laser co2 vaginal tightening”

      LOL LOL… OTFLMAO… I love to play with the ad’s.. yesterday I had the perfect gift.. MALE ENHANCEMENT UNDERWEAR as the ad’s on the screen.. this totally gives me something new to work at having pop up all over the page LOL…..

  23. A relation of mine in his late 80’s received a hip replacement this year, and it has given him back his mobility to be able to retire his wheelchair.

    By the way, I understand that the replacement hip joints in use nowadays are 3D printed…

  24. i am a big fan of ice and compression immediately .. my daughters boyfriend is a 100 % chris hemsworth look alike and magic body and performance specialist . reckons tens muscle stimulant therapy is the BIG thing . heals and speeds recovery big any stage . told him that late 70s we were using that playing football ,elite sports school . they are here for holidays and shudders when i use ice packs . old fashioned wogs die hard , not dalio like lenny. try tens machine though . cheap nowdays . no heat whatsoever on injury

  25. Just Watching old movies.. and on tv is the remake of the classic.. THE TIME MACHINE…
    While watching it all I can think about is that book on time travel and the research that was done by bob beckwith on levitation and time vortex’s…

  26. Sorry to hear about your fall – heal quick-like.
    And when they ask you if you have any allergies, always remember to include ‘Gravity’… ever since you were learning to walk. The allergy becomes even more severe with altitude – ladders, trees, airplanes…

  27. Here it comes. George put compression bandage then ice the outside . Old fashioned works . Add shorts aggressively. It works . Long USSA dollar and treat dark side injury

  28. “Parts are on the way for an old Sears radial arm saw (113.19771) being restored.”

    BTW George, I highly-recommend you acquire a gun bluing kit. My column has shown no sign of rust whatsoever, since I cleaned off the rust and blued it. I also cleaned and blued the shafts for the bevel gears, which run _so_much_better_ in their bushings that there’s no comparison.

    Sometime between now and Spring I’m going to have to disassemble my little DeWalt table saw and derustify the glides. DeWalt chromes them, but chrome doesn’t stick to steel (and everybody’s become too damn’ cheap to do it right),* so all it ends up being is a hard shell to hold moisture against ferrous metal until it rusts. It is “inconvenient,” flipping that saw over, every time I want to raise the blade (because motor weight + metal beetles on glides is too much resistance for the gearing to raise.)

    *A few of my Dad’s Craftsman wrenches have plating worn off in spots. The “bare” spots are copper. My Craftsman wrenches have chrome fleck off, to reveal bare spots of rusty steel. At one time, ALL “chrome plating” was done over nickel, which was plated over a base-plating chosen specifically for its ability to bind to both the nickel and the object being plated (copper for iron, steel, or stainless.) Not no mo’…

    This is now called “triple chrome plating” or “show chrome plating” and done at 4x-6x the price of “normal” (incorrect and destructive) “chrome plating.” Platers wanted to offer an “Earl Scheib” level product (looks great for a year, then goes to crap) for used car flippers, and by doing so, have now normalized crap chrome…

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